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By Chan Kruse Interested in healthy living and healthy eating as a form of disease prevention.
Jason A Penniecook-Sawyers, Karen Jaceldo-Siegl, Jing Fan, Larry Beeson, Synnove Knutsen, Patti Herring, Gary E Fraser
Among cancers in American women, breast cancer (BC) has the second highest incidence and mortality. The association of BC with diet has been inconsistent. Studies that evaluate associations with dietary patterns are less common and reflect an individual's whole diet. We associated dietary patterns with the risk of BC in American women of the Adventist Health Study-2 (AHS-2), a prospective cohort of 96 001 subjects recruited between 2002 and 2007. Answers to a previously validated FFQ were used to classify subjects to vegan, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, semi-vegetarian and non-vegetarian dietary patterns...
May 28, 2016: British Journal of Nutrition
Jia Wang, Xutong Li, Dongfeng Zhang
Many epidemiologic studies have explored the association between dairy product consumption and the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), but the results remain controversial. A literature search was performed in PubMed, Web of Science and Embase for relevant articles published up to October 2015. Pooled relative risks (RRs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were calculated with a random-effects model. The dose-response relationship was assessed by restricted cubic spline. A total of 16 articles were eligible for this meta-analysis...
February 27, 2016: Nutrients
Saverio Caini, Giovanna Masala, Patrizia Gnagnarella, Ilaria Ermini, William Russell-Edu, Domenico Palli, Sara Gandini
BACKGROUND: Several studies investigated whether the consumption of foods of animal origin affects the risk of haematological malignancies, with conflicting results. To help clarify this issue, we performed a meta-analysis of observational studies published until November 2014 that investigated the association between the consumption of foods of animal origin (red, processed and white meat, fish and seafood, dairy products and eggs) and the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and its major subtypes and multiple myeloma among adults...
April 2016: Critical Reviews in Oncology/hematology
Shivaram P Singh, Ayaskanta Singh, Debasis Misra, Bijay Misra, Girish K Pati, Manas K Panigrahi, Sanjib K Kar, Pallavi Bhuyan, Kaumudee Pattnaik, Chudamani Meher, Omprakash Agrawal, Niranjan Rout, Manoroma Swain, Palok Aich
BACKGROUND/AIMS: NAFLD has today emerged as the leading cause of liver disorder. There is scanty data on risk factors associated with NAFLD emanating from India. The present study was conducted to identify the risk factors associated with NAFLD. METHODS: 464 consecutive NAFLD patients and 181 control patients were subjected to detailed questionnaire regarding their lifestyle and dietary risk factors. Anthropometric measurements were obtained and biochemical assays were done...
December 2015: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology
Peter Burckhardt
Vegetarian and vegan diets contain low amounts of protein and calcium. For this reason they are supposed to cause low bone mineral density (BMD) and osteoporosis. But this is not the case, except for vegans with a particularly low calcium intake. The absence of osteoporosis or low BMD can be explained by the low acid load of these diets. Nutritional acid load is negatively correlated with bone mineral density (BMD) and positively with fracture risk. Low acid load is correlated with lower bone resorption and higher BMD...
2016: Swiss Medical Weekly
Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Tanwir Alam, Rekha Jiwane, Sadawarte Sahebrao Kishanrao
INTRODUCTION: Dietary habits can make a big difference on both physical and mental aspects of the body. Menstrual disorder frequently affects the quality of life of adolescent and young adult women. Menstrual cycle irregularities may be associated with psychological stress, and endocrine disturbances. Monitoring of sensory-motor association and cardiovascular activity across the menstrual cycle has not been evaluated with dietary habits. AIM: The present study was carried out to bridge the relationship between dietary habits and endogenous sex hormone mediated sensory motor association and heart rate variability (HRV) among young females during different phases of menstrual cycle...
January 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Wan-Jung Lu, Kao-Chang Lin, Chun-Ping Liu, Chia-Ying Lin, Hsh-Chu Wu, Duen-Suey Chou, Pitchairaj Geraldine, Shih-Yi Huang, Cheng-Ying Hsieh, Joen-Rong Sheu
Nobiletin, a bioactive polymethoxylated flavone isolated from citrus fruits, has been proven to prevent cancer and inflammation. Dietary flavonoids have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), and platelet activation plays a crucial role in CVDs. This study investigated the effect of nobiletin on platelet activation in vitro and in vivo. Nobiletin (10-30μM) inhibited collagen- and arachidonic acid-induced platelet aggregation in washed human platelets, but it did not inhibit platelet aggregation induced by other agonists such as thrombin and 9,11-dideoxy-11α,9α-epoxymethanoprostaglandin...
February 2016: Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
Monica Dinu, Rosanna Abbate, Gian Franco Gensini, Alessandro Casini, Francesco Sofi
BACKGROUND: Beneficial effects of vegetarian and vegan diets on health outcomes have been supposed in previous studies. OBJECTIVES: Aim of this study was to clarify the association between vegetarian, vegan diets, risk factors for chronic diseases, risk of all-cause mortality, incidence and mortality from cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, total cancer and specific type of cancer (colorectal, breast, prostate and lung), through meta-analysis. METHODS: A comprehensive search of Medline, EMBASE, Scopus, The Cochrane Library and Google Scholar was conducted...
February 6, 2016: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Mark F McCarty
The serum total and LDL cholesterol levels of long-term vegans tend to be very low. The characteristically low ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat in vegan diets, and the absence of cholesterol in such diets, clearly contribute to this effect. But there is reason to suspect that the quantity and composition of dietary protein also play a role in this regard. Vegan diets of moderate protein intake tend to be relatively low in certain essential amino acids, and as a result may increase hepatic activity of the kinase GCN2, which functions as a gauge of amino acid status...
February 12, 2016: Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation
E Kesse-Guyot, K E Assmann, V A Andreeva, M Ferry, S Hercberg, P Galan
OBJECTIVES: Research concerning the link between dairy product intake and cognition is scant while experimental studies suggest links through various biological mechanisms. This study's objective was to examine the cross-time associations of total and specific dairy product consumption with cognitive performance in aging adults. We also explored compliance with dairy intake recommendations in France. DESIGN: The study was based on the «Supplémentation en Vitamines et Minéraux Antioxydants» randomized trial (SU...
February 2016: Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging
Andrea Bellavia, Thanasis G Tektonidis, Nicola Orsini, Alicja Wolk, Susanna C Larsson
Beneficial effects of Mediterranean diet (MD) have been consistently documented. However, to fully understand the public health implications of MD adherence, an informative step is to quantify these effects in terms of survival time differences. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of MD on survival, presenting results in terms of differences in median age at death. We used data from 71,333 participants from a large population-based cohort of Swedish men and women, followed-up between January 1, 1998, and December 31, 2012...
May 2016: European Journal of Epidemiology
Chantel L Martin, Anna Maria Siega-Riz, Daniela Sotres-Alvarez, Whitney R Robinson, Julie L Daniels, Eliana M Perrin, Alison M Stuebe
BACKGROUND: Elevated levels of cardiometabolic markers are characteristic of normal pregnancy, however, insulin resistance and increased glucose, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels can adversely influence maternal and child health. Diet is a modifiable behaviour that could have significant impact on maternal cardiometabolic levels during pregnancy. We investigated the association between dietary patterns and cardiometabolic markers (glucose, insulin, insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), triglycerides, and cholesterol) during pregnancy...
May 2016: Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology
Agnieszka Kuchta, Anna Lebiedzińska, Marcin Fijałkowski, Rafał Gałąska, Ewelina Kreft, Magdalena Totoń, Kuba Czaja, Anna Kozłowska, Agnieszka Ćwiklińska, Barbara Kortas-Stempak, Adrian Strzelecki, Anna Gliwińska, Kamil Dąbkowski, Maciej Jankowski
BACKGROUND: The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of a vegan diet on the serum lipid profile with particular regard to the parameters characterizing the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) fractions in subjects without subclinical atherosclerosis, measured by carotid Doppler ultrasonography. METHODS AND RESULTS: Forty-two 23 to 38 year old subjects (21 omnivores and 21 vegans) participated in the study. Compared to the omnivores, the vegan subjects were characterized by lower parameters of lipid profile: total cholesterol (p < 0...
2016: Cardiology Journal
Parvane Saneei, Walter Willett, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh
BACKGROUND: These findings from several observational studies, investigated the association between red meat consumption and gliomas, were inconsistent. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies to summarize available date on the relation between meat intake and risk of glioma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A systematic literature search of relevant reports published until May 2014 of the PubMed/Medline, ISI Web of Knowledge, Excerpta Medica database, Ovid database, Google Scholar, and Scopus databases was conducted...
June 2015: Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: the Official Journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
G Grosso, R Estruch
Current knowledge on the effects of nut consumption on human health has rapidly increased in recent years and it now appears that nuts may play a role in the prevention of chronic age-related diseases. Frequent nut consumption has been associated with better metabolic status, decreased body weight as well as lower body weight gain over time and thus reduce the risk of obesity. The effect of nuts on glucose metabolism, blood lipids, and blood pressure is still controversial. However, significant decreased cardiovascular risk has been reported in a number of observational and clinical intervention studies...
February 2016: Maturitas
Jian Ge, Tian Jie Han, Jin Liu, Jun Shan Li, Xiao Hua Zhang, Yu Wang, Qing Yan Li, Qiang Zhu, Chong Mei Yang
BACKGROUND/AIMS: This meta-analysis is designed to determine the association between meat consumption and the risk of inflammatory bowel disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Search relevant literature published in PubMed, Cochrane before July 2015 without restrictions. Studies were included if relative ratios and the corresponding 95% confidence intervals of the risk of inflammatory bowel disease were reported with respect to meat consumption. RESULTS: Nine studies were included in this meta-analysis...
November 2015: Turkish Journal of Gastroenterology: the Official Journal of Turkish Society of Gastroenterology
Dayeon Shin, Kyung Won Lee, Won O Song
Maternal dietary patterns before and during pregnancy play important roles in the development of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). We aimed to identify dietary patterns during pregnancy that are associated with GDM risk in pregnant U.S. women. From a 24 h dietary recall of 253 pregnant women (16-41 years) included in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003-2012, food items were aggregated into 28 food groups based on Food Patterns Equivalents Database. Three dietary patterns were identified by reduced rank regression with responses including prepregnancy body mass index (BMI), dietary fiber, and ratio of poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acid: "high refined grains, fats, oils and fruit juice", "high nuts, seeds, fat and soybean; low milk and cheese", and "high added sugar and organ meats; low fruits, vegetables and seafood"...
November 2015: Nutrients
Joel C Craddock, Yasmine C Probst, Gregory E Peoples
Humans consuming vegetarian-based diets are observed to have reduced relative risk for many chronic diseases. Similarly, regular physical activity has also been shown to assist in preventing, and reducing the severity of these conditions. Many people, including athletes, acknowledge these findings and are adopting a vegetarian-based diet to improve their health status. Furthermore, athletes are incorporating this approach with the specific aim of optimizing physical performance. To examine the evidence for the relationship between consuming a predominately vegetarian-based diet and improved physical performance, a systematic literature review was performed using the SCOPUS database...
June 2016: International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism
De La Torre Jessica Elizabeth, Fatma Gassara, Anne Patricia Kouassi, Satinder Kaur Brar, Khaled Belkacemi
Spices are parts of plants that due to their properties are used as colorants, preservatives, or medicine. The uses of spices have been known since long time, and the interest in the potential of spices is remarkable due to the chemical compounds contained in spices, such as phenylpropanoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. Spices, such as cumin (cuminaldehyde), clove (eugenol), and cinnamon (cinnamaldehyde) among others, are known and studied for their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties due to their main chemical compounds...
April 13, 2017: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Pankaj Chaturvedi, Pradip K Kamat, Anuradha Kalani, Anastasia Familtseva, Suresh C Tyagi
High methionine diet (HMD) for example red meat which includes lamb, beef, pork can pose cardiac threat and vascular dysfunction but the mechanisms are unclear. We hypothesize that a diet rich in methionine can malfunction the cardiovascular system in three ways: (1) by augmenting oxidative stress; (2) by inflammatory manifestations; and (3) by matrix/vascular remodeling. To test this hypothesis we used four groups of mice: (1) WT; (2) WT + methionine; (3) CBS(+/-) ; (4) CBS(+/-) +methionine. We observed high oxidative stress in mice fed with methionine which was even higher in CBS(+/-) and CBS(+/-) +methionine...
July 2016: Journal of Cellular Physiology
2015-11-16 20:38:41
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