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Joaquín Rodríguez-Sánchez, Eva De la Santa Belda, Pilar Olivencia Palomar, Margarita Úbeda Muñoz, José Olmedo Camacho
Background and study aims Endoscopic mucosal resection is the gold standard treatment for non-pedunculated colorectal polyps; however, some specific situations (location behind folds, scarred or flat morphology) can make this technique challenging. We aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of multiband mucosectomy (MBM) for resection of non-pedunculated colorectal polyps. Patients and methods This was a retrospective study of patients in whom MBM was performed to resect large non-pedunculated colorectal polyps...
December 14, 2017: Endoscopy
Rachael M Tillman, Melissa D Stockbridge, Brendon M Nacewicz, Salvatore Torrisi, Andrew S Fox, Jason F Smith, Alexander J Shackman
The central extended amygdala (EAc)-including the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BST) and central nucleus of the amygdala (Ce)-plays a critical role in triggering fear and anxiety and is implicated in the development of a range of debilitating neuropsychiatric disorders. Although it is widely believed that these disorders reflect the coordinated activity of distributed neural circuits, the functional architecture of the EAc network and the degree to which the BST and the Ce show distinct patterns of functional connectivity is unclear...
December 12, 2017: Human Brain Mapping
Tianhua Meng, Dan Hu, Hongyan Wang, Xiwei Zhang, Zhenjie Tang
A simple five-band terahertz metamaterial perfect absorber, composed of an asymmetric double-gap square split ring and a metallic ground plate spaced by a thin polyimide dielectric layer, is proposed and theoretically investigated. The results show that it can perform absorption peaks at five resonant frequencies whose peaks average 98.85%. The perfect absorption is mainly attributed to the combined effect of LC, dipole, and surface response of the structure. Compared to previously reported multiband absorbers, our design only has a single and compact structure, which can drastically simplify the design and fabrication process...
December 1, 2017: Applied Optics
Michael M Craig, Anne E Manktelow, Barbara J Sahakian, David K Menon, Emmanuel A Stamatakis
Default mode network (DMN) functional connectivity is thought to occur primarily in low frequencies (<0.1 Hz), resulting in most studies removing high frequencies during data preprocessing. In contrast, subtractive task analyses include high frequencies, as these are thought to be task relevant. An emerging line of research explores resting fMRI data at higher-frequency bands, examining the possibility that functional connectivity is a multiband phenomenon. Furthermore, recent studies suggest DMN involvement in cognitive processing; however, without a systematic investigation of DMN connectivity during tasks, its functional contribution to cognition cannot be fully understood...
December 6, 2017: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Nicolas Etchepare, Jérémy Bregeon, Lucille Quénéhervé, Sami Haddara, Yann Touchefeu, Michel Neunlist, Emmanuel Coron
Background and aims:  Endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) is widely performed for the treatment of colorectal polyps. However, the pathophysiological mechanisms of mucosal repair, including in situations at high risk of post-polypectomy bleeding, remain largely unknown. The objective of our study was to develop a porcine model of EMR in the lower gastrointestinal tract to monitor mucosal wound healing over time. Methods:  Under general anesthesia, five large wounds were created in the lower gastrointestinal tract at different times, i...
October 2017: Endoscopy International Open
V H Tran, M Sahakyan
Noncentrosymmetric superconductor Th7Fe3 has been investigated by means of specific heat, electrical resisitivity measurements and electronic properties calculations. Sudden drop in the resistivity at 2.05 ± 0.15 K and specific heat jump at 1.98 ± 0.02 K are observed, rendering the superconducting transition. A model of two BCS-type gaps appears to describe the zero-magnetic-field specific heat better than those based on the isotropic BCS theory or anisotropic functions. A positive curvature of the upper critical field H c2(T c) and nonlinear field dependence of the Sommerfeld coefficient at 0...
November 17, 2017: Scientific Reports
Carla L Harenski, Vince D Calhoun, Juan R Bustillo, Brian W Haas, Jean Decety, Keith A Harenski, Michael F Caldwell, Gregory J Van Rybroek, Michael Koenigs, David M Thornton, Kent A Kiehl
Psychotic disorders are associated with neurobehavioral impairments in mental state attribution (mentalizing). These impairments are most severe in psychotic patients with elevated symptom levels, particularly negative and cognitive symptoms. There have been few studies of functional connectivity related to mentalizing in psychotic disorders and associations with symptoms. We conducted a functional MRI study of affective mentalizing in individuals with psychotic disorders and varying symptom levels (positive, negative, cognitive)...
November 6, 2017: Psychiatry Research
Jin Liu, Xuhong Liao, Mingrui Xia, Yong He
The human brain is a large, interacting dynamic network, and its architecture of coupling among brain regions varies across time (termed the "chronnectome"). However, very little is known about whether and how the dynamic properties of the chronnectome can characterize individual uniqueness, such as identifying individuals as a "fingerprint" of the brain. Here, we employed multiband resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging data from the Human Connectome Project (N = 105) and a sliding time-window dynamic network analysis approach to systematically examine individual time-varying properties of the chronnectome...
November 15, 2017: Human Brain Mapping
Sergey V Ptashnik, Anatoliy K Mikhailov, Alexander V Yastrebov, Peter K Petrov, Wei Liu, Neil McN Alford, Soeren Hirsch, Andrey B Kozyrev
Design principles of a new class of microwave thin film bulk acoustic resonators with multiband resonance frequency switching ability are presented. The theory of the excitation of acoustic eigenmodes in multilayer ferroelectric structures is considered, and the principle of selectivity for resonator with an arbitrary number of ferroelectric layers is formulated. A so called "criterion function" is suggested that allows to determine the conditions for effective excitation at one selected resonance mode with suppression of other modes...
November 10, 2017: Scientific Reports
Guilhem Revet, Sophia N Chen, Rosaria Bonito, Benjamin Khiar, Evgeny Filippov, Costanza Argiroffi, Drew P Higginson, Salvatore Orlando, Jérôme Béard, Marius Blecher, Marco Borghesi, Konstantin Burdonov, Dimitri Khaghani, Kealan Naughton, Henri Pépin, Oliver Portugall, Raphael Riquier, Rafael Rodriguez, Sergei N Ryazantsev, Igor Yu Skobelev, Alexander Soloviev, Oswald Willi, Sergey Pikuz, Andrea Ciardi, Julien Fuchs
Accretion dynamics in the formation of young stars is still a matter of debate because of limitations in observations and modeling. Through scaled laboratory experiments of collimated plasma accretion onto a solid in the presence of a magnetic field, we open a first window on this phenomenon by tracking, with spatial and temporal resolution, the dynamics of the system and simultaneously measuring multiband emissions. We observe in these experiments that matter, upon impact, is ejected laterally from the solid surface and then refocused by the magnetic field toward the incoming stream...
November 2017: Science Advances
Jayita Nayak, Kai Filsinger, Gerhard H Fecher, Stanislav Chadov, Ján Minár, Emile D L Rienks, Bernd Büchner, Stuart P Parkin, Jörg Fink, Claudia Felser
The superconducting phase in iron-based high-[Formula: see text] superconductors (FeSC), as in other unconventional superconductors such as the cuprates, neighbors a magnetically ordered one in the phase diagram. This proximity hints at the importance of electron correlation effects in these materials, and Hund's exchange interaction has been suggested to be the dominant correlation effect in FeSCs because of their multiband nature. By this reasoning, correlation should be strongest for materials closest to a half-filled [Formula: see text] electron shell (Mn compounds, hole-doped FeSCs) and decrease for systems with both higher (electron-doped FeSCs) and lower (Cr-pnictides) [Formula: see text] counts...
November 6, 2017: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Victoria A Carey, Mark S Mirotznik
We present the development of a long-wave infrared regime multiband absorption filter with simultaneous wavelength and intensity selectivity. The approach employs a technique we call "spectral dithering" to place single-band absorbing pixels across a unit cell such that their weighted sum describes a multiband absorption spectrum. The number of absorption bands is proportional to the number of unique pixels present. Pixel patterning controls wavelength selectivity, whereas pixel distribution controls intensity selectivity...
October 20, 2017: Applied Optics
Georgios N Dimitrakopoulos, Ioannis Kakkos, Nitish V Thakor, Anastasios Bezerianos, Yu Sun
Development of accurate fatigue level prediction models is of great importance for driving safety. In parallel, a limited number of sensors is a prerequisite for development of applicable wearable devices. Several EEG-based studies so far have performed classification in two or few levels, while others have proposed indices based on power ratios. Here, we utilized a regression Random Forest model in order to provide more accurate continuous fatigue level prediction. In detail, multiband power features were extracted from EEG data recorded from one hour simulated driving task...
July 2017: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Zongpeng Wang, Yumin Hou
We investigate the absorption enhancement of an unstructured graphene sheet in a broad frequency range from terahertz (THz) to mid-infrared regime. Ultra-multiband graphene absorption enhancement is observed by integrating graphene in a metal-dielectric-graphene (MDG) sandwich structure for polarized waves. Multiple order Fabry-Perot (FP) resonances are demonstrated to be responsible for the multiband absorption. Furthermore, perfect absorption is realized by introducing the MDG structure on a metal reflector to suppress the transmission channel...
August 7, 2017: Optics Express
Alexander Toet
Despite of the ongoing interest in the fusion of multi-band images for surveillance applications and a steady stream of publications in this area, there is only a very small number of static registered multi-band test images (and a total lack of dynamic image sequences) publicly available for the development and evaluation of image fusion algorithms. To fill this gap, the TNO Multiband Image Collection provides intensified visual (390-700 nm), near-infrared (700-1000 nm), and longwave infrared (8-12 µm) nighttime imagery of different military and surveillance scenarios, showing different objects and targets (e...
December 2017: Data in Brief
Julia E Cohen-Gilbert, Lisa D Nickerson, Jennifer T Sneider, Emily N Oot, Anna M Seraikas, Michael L Rohan, Marisa M Silveri
The transition to college is associated with an increase in heavy episodic alcohol use, or binge drinking, during a time when the prefrontal cortex and prefrontal-limbic circuitry continue to mature. Traits associated with this immaturity, including impulsivity in emotional contexts, may contribute to risky and heavy episodic alcohol consumption. The current study used blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) multiband functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to assess brain activation during a task that required participants to ignore background images with positive, negative, or neutral emotional valence while performing an inhibitory control task (Go-NoGo)...
2017: Frontiers in Psychology
Fei Chen, Dingchang Zheng, Yu Tsao
Vocoder simulation studies have suggested that the carrier signal type employed affects the intelligibility of vocoded speech. The present work further assessed how carrier signal type interacts with additional signal processing, namely, single-channel noise suppression and envelope dynamic range compression, in determining the intelligibility of vocoder simulations. In Experiment 1, Mandarin sentences that had been corrupted by speech spectrum-shaped noise (SSN) or two-talker babble (2TB) were processed by one of four single-channel noise-suppression algorithms before undergoing tone-vocoded (TV) or noise-vocoded (NV) processing...
September 2017: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
J S Egerton, M J S Lowe, P Huthwaite, H V Halai
Finite element (FE) simulations are popular for studying propagation and scattering of ultrasonic waves in nondestructive evaluation. For a large number of degrees of freedom, time domain FE simulations are much more efficient than the equivalent frequency domain solution. However, unlike frequency domain simulations, time domain simulations are often poor at representing the speed and the attenuation of waves if the material is strongly damping or highly dispersive. Here, the authors demonstrate efficient and accurate representation of propagated and scattered waves, achieved by combining a set of time domain solutions that are obtained for a set of frequency ranges known as bands, such that, in combination, the authors' multiband solution accurately represents the whole wave spectrum...
September 2017: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
E Baldini, A Mann, L Benfatto, E Cappelluti, A Acocella, V M Silkin, S V Eremeev, A B Kuzmenko, S Borroni, T Tan, X X Xi, F Zerbetto, R Merlin, F Carbone
In systems having an anisotropic electronic structure, such as the layered materials graphite, graphene, and cuprates, impulsive light excitation can coherently stimulate specific bosonic modes, with exotic consequences for the emergent electronic properties. Here we show that the population of E_{2g} phonons in the multiband superconductor MgB_{2} can be selectively enhanced by femtosecond laser pulses, leading to a transient control of the number of carriers in the σ-electronic subsystem. The nonequilibrium evolution of the material optical constants is followed in the spectral region sensitive to both the a- and c-axis plasma frequencies and modeled theoretically, revealing the details of the σ-π interband scattering mechanism in MgB_{2}...
September 1, 2017: Physical Review Letters
Xiaoyuan Yang, Jingkai Wang, Ridong Zhu
A new framelet-based random walks (RW) method is presented for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image fusion, including SAR-visible images, SAR-infrared images and Multiband SAR images. In this method, we build a novel random walks model based on the statistical characteristics of framelet coefficients to fuse the high-frequency and low-frequency coefficients. This model converts the fusion problem to estimate the probability of each framelet coefficient being assigned each input image. Experimental results show that the proposed approach improves the contrast while preserves the edges simultaneously, and outperforms many traditional and state-of-the-art fusion techniques in both qualitative and quantitative analysis...
August 30, 2017: IEEE Transactions on Image Processing: a Publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society
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