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E M A Macedo, W C Santos, B P Sousa, E M Lopes, C A Piauilino, F V M Cunha, D P Sousa, F A Oliveira, F R C Almeida
Pharmacological treatment of inflammatory pain is usually done by administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These drugs present high efficacy, although side effects are common, especially gastrointestinal lesions. One of the pharmacological strategies to minimize such effects is the combination of drugs and natural products with synergistic analgesic effect. The monoterpene terpinolene (TPL) is a chemical constituent of essential oils present in many plant species, which have pharmacological activities, such as analgesic and anti-inflammatory...
June 20, 2016: Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, Revista Brasileira de Pesquisas Médicas e Biológicas
Daniele De Luca, Roberta Costa, Federico Visconti, Marco Piastra, Giorgio Conti
OBJECTIVE: Noninvasive high frequency oscillatory ventilation (NHFOV) has not been studied beyond neonatal age and with interfaces other than nasal prongs. We set up a preliminary study to investigate feasibility, oscillation transmission, and volume delivery of face mask-delivered NHFOV in a bench model mimicking a normal 1-year infant without any lung disease and then in vivo in a series of infants with same characteristics. DESIGN: A mannequin with upper airways was connected to an electronic active lung simulator ventilated through NHFOV with varying parameters...
July 2016: Pediatric Pulmonology
Cláudia Chaves Loureiro
INTRODUCTION: Bronchodilator response may be influenced by airway flow limitation, age and genetics. Evidence has shown that this response increases with higher levels of airway obstruction and is altered with age and presence of specific genetic polymorphisms of the β2 adrenergic receptors. AIM: Correlate the airway flow limitation (FEV1, FVC, IC, RV) with the bronchodilation response, to β-adrenergics (salbutamol (s)) and to anticholinergics (ipratropium bromide (b)), in a group of elderly people with diagnosed asthma...
November 2011: Acta Médica Portuguesa
Cláudia Chaves Loureiro
BACKGROUND: Changes of pulmonary mechanisms, receptor population and nervous control of the airway, that occur with ageing, are responsible for the different clinical presentation of pathologies like asthma, as well as different efficacy of bronchodilator therapeutics in the aged patient. To be explained are the effects of age in the bronchodilator response to beta-mimetics and cholinergics and the existent evidence is discordant. Some comparative studies of that pharmacological response, made on asthmatics, have shown an efficacy decline with age...
March 2011: Acta Médica Portuguesa
Pricilla Regina Oliveira Fernandes Fernandes, Fabio Alexandre dos Santos Lira, Vanessa Vieira Lopes Borba, Maria José Carvalho Costa, Ivani Credidio Trombeta, Maria do Socorro Brasileiro Santos, Amilton da Cruz Santos
BACKGROUND: Peripheral vasodilation response plays an important role in the pathophysiology of obesity and heart disease. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the chronic effect of vitamin C (VitC) supplementation on blood pressure and on vasodilation response to mental stress. METHODS: In a double-blind, randomized and prospective study we evaluated obese children with 8 to 12 years in 2 similar groups: 1) supplemented with 500 mg VitC (n = 11) and 2) placebo (n = 10) for 45 days...
June 2011: Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia
Helena Tizón-Marcos, Gerald R Barbeau
BACKGROUND: Despite the fact that transradial approach is widely used, literature on this devastating complication after transradial approach is scarce. Pubmed review from 1992 to 2007 includes only 5 isolated reports. In one small series with 250 patients, an incidence of 0.4% is suggested. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective review of the transradial cases in Laval Hospital from 1994 to September 2007 (51,296 procedures) to know the incidence of compartment syndrome of the arm (CSA) and compare it with the literature...
October 2008: Journal of Interventional Cardiology
Raffaele Napoli, Vincenzo Guardasole, Valentina Angelini, Anna Maria Capasso, Emanuela Zarra, Antonio Cittadini, Margherita Matarazzo, Luigi Saccà
Experimental hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia have been shown to affect vascular reactivity. Chronic red wine consumption is associated with less cardiovascular mortality. Whether ingestion of a natural meal and red wine causes acute changes in vascular homeostasis is poorly understood. The aim of the current study was to clarify whether meal ingestion, with and without red wine, exert acute effects on vascular reactivity in healthy humans. We studied vascular reactivity and forearm nitrite balance in 10 healthy subjects under 3 different circumstances: (1) fasting; (2) after ingestion of a standard natural meal (1,050 kcal); and (3) after the same meal enriched with a glass of red wine...
August 2004: Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental
Juan B Figueroa-Casas, Ana R Diez, María P Rondelli, Marcelo P Figueroa-Casas, Juan C Figueroa-Casas
Although FEV1 improvement is routinely used to define bronchodilator (BD) response, it correlates poorly with clinical effects. Changes in lung volumes (LV) have shown better correlation with exercise tolerance and might be more sensitive to detect BD effects. We assessed the additional contribution of measuring LV before and after BD to detect acute improvement in lung function not demonstrated by FEV1, and the influence of the response criteria selected on this contribution. We analyzed 98 spirometries and plethismographies performed pre and post BD in patients with airflow obstruction (FEV1/FVC < 70%)...
2003: Medicina
M F Iaushev, L V Khabibullina
Forty four patients with tuberculous pleurisy or pulmonary tuberculosis complicated by pleurisy were examined. The examination was made before or in the first days after antituberculous chemotherapy. Along with routine methods used to examine patients with tuberculosis, a complex study of external respiration function involved spirometry, air flow/volume on forced expiration, body plethismography, esophageal probing of respiratory mechanics. Analysis indicated that RD was significantly more frequently observed in tuberculous pleurisy concurrent with infiltrative tuberculosis (81%) than in the former alone (50%)...
2002: Problemy Tuberkuleza
S Centanni, P Santus, F Casanova, P Carlucci, B Boveri, F Castagna, F Di Marco, M Cazzola
Anti-cholinergic agents are considered the bronchodilator therapy of first-choice in the treatment of patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with heart disease since they may be as effective or more effective than inhaled beta2-agonists and, moreover, they do not interact with cardiac beta-adrenoceptors. The aim of our study was to evaluate the bronchodilator activity of oxitropium bromide in outpatients suffering from exacerbations of COPD associated with heart diseases (ischaemic heart disease and/or arrhythmias)...
March 2002: Respiratory Medicine
T I Ishina, I M Kakhnovskiĭ, O V Makarova, A S Solomatin, M E Alekseeva
AIM: To compare clinical response to intravenous laser radiation of blood (ILRB), plasmapheresis (PA) and ILRB + PA in patients with bronchial asthma (BA). MATERIALS AND METHODS: 122 patients with endogenic BA of moderate severity were divided into four groups: group 1 was exposed to ILRB, group 2--to PA, group 3--to ILRB + PA, group 4 received only chemotherapy. The effect was assessed by body plethismography, peak flowmetry, NBT-test, LCP-test. RESULTS: Patients of group 1-3 vs group 4 demonstrated earlier disappearance of cough and normalization of lung auscultative picture, lower demand of oral glucocorticosteroids, 2 times longer remission, better external respiration function, earlier normalization of peak expiration flow...
2001: Terapevticheskiĭ Arkhiv
R Cappelli, M Bicchi, S Arrigucci, S Boschi, M Guerrini, S Forconi
BACKGROUND: The use of Iloprost in the treatment of critical leg ischemia in very old patients can lead to tolerability problems, related to the drug used and to the kind of patient treated. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of this therapy on the activities of daily living and on the quality of life of the patient together with its efficacy and tolerability. METHODS: We studied 20 subjects (mean age 74 +/- 6.8) divided in 2 groups homogeneous for age, seriousness of the disease and presence of diabetes mellitus...
March 1999: Minerva Cardioangiologica
A Di Marzo, C Bertolini, P Di Francesco, F Chiappini, G Santin, A Carlucci, D Accardo, M Morelli, R Schiavello, G Pagliari
The functional respiratory changes following coronary by-pass surgery were previously evaluated with the traditional spirometric method. Aim of this work is to introduce the respiratory inductive plethismography (RIP), a well known non-invasive technique, into the study of those volumetric and ventilatory modifications. Eight cardioischemic patients were selected: all but one were free from pulmonary disorders. The tidal volume, the respiratory rate, the minute ventilation, the vital capacity and the relation between the abdominal and the thoracic part of the ventilatory act, were measured in the pre-intervention session and in the 1st, 3rd and 7th day after the operation of coronary by-pass...
November 1992: Recenti Progressi in Medicina
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