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Oryza rhizomatis

Manas R Prusty, Sung-Ryul Kim, Ricky Vinarao, Frederickson Entila, James Egdane, Maria G Q Diaz, Kshirod K Jena
Cultivated rice ( Oryza sativa L.) is very sensitive to salt stress. So far a few rice landraces have been identified as a source of salt tolerance and utilized in rice improvement. These tolerant lines primarily use Na+ exclusion mechanism in root which removes Na+ from the xylem stream by membrane Na+ and K+ transporters, and resulted in low Na+ accumulation in shoot. Identification of a new donor source conferring high salt tolerance is imperative. Wild relatives of rice having wide genetic diversity are regarded as a potential source for crop improvement...
2018: Frontiers in Plant Science
Raj Kumar Niroula, Chiara Pucciariello, Viet The Ho, Giacomo Novi, Takeshi Fukao, Pierdomenico Perata
Crop tolerance to flooding is an important agronomic trait. Although rice (Oryza sativa) is considered a flood-tolerant crop, only limited cultivars display tolerance to prolonged submergence, which is largely attributed to the presence of the SUB1A gene. Wild Oryza species have the potential to unveil adaptive mechanisms and shed light on the basis of submergence tolerance traits. In this study, we screened 109 Oryza genotypes belonging to different rice genome groups for flooding tolerance. Oryza nivara and Oryza rufipogon accessions, belonging to the A-genome group, together with Oryza sativa, showed a wide range of submergence responses, and the tolerance-related SUB1A-1 and the intolerance-related SUB1A-2 alleles were found in tolerant and sensitive accessions, respectively...
October 2012: Plant Journal: for Cell and Molecular Biology
Alok Das, D Soubam, P K Singh, S Thakur, N K Singh, T R Sharma
The dominant rice blast resistance gene, Pi54 confers resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in different parts of India. In our effort to identify more effective forms of this gene, we isolated an orthologue of Pi54 named as Pi54rh from the blast-resistant wild species of rice, Oryza rhizomatis, using allele mining approach and validated by complementation. The Pi54rh belongs to CC-NBS-LRR family of disease resistance genes with a unique Zinc finger (C(3)H type) domain. The 1,447 bp Pi54rh transcript comprises of 101 bp 5'-UTR, 1,083 bp coding region and 263 bp 3'-UTR, driven by pathogen inducible promoter...
June 2012: Functional & Integrative Genomics
Smruti Das, Monalisa Nayak, B C Patra, B Ramakrishnan, P Krishnan
Wild progenitors of rice (Oryza) are an invaluable resource for restoring genetic diversity and incorporating useful traits back into cultivars. Studies were conducted to characterize the biochemical changes, including SDS-PAGE banding pattern of storage proteins in seeds of six wild species (Oryza alta, O. grandiglumis, O. meridionalis, O. nivara, O. officinalis and O. rhizomatis) of rice stored under high temperature (45 degrees C) and humidity (approixmately 100%) for 15 days, which facilitated accelerated deterioration...
June 2010: Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics
Lin-Bin Zhang, Song Ge
Nucleotide variation in 10 unlinked nuclear genes was investigated in species-wide samples of Oryza officinalis and its close relatives (Oryza eichingeri and Oryza rhizomatis). Average estimates of nucleotide diversity were the lowest in O. rhizomatis ((sil) = 0.0038) and the highest in O. eichingeri ((sil) = 0.0057) that is disjunctly distributed in Africa and Sri Lanka. These wild rice species appeared to harbor relatively low levels of nucleotide variation relative to other plant species because the diversity level of O...
March 2007: Molecular Biology and Evolution
J Armstrong, R E Jones, W Armstrong
Underground rhizomes of emergent aquatic macrophytes are important for perennation, vegetative spread, competition and anchorage. In four species we examined the potential for the development of oxidized phyllospheres around rhizome apical buds, similar to the protective oxygenated rhizospheres around roots. Redox potentials and polarographic measurements of radial oxygen loss were recorded using platinum cathodes around the apical buds. The aeration pathway from atmosphere to phyllosphere was investigated anatomically and by applied pressurized gas flow...
2006: New Phytologist
Weidong Bao, Wenli Zhang, Qiuying Yang, Yu Zhang, Bin Han, Minghong Gu, Yongbiao Xue, Zhukuan Cheng
Oryza officinalis (CC, 2n = 24) and Oryza rhizomatis (CC, 2n = 24) belong to the Oryza genus, which contains more than 20 identified wild rice species. Although much has been known about the molecular composition and organization of centromeres in Oryza sativa, relatively little is known of its wild relatives. In the present study, we isolated and characterized a 126-bp centromeric satellite (CentO-C) from three bacterial artificial chromosomes of O. officinalis. In addition to CentO-C, low abundance of CentO satellites is also present in O...
May 2006: Molecular Genetics and Genomics: MGG
Hye-Ran Lee, Wenli Zhang, Tim Langdon, Weiwei Jin, Huihuang Yan, Zhukuan Cheng, Jiming Jiang
The functional centromeres of rice (Oryza sativa, AA genome) chromosomes contain two key DNA components: the CRR centromeric retrotransposons and a 155-bp satellite repeat, CentO. However, several wild Oryza species lack the CentO repeat. We developed a chromatin immunoprecipitation-based technique to clone DNA fragments derived from chromatin containing the centromeric histone H3 variant CenH3. Chromatin immunoprecipitation cloning was carried out in the CentO-less species Oryza rhizomatis (CC genome) and Oryza brachyantha (FF genome)...
August 16, 2005: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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