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Huo Zhang, Zhi Li, Tao Chen, Binyi Qin
Residues of harmful dyes such as Auramine O (AO) in herb and food products threaten the health of people. So, fast and sensitive detection techniques of the residues are needed. As a powerful tool for substance detection, terahertz (THz) spectroscopy was used for the quantitative determination of AO by combining with an improved partial least-squares regression (PLSR) model in this paper. Absorbance of herbal samples with different concentrations was obtained by THz-TDS in the band between 0.2THz and 1.6THz...
May 10, 2017: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Tabassum Rasool, Abdul Rehman, Iffat Naz, Rahat Ullah, Safia Ahmed
In the present study, a cost effective and simple stone media pilot scale trickling biofilter (TBF) was designed, constructed and operated in continuous recirculation mode for wastewater treatment with a hydraulic flow rate of 1.2 L/min (Q = 0.072 m(3)/hr) and hydraulic loading (Q/A) of 0.147 m(3)/day for 15 weeks at temperature range of 14.5-36°C. A substantial reduction in the average concentration of different pollution indicators, such as chemical oxygen demand (COD) (85.6%), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) (85...
May 16, 2017: Environmental Technology
Moshood Keke Mustapha
Hexavalent chromium is a bio accumulative toxic metal in water and fish. It enters aquaculture ponds mainly through anthropogenic sources. Hexavalent chromium concentrations and its effects on the morphology and behavior of Clarias gariepinus were investigated from four aquaculture ponds for 12 weeks. Chromium was measured using diphenyl carbohdrazide method; alkalinity and hardness were measured using colometric method and analyzed with Bench Photometer. Temperature and pH were measured using pH/EC/TDS/Temp combined tester...
April 2017: Toxicological Research
Alan J Sokoloff, Zhongtao Yang, Saman Sargolzaei, Karen Strait, Andrey Krasnopeyev, Kirk A Easley, Sylvie Mimche, Maysam Ghovanloo
OBJECTIVE: Uncertain biological consequences of titanium-magnet (Ti-mag) tongue implants constrain application of the Tongue Drive System (TDS), a brain-tongue-computer interface for individuals with severe physical impairment. Here we describe oromotor function and tongue tissue response following Ti-Mag implantation and explantation in the miniature pig, an animal model with a tongue similar in size to humans. DESIGN: A 1.8×6.2mm Ti-mag tracer was implanted into the anterior tongue in five Yucatan minipigs...
May 2, 2017: Archives of Oral Biology
Rie S Kallerup, Henrik Franzyk, Mikkel L Schiøth, Sarah Justesen, Birte Martin-Bertelsen, Fabrice Rose, Cecilie M Madsen, Dennis Christensen, Karen S Korsholm, Anan Yaghmur, Camilla Foged
Synthetic mycobacterial cord factor analogues, e.g., trehalose 6,6'-dibehenate (TDB), are highly promising adjuvants due to their strong immunopotentiating capabilities, but their biophysical properties have remained poorly characterized. Here, we report the synthesis of an array of synthetic TDB analogues varying in acyl chain length, degree of acylation and headgroup display, which was subjected to biophysical characterization of neat non-dispersed self-assembled nanostructures in excess buffer and as aqueous dispersions with cationic dimethyldioctadecylammonium (DDA) bromide...
May 12, 2017: Molecular Pharmaceutics
Shuai Wang, Yan-Zhao Wei, Jianhong Yang, Yuming Zhou, Yi Zheng
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of clonidine adhesive patch for tic disorders (TDs). METHODS: Medline, Embase, Cochrane central register of controlled trials and Chinese databases of CBM, CNKI were searched from inception to 08.2016 for randomized controlled studies (RCTs), open-label control studies of clonidine adhesive patch versus other medications or/and placebo for TDs. The cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions was used to guide our study...
April 7, 2017: European Journal of Paediatric Neurology: EJPN
Qian Zhang, Michael Murawsky, Terri LaCount, Jinsong Hao, Gerald B Kasting, Bryan Newman, Priyanka Ghosh, Sam G Raney, S Kevin Li
PURPOSE: Performance of a transdermal delivery system (TDS) can be affected by exposure to elevated temperature, which can lead to unintended safety issues. This study investigated TDS and skin temperatures and their relationship in vivo, characterized the effective thermal resistance of skin, and identified the in vitro diffusion cell conditions that would correlate with in vivo observations. METHODS: Experiments were performed in humans and in Franz diffusion cells with human cadaver skin to record skin and TDS temperatures at room temperature and with exposure to a heat flux...
May 10, 2017: Pharmaceutical Research
Daniela P V Castro, Sandra M Yamamoto, Gherman G L Araújo, Rafael S B Pinheiro, Mario A A Queiroz, Ítalo R R Albuquerque, José H A Moura
This study aimed to evaluate the effects of different salinity levels in drinking water on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of lamb carcass and meat. Ram lambs (n = 32) were distributed in a completely randomized design with four levels of salinity in the drinking water (640 mg of total dissolved solids (TDS)/L of water, 3188 mg TDS/L water, 5740 mg TDS/L water, and 8326 mg TDS/L water). After slaughter, blending, gutting, and skinning the carcass, hot and biological carcass yields were obtained...
May 10, 2017: Tropical Animal Health and Production
Jean-Luc Putaux, Christine Lancelon-Pin, Francois-Xavier Legrand, Marion Pastrello, Luc Choisnard, Annabelle Geze, Cyrille Rochas, Denis Wouessidjewe
A series of β-cyclodextrin (βCD) amphiphilic derivatives with varying degree of substitution was prepared by acylating βCDs on their secondary face using thermolysin to catalyze the transesterification. After dissolution in acetone, the βCD-Cn derivatives (n = 8, 10, 12, 14) were nanoprecipitated in water where they self-organized into structured particles which were characterized using cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) images and small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) data. Two types of morphologies and ultrastructures were observed depending on the total degree of substitution (TDS) of the parent derivative...
May 11, 2017: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Chun Liu, Daniel Dermody, Keith Harris, Thomas Boomgaard, Jeff Sweeney, Daryl Gisch, Bob Goltz
A novel high-throughout (HTR) ion-exchange (IEX) resin workflow has been developed for characterizing ion exchange equilibrium of commercial and experimental IEX resins against a range of different applications where water environment differs from site to site. Because of its much higher throughput, design of experiment (DOE) methodology can be easily applied for studying the effects of multiple factors on resin performance. Two case studies will be presented to illustrate the efficacy of the combined HTR workflow and DOE method...
May 18, 2017: ACS Combinatorial Science
Iqbal K Erabee, Amimul Ahsan, Bipin Jose, T Arunkumar, R Sathyamurthy, Syazwani Idrus, N N Nik Daud
This study investigated the effects of different parameters on the removal efficiencies of organic and inorganic pollutants in landfill leachate treatment by electrolysis. Different parameters were considered such as the electric potential (e.g., 24, 40 and 60 V), hydraulic retention time (HRT) (e.g., 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 min), sodium chloride (NaCl) concentration (e.g., 1, 3, 5 and 7%), pH (e.g., 3, 7 and 9), electrodes materials [e.g., aluminum (Al) and iron (Fe)] and distance between electrodes (e.g...
May 4, 2017: Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A, Toxic/hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering
Robert Smith, Afshin Jooshesh, Jinye Zhang, Thomas Darcie
A near-field edge-coupled photoconductive free-space linear tapered slot antenna has been constructed as a planar alternative to the standard photoconductive switch coupled to a silicon substrate lens. The temporal response along the optical axis is investigated to ensure the structure itself does not introduce pulse distortion which would fundamentally limit the usefulness of the structure. Experimental results show that a 1.6 THz bandwidth with a ≈50dB dynamic range is achievable with the new structure which is comparable to our reference experiment with a standard silicon substrate lens...
May 1, 2017: Optics Express
Celia De La Mora-Orozco, Hugo Flores-Lopez, Hector Rubio-Arias, Alvaro Chavez-Duran, Jesus Ochoa-Rivero
Pollution levels have been increasing in water ecosystems worldwide. A water quality index (WQI) is an available tool to approximate the quality of water and facilitate the work of decision-makers by grouping and analyzing numerous parameters with a single numerical classification system. The objective of this study was to develop a WQI for a dam used for irrigation of about 5000 ha of agricultural land. The dam, La Vega, is located in Teuchitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. Seven sites were selected for water sampling and samples were collected in March, June, July, September, and December 2014 in an initial effort to develop a WQI for the dam...
April 29, 2017: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Meta van den Heuvel, Danielle E M C Jansen, Roy E Stewart, Bouwien C M Smits-Engelsman, Sijmen A Reijneveld, Boudien C T Flapper
INTRODUCTION: The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) is validated for parents, but not yet for teachers in a broad age range of children. We conducted a cross-sectional study with 4-10 years old school children to investigate if the SDQ-T can be used instead of the validated but lengthy Teacher's Report Form (TRF) to acquire information about emotional and behavioral problems in the school community. METHODS: Teachers of 453 children from primary schools were approached...
2017: PloS One
Panagiotis Bakas, Maria Simopoulou, Maria Giner, Petros Drakakis, Perikles Panagopoulos, Nikolaos Vlahos
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to assess if the difference of repeated measurements of estradiol and progesterone during luteal phase predict the outcome of intrauterine insemination. DESIGN: Prospective study. SETTING: Reproductive clinic. PATIENTS: 126 patients with infertility. INTERVENTION(S): Patients underwent controlled ovarian stimulation with recombinant FSH (50-150 IU/d)...
April 28, 2017: Gynecological Endocrinology
Ilenia M D'Angeli, Diana I Serrazanetti, Chiara Montanari, Lucia Vannini, Fausto Gardini, Jo De Waele
Fifty-seven control points of waters (sinking streams, rivers in caves, and resurgences) hosted in gypsum karst areas in Emilia Romagna region (N-Italy) were sampled in the framework of a Project LIFE+08NAT/IT/000369 "Gypsum" in the period 2010-2014. The microbiology and chemistry of these waters have been analyzed to evaluate the impact of human activities or natural factors, in the gypsum karst systems. Waters have been analyzed for major chemistry (Ca, Mg, Na, K, SO4, HCO3, Cl, NO3) and some minor constituents (F, Br, NH4 and PO4), measuring pH, electric conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature (T) in situ...
April 24, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
James Rosenblum, Andrew W Nelson, Bridger Ruyle, Michael K Schultz, Joseph N Ryan, Karl G Linden
This study examined water quality, naturally-occurring radioactive materials (NORM), major ions, trace metals, and well flow data for water used and produced from start-up to operation of an oil and gas producing hydraulically-fractured well (horizontal) in the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin in northeastern Colorado. Analysis was conducted on the groundwater used to make the fracturing fluid, the fracturing fluid itself, and nine flowback/produced water samples over 220days of operation. The chemical oxygen demand of the wastewater produced during operation decreased from 8200 to 2500mg/L, while the total dissolved solids (TDS) increased in this same period from 14,200 to roughly 19,000mg/L...
April 24, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Gaurav Bharadwaj, Viet Nhan, ShanChao Yang, Xiaocen Li, Anand Narayanan, Ana Carolina Macarenco, Yu Shi, Darrion Yang, Letícia Salvador Vieira, Wenwu Xiao, Yuanpei Li, Kit S Lam
AIM: To structurally modify our existing cholic acid (CA)-based telodendrimer (TD; PEG(5K)-CA8) for effective micellar nanoencapsulation and delivery of the US FDA-approved members of taxane family. MATERIALS & METHODS: Generation of hybrid TDs was achieved by replacing four of the eight CAs with biocompatible organic moieties using solution-phase peptide synthesis. Drug loading was done using the standard evaporation method. RESULTS: Hybrid TDs can generate micelles with narrow size distributions, low critical micelle concentration values (1-6 μM), better hematocompatibility and lack of in vitro cytotoxicity...
April 27, 2017: Nanomedicine
Kunal Gawai, Kanchan Mogha, Jashbhai Prajapati
  Dairy is one of the industries producing wastewater rich in organic matter and thus leading to creation of odorous and high COD containing effluent. Biotreatment leading to bioconversion of the waste materials is probably the most cost-effective technique for managing and utilizing waste. A pilot-scale aerobic treatment plant showing air pressure of 6 kg/cm3 was designed keeping all the conditions similar to the main aerobic plant of any dairy plant. The COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) of the control effluent i...
May 1, 2017: Water Environment Research: a Research Publication of the Water Environment Federation
Nevim Genç, Esra Can Doğan, Ali Oğuzhan Narcı, Emine Bican
  In this study, a multi-response optimization method using Taguchi's robust design approach is proposed for imidacloprid removal by reverse osmosis. Tests were conducted with different membrane type (BW30, LFC-3, CPA-3), transmembrane pressure (TMP = 20, 25, 30 bar), volume reduction factor (VRF = 2, 3, 4), and pH (3, 7, 11). Quality and quantity of permeate are optimized with the multi-response characteristics of the total dissolved solid (TDS), conductivity, imidacloprid, and total organic carbon (TOC) rejection ratios and flux of permeate...
May 1, 2017: Water Environment Research: a Research Publication of the Water Environment Federation
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