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Fernanda G D E Silva, Lisiery N Paiatto, Aureo T Yamada, Flavia M Netto, Patrícia U Simioni, Wirla M S C Tamashiro
SCOPE: In an attempt to develop new therapeutic treatments for colitis, we evaluated the effects of phenolic compounds and protein hydrolysates fractions of flaxseed on the in vitro production of pro-inflammatory mediators created by macrophages and on the course of experimental colitis. METHODS AND RESULTS: The anti-inflammatory effects of phenolic compounds (Phi) and protein hydrolysates (phr-FPH) from flaxseeds were studied in RAW264.7 cells and in TNBS colitis model...
June 22, 2018: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Özlem Çakıcı
This study describes the histopathological effects of carbaryl in the spleen of Levantine frog, Pelophylax bedriage. Due to its primary role in immune system, it is important to research the toxic effects of pesticides, which play an important role in environmental pollution, on spleen. To that end, adult frogs were exposed to carbaryl for 96 h. Experimental groups contained low dose, (0.05 mg/g), medium dose (0.1 mg/g) and high dose (0.2 mg/g). After following exposure to carbaryl, the frogs were euthanised and dissected...
June 21, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Ana González-Castillo, Santiago Rojas, Marisa Ortega, Alfonso Rodríguez-Baeza
PURPOSE: Situs inversus totalis is mirror transposition of thoracic and abdominal organs. Very few reports have been published on anatomic dissections of cadavers with this condition. METHODS: This work describes a case of situs inversus totalis identified during the anatomical dissection of a 91-year-old woman. RESULTS: Thoracic and abdominal viscera were inverted, but otherwise normal. The aorta originated from the right ventricle, which exhibited characteristics of the systemic ventricle...
June 21, 2018: Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy: SRA
Kyawzaw Lin, Aung Naing Lin, Won Jun Park, Pwint Phyu Hlaing, Cesar Ayala-Rodriguez
Splenic infarction is an unusual cause for a patient to present with left upper abdomen pain. A 47-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with left upper abdomen pain. She reported that she stopped taking warfarin two days prior to presentation. A physical examination revealed fine crackles within the left lower lobe and significant tenderness within the left upper abdomen. Computed tomography of the abdomen showed mild cardiomegaly with a 2.3 cm calcified thrombus in the left ventricular apex...
April 19, 2018: Curēus
Fabiana Seifert Santos, Karolaine Marcelina da Silva Sousa, Thiago Augusto Cadorin de Castro, Felipe Coelho, Rodrigo Gomes de Oliveira, Walter Jr Boim de Araujo, Lilian Cabral Pereira Dos Santos, Raquel Canzi Almada de Souza
Pseudoaneurysm secondary to chronic pancreatitis is a rare complication, but one with a high mortality rate. It is etiologically associated with chronic pancreatitis, and most diagnoses are made after rupture, which manifests with clinical signs of acute hemorrhage. Computed tomography plays an important role in diagnosis, but digital subtraction angiography remains the gold-standard method for diagnostic confirmation and for treatment planning. This article describes two cases of pseudoaneurysm in patients with chronic alcoholic pancreatitis; one involving the splenic artery and the other the gastroduodenal artery, complicated by thoracic and abdominal bleeding respectively...
January 2018: Jornal Vascular Brasileiro
Ori Wand, Oshrat E Tayer-Shifman, Shafik Khoury, Alon Y Hershko
INTRODUCTION: There are insufficient data on the aetiologic factors underlying splenic infarction (SI). Therefore, there is no consensus regarding the appropriate diagnostic approach. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective analysis of all patients admitted with SI from 1/2004 to 12/2014. Medical records were screened for the clinical presentation, underlying causes, associated medical conditions and methods of patient evaluation. RESULTS: We found 89 subjects with 90 episodes of SI...
June 21, 2018: Annals of Medicine
Gwennaelle Bodart, Khalil Farhat, Chantal Renard-Charlet, Guillaume Becker, Alain Plenevaux, Roberto Salvatori, Vincent Geenen, Henri Martens
A debate is still open about the precise control exerted by the somatotrope GH-releasing hormone (GHRH)/growth hormone (GH)/insulin-like growth factor 1 axis on the immune system. The objective of this study was to directly address this question through the use of Ghrh -/- mice that exhibit a severe deficiency of their somatotrope axis. After control backcross studies and normalization for the reduced global weight of transgenic mice, no difference in weight and cellularity of the thymus was observed in Ghrh -/- mice when compared with C57BL/6 wild-type (WT) control mice...
2018: Frontiers in Endocrinology
Shuki Oya, Tsuyoshi Muta
We experienced a breakthrough fungal infection caused by Geotrichum capitatum during empirical therapy with caspofungin. A 68-year-old male patient with refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia had received umbilical cord blood transplantation after two courses of induction therapy. Empirical therapy with caspofungin was initiated 5 days before transplantation. Tacrolimus was continuously infused to prevent graft-versus-host disease. A minidose of methotrexate was intravenously administered on days 1 and 3 post-transplantation, which was changed to prednisolone from day 7 due to severe mucositis...
June 20, 2018: International Journal of Hematology
K H Wang, W Z Zang, Y L Li, L H Zhou
Objective: To investigate the effect of CD1d molecules on the surface of CD4(+) T cells on the progression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (experimental, allergic, encephalomyelitis, EAE) mouse models. Methods: EAE model of C57BL/6 mice was established, Splenic cells were isolated at different stages of the progression of the disease.The proportion of CD1d(+) cells on the surface of activated and non activated CD4(+) T cells was detected by flow cytometry. Results: The proportion of CD1d(+) cells in the control group (normal group and complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) group), in the peak and recovery period of disease in the EAE group were compared...
June 19, 2018: Zhonghua Yi Xue za Zhi [Chinese medical journal]
Margaret E Kirkling, Urszula Cytlak, Colleen M Lau, Kanako L Lewis, Anastasia Resteu, Alireza Khodadadi-Jamayran, Christian W Siebel, Hélène Salmon, Miriam Merad, Aristotelis Tsirigos, Matthew Collin, Venetia Bigley, Boris Reizis
The IRF8-dependent subset of classical dendritic cells (cDCs), termed cDC1, is important for cross-priming cytotoxic T cell responses against pathogens and tumors. Culture of hematopoietic progenitors with DC growth factor FLT3 ligand (FLT3L) yields very few cDC1s (in humans) or only immature "cDC1-like" cells (in the mouse). We report that OP9 stromal cells expressing the Notch ligand Delta-like 1 (OP9-DL1) optimize FLT3L-driven development of cDC1s from murine immortalized progenitors and primary bone marrow cells...
June 19, 2018: Cell Reports
Philip Brandish, Anthony Palmieri, Svetlana Antonenko, Maribel Beaumont, Lia Benso, Mark Cancilla, Mangeng Cheng, Laurence Fayadat-Dilman, Guo Feng, Isabel Figueroa, Juhi Firdos, Robert M Garbaccio, Laura Garvin-Queen, Dennis Gately, Prasanthi Geda, Christopher Haines, SuChun Hseih, Douglas Hodges, Jeffrey C Kern, Nick Knudsen, Kristen Kwasnjuk, Linda Liang, Huiping Ma, Anthony Manibusan, Paul Miller, Lily Moy, Yujie Qu, Sanjiv Shah, John Shin, Peter Stivers, Ying Sun, Daniela Tomazela, Hyun Chong Woo, Dennis Zaller, Shuli Zhang, Yiwei Zhang, Mark Zielstorff
Glucocorticoids (GCs) are excellent anti-inflammatories but are dose-limited by on-target toxicity. We sought to solve this 13 problem by delivering GCs to immune cells with antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) using antibodies containing site-specific 14 incorporation of a non-natural amino acid, novel linker chemistry for in vitro and in vivo stability, and existing and novel 15 glucocorticoid receptor (GR) agonists as payloads. We directed fluticasone to human antigen-presenting immune cells to 16 afford GR activation that was dependent on the targeted antigen...
June 20, 2018: Bioconjugate Chemistry
Erica Nishimura, Takeyuki Misawa, Hiroaki Kitamura, Shuichi Fujioka, Tadashi Akiba, Katsuhiko Yanaga
Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) is caused by several conditions including infection, malignancies, surgery, medications, and coagulation disorders. However, PVT caused by low-energy injury is very rare. A 51-year-old man visited a clinic with a 2-day history of abdominal pain following blunt abdominal trauma. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) revealed thrombosis in both the portal vein and splenic vein, and he was transferred to our hospital with a diagnosis of PVT. Anticoagulant therapy was initiated using unfractionated heparin...
June 19, 2018: Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology
Koichi Okamoto, Yuka Okada, Kohei Ohno, Takahiro Yagi, Mitsuo Tsukamoto, Takuya Akahane, Ryu Shimada, Tamuro Hayama, Takeshi Tsuchiya, Keijiro Nozawa, Keiji Matsuda, Tsuyoshi Ishida, Fukuo Kondo, Yojiro Hashiguchi
BACKGROUND: A tumor composed exclusively or predominantly of human melanin black 45 (HMB45)-positive epithelioid cells is called a perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEComa). We report a very rare case of a PEComa of the greater omentum. CASE PRESENTATION: MRI conducted to examine the orthopedic disease of the patients, a 49-year-old Japanese woman, also identified a tumor in her pelvis. A CT scan revealed a tumor mass on the right side of the pelvic floor and clear nutrient vessels originating from the splenic and celiac arteries...
June 19, 2018: World Journal of Surgical Oncology
Liangliang Nan, Yunchao Liu, Pengchao Ji, Hua Feng, Chen Chen, Juan Wang, Dongmin Liu, Yinglei Cui, Yanwei Wang, Yafei Li, Enmin Zhou, Gaiping Zhang
Canine parvovirus (CPV) has been considered to be an important pathogen, which can cause acute infectious disease in canids. Although current vaccines are effective in preventing CPV infection, safety problems still remain unsolved. In this study, a subunit vaccine against CPV based on virus-like particles (VLPs) with good safety and immunogenicity is reported. Soluble CPV VP2 protein was produced by co-expression of chaperone trigger factor (Tf16) in Escherichia coli (E.coli), and assembled into CPV VLPs which could be affected by NaCl and pH...
June 19, 2018: Virology Journal
Susanne Merkel, Vera S Schellerer, Axel Wein, Sabine Semrau, Carol Geppert, Jonas Göhl, Werner Hohenberger, Klaus Weber, Robert Grützmann
PURPOSE: The aim of our study was to compare the characteristics and prognosis between right- and left-sided metastatic colorectal carcinomas. METHODS: Data from 937 patients with stage IV colorectal carcinomas (synchronous distant metastasis) who had a resection of the primary tumour between 1985 and 2014 were analysed. Carcinomas in the caecum to transverse colon were defined as right-sided (n = 250; 26.7%). They were compared to tumours located from the splenic flexure to the rectum categorised as left-sided (n = 687; 73...
June 18, 2018: International Journal of Colorectal Disease
Christian Philipp Reinert, Clemens Hinterleitner, Jan Fritz, Konstantin Nikolaou, Marius Horger
OBJECTIVES: We aimed to test the hypothesis that the spleen-to-liver-attenuation ratio on portal-venous enhancement phase CT images can identify diffuse splenic infiltration in subjects with lymphoma. METHODS: A database search yielded 70 subjects with malignant haematological diseases who underwent contrast-enhanced CT (CECT) between December 2010 and March 2018. Additionally, consecutive control subjects were evaluated. We compared the splenic volume, splenic attenuation, spleen-to-liver, spleen-to-aorta and spleen-to-musculature ratios on portal-venous phase CECT images, pre- to post-treatment and between the different lymphoma entities...
June 18, 2018: European Radiology
Brenna E Swift, Eric Leung, Danielle Vicus, Allan Covens
This study evaluates a novel technique of laparoscopic ovarian transposition performed by Gynecologic Oncologists prior to pelvic radiation for gynecologic cancer. A retrospective review was completed of all patients that underwent laparoscopic ovarian transposition from February 2007 to June 2017 at one tertiary care cancer. The technique involves salpingectomy, followed by retroperitoneal dissection to move the ovaries lateral to the hepatic and splenic flexures of the colon. Normal ovarian function was defined by the absence of vasomotor symptoms, FSH and menstrual history (if menstruating)...
May 2018: Gynecologic Oncology Reports
Fibi Ninan, Ajay Kumar Mishra, Ajoy Oommen John, Ramya Iyadurai
Melioidosis well known as a 'great mimicker' is caused by Burkholderia pseudomallei. Even though majority of the patients present with acute infection, around 18 % can present as chronic infection. These latent foci of infection may reactivate to cause fulminant infection at a later date. Due to lack of clinical suspicion and good laboratory facility latent infections are often misdiagnosed and treated as tuberculosis. Chronic splenic granuloma is a rare manifestation of Melioidosis . Deep seated abscess requires atleast 4 weeks of intensive treatment with intravenous antibiotics...
January 2018: Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Rakesh K Singh, Sreenivas Gannavaram, Nevien Ismail, Amit Kaul, Mallikarjuna Rao Gedda, Hira L Nakhasi
The protozoan parasite Leishmania has evolved several strategies to undermine host defense mechanisms by inducing Th2-type adaptive immunity and suppressing effector functions of Th1 phenotype. In our earlier studies, using centrin gene-deleted Leishmania (LdCen-/- ) parasites as an immunogen, we have shown induction of an effective Th1-type immunity and robust memory responses that mediate protection against virulent challenge. However, role of inhibitory signals in Leishmania vaccine induced immunity in general, and LdCen-/- in particular has not been studied...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Christina Kalpadakis, Gerassimos A Pangalis, Sotirios Sachanas, Pantelis Tsirkinidis, Flora N Kontopidou, Maria Moschogiannis, Xanthi Yiakoumis, Efstathios Koulieris, Maria N Dimopoulou, Stella I Kokkoris, Marie-Christine Kyrtsonis, Marina P Siakantaris, Gerassimos Tsourouflis, Penelope Korkolopoulou, Dimitra Rontogianni, Panagiotis Tsaftaridis, Eleni Plata, Helen A Papadaki, Panagiotis Panagiotidis, Maria K Angelopoulou, Theodoros P Vassilakopoulos
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 18, 2018: Blood
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