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Marcos molina simulation

Denis Dorozhkin, Jaisa Olasky, Daniel B Jones, Steven D Schwaitzberg, Stephanie B Jones, Caroline G L Cao, Marcos Molina, Steven Henriques, Jinling Wang, Jeff Flinn, Suvranu De
BACKGROUND: The Virtual Electrosurgical Skill Trainer is a tool for training surgeons the safe operation of electrosurgery tools in both open and minimally invasive surgery. This training includes a dedicated team-training module that focuses on operating room (OR) fire prevention and response. The module was developed to allow trainees, practicing surgeons, anesthesiologist, and nurses to interact with a virtual OR environment, which includes anesthesia apparatus, electrosurgical equipment, a virtual patient, and a fire extinguisher...
December 30, 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
Marco Santoro, Brian A Menegaz, Salah-Eddine Lamhamedi-Cherradi, Eric R Molina, Danielle Wu, Waldemar Priebe, Joseph A Ludwig, Antonios G Mikos
Three-dimensional (3D) tumor models are gaining traction in the research community given their capacity to mimic aspects of the tumor microenvironment absent in monolayer systems. In particular, the ability to spatiotemporally control cell placement within ex vivo 3D systems has enabled the study of tumor-stroma interactions. Furthermore, by regulating biomechanical stimuli, one can reveal how biophysical cues affect stromal cell phenotype and how their phenotype impacts tumor drug sensitivity. Both tumor architecture and shear force have profound effects on Ewing sarcoma (ES) cell behavior and are known to elicit ligand-mediated activation of the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R), thereby mediating resistance of ES cells to IGF-1R inhibitors...
January 2017: Tissue Engineering. Part A
Cristian Torres-Díaz, Jorge Gallardo-Cerda, Paris Lavin, Rómulo Oses, Fernando Carrasco-Urra, Cristian Atala, Ian S Acuña-Rodríguez, Peter Convey, Marco A Molina-Montenegro
Most climate and environmental change models predict significant increases in temperature and precipitation by the end of the 21st Century, for which the current functional output of certain symbioses may also be altered. In this context we address the following questions: 1) How the expected changes in abiotic factors (temperature, and water) differentially affect the ecophysiological performance of the plant Colobanthus quitensis? and 2) Will this environmental change indirectly affect C. quitensis photochemical performance and biomass accumulation by modifying its association with fungal endophytes? Plants of C...
2016: PloS One
Alessandro Grottesi, Simone Cecconi, Rafael Molina, Marco D'abramo
The conformational behavior of the wild-type endonucleases I-DmoI and two of its mutants has been studied in the presence and in the absence of DNA target sequences by means of extended molecular dynamics simulations. Our results show that in the absence of DNA, the three protein forms explore a similar essential conformational space, whereas when bound to the same DNA target sequence of 25 base pairs, they diversify and restrain the subspace explored. In addition, the differences in the essential subspaces explored by the residues near the catalytic site for both the bound and unbound forms are discussed in background of the experimental protein activity...
December 2016: Biopolymers
Mário Henrique Souza Pardo, Adriana Molina Centurion, Paulo Sérgio Franco Eustáquio, Regina Helena Carlucci Santana, Sarita Mazzini Bruschi, Marcos José Santana
This paper proposes a novel approach for the implementation of simulation scenarios, providing a client entity for cloud computing systems. The client entity allows the creation of scenarios in which the client behavior has an influence on the simulation, making the results more realistic. The proposed client entity is based on several characteristics that affect the performance of a cloud computing system, including different modes of submission and their behavior when the waiting time between requests (think time) is considered...
2016: PloS One
Doga Demirel, Alexander Yu, Tansel Halic, Ganesh Sankaranarayanan, Adam Ryason, David Spindler, Kathryn L Butler, Caroline Cao, Emil Petrusa, Marcos Molina, Dan Jones, Suvranu De, Marc Demoya, Stephanie Jones
This paper presents a simulation of Virtual Airway Skill Trainer (VAST) tasks. The simulated tasks are a part of two main airway management techniques; Endotracheal Intubation (ETI) and Cricothyroidotomy (CCT). ETI is a simple nonsurgical airway management technique, while CCT is the extreme surgical alternative to secure the airway of a patient. We developed identification of Mallampati class, finding the optimal angle for positioning pharyngeal/mouth axes tasks for ETI and identification of anatomical landmarks and incision tasks for CCT...
2016: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Sergio Bonaque-González, Paula Bernal-Molina, Manuel Marcos-Robles, Norberto López-Gil
PURPOSE: To test and validate a method for measuring the optical quality and optical power of monofocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) in the presence of a tilt or a decentration as well as its optical power. METHODS: The experimental system consists of an artificial eye (wet-cell) and a commercial aberrometer with a Shack-Hartmann sensor. Optical image quality parameters such as point spread function (PSF), modulation transfer function (MTF), and the simulations of the retinal image of an extended object are computed from the in vitro wavefront data of an IOL...
July 2016: Optometry and Vision Science: Official Publication of the American Academy of Optometry
Doga Demirel, Kathryn L Butler, Tansel Halic, Ganesh Sankaranarayanan, David Spindler, Caroline Cao, Emil Petrusa, Marcos Molina, Daniel B Jones, Suvranu De, Marc A deMoya
BACKGROUND: Despite the critical importance of cricothyroidotomy (CCT) for patient in extremis, clinical experience with CCT is infrequent, and current training tools are inadequate. The long-term goal is to develop a virtual airway skills trainer that requires a thorough task analysis to determine the critical procedural steps, learning metrics, and parameters for assessment. METHODS: Hierarchical task analysis is performed to describe major tasks and subtasks for CCT...
September 2016: American Journal of Surgery
Samuel Zambrano, Marco E Bianchi, Alessandra Agresti, Nacho Molina
Gene expression is an inherently stochastic process that depends on the structure of the biochemical regulatory network in which the gene is embedded. Here we study the dynamical consequences of the interplay between stochastic gene switching and the widespread negative feedback regulatory loop in a simple model of a biochemical regulatory network. Using a simplified hybrid simulation approach, in which only the gene activation is modeled stochastically, we find that stochasticity in gene switching by itself can induce pulses in the system, providing also analytical insights into their origin...
August 2015: Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
Rafael Molina, María José Marcaida, Pilar Redondo, Marco Marenchino, Phillippe Duchateau, Marco D'Abramo, Guillermo Montoya, Jesús Prieto
Homing endonucleases are useful tools for genome modification because of their capability to recognize and cleave specifically large DNA targets. These endonucleases generate a DNA double strand break that can be repaired by the DNA damage response machinery. The break can be repaired by homologous recombination, an error-free mechanism, or by non-homologous end joining, a process susceptible to introducing errors in the repaired sequence. The type of DNA cleavage might alter the balance between these two alternatives...
July 24, 2015: Journal of Biological Chemistry
B Abelev, J Adam, D Adamová, A M Adare, M M Aggarwal, G Aglieri Rinella, A G Agocs, A Agostinelli, S Aguilar Salazar, Z Ahammed, A Ahmad Masoodi, N Ahmad, S A Ahn, S U Ahn, A Akindinov, D Aleksandrov, B Alessandro, R Alfaro Molina, A Alici, A Alkin, E Almaráz Aviña, J Alme, T Alt, V Altini, S Altinpinar, I Altsybeev, C Andrei, A Andronic, V Anguelov, J Anielski, C Anson, T Antičić, F Antinori, P Antonioli, L Aphecetche, H Appelshäuser, N Arbor, S Arcelli, A Arend, N Armesto, R Arnaldi, T Aronsson, I C Arsene, M Arslandok, A Asryan, A Augustinus, R Averbeck, T C Awes, J Äystö, M D Azmi, M Bach, A Badalà, Y W Baek, R Bailhache, R Bala, R Baldini Ferroli, A Baldisseri, A Baldit, F Baltasar Dos Santos Pedrosa, J Bán, R C Baral, R Barbera, F Barile, G G Barnaföldi, L S Barnby, V Barret, J Bartke, M Basile, N Bastid, S Basu, B Bathen, G Batigne, B Batyunya, C Baumann, I G Bearden, H Beck, N K Behera, I Belikov, F Bellini, R Bellwied, E Belmont-Moreno, G Bencedi, S Beole, I Berceanu, A Bercuci, Y Berdnikov, D Berenyi, A A E Bergognon, D Berzano, L Betev, A Bhasin, A K Bhati, J Bhom, N Bianchi, L Bianchi, C Bianchin, J Bielčík, J Bielčíková, A Bilandzic, S Bjelogrlic, F Blanco, F Blanco, D Blau, C Blume, M Boccioli, N Bock, S Böttger, A Bogdanov, H Bøggild, M Bogolyubsky, L Boldizsár, M Bombara, J Book, H Borel, A Borissov, S Bose, F Bossú, M Botje, E Botta, B Boyer, E Braidot, P Braun-Munzinger, M Bregant, T Breitner, T A Browning, M Broz, R Brun, E Bruna, G E Bruno, D Budnikov, H Buesching, S Bufalino, O Busch, Z Buthelezi, D Caballero Orduna, D Caffarri, X Cai, H Caines, E Calvo Villar, P Camerini, V Canoa Roman, G Cara Romeo, F Carena, W Carena, N Carlin Filho, F Carminati, A Casanova Díaz, J Castillo Castellanos, J F Castillo Hernandez, E A R Casula, V Catanescu, C Cavicchioli, C Ceballos Sanchez, J Cepila, P Cerello, B Chang, S Chapeland, J L Charvet, S Chattopadhyay, S Chattopadhyay, I Chawla, M Cherney, C Cheshkov, B Cheynis, V Chibante Barroso, D D Chinellato, P Chochula, M Chojnacki, S Choudhury, P Christakoglou, C H Christensen, P Christiansen, T Chujo, S U Chung, C Cicalo, L Cifarelli, F Cindolo, J Cleymans, F Coccetti, F Colamaria, D Colella, G Conesa Balbastre, Z Conesa Del Valle, P Constantin, G Contin, J G Contreras, T M Cormier, Y Corrales Morales, P Cortese, I Cortés Maldonado, M R Cosentino, F Costa, M E Cotallo, E Crescio, P Crochet, E Cruz Alaniz, E Cuautle, L Cunqueiro, A Dainese, H H Dalsgaard, A Danu, D Das, K Das, I Das, S Dash, A Dash, S De, G O V de Barros, A De Caro, G de Cataldo, J de Cuveland, A De Falco, D De Gruttola, H Delagrange, A Deloff, V Demanov, N De Marco, E Dénes, S De Pasquale, A Deppman, G D Erasmo, R de Rooij, M A Diaz Corchero, D Di Bari, T Dietel, C Di Giglio, S Di Liberto, A Di Mauro, P Di Nezza, R Divià, Ø Djuvsland, A Dobrin, T Dobrowolski, I Domínguez, B Dönigus, O Dordic, O Driga, A K Dubey, A Dubla, L Ducroux, P Dupieux, M R Dutta Majumdar, A K Dutta Majumdar, D Elia, D Emschermann, H Engel, B Erazmus, H A Erdal, B Espagnon, M Estienne, S Esumi, D Evans, G Eyyubova, D Fabris, J Faivre, D Falchieri, A Fantoni, M Fasel, R Fearick, A Fedunov, D Fehlker, L Feldkamp, D Felea, B Fenton-Olsen, G Feofilov, A Fernández Téllez, A Ferretti, R Ferretti, A Festanti, J Figiel, M A S Figueredo, S Filchagin, D Finogeev, F M Fionda, E M Fiore, M Floris, S Foertsch, P Foka, S Fokin, E Fragiacomo, A Francescon, U Frankenfeld, U Fuchs, C Furget, M Fusco Girard, J J Gaardhøje, M Gagliardi, A Gago, M Gallio, D R Gangadharan, P Ganoti, C Garabatos, E Garcia-Solis, I Garishvili, J Gerhard, M Germain, C Geuna, M Gheata, A Gheata, B Ghidini, P Ghosh, P Gianotti, M R Girard, P Giubellino, E Gladysz-Dziadus, P Glässel, R Gomez, E G Ferreiro, L H González-Trueba, P González-Zamora, S Gorbunov, A Goswami, S Gotovac, V Grabski, L K Graczykowski, R Grajcarek, A Grelli, C Grigoras, A Grigoras, V Grigoriev, S Grigoryan, A Grigoryan, B Grinyov, N Grion, P Gros, J F Grosse-Oetringhaus, J-Y Grossiord, R Grosso, F Guber, R Guernane, C Guerra Gutierrez, B Guerzoni, M Guilbaud, K Gulbrandsen, T Gunji, A Gupta, R Gupta, H Gutbrod, Ø Haaland, C Hadjidakis, M Haiduc, H Hamagaki, G Hamar, B H Han, L D Hanratty, A Hansen, Z Harmanová-Tóthová, J W Harris, M Hartig, D Hasegan, D Hatzifotiadou, A Hayrapetyan, S T Heckel, M Heide, H Helstrup, A Herghelegiu, G Herrera Corral, N Herrmann, B A Hess, K F Hetland, B Hicks, P T Hille, B Hippolyte, T Horaguchi, Y Hori, P Hristov, I Hřivnáčová, M Huang, T J Humanic, D S Hwang, R Ichou, R Ilkaev, I Ilkiv, M Inaba, E Incani, P G Innocenti, G M Innocenti, M Ippolitov, M Irfan, C Ivan, A Ivanov, M Ivanov, V Ivanov, O Ivanytskyi, A Jachołkowski, P M Jacobs, H J Jang, R Janik, M A Janik, P H S Y Jayarathna, S Jena, D M Jha, R T Jimenez Bustamante, L Jirden, P G Jones, H Jung, A Jusko, A B Kaidalov, V Kakoyan, S Kalcher, P Kaliňák, T Kalliokoski, A Kalweit, J H Kang, V Kaplin, A Karasu Uysal, O Karavichev, T Karavicheva, E Karpechev, A Kazantsev, U Kebschull, R Keidel, P Khan, S A Khan, M M Khan, A Khanzadeev, Y Kharlov, B Kileng, S Kim, B Kim, T Kim, D J Kim, D W Kim, J H Kim, J S Kim, M Kim, M Kim, S Kirsch, I Kisel, S Kiselev, A Kisiel, J L Klay, J Klein, C Klein-Bösing, M Kliemant, A Kluge, M L Knichel, A G Knospe, K Koch, M K Köhler, T Kollegger, A Kolojvari, V Kondratiev, N Kondratyeva, A Konevskikh, A Korneev, R Kour, M Kowalski, S Kox, G Koyithatta Meethaleveedu, J Kral, I Králik, F Kramer, I Kraus, T Krawutschke, M Krelina, M Kretz, M Krivda, F Krizek, M Krus, E Kryshen, M Krzewicki, Y Kucheriaev, T Kugathasan, C Kuhn, P G Kuijer, I Kulakov, J Kumar, P Kurashvili, A B Kurepin, A Kurepin, A Kuryakin, V Kushpil, S Kushpil, H Kvaerno, M J Kweon, Y Kwon, P Ladrón de Guevara, I Lakomov, R Langoy, S L La Pointe, C Lara, A Lardeux, P La Rocca, R Lea, Y Le Bornec, M Lechman, S C Lee, G R Lee, K S Lee, F Lefèvre, J Lehnert, M Lenhardt, V Lenti, H León, M Leoncino, I León Monzón, H León Vargas, P Lévai, J Lien, R Lietava, S Lindal, V Lindenstruth, C Lippmann, M A Lisa, L Liu, V R Loggins, V Loginov, S Lohn, D Lohner, C Loizides, K K Loo, X Lopez, E López Torres, G Løvhøiden, X-G Lu, P Luettig, M Lunardon, J Luo, G Luparello, L Luquin, C Luzzi, K Ma, R Ma, D M Madagodahettige-Don, A Maevskaya, M Mager, D P Mahapatra, A Maire, M Malaev, I Maldonado Cervantes, L Malinina, M V D Mal'Kevich, P Malzacher, A Mamonov, L Mangotra, V Manko, F Manso, V Manzari, Y Mao, M Marchisone, J Mareš, G V Margagliotti, A Margotti, A Marín, C A Marin Tobon, C Markert, M Marquard, I Martashvili, P Martinengo, M I Martínez, A Martínez Davalos, G Martínez García, Y Martynov, A Mas, S Masciocchi, M Masera, A Masoni, L Massacrier, A Mastroserio, Z L Matthews, A Matyja, C Mayer, J Mazer, M A Mazzoni, F Meddi, A Menchaca-Rocha, J Mercado Pérez, M Meres, Y Miake, L Milano, J Milosevic, A Mischke, A N Mishra, D Miśkowiec, C Mitu, J Mlynarz, B Mohanty, L Molnar, L Montaño Zetina, M Monteno, E Montes, T Moon, M Morando, D A Moreira De Godoy, S Moretto, A Morsch, V Muccifora, E Mudnic, S Muhuri, M Mukherjee, H Müller, M G Munhoz, L Musa, A Musso, B K Nandi, R Nania, E Nappi, C Nattrass, N P Naumov, S Navin, T K Nayak, S Nazarenko, G Nazarov, A Nedosekin, M Nicassio, M Niculescu, B S Nielsen, T Niida, S Nikolaev, V Nikolic, S Nikulin, V Nikulin, B S Nilsen, M S Nilsson, F Noferini, P Nomokonov, G Nooren, N Novitzky, A Nyanin, A Nyatha, C Nygaard, J Nystrand, A Ochirov, H Oeschler, S Oh, S K Oh, J Oleniacz, C Oppedisano, A Ortiz Velasquez, G Ortona, A Oskarsson, P Ostrowski, J Otwinowski, K Oyama, K Ozawa, Y Pachmayer, M Pachr, F Padilla, P Pagano, G Paić, F Painke, C Pajares, S K Pal, A Palaha, A Palmeri, V Papikyan, G S Pappalardo, W J Park, A Passfeld, B Pastirčák, D I Patalakha, V Paticchio, A Pavlinov, T Pawlak, T Peitzmann, H Pereira Da Costa, E Pereira De Oliveira Filho, D Peresunko, C E Pérez Lara, E Perez Lezama, D Perini, D Perrino, W Peryt, A Pesci, V Peskov, Y Pestov, V Petráček, M Petran, M Petris, P Petrov, M Petrovici, C Petta, S Piano, A Piccotti, M Pikna, P Pillot, O Pinazza, L Pinsky, N Pitz, D B Piyarathna, M Planinic, M Płoskoń, J Pluta, T Pocheptsov, S Pochybova, P L M Podesta-Lerma, M G Poghosyan, K Polák, B Polichtchouk, A Pop, S Porteboeuf-Houssais, V Pospíšil, B Potukuchi, S K Prasad, R Preghenella, F Prino, C A Pruneau, I Pshenichnov, S Puchagin, G Puddu, A Pulvirenti, V Punin, M Putiš, J Putschke, E Quercigh, H Qvigstad, A Rachevski, A Rademakers, T S Räihä, J Rak, A Rakotozafindrabe, L Ramello, A Ramírez Reyes, S Raniwala, R Raniwala, S S Räsänen, B T Rascanu, D Rathee, K F Read, J S Real, K Redlich, P Reichelt, M Reicher, R Renfordt, A R Reolon, A Reshetin, F Rettig, J-P Revol, K Reygers, L Riccati, R A Ricci, T Richert, M Richter, P Riedler, W Riegler, F Riggi, B Rodrigues Fernandes Rabacal, M Rodríguez Cahuantzi, A Rodriguez Manso, K Røed, D Rohr, D Röhrich, R Romita, F Ronchetti, P Rosnet, S Rossegger, A Rossi, P Roy, C Roy, A J Rubio Montero, R Rui, R Russo, E Ryabinkin, A Rybicki, S Sadovsky, K Šafařík, R Sahoo, P K Sahu, J Saini, H Sakaguchi, S Sakai, D Sakata, C A Salgado, J Salzwedel, S Sambyal, V Samsonov, X Sanchez Castro, L Šándor, A Sandoval, M Sano, S Sano, R Santo, R Santoro, J Sarkamo, E Scapparone, F Scarlassara, R P Scharenberg, C Schiaua, R Schicker, C Schmidt, H R Schmidt, S Schreiner, S Schuchmann, J Schukraft, Y Schutz, K Schwarz, K Schweda, G Scioli, E Scomparin, R Scott, G Segato, I Selyuzhenkov, S Senyukov, J Seo, S Serci, E Serradilla, A Sevcenco, A Shabetai, G Shabratova, R Shahoyan, N Sharma, S Sharma, S Rohni, K Shigaki, M Shimomura, K Shtejer, Y Sibiriak, M Siciliano, E Sicking, S Siddhanta, T Siemiarczuk, D Silvermyr, C Silvestre, G Simatovic, G Simonetti, R Singaraju, R Singh, S Singha, V Singhal, B C Sinha, T Sinha, B Sitar, M Sitta, T B Skaali, K Skjerdal, R Smakal, N Smirnov, R J M Snellings, C Søgaard, R Soltz, H Son, M Song, J Song, C Soos, F Soramel, I Sputowska, M Spyropoulou-Stassinaki, B K Srivastava, J Stachel, I Stan, I Stan, G Stefanek, M Steinpreis, E Stenlund, G Steyn, J H Stiller, D Stocco, M Stolpovskiy, K Strabykin, P Strmen, A A P Suaide, M A Subieta Vásquez, T Sugitate, C Suire, M Sukhorukov, R Sultanov, M Šumbera, T Susa, T J M Symons, A Szanto de Toledo, I Szarka, A Szczepankiewicz, A Szostak, M Szymański, J Takahashi, J D Tapia Takaki, A Tauro, G Tejeda Muñoz, A Telesca, C Terrevoli, J Thäder, D Thomas, R Tieulent, A R Timmins, D Tlusty, A Toia, H Torii, L Toscano, V Trubnikov, D Truesdale, W H Trzaska, T Tsuji, A Tumkin, R Turrisi, T S Tveter, J Ulery, K Ullaland, J Ulrich, A Uras, J Urbán, G M Urciuoli, G L Usai, M Vajzer, M Vala, L Valencia Palomo, S Vallero, P Vande Vyvre, M van Leeuwen, L Vannucci, A Vargas, R Varma, M Vasileiou, A Vasiliev, V Vechernin, M Veldhoen, M Venaruzzo, E Vercellin, S Vergara, R Vernet, M Verweij, L Vickovic, G Viesti, O Vikhlyantsev, Z Vilakazi, O Villalobos Baillie, Y Vinogradov, A Vinogradov, L Vinogradov, T Virgili, Y P Viyogi, A Vodopyanov, S Voloshin, K Voloshin, G Volpe, B von Haller, D Vranic, G Øvrebekk, J Vrláková, B Vulpescu, A Vyushin, V Wagner, B Wagner, R Wan, M Wang, D Wang, Y Wang, Y Wang, K Watanabe, M Weber, J P Wessels, U Westerhoff, J Wiechula, J Wikne, M Wilde, A Wilk, G Wilk, M C S Williams, B Windelband, L Xaplanteris Karampatsos, C G Yaldo, Y Yamaguchi, H Yang, S Yang, S Yasnopolskiy, J Yi, Z Yin, I-K Yoo, J Yoon, W Yu, X Yuan, I Yushmanov, V Zaccolo, C Zach, C Zampolli, S Zaporozhets, A Zarochentsev, P Závada, N Zaviyalov, H Zbroszczyk, P Zelnicek, I S Zgura, M Zhalov, X Zhang, H Zhang, D Zhou, Y Zhou, F Zhou, J Zhu, J Zhu, X Zhu, A Zichichi, A Zimmermann, G Zinovjev, Y Zoccarato, M Zynovyev, M Zyzak
Measurements of cross sections of inelastic and diffractive processes in proton-proton collisions at LHC energies were carried out with the ALICE detector. The fractions of diffractive processes in inelastic collisions were determined from a study of gaps in charged particle pseudorapidity distributions: for single diffraction (diffractive mass M X <200 GeV/c (2)) [Formula: see text], and [Formula: see text], respectively at centre-of-mass energies [Formula: see text]; for double diffraction (for a pseudorapidity gap Δη>3) σ DD/σ INEL=0...
2013: European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields
Rafael Molina, Pilar Redondo, Stefano Stella, Marco Marenchino, Marco D'Abramo, Francesco Luigi Gervasio, Jean Charles Epinat, Julien Valton, Silvestre Grizot, Phillipe Duchateau, Jesús Prieto, Guillermo Montoya
Homing endonucleases represent protein scaffolds that provide powerful tools for genome manipulation, as these enzymes possess a very low frequency of DNA cleavage in eukaryotic genomes due to their high specificity. The basis of protein-DNA recognition must be understood to generate tailored enzymes that target the DNA at sites of interest. Protein-DNA interaction engineering of homing endonucleases has demonstrated the potential of these approaches to create new specific instruments to target genes for inactivation or repair...
August 2012: Nucleic Acids Research
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