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hybrid room

Dong Jin Lee, G Mohan Kumar, P Ilanchezhiyan, Jae-Chul Lee, Sung Ryong Ryu, Tae Won Kang
Nowadays, solid-state inorganic-organic hybrid solar cells based on one-dimensional (1D) inorganic semiconducting nanostructures and organic polymers are believed to offer convincing solutions for the realm of next generation solar cells. In this regard, 1D ZnCdS nanowire (NW) arrays were fabricated on transparent conducting substrates through a catalyst free co-evaporation method and their wurtzite structural characteristics, 1D morphological layout and valence state/composition were studied in detail using X-ray diffraction, high-resolution electron microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, respectively...
October 5, 2016: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Mark McInturff, Anne Adamson, Chadwick Donaldson, Brenda L Nelson
A 19 year old female presents to the emergency room with right facial enlargement. Clinical examination revealed a soft tissue mass of the right buccal mucosa. Treated initially as infection, the patient later turned to clinic with now rapidly enlarging and intermittently painful mass. Computed tomography with contrast showed a low attenuated buccal mass with mild enhancement lateral to the right caudal maxilla and superior mandible. Biopsy was performed and microscopic examination showed cells with moderate pleomorphism with numerous atypical mitotic figures and occasional elongated "strap" cells with eccentric nuclei...
October 14, 2016: Head and Neck Pathology
Farah Benyettou, Jaen Alonso Ocadiz Flores, Florent Ravaux, Rachid Rezgui, Mustapha Jouiad, Samer I Nehme, Rajesh Kumar Parsapur, John-Carl Olsen, Parasuraman Selvam, Ali Trabolsi
Mesoporous iron-oxide nanoparticles (mNPs) were prepared by using a modified nanocasting approach with mesoporous carbon as a hard template. mNPs were first loaded with doxorubicin (Dox), an anticancer drug, and then coated with the thermosensitive polymer Pluronic F108 to prevent the leakage of Dox molecules from the pores that would otherwise occur under physiological conditions. The Dox-loaded, Pluronic F108-coated system (Dox@F108-mNPs) was stable at room temperature and physiological pH and released its Dox cargo slowly under acidic conditions or in a sudden burst with magnetic heating...
October 14, 2016: Chemistry: a European Journal
Ali Aldalbahi, Peter Feng, Norah Alhokbany, Eida Al-Farraj, Saad M Alshehri, Tansir Ahamad
Functionalized (MWCNTs-COOH), non-functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and polyaniline (PANI) based conducting nanocomposites (PANI/polymer/MWCNTs and PANI/polymer/MWCNTs-COOH) have been prepared in polymer matrix. The prepared nanocomposites were characterized via FTIR, TGA, Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). It was observed that the prepared conducting nanocomposites show excellent sensing performances toward CH4 at room temperature and both the response and recovery time were recorded at around 5s, respectively, at the room...
September 12, 2016: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
J P Cheng, L Liu, K Y Ma, X Wang, Q Q Li, J S Wu, F Liu
Supercapacitor with metal hydroxide nanosheets as electrode can have high capacitance. However, the cycling stability and high rate capacity is low due to the low electrical conductivity. Here, the exfoliated α-Co(OH)2 nanosheets with high capacitance has been assembled on few-layer graphene with high electric conductivity by a facile yet effective and scalable solution method. Exfoliated hydrotalcite-like α-Co(OH)2 nanosheets and few-layer graphene suspensions were prepared by a simple ultrasonication in formamide and N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, respectively...
September 28, 2016: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Nikolaos A Papakonstantinou, Nikolaos G Baikoussis, Panagiotis Dedeilias, Michalis Argiriou, Christos Charitos
A hybrid strategy, firstly performed in the 1990s, is a combination of tools available only in the catheterization laboratory with those available only in the operating room in order to minimize surgical morbidity and face with any cardiovascular lesion. The continuous evolution of stent technology along with the adoption of minimally invasive surgical approaches, make hybrid approaches an attractive alternative to standard surgical or transcatheter techniques for any given set of cardiovascular lesions. Examples include hybrid coronary revascularization, when an open surgical anastomosis of the left internal mammary artery to the left anterior descending coronary artery is performed along with stent implantation in non-left anterior descending coronary vessels, open heart valve surgery combined with percutaneous coronary interventions to coronary lesions, hybrid aortic arch debranching combined with endovascular grafting for thoracic aortic aneurysms, hybrid endocardial and epicardial atrial fibrillation procedures, and carotid artery stenting along with coronary artery bypass grafting...
October 8, 2016: Journal of Cardiology
Claire Roiland, Gaelle Trippé-Allard, Khaoula Jemli, Bruno Alonso, Jean-Claude Ameline, Régis Gautier, Thierry Bataille, Laurent Le Pollès, Emmanuelle Deleporte, Jacky Even, Claudine Katan
We report on (207)Pb, (79)Br, (14)N, (1)H, (13)C and (2)H NMR experiments for studying the local order and dynamics in hybrid perovskite lattices. (207)Pb NMR experiments conducted at room temperature on a series of MAPbX3 compounds (MA = CH3NH3(+); X = Cl, Br and I) showed that the isotropic (207)Pb NMR shift is strongly dependent on the nature of the halogen ions. Therefore (207)Pb NMR appears to be a very promising tool for the characterisation of local order in mixed halogen hybrid perovskites. (207)Pb NMR on MAPbBr2I served as a proof of concept...
October 5, 2016: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Ajmer Singh, Yatin Mehta, Rajiv Parakh, Vijay Kohli, Naresh Trehan
Free-floating right heart thrombi are uncommon and need emergency treatment in view of their tendency to dislodge and cause pulmonary embolism. We report a successful surgical management of a patient who had large mobile right atrial thrombus, bilateral pulmonary thrombi, coronary artery disease, and postmyocardial infarction ventricular septal rupture (VSR). The patient underwent coronary angiography, inferior vena cava filter placement, removal of thrombi from the right atrium and pulmonary arteries, repair of VSR, and coronary artery bypass graft surgery in a hybrid operating room...
October 2016: Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia
Shengbin Lei, Chunhua Liu, Yanxia Yu, Wei Zhang, Qingdao Zeng
With various prospected applications in the field of nanoelectronics and catalysis, on-surface synthesis of single-layer covalent organic frameworks (surface COFs) with designable structures and properties have attracted enormous interest. Here we report on a scanning tunnelling microscopic investigation of the surface-confined synthesis of covalently bonded boronic ester network directly at the octanoic acid/HOPG interface under room temperature. The dynamic reaction process was investigated in detail. STM results indicate that the surface networks undergo structural evolution from a hybrid covalent/noncovalent multi-wall porous network to single-wall hexagonal COF with the decrease of monomer concentration...
October 6, 2016: Chemistry: a European Journal
C Barone, F Lang, C Mauro, G Landi, J Rappich, N H Nickel, B Rech, S Pagano, H C Neitzert
The hybrid perovskite methylammonium lead iodide CH3NH3PbI3 recently revealed its potential for the manufacturing of low-cost and efficient photovoltaic cells. However, many questions remain unanswered regarding the physics of the charge carrier conduction. In this respect, it is known that two structural phase transitions, occurring at temperatures near 160 and 310 K, could profoundly change the electronic properties of the photovoltaic material, but, up to now, a clear experimental evidence has not been reported...
October 5, 2016: Scientific Reports
Wen Zhang, Fei Wang, Scott D McCann, Dinghai Wang, Pinhong Chen, Shannon S Stahl, Guosheng Liu
Direct methods for stereoselective functionalization of sp(3)-hybridized carbon-hydrogen [C(sp(3))-H] bonds in complex organic molecules could facilitate much more efficient preparation of therapeutics and agrochemicals. Here, we report a copper-catalyzed radical relay pathway for enantioselective conversion of benzylic C-H bonds into benzylic nitriles. Hydrogen-atom abstraction affords an achiral benzylic radical that undergoes asymmetric C(sp(3))-CN bond formation upon reaction with a chiral copper catalyst...
September 2, 2016: Science
Gijs H KleinJan, Daan Hellingman, Nynke S van den Berg, Matthias N van Oosterom, Kees Hendricksen, Simon Horenblas, Renato A Valdés Olmos, Fijs Wb van Leeuwen
INTRODUCTION: The clinically applied hybrid tracer indocyanine green (ICG)-(99m)Tc-nanocolloid enables combined radio- and fluorescence image guidance during sentinel node (SN) biopsy procedures. In order to provide optimal surgical guidance this tracer requires the presence of both gamma and fluorescence modalities in the operating room. We reasoned that combination and/or integration of these modalities could further evolve the hybrid surgical guidance concept. To study this potential we clinically applied two set-ups that included the combination of gamma detection modalities and an open surgery fluorescence camera...
September 29, 2016: Journal of Nuclear Medicine: Official Publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine
Yao Wen, Lei Yin, Peng He, Zhenxing Wang, XianKun Zhang, Qisheng Wang, Tofik Ahmed Shifa, Kai Xu, Fengmei Wang, Xueying Zhan, Feng Wang, Chao Jiang, Jun He
Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) has attracted a great deal of attention in optoelectronic applications due to its high mobility, low off-state current and high on/off ratio. However, its intrinsic large bandgap limits its application in infrared detection. Here, we have developed a high-performance infrared photodetector by integrating nonlayered PbS and layered MoS2 nanostructures via van der Waals epitaxy. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations indicate that PbS nanoplates are in contact with MoS2 edges through strong chemical hybridization, which is expected to offer a fast transmission path for carriers that enhances the response speed...
October 12, 2016: Nano Letters
Sudhir Kumar, Jakub Jagielski, Sergii Yakunin, Peter Rice, Yu-Cheng Chiu, Mingchao Wang, Georgian Nedelcu, Yeongin Kim, Shangchao Lin, Elton J G Santos, Maksym V Kovalenko, Chih-Jen Shih
Solution-processed hybrid organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites are emerging as one of the most promising candidates for low-cost light-emitting diodes (LEDs). However, due to a small exciton binding energy, it is not yet possible to achieve an efficient electroluminescence within the blue wavelength region at room temperature, as is necessary for full-spectrum light sources. Here, we demonstrate efficient blue LEDs based on the colloidal, quantum-confined 2D perovskites, with precisely controlled stacking down to one-unit-cell thickness (n = 1)...
October 3, 2016: ACS Nano
Cristina Artini, Marcella Pani, Maria Maddalena Carnasciali, Jasper Rikkert Plaisier, Giorgio Andrea Costa
A room temperature structural study has been performed through the whole compositional range of the (Ce1-xLux)O2-x/2 system by synchrotron X-ray diffraction and μ-Raman spectroscopy. Samples were synthesized by thermal treatment in air at 1373 K of coprecipitated mixed oxalates. A CeO2-based solid solution with a fluorite-type structure (F) was found to be stable up to x = 0.4, while at higher Lu content a (F + C) biphasic region was observed, with C being the cubic atomic arrangement typical of sesquioxides of the heaviest rare earths...
October 17, 2016: Inorganic Chemistry
Zhongwei Zhang, Yuee Xie, Qing Peng, Yuanping Chen
Inspired by the successful synthesis of three two-dimensional (2D) allotropes, the boron sheet has recently been one of the hottest 2D materials around. However, to date, phonon transport properties of these new materials are still unknown. By using the non-equilibrium Green's function (NEGF) combined with the first principles method, we study ballistic phonon transport in three types of boron sheets; two of them correspond to the structures reported in the experiments, while the third one is a stable structure that has not been synthesized yet...
November 4, 2016: Nanotechnology
Jiamian Wang, Xiuyun Wang, Shuo Wu, Ruping Che, Pinchen Luo, Changgong Meng
A facile label-free sensing method is developed for the one-step and highly sensitive fluorescent detection of DNA, which couples the specific C-C mismatch bonding and fluorescent quenching property of a trimethyl-substituted naphthyridine dye (ATMND) with the exonuclease III (Exo III) assisted cascade target recycling amplification strategy. In the absence of target DNA, the DNA hairpin probe with a C-C mismatch in the stem and more than 4 bases overhung at the 3' terminus could entrap and quench the fluorescence of ATMND and resist the digestion of Exo III, thus showing a low fluorescence background...
September 20, 2016: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Qilu Yao, Yao Shi, Xiaoliang Zhang, Xiangshu Chen, Zhang-Hui Lu
Highly dispersed Pt-CeO2 hybrids arched on reduced graphene oxide (Pt-CeO2/rGO) have been facilely synthesized via a combination of the reverse micelle technique and the redox reaction without any additional reductant or surfactant. Under N2 atmosphere, the redox reaction automatically occurs between Ce3+ and Pt2+ in an alkaline solution, resulting in the formation of Pt-CeO2/rGO nanocomposites (NCs). The as-synthesized Pt-CeO2/rGO NCs exhibit a superior catalytic performance compared to that of the free Pt NPs, Pt/rGO, Pt-CeO2 hybrid, and the physical mixture of Pt-CeO2 and rGO and significant better than that of commercial Pt/C catalyst toward the hydrolysis of ammonia borane (NH3BH3, AB) at room temperature...
September 23, 2016: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Sohrab Asefi, Solmaz Eskandarion, Shadi Hamidiaval
Background. Wear resistance of pit and fissure sealant materials can influence their retention. Wear characteristics of sealant materials may determine scheduling of check-up visits. The aim of this study was to compare wear resistance of two flowable composite resins with that of posterior composite resin materials. Methods. Thirty-five disk-shaped specimens were prepared in 5 groups, including two flowable composite resins (Estelite Flow Quick and Estelite Flow Quick High Flow), Filtek P90 and Filtek P60 and Tetric N-Ceram...
2016: Journal of Dental Research, Dental Clinics, Dental Prospects
A M K Harmsen, G F Giannakopoulos, M Terra, E S M de Lange de Klerk, F W Bloemers
PURPOSE: Many changes have been made to improve trauma care. Improved trauma team response and usage of a hybrid resuscitation room are examples of how this trauma center has developed. The aim was to assess how the outcome of the trauma population was influenced by the maturation. METHODS: A cohort comparison, between June 2004-July 2005 and 2014, was performed. All adult trauma patients with an Injury Severity Score (ISS) >15 were included. Variables collected were: patient demographics, mechanism of trauma, total prehospital time, pre- and inhospital trauma scores, vital signs, blood values and interventions, and physician staffed helicopter emergency medical services (P-HEMS) involvement and outcome...
September 15, 2016: European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery: Official Publication of the European Trauma Society
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