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Marcia Leonardi Baldisserotto, Mariza Miranda Theme Filha, Silvana Granado Nogueira da Gama
BACKGROUND: The World Health Organization recommends good practices for the conduct of uncomplicated labor and birth, with the aim of improving the quality of and assessment by women of childbirth care. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between adoption of good practices according to WHO's recommendation for normal labor and birth and assessment by women of the care received. METHODS: Birth in Brazil is a national hospital-based study with countrywide representation consisting of 23,894 mothers and their newborns, conducted between February 2011 and October 2012...
October 17, 2016: Reproductive Health
Maria do Carmo Leal, Ana Paula Esteves-Pereira, Marcos Nakamura-Pereira, Jacqueline Alves Torres, Mariza Theme-Filha, Rosa Maria Soares Madeira Domingues, Marcos Augusto Bastos Dias, Maria Elizabeth Moreira, Silvana Granado Gama
BACKGROUND: The rate of preterm birth has been increasing worldwide, including in Brazil. This constitutes a significant public health challenge because of the higher levels of morbidity and mortality and long-term health effects associated with preterm birth. This study describes and quantifies factors affecting spontaneous and provider-initiated preterm birth in Brazil. METHODS: Data are from the 2011-2012 "Birth in Brazil" study, which used a national population-based sample of 23,940 women...
October 17, 2016: Reproductive Health
Silvana Granado Nogueira da Gama, Elaine Fernandes Viellas, Jacqueline Alves Torres, Maria Helena Bastos, Odaléa Maria Brüggemann, Mariza Miranda Theme Filha, Arthur Orlando Correa Schilithz, Maria do Carmo Leal
BACKGROUND: The participation of nurses and midwives in vaginal birth care is limited in Brazil, and there are no national data regarding their involvement. The goal was to describe the participation of nurses and nurse-midwives in childbirth care in Brazil in the years 2011 and 2012, and to analyze the association between hospitals with nurses and nurse-midwives in labor and birth care and the use of good practices, and their influence in the reduction of unnecessary interventions, including cesarean sections...
October 17, 2016: Reproductive Health
Mariza Miranda Theme-Filha, Marcia Leonardi Baldisserotto, Ana Claudia Santos Amaral Fraga, Susan Ayers, Silvana Granado Nogueira da Gama, Maria do Carmo Leal
BACKGROUND: Unintended pregnancy, a pregnancy that have been either unwanted or mistimed, is a serious public health issue in Brazil. It is reported for more than half of women who gave birth in the country, but the characteristics of women who conceive unintentionally are rarely documented. The aim of this study is to analyse the prevalence and the association between unintended pregnancy and a set of sociodemographic characteristics, individual-level variables and history of obstetric outcomes...
October 17, 2016: Reproductive Health
Sandra Frugis, Nicolau Gregori Czeczko, Osvaldo Malafaia, Artur Adolfo Parada, Paula Bechara Poletti, Thiago Festa Secchi, Matheus Degiovani, Alécio Rampanazzo-Neto, Mariza D D Agostino
Background: Helicobacter pylori has been extensively studied since 1982 it is estimated that 50% of the world population is affected. The literature lacks studies that show the change of its prevalence in the same population over time. Aim: To compare the prevalence of H. pylori in 10 years interval in a population that was submitted to upper endoscopy in the same endoscopy service. Method: Observational, retrospective and cross-sectional study comparing the prevalence of H...
July 2016: Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva: ABCD, Brazilian Archives of Digestive Surgery
Philippa L Bresser, Mike M Sathekge, Chandra R Makanjee, Delene Van Wyk, Mariza Vorster
INTRODUCTION: Various techniques have been used in an attempt to reduce interfering extracardiac activity in myocardial perfusion imaging with inconsistent results. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of a combined intervention on the frequency and intensity of interfering extracardiac activity. METHODS: Patients (n=230) routinely referred for a 2-day stress-rest myocardial perfusion examination were assigned randomly to one of two groups. Group A (n=114) received a single intervention (diluted lemon juice) before stress imaging and a combined intervention (diluted lemon juice and soda water) before rest imaging...
October 4, 2016: Nuclear Medicine Communications
Marcelo Rosandiski Lyra, Sonia Regina Lambert Passos, Maria Inês Fernandes Pimentel, Sandro Javier Bedoya-Pacheco, Cláudia Maria Valete-Rosalino, Erica Camargo Ferreira Vasconcellos, Liliane Fatima Antonio, Mauricio Naoto Saheki, Mariza Mattos Salgueiro, Ginelza Peres Lima Santos, Madelon Noato Ribeiro, Fatima Conceição-Silva, Maria Fatima Madeira, Jorge Luiz Nunes Silva, Aline Fagundes, Armando Oliveria Schubach
American tegumentary leishmaniasis is an infectious disease caused by a protozoan of the genus Leishmania. Pentavalent antimonials are the first choice drugs for cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL), although doses are controversial. In a clinical trial for CL we investigated the occurrence of pancreatic toxicity with different schedules of treatment with meglumine antimoniate (MA). Seventy-two patients were allocated in two different therapeutic groups: 20 or 5 mg of pentavalent antimony (Sb5+)/kg/day for 20 or 30 days, respectively...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Kiyoshi Ichihara, Yesim Ozarda, Julian H Barth, George Klee, Yoshihisa Shimizu, Liangyu Xia, Mariza Hoffmann, Swarup Shah, Tandi Matsha, Janette Wassung, Francois Smit, Anna Ruzhanskaya, Joely Straseski, Daniel N Bustos, Shogo Kimura, Aki Takahashi
OBJECTIVES: The intent of this study, based on a global multicenter study of reference values (RVs) for serum analytes was to explore biological sources of variation (SVs) of the RVs among 12 countries around the world. METHODS: As described in the first part of this paper, RVs of 50 major serum analytes from 13,396 healthy individuals living in 12 countries were obtained. Analyzed in this study were 23 clinical chemistry analytes and 8 analytes measured by immunoturbidimetry...
September 22, 2016: Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry
Andriani Kyriklaki, Marina Vafeiadi, Mariza Kampouri, Katerina Koutra, Theano Roumeliotaki, Georgia Chalkiadaki, Despoina Anousaki, Panu Rantakokko, Hannu Kiviranta, Eleni Fthenou, Panos Bitsios, Soterios A Kyrtopoulos, Manolis Kogevinas, Leda Chatzi
BACKGROUND: Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are highly-resistant compounds to environmental degradation and due to fat solubility they bioaccumulate through the food chain. As they cross the placenta, in utero exposure to POPs could disrupt child neurodevelopment as they are considered to be neurotoxic. AIMS: We examined whether in utero exposure to levels of different POPs is associated with offspring cognitive and behavioral outcomes at 4years of age in a mother-child cohort in Crete, Greece (Rhea study)...
September 22, 2016: Environment International
Elaine Del-Bel, Mariza Bortolanza, Maurício Dos-Santos-Pereira, Keila Bariotto, Rita Raisman-Vozari
Inflammation in Parkinson's disease (PD) is a new concept that has gained ground due to the potential of mitigating dopaminergic neuron death by decreasing inflammation. The solution to this question is likely to be complex. We propose here that the significance of inflammation in PD may go beyond the nigral cell death. The pathological process that underlies PD requires years to reach its full extent. A growing body of evidence has been accumulated on the presence of multiple inflammatory signs in the brain of PD patients even in very late stages of the disease...
December 2016: Synapse
Mariza Gomes Reis, Rodrigo Bibiloni, Paul McJarrow, Alastair MacGibbon, Bertram Fong, Shalome Bassett, Nicole Roy, Marlon Martins Dos Reis
The most abundant ganglioside group in both human milk and bovine milk during the first postnatal week is ganglioside GD3. This group of disialogangliosides forms up to 80% of the total ganglioside content of colostrum. Although dietary gangliosides have shown biological activity such as improvement of cognitive development, gastrointestinal health, and immune function, there is still a gap in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing its uptake and the metabolic processes affecting its bioavailability...
August 31, 2016: Chemistry and Physics of Lipids
Gabriel Henrique Hawthorne, Marcelo Picinin Bernuci, Mariza Bortolanza, Vitor Tumas, Ana Carolina Issy, Elaine Del-Bel
Nanoparticles might be produced and manipulated to present a large spectrum of properties. The physicochemical features of the engineered nanomaterials confer to them different features, including the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. The main objective of this review is to present the state-of-art research in nano manipulation concerning Parkinson's disease (PD). In the past few years, the association of drugs with nanoparticles solidly improved treatment outcomes. We systematically reviewed 28 studies, describing their potential contributions regarding the role of nanomedicine to increase the efficacy of known pharmacological strategies for PD treatment...
November 2016: Neurotoxicity Research
Dominique Pestre, Mariza Romero
Originally a physicist, Dominique Pestre is now a leading historian of science, particularly in the realm of the transformations that have marked the history of science and technology in recent decades. In this interview, he offers some of his thoughts on the role of science and knowledge in our contemporary world. He underscores the deep bonds between scientific knowledge and political and economic power and makes clear society's participation in this production. Critical of the notion of progress, Pestre invites us to also take the prejudicial effects of science into account...
July 2016: História, Ciências, Saúde—Manguinhos
Mariza Vorster, Alex Maes, Christophe van de Wiele, Mike Sathekge
The process of inflammation (with or without infection) forms part of essentially every major debilitating disease. Early detection and accurate distinction of inflammation from infection are important to optimize and individualize therapy. Nuclear medicine is ideally suited for the detection of pathologic changes early on and is able to target a magnitude of role players involved in the aforementioned processes. Hybrid modalities such as PET/CT and PET/MRI offer high spatial resolution that combines morphologic and pathophysiological changes and add various quantification possibilities that are preferable in these settings...
September 2016: Seminars in Nuclear Medicine
Jaqueline L Damasceno, Pollyanna F Oliveira, Mariza A Miranda, Luis F Leandro, Nathália O Acésio, Saulo D Ozelin, Jairo K Bastos, Denise C Tavares
Solanum cernuum Vell is a Brazilian shrub or small tree, restricted to Southeast states of the country. The leaves are commercialized as "panacéia" and indicated for the treatment of urinary disorders, gonorrhea, scabies, skin diseases and as desobstruent, diuretic and antiarrhythmic. The hydroalcholic extract is active in the treatment of gastric ulcer. The aim of this study was to evaluate the genotoxic and antigenotoxic potential of S. cernuum hydroalcoholic extract (SC) in Swiss mice by micronucleus and comet assays...
August 20, 2016: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Biomédecine & Pharmacothérapie
Anurag Verma, Shefali S Verma, Sarah A Pendergrass, Dana C Crawford, David R Crosslin, Helena Kuivaniemi, William S Bush, Yuki Bradford, Iftikhar Kullo, Suzette J Bielinski, Rongling Li, Joshua C Denny, Peggy Peissig, Scott Hebbring, Mariza De Andrade, Marylyn D Ritchie, Gerard Tromp
BACKGROUND: We explored premature stop-gain variants to test the hypothesis that variants, which are likely to have a consequence on protein structure and function, will reveal important insights with respect to the phenotypes associated with them. We performed a phenome-wide association study (PheWAS) exploring the association between a selected list of functional stop-gain genetic variants (variation resulting in truncated proteins or in nonsense-mediated decay) and an extensive group of diagnoses to identify novel associations and uncover potential pleiotropy...
2016: BMC Medical Genomics
Cecilia Berardi, Christine L Wassel, Paul A Decker, Nicholas B Larson, Phillip S Kirsch, Mariza de Andrade, Michael Y Tsai, James S Pankow, Michele M Sale, Hugues Sicotte, Weihong Tang, Naomi Q Hanson, Mary M McDermott, Michael H Criqui, Michael A Allison, Suzette J Bielinski
Inflammation plays a pivotal role in peripheral artery disease (PAD). Cellular adhesion proteins mediate the interaction of leukocytes with endothelial cells during inflammation. To determine the association of cellular adhesion molecules with ankle-brachial index (ABI) and ABI category (≤1.0 vs >1.0) in a diverse population, 15 adhesion proteins were measured in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). To assess multivariable associations of each protein with ABI and ABI category, linear and logistic regression was used, respectively...
July 19, 2016: Angiology
Thaysse Cristina Neiva Ferreira Leite, Dayse Pereira Campos, Alessandra Brum Coelho, Sylvia L M Teixeira, Valdilea G Veloso, Mariza G Morgado, Monick L Guimarães
Viral and host factors are known to play a role in the different patterns of AIDS progression. The co-circulation of HIV-1 subtypes B, F1, BBR and BF1; the occasional detection of HIV-1 subtype D; and an increasing prevalence of subtype C and other recombinant forms have been described in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential association of HIV-1 subtypes circulating among HIV-1+ individuals in Rio de Janeiro with AIDS disease progression. For this purpose, 246 HIV-1+ individuals under clinical and laboratory follow-up from 1986 to 2011 were classified according to their progression to AIDS as typical progressors (TPs; n=133), rapid progressors (RPs; n=95) or long-term non-progressors (LTNPs; n=18)...
July 15, 2016: AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
Femke N G van 't Hof, Ynte M Ruigrok, Cue Hyunkyu Lee, Stephan Ripke, Graig Anderson, Mariza de Andrade, Annette F Baas, Jan D Blankensteijn, Erwin P Böttinger, Matthew J Bown, Joseph Broderick, Philippe Bijlenga, David S Carrell, Dana C Crawford, David R Crosslin, Christian Ebeling, Johan G Eriksson, Myriam Fornage, Tatiana Foroud, Mikael von Und Zu Fraunberg, Christoph M Friedrich, Emília I Gaál, Omri Gottesman, Dong-Chuan Guo, Seamus C Harrison, Juha Hernesniemi, Albert Hofman, Ituro Inoue, Juha E Jääskeläinen, Gregory T Jones, Lambertus A L M Kiemeney, Riku Kivisaari, Nerissa Ko, Seppo Koskinen, Michiaki Kubo, Iftikhar J Kullo, Helena Kuivaniemi, Mitja I Kurki, Aki Laakso, Dongbing Lai, Suzanne M Leal, Hanna Lehto, Scott A LeMaire, Siew-Kee Low, Jennifer Malinowski, Catherine A McCarty, Dianna M Milewicz, Thomas H Mosley, Yusuke Nakamura, Hirofumi Nakaoka, Mika Niemelä, Jennifer Pacheco, Peggy L Peissig, Joanna Pera, Laura Rasmussen-Torvik, Marylyn D Ritchie, Fernando Rivadeneira, Andre M van Rij, Regie Lyn P Santos-Cortez, Athanasios Saratzis, Agnieszka Slowik, Atsushi Takahashi, Gerard Tromp, André G Uitterlinden, Shefali S Verma, Sita H Vermeulen, Gao T Wang, Buhm Han, Gabriël J E Rinkel, Paul I W de Bakker
BACKGROUND: Intracranial aneurysms (IAs), abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs), and thoracic aortic aneurysms (TAAs) all have a familial predisposition. Given that aneurysm types are known to co-occur, we hypothesized that there may be shared genetic risk factors for IAs, AAAs, and TAAs. METHODS AND RESULTS: We performed a mega-analysis of 1000 Genomes Project-imputed genome-wide association study (GWAS) data of 4 previously published aneurysm cohorts: 2 IA cohorts (in total 1516 cases, 4305 controls), 1 AAA cohort (818 cases, 3004 controls), and 1 TAA cohort (760 cases, 2212 controls), and observed associations of 4 known IA, AAA, and/or TAA risk loci (9p21, 18q11, 15q21, and 2q33) with consistent effect directions in all 4 cohorts...
2016: Journal of the American Heart Association
Eleomar Vilela de Moraes, Rodolfo Nunes Campos, Mariza Martins Avelino
Purpose To assess the prevalence of depressive symptoms and their association with social, psychological, behavioral and obstetric characteristics in pregnant women. Methods This is a cross-sectional study. The sample consisted of 375 pregnant women who attended prenatal clinics in two public maternity hospitals located in the city of Goiania, Brazil. To testify the depressive symptoms, we used the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS). A descriptive statistical analysis was performed using programs such as CDC EPI-INFO™, version 7...
June 2016: Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia
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