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Meena Kashetty, Sagar Kumbhar, Smita Patil, Prashant Patil
Objectives: The gingival and periodontal changes during pregnancy are well known. Gingivitis is the most prevalent oral manifestations associated with pregnancy. The hormonal and vascular changes that accompany pregnancy are known to exaggerate the inflammatory response to the local irritants. Hence, a study was designed to assess oral hygiene status, gingival status, periodontal status, and treatment needs (TNs) among pregnant and nonpregnant women. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 120 pregnant and 120 nonpregnant women of 18-44 years age attending the Outpatient Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Government Hospital of Belgaum city, Karnataka, India...
March 2018: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Andrea K Blanchard, Sapna G Nair, Sharon G Bruce, Satyanarayana Ramanaik, Raghavendra Thalinja, Srikanta Murthy, Prakash Javalkar, Priya Pillai, Martine Collumbien, Lori Heise, Shajy Isac, Parinita Bhattacharjee
BACKGROUND: Research has increasingly documented the important role that violence by clients and the police play in exacerbating HIV vulnerability for women in sex work. However few studies have examined violence in the intimate relationships of women in sex work, or drawn on community partnerships to explore the social dynamics involved. A community-based participatory research study was undertaken by community and academic partners leading intimate partner violence (IPV) and HIV prevention programs in Bagalkot district, Karnataka state, India...
May 11, 2018: BMC Women's Health
Usha Devadas, Manisha Hegde, Santosh Maruthy
BACKGROUND: Hindu priests (purohits/purohits/) perform religious services, rites, and prayers primarily at the temples, during which there is a continuous recitation of shlokas, ʃlokas, and mantras/mæntrəs/ in a loud voice. Hence, the voice is the primary component of priests' profession and earning for livelihood. The present study was conducted to explore the prevalence and possible risk factors, and the impact of voice problems (VPs) in Hindu temple priests. METHODS: This cross-sectional survey was conducted by distributing the self-reporting questionnaires to 140 Hindu temple priests in and around the Udupi/uɖupi/ and Mangaluru/maŋgalu:ru/ districts of Karnataka state, India, between January and April 2016...
May 7, 2018: Journal of Voice: Official Journal of the Voice Foundation
Pradeep R Johnson, Carl Britto, Kevin Jude Sudevan, Ashish Bosco, Priya Sreedaran, Mysore V Ashok
Context: Mental health has currently shifted focus from "deficit" to strength-based approaches such as Resilience. Coping styles and personality factors have been well studied in Wives of persons with Alcoholism (WopA) but not Resilience. Alcohol dependence in spouse is seen as an adversity. Aims: To evaluate Resilience in the WopA and explore its relationship with marital quality and clinical variables of Alcohol Dependence in their husbands. Settings and Design: A cross-sectional study in a tertiary care hospital in Bangalore, Karnataka...
January 2018: Indian Journal of Psychiatry
D Ramya Shruthi, S Sunil Kumar, Nagaraj Desai, Rajesh Raman, T S Sathyanarayana Rao
Introduction: Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) caused by coronary atherosclerosis include ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), non-STEMI, and unstable angina. The relation between psychiatric disorders and coronary artery disease is a complex one which includes the effect of the psychosocial factors on heart and vice versa. Point prevalence studies have been reported, but there is paucity of follow-up studies from India. Materials and Methods: The study is a follow-up evaluation at discharge of 248 consecutive patients presented with ACS at JSS Hospital, Mysuru, Karnataka, over a period of 6 months to assess the psychiatric comorbidities...
January 2018: Indian Journal of Psychiatry
Michael Salter-Townshend, Tyler H McCormick
Social relationships consist of interactions along multiple dimensions. In social networks, this means that individuals form multiple types of relationships with the same person (e.g., an individual will not trust all of his/her acquaintances). Statistical models for these data require understanding two related types of dependence structure: (i) structure within each relationship type, or network view, and (ii) the association between views. In this paper, we propose a statistical framework that parsimoniously represents dependence between relationship types while also maintaining enough flexibility to allow individuals to serve different roles in different relationship types...
September 2017: Annals of Applied Statistics
Ajay Gajanan Bhave, Declan Conway, Suraje Dessai, David A Stainforth
Decision-Making Under Uncertainty (DMUU) approaches have been less utilized in developing countries than developed countries for water resources contexts. High climate vulnerability and rapid socioeconomic change often characterize developing country contexts, making DMUU approaches relevant. We develop an iterative multi-method DMUU approach, including scenario generation, coproduction with stakeholders and water resources modeling. We apply this approach to explore the robustness of adaptation options and pathways against future climate and socioeconomic uncertainties in the Cauvery River Basin in Karnataka, India...
February 2018: Water Resources Research
PaweŁ JaŁoszyŃski
Clidicus Laporte, 1832 currently comprises 27 species distributed in India (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka, Indonesia (Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak), Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines (Mindanao), China (Hainan) and Australia (Queensland). Some species have conspicuously large adults reaching 8.5 mm, and they represent the largest known Scydmaeninae. Species of Clidicus were relatively poorly known until recently, when Orousset (2014) revised a large portion of this genus and described several new species...
March 20, 2018: Zootaxa
C A Viraktamath, Michael R Wilson
Three new species, Sophonia picta sp. nov., Sophonia similis sp. nov. (both from Indonesia: Kalimantan Tengah) and Stenotortor acuta sp. nov. (from India: Karnataka), are described and illustrated. S. picta closely resembles S. malayana (Baker) externally but differs in having a round carmine red spot on the crown and a black round spot on the apical third of the forewing. Though the aedeagus of S. malayana and S. picta are similar, S. picta has a ventral pair of aedeagal processes with subequal branches compared to a lateral pair with unequal branches in S...
February 8, 2018: Zootaxa
M Shobharani, C A Viraktamath, M D Webb
Species of the leafhopper genus Penthimia Germar known from the Indian subcontinent are reviewed based on the examination of type specimens. Seven new species of the genus, Penthimia curvata sp. nov. (Karnataka: Bandipur), P. meghalayensis sp. nov. (Meghalaya: Nangpoh), P. neoattenuata sp. nov. (India: Tamil Nadu), P. ribhoi sp. nov. (India: Meghalaya), P. sahyadrica sp. nov. (Karnataka: Dharmasthala, Agumbe; Kerala: Thekkady), P. spiculata sp. nov. (Karnataka: Nagarahole) and P. tumida sp. nov. (Tamil Nadu: Ootacamund; Kerala: Munnar) are described...
January 2, 2018: Zootaxa
Guy Harling, Jukka-Pekka Onnela
Understanding how person-to-person contagious processes spread through a population requires accurate information on connections between population members. However, such connectivity data, when collected via interview, is often incomplete due to partial recall, respondent fatigue or study design, e.g., fixed choice designs (FCD) truncate out-degree by limiting the number of contacts each respondent can report. Past research has shown how FCD truncation affects network properties, but its implications for predicted speed and size of spreading processes remain largely unexplored...
March 2018: Network Science
Krithica Srinivasan, Gopee Krishnan, Arnold Wilkins, Peter Allen
Purpose: Kannada, one of the Dravidian languages, is the official language of Karnataka state of India. There is a need for a test using Kannada words that can assess visual aspects of reading independently of syntactic and semantic knowledge. Methods: A test of reading rate in Kannada was developed following the design principles of the Wilkins Rate of Reading Test (RRT). Fifteen high-frequency bisyllabic Kannada words were selected. Children were recruited from state and private schools that used Kannada or English as the medium of instruction...
May 2018: Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
Gayatri Singh, Babita Kumari, Geetgovind Sinam, Kriti, Navin Kumar, Shekhar Mallick
Fluorine is an essential element required in trace amounts but gets toxic for human beings at levels more than 1.5 mg F- L-1 primarily through drinking contaminated water. It is the 13th most abundant element and constitutes about 0.06-0.09% in the earth crust. It is electronegative in aqueous medium forming fluoride ion (F- ). Fluoride contamination in the environment occurs mostly due to anthropogenic and geogenic sources. Fluoride is widely distributed in all components of environment, air (0.1-0.6 μg L-1 ) soils (150-400 mg Kg-1 ) rocks (100-2000 mg Kg-1 ), plant (0...
April 9, 2018: Environmental Pollution
Sumanth Mallikarjuna Majgi, A S AiswaryaLakshmi
Background: Using cell phones while driving contribute to distractions which can potentially cause minor or major road traffic injuries and also stress among other drivers. With this background, the study was done to ascertain the proportion of handheld cell phone use while driving among road users in Mysore city and also patterns of the use by the day of week, type of road, and type of vehicle. Methods: The study was conducted in Mysore, Karnataka, India. Four stretches of roads were observed thrice daily for 1 week...
2018: International Journal of Preventive Medicine
Parinita Bhattacharjee, Linda Campbell, Raghavendra Thalinja, Sapna Nair, Mahesh Doddamane, Satyanarayana Ramanaik, Shajy Isac, Tara S Beattie
While traditional HIV prevention programs with female sex workers (FSWs) in Karnataka, India, have focused on reducing HIV transmission between FSWs and clients through increased condom use, these programs have not fully addressed the transmission risk between FSWs and their nonpaying intimate partners (IPs). Condom use is infrequent and violence is recurrent in these relationships: Furthermore, there is little evidence on the precise nature of FSW-IP relationships. Our study addresses this knowledge gap to inform HIV programs targeted at FSWs...
April 1, 2018: Health Education & Behavior: the Official Publication of the Society for Public Health Education
Jobin Jose Kattoor, Sharad Saurabh, Shubhankar Sircar, Obli Rajendran Vinodhkumar, Ujjwal Kumar De, Kuldeep Dhama, Souvik Ghosh, Raj Kumar Singh, Yashpal Singh Malik
Rotavirus (RV), is an etiological agent of acute infantile diarrhea in both humans and animals including poultry. Among the eight accepted species/types of RVs, RV-A is genetically and antigenically the most diverse. RV-A associated enteritis is a major problem in the weaning and post-weaning piglets. Due to high genetic variability in the antigenic regions, RV-A is thought to have high interspecies jumping probability. In this study, comparatively a large sized sample (n = 757) was screened, where the samples were collected from diarrheic porcine population of north (Uttar Pradesh), North eastern (Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh) and Southern states of India (Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu)...
March 2018: Virusdisease
Pratip Shil, Dilip R Kothawale, Anakkathil B Sudeep
Changing climate scenario has resulted in recent emergence and re-emergence of various arboviral diseases including Chikungunya. This disease is caused by Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), which belongs to Togaviridae family of viruses and spread by Aedes mosquitoes. A resurgence of CHIKV and its rapid global spread has been observed since 2004. The disease reemerged in India in 2005, after a gap of 32 years, causing massive outbreaks in some states and circulating thereafter. In the present paper we analyze CHIKV incidence data from India (2010-2014) with a view to understand association with environmental parameters, if any...
March 2018: Virusdisease
Uragayala Sreehari, K Raghavendra, S N Tiwari, Sandhya Sreedharan, S K Ghosh
OBJECTIVE: There is an urgent need to test and incorporate new molecules with promising efficacy and novel mode of action to control insecticide-resistant mosquito vectors for disease control. We tested a new compound, clothianidin (SumiShield 50 WG), for its efficacy as an indoor residual spray (IRS) for the control of pyrethroid resistant Anopheles culicifacies (Diptera: Culicidae) in comparison to pirimiphos methyl (Actellic CS) as a positive control. METHODS: Ten villages were selected, five each for IRS with clothianidin (300 mg AI/m2 ) and pirimiphos methyl (1000 mg AI/m2 ) in Almatti Dam catchment area in Karnataka state, India...
March 30, 2018: Tropical Medicine & International Health: TM & IH
C Sadanandane, M D Gokhale, A Elango, P Yadav, D T Mourya, P Jambulingam
Kyasanur forest disease (KFD) is a major tick-borne viral haemorrhagic fever caused by KFD virus (KFDV) (Flaviviridae). The disease was reported to be confined to five districts of Karnataka state India until 2011. During 2012-2016, emergence of KFD has been reported in newer areas of Karnataka and adjoining states. Therefore, survey of tick vectors was carried out in these new areas of Karnataka and adjoining states reported with monkey deaths and human cases of KFD. In all selected sites, ticks from the forest floor were collected by lint clothes using flagging method...
March 28, 2018: Experimental & Applied Acarology
Neethu George, Deepthi N Shanbhag, Meera George, Ann Christy Shaju, Reuben C Johnson, P Thomas Mathew, Chaitanya Prasad Golapalli, Ramakrishna Goud
Context: Adolescence is the time which is crucial for the overall development of a person both mentally and physically. In this period, along with academic intelligence, emotional intelligence (EI) also plays an equal or strong role in student life. Aims: This study was to assess EI, parental bonding, and their association among adolescents in high schools under Sarjapur PHC area. Subjects and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study conducted among high school students under Sarjapur PHC area...
October 2017: Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
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