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By Christopher Cook Addiction professional. LPC, CADC, CRNP- student, Interventionist, project manager, owner, Director, eval/refer for SUDs/Eating D/o's, 60000 beds referral base
Giuseppe Genchi
More than half a century ago researchers thought that D-amino acids had a minor function compared to L-enantiomers in biological processes. Many evidences have shown that D-amino acids are present in high concentration in microorganisms, plants, mammals and humans and fulfil specific biological functions. In the brain of mammals, D-serine (D-Ser) acts as a co-agonist of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-type glutamate receptors, responsible for learning, memory and behaviour. D-Ser metabolism is relevant for disorders associated with an altered function of the NMDA receptor, such as schizophrenia, ischemia, epilepsy and neurodegenerative disorders...
July 5, 2017: Amino Acids
Suk-Yun Kang, O Sang Kwon, Ji-Young Moon, Seong Jin Cho, Kwang-Ho Choi, Junbeom Kim, Seong-Hun Ahn, Yeonhee Ryu
BACKGROUND: Alcoholism, which is a disabling addiction disorder, is a major public health problem worldwide. The present study was designed to determine whether the application of acupuncture at the Shenmen (HT7) point suppresses voluntary alcohol consumption in addicted rats and whether this suppressive effect is potentiated by the administration of naltrexone. METHODS: Rats were initially trained to self-administer a sucrose solution by operating a lever. A mechanical acupuncture instrument (MAI) for objective mechanical stimulation was used on rats whose baseline response had been determined...
2017: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: ECAM
Josephine P Briggs, David Shurtleff
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 27, 2017: JAMA: the Journal of the American Medical Association
Dimy Fluyau, Neelambika Revadigar
BACKGROUND: Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree with a long history of traditional use in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Kratom is also known as Thom, Thang, and Biak. Its leaves and the teas brewed from them have long been used by people in that region to manage pain and opioid withdrawal and to stave off fatigue. Kratom is actually consumed throughout the world for its stimulant effects and as an opioid substitute (in form of tea, chewed, smoked, or ingested in capsules)...
2017: Frontiers in Psychiatry
Lucy Chen, Andreas Michalsen
Complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) encompasses both Western-style medicine and complementary health approaches as a new combined approach to treat a variety of clinical conditions. Chronic pain is the leading indication for use of CIM, and about 33% of adults and 12% of children in the US have used it in this context. Although advances have been made in treatments for chronic pain, it remains inadequately controlled for many people. Adverse effects and complications of analgesic drugs, such as addiction, kidney failure, and gastrointestinal bleeding, also limit their use...
April 24, 2017: BMJ: British Medical Journal
Kenneth Blum, Rajendra D Badgaiyan, Eric R Braverman, Kristina Dushaj, Mona Li, Peter K Thanos, Zsolt Demetrovics, Marcelo Febo
Unlike other drugs of abuse such as alcohol, nicotine, opiates/opioids, the FDA has not approved any agent to treat psychostimulant dependence. Certainly, it is widely acceptable that dopaminergic signaling is a key factor in both the initiation and continued motivation to abuse this class of stimulant substances. It is also well accepted that psychostimulants such as cocaine affect not only the release of neuronal dopamine at the nucleus accumbens (NAc), but also has powerful inhibitory actions on the dopamine transporter system...
2016: Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome and Addiction Science
S A Lanham-New, L R Wilson
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2016: Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics: the Official Journal of the British Dietetic Association
Yi-Yuan Tang, Leslie D Leve
Mindfulness meditation research mainly focuses on psychological outcomes such as behavioral, cognitive, and emotional functioning. However, the neuroscience literature on mindfulness meditation has grown in recent years. This paper provides an overview of relevant neuroscience and psychological research on the effects of mindfulness meditation. We propose a translational prevention framework of mindfulness and its effects. Drawing upon the principles of prevention science, this framework integrates neuroscience and prevention research and postulates underlying brain regulatory mechanisms that explain the impact of mindfulness on psychological outcomes via self-regulation mechanisms linked to underlying brain systems...
March 2016: Translational Behavioral Medicine
Yanjie Guo, Yane Qi, Xuefei Yang, Lihui Zhao, Shu Wen, Yinhui Liu, Li Tang
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most frequent endocrinopathy in women of reproductive age. It is difficult to treat PCOS because of its complex etiology and pathogenesis. Here, we characterized the roles of gut microbiota on the pathogenesis and treatments in letrozole (a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor) induced PCOS rat model. Changes in estrous cycles, hormonal levels, ovarian morphology and gut microbiota by PCR-DGGE and real-time PCR were determined. The results showed that PCOS rats displayed abnormal estrous cycles with increasing androgen biosynthesis and exhibited multiple large cysts with diminished granulosa layers in ovarian tissues...
2016: PloS One
Paola Bressan, Peter Kramer
Perhaps because gastroenterology, immunology, toxicology, and the nutrition and agricultural sciences are outside of their competence and responsibility, psychologists and psychiatrists typically fail to appreciate the impact that food can have on their patients' condition. Here we attempt to help correct this situation by reviewing, in non-technical, plain English, how cereal grains-the world's most abundant food source-can affect human behavior and mental health. We present the implications for the psychological sciences of the findings that, in all of us, bread (1) makes the gut more permeable and can thus encourage the migration of food particles to sites where they are not expected, prompting the immune system to attack both these particles and brain-relevant substances that resemble them, and (2) releases opioid-like compounds, capable of causing mental derangement if they make it to the brain...
2016: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Anna G Wessels, Holger Kluge, Frank Hirche, Andreas Kiowski, Alexandra Schutkowski, Etienne Corrent, Jörg Bartelt, Bettina König, Gabriele I Stangl
In addition to its role as an essential protein component, leucine (Leu) displays several other metabolic functions such as activation of protein synthesis. This property makes it an interesting amino acid for the therapy of human muscle atrophy and for livestock production. However, Leu can stimulate its own degradation via the branched-chain keto acid dehydrogenase complex (BCKDH). To examine the response of several tissues to excessive Leu, pigs were fed diets containing two- (L2) and four-fold (L4) higher Leu contents than the recommended amount (control)...
2016: PloS One
Kenneth Blum, Thomas J H Chen, B William Downs, Abdalla Bowirrat, Roger L Waite, Eric R Braverman, Margaret Madigan, Marlene Oscar-Berman, Nicholas DiNubile, Eric Stice, John Giordano, Siobhan Morse, Mark Gold
BACKGROUND AND HYPOTHESIS: It is well known that after prolonged abstinence, individuals who use their drug of choice experience a powerful euphoria that often precipitates relapse. While a biological explanation for this conundrum has remained elusive, we hypothesize that this clinically observed "supersensitivity" might be tied to genetic dopaminergic polymorphisms. Another therapeutic conundrum relates to the paradoxical finding that the dopaminergic agonist bromocriptine induces stronger activation of brain reward circuitry in individuals who carry the DRD2 A1 allele compared with DRD2 A2 allele carriers...
November 2009: Postgraduate Medicine
Bryant J Jongkees, Bernhard Hommel, Simone Kühn, Lorenza S Colzato
Consuming the amino-acid tyrosine (TYR), the precursor of dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE), may counteract decrements in neurotransmitter function and cognitive performance. However, reports on the effectiveness of TYR supplementation vary considerably, with some studies finding beneficial effects, whereas others do not. Here we review the available cognitive/behavioral studies on TYR, to elucidate whether and when TYR supplementation can be beneficial for performance. The potential of using TYR supplementation to treat clinical disorders seems limited and its benefits are likely determined by the presence and extent of impaired neurotransmitter function and synthesis...
November 2015: Journal of Psychiatric Research
Ahmed H Arbab, Mohammad K Parvez, Mohammed S Al-Dosari, Adnan J Al-Rehaily, Mohammed Al-Sohaibani, Elwaleed E Zaroug, Mansour S AlSaid, Syed Rafatullah
The present study investigated the hepatoprotective and anti-HBV efficacy of Acacia mellifera (AM) leaves extracts. The crude ethanolic-extract, including organic and aqueous fractions, were tested for cytotoxicity on HepG2 and HepG2.2.15 cells (IC50=684 μg/mL). Of these, the ethyl acetate and aqueous fractions showed the most promising, dose-dependent hepatoprotection in DCFH-toxicated cells at 48 h. In CCl4-injured rats, oral administration of AM ethanol extract (250 and 500 mg/kg·bw) for three weeks significantly normalized the sera aminotransferases, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipoprotein levels and elevated tissue nonprotein sulphydryl and total protein...
2015: BioMed Research International
Brian Hutton, Fatemeh Yazdi, Louise Bordeleau, Scott Morgan, Chris Cameron, Salmaan Kanji, Dean Fergusson, Andrea Tricco, Sharon Straus, Becky Skidmore, Mona Hersi, Misty Pratt, Sasha Mazzarello, Melissa Brouwers, David Moher, Mark Clemons
BACKGROUND: Breast and prostate cancers are the most commonly diagnosed non-dermatologic malignancies in Canada. Agents including endocrine therapies (e.g., aromatase inhibitors, gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analogs, anti-androgens, tamoxifen) and chemotherapy have improved survival for both conditions. As endocrine manipulation is a mainstay of treatment, it is not surprising that hot flashes are a common and troublesome adverse effect. Hot flashes can cause chills, night sweats, anxiety, and insomnia, lessening patients' quality of life...
August 27, 2015: Systematic Reviews
Aamir Ahmad, Kevin R Ginnebaugh, Yiwei Li, Subhash B Padhye, Fazlul H Sarkar
The relevance of naturopathy (defined as the practice of medicine for the treatment of human diseases with natural agents) in human cancer is beginning to be appreciated, as documented by renewed interest in nutraceutical research, the natural anticancer agents of dietary origin. Because of their pleiotropic effects and the ability to modulate multiple signaling pathways, which is a good attribute of natural agents, nutraceuticals have frequently been demonstrated to re-sensitize drug-resistant cancers. The effectiveness of nutraceuticals can be further enhanced if the tools for the relative assessment of their molecular targets are readily available...
January 2015: Nutrients
Da Ma, Ji-Sheng Han, Quan-Heng Diao, Gui-Fa Deng, Xing-Jie Ping, Wei-Jie Jin, Liu-Zhen Wu, Cai-Lian Cui, Xiao-Dong Li
OBJECTIVE: To assess the therapeutic effect of transcutaneous electric acupoint stimulation (TEAS) for the treatment of withdrawal syndrome in heroin addicts. METHODS: A total of 63 male heroin addicts with withdrawal score higher than 20 were recruited in the Detoxification Center of Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, China. They were randomly distributed into two groups: TEAS group (n = 31) received TEAS by using a Han's acupoint nerve stimulator (HANS) model 200A with two output channels, 2-3 sessions per day, 30 minutes per session for 10 consecutive days...
May 2015: Pain Medicine: the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pain Medicine
Zhang Boyuan, Chen Yang, Cheng Ke, Shen Xueyong, Liu Sheng
This review systematically assessed the clinical evidence for and against acupuncture as a treatment for psychological symptoms associated with opioid addiction. The database was accessed from MEDLINE and China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database. We included all randomized clinical trials published in Chinese and English regardless of their controls. Meta-analysis was performed using the RevMan software, version 5.2. We conducted a literature search of 16 databases from their inception to January 2014. Four studies from Western countries did not report any clinical gains in the treatment of psychological symptoms associated with opioid addiction...
2014: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: ECAM
Shenfeng Qiu, Zhongming Lu, Pat Levitt
The MET receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK), implicated in risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and in functional and structural circuit integrity in humans, is a temporally and spatially regulated receptor enriched in dorsal pallial-derived structures during mouse forebrain development. Here we report that loss or gain of function of MET in vitro or in vivo leads to changes, opposite in nature, in dendritic complexity, spine morphogenesis, and the timing of glutamatergic synapse maturation onto hippocampus CA1 neurons...
December 3, 2014: Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience
Elizabeth Sutherland
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2011: Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Research on Paradigm, Practice, and Policy
2014-12-22 23:19:13
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