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ground flaxseed

V Brossillon, S F Reis, D C Moura, J G B Galvão, A S Oliveira, C Côrtes, A F Brito
We aimed to compare the effects of ground (GC) or cracked corn (CC), with or without flaxseed oil (FSO), on milk yield, milk and plasma fatty acid (FA) profile, and nutrient digestibility in Jersey cows fed diets formulated to contain similar starch concentrations. Twelve multiparous organic-certified Jersey cows averaging (mean ± standard deviation) 455 ± 41.9 kg of body weight and 152 ± 34 d in milk and 4 primiparous organic-certified Jersey cows averaging (mean ± standard deviation) 356 ± 2.41 kg of body weight and 174 ± 30 d in milk in the beginning of the experiment were used...
March 2018: Journal of Dairy Science
C P Ghedini, D C Moura, R A V Santana, A S Oliveira, A F Brito
We investigated the effects of replacing ground corn (GRC) with incremental amounts of liquid molasses (LM) on milk enterolactone concentration, antioxidant enzymes activity in plasma, production, milk fatty acid (FA) profile, and nutrient utilization in Jersey cows fed flaxseed meal and low-starch diets. Sixteen multiparous organically certified Jersey cows averaging (mean ± standard deviation) 101 ± 45 d in milk, 462 ± 38 kg of body weight, and 19.8 ± 3.90 kg/d of milk in the beginning of the study were randomly assigned to treatment sequences in a replicated 4 × 4 Latin square design, with 14 d for diet adaptation and 7 d for data and sample collection...
March 2018: Journal of Dairy Science
I J Ehr, M E Persia, E A Bobeck
When laying hen diets are enriched with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids to generate value-added eggs for human consumption markets, concentrations of alpha-linolenic (ALA), eicosapentaenoic (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA) in the yolk can reach 250 mg/50 g whole egg. Flaxseed, a rich source of ALA, is commonly used for omega-3 enrichment; however, the impact of dietary flaxseed source (extracted oil vs. milled seed) on fatty acid transfer to egg yolk in laying hens is unknown. Therefore, transfer of ALA, EPA, and DHA into egg yolk from extracted flaxseed oil or milled flaxseed was evaluated in Hy-Line W-36 laying hens over an 8-week feeding period (25 to 33 wk old)...
June 1, 2017: Poultry Science
Łukasz Sęczyk, Michał Świeca, Dariusz Dziki, Andrzej Anders, Urszula Gawlik-Dziki
Antioxidant capacity, nutritional and functional quality of wheat bread supplemented with 1-5% flaxseed hull (FH) were studied. Analyses of the chemically-extractable fraction show that supplementation with 5% of FH increased (compared to control) phenolics content (by 93%), radicals scavenging ability (by 176%) and reducing power (by 220%). Furthermore, phenolic antioxidants were bioaccessible in vitro (samples after simulated digestion). Fortification had no significant influence on rapidly and slowly digestible starch, in vitro starch digestibility and values of expected glycemic index; however, a decrease (up to 8%) of relative proteins digestibility was determined...
January 1, 2017: Food Chemistry
L G Silva, J Bunkers, E M Paula, T Shenkoru, Y Yeh, B Amorati, D Holcombe, A P Faciola
Flaxseed (FS) and chia seed (CS) are oilseeds rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may change meat and milk composition when added to ruminants' diets and may have health benefits for humans. Literature on the effects of CS supplementation on ruminal metabolism is nonexistent. A dual-flow continuous culture fermenter system consisting of 6 fermenters was used to assess the effect of FS and CS supplementation in an alfalfa hay-based diet on ruminal fermentation, nutrient digestibility, microbial protein synthesis, and long-chain fatty acid flow...
April 2016: Journal of Animal Science
Krista A Power, Dion Lepp, Leila Zarepoor, Jennifer M Monk, Wenqing Wu, Rong Tsao, Ronghua Liu
Understanding how dietary components alter the healthy baseline colonic microenvironment is important in determining their roles in influencing gut health and gut-associated diseases. Dietary flaxseed (FS) has demonstrated anti-colon cancer effects in numerous rodent models, however, exacerbated acute colonic mucosal injury and inflammation in a colitis model. This study investigates whether FS alters critical aspects of gut health in healthy unchallenged mice, which may help explain some of the divergent effects observed following different gut-associated disease challenges...
February 2016: Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
C A Alvarado-Gilis, C C Aperce, K A Miller, C L Van Bibber-Krueger, D Klamfoth, J S Drouillard
The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of protecting PUFA within ground flaxseed against ruminal biohydrogenation by encapsulating them in a matrix consisting of a 1:1 blend of ground flaxseed and dolomitic lime hydrate (L-Flaxseed). Crossbreed heifers ( = 462, 346 ± 19 kg) were blocked by weight and randomly assigned to pens. Pens were assigned to 1 of 6 dietary treatments in a randomized complete block design. Treatment 1 consisted of a combination of 54.6% steam-flaked corn (SFC), 30.0% wet corn gluten feed, 8...
September 2015: Journal of Animal Science
M H Roozegar, M Shahedi, J Keramet, N Hamdami, S Roshanak
Flaxseed is used to fortify bread. In order to reduce cyanogenic glycosides compounds of flaxseed, ground flaxseed was incubated at 30 °C and heated in a kitchen microwave oven. The cyanogenic compounds of flaxseed were reduced to 13.4 %. Treated ground flaxseed was coated with Arabic gum solution containing ascorbic acid and hydrogenated fat and was stored at 25 °C for 80 days in order to prevent oxidation of flaxseed oil. Results showed that oxidation in coated samples was lower than that in control samples and that there was a significant difference between them (p < 0...
August 2015: Journal of Food Science and Technology
C A Alvarado-Gilis, C C Aperce, K A Miller, C L Van Bibber-Krueger, D Klamfoth, J S Drouillard
Three methods for protection of PUFA against biohydrogenation by ruminal microorganisms were evaluated. In method 1 a blend of ground flaxseed, calcium oxide, and molasses was processed through a dry extruder. In method 2, a blend of ground flaxseed, soybean meal, molasses, and baker's yeast was moistened and prewarmed, allowing enzymes from yeast to produce reducing sugars, and the mixture was subsequently processed through a dry extruder like in method 1. In method 3, ground flaxseed was embedded within a matrix of dolomitic lime hydrate (L-Flaxseed) as a protective barrier against biohydrogenation...
June 2015: Journal of Animal Science
T L Resende, J Kraft, K J Soder, A B D Pereira, D E Woitschach, R B Reis, A F Brito
The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of incremental amounts of ground flaxseed (GFX) on milk yield and concentrations and yields of milk components, milk fatty acids (FA) profile, ruminal metabolism, and nutrient digestibility in dairy cows fed high-forage diets. Twelve multiparous Jersey cows averaging (mean ± SD) 112±68d in milk and 441±21kg of body weight and 8 primiparous Jersey cows averaging 98±43d in milk and 401±43kg of body weight were randomly assigned to treatment sequences in a replicated 4×4 Latin square design...
July 2015: Journal of Dairy Science
Raluca Ecaterina Haliga, Veronica Mocanu, Magda Badescu
Oxidative stress has previously been shown to play a role in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus (DM) and its complications. In the present study, the effects of supplementation with dietary antioxidants, flaxseed and α-tocopherol were investigated in diabetic golden Syrian hamsters fed with a high-fat diet. Thirty-five golden Syrian hamsters were randomly divided into a control group (C) and four diabetic groups (DM, DM + flax, DM + E and DM + Flax + E). The hamsters received four different diets for a 20-week period, as follows: i) Groups C and DM received a high-fat diet (40% energy as fat), deficient in α-linolenic acid (ALA); ii) the DM + Flax group received a high-fat diet enriched with ground flaxseed 15 g/100 g of food, rich in ALA; iii) the DM + E group received a high-fat diet enriched with vitamin E, 40 mg α-tocopherol/100 g of food; and iv) the DM + Flax + E group received a high-fat diet enriched with flaxseed and vitamin E...
February 2015: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
M Juárez, M E R Dugan, N Aldai, J L Aalhus, J F Patience, R T Zijlstra, A D Beaulieu
To clarify the impact of feeding co-extruded flaxseed on carcass quality and pork palatability, 96 pigs (48 barrows and 48 gilts) were fed three different levels of flaxseed (0%, 5% and 10% of dietary intake) for 76days. Carcass quality and meat quality characteristics of pure loin muscle and ground pork (20% fat) were evaluated. Fat hardness and belly firmness decreased (P<0.001) with increasing co-extruded flaxseed. Pigs fed co-extruded flaxseed levels had higher lean yield (P=0.045) and total lean content (P=0...
June 15, 2011: Food Chemistry
J W Schroeder, M L Bauer, N R Bork
Four multicannulated (rumen, duodenum, and ileum) Holstein steers (459.7±46.4kg of initial body weight) were used in a 4×4 Latin square design to determine the effect of flaxseed processing method on ruminal fermentation and digestibility. Treatments were based on inclusion of (1) 7.5% linseed meal (control), (2) 10% whole flaxseed, (3) 10% rolled flaxseed, or (4) 10% ground flaxseed on a dry matter (DM) basis, and were formulated to mimic typical high-producing dairy cow lactation diets. The control diet contained linseed meal in a proportion to provide crude protein (CP) equal to the amount of CP contributed by the flaxseed in the other treatments...
September 2014: Journal of Dairy Science
Sandra M Sacco, Jianmin Chen, Bernhard Ganss, Lilian U Thompson, Wendy E Ward
Our previous research showed greatest protection to vertebral bone mineral density and strength in ovariectomized (OVX) rats when lignan- and α-linolenic acid-rich flaxseed (FS) is combined with low-dose estrogen therapy (LD) compared with either treatment alone. This study determined the effects of combined FS+LD on serum and tissue markers of bone turnover and microarchitecture to explain our previous findings. Three-month-old OVX rats were randomized to negative control (NEG), FS, LD or FS+LD for 2 or 12 weeks, meaningful time points for determining effects on markers of bone metabolism and bone structure, respectively...
July 2014: Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, Physiologie Appliquée, Nutrition et Métabolisme
M L He, T A McAllister, L M Hernandez-Calva, J L Aalhus, M E R Dugan, J J McKinnon
This study compared carcass, meat quality and fatty acid profiles of longissimus thoracis (LT) from feedlot cattle fed barley grain with or without oilseed (OS). Six diets containing no oilseed (No-OS), 10% ground flaxseed (FS), 10% high oleate sunflower seeds (SS) with or without 30% triticale dried distiller's grain (DDGS) were prepared. Feeding DDGS increased chroma at 24 and 144 h post mortem. Feeding FS increased weight% of LT PUFA (P<0.05) compared to No-OS or SS. An OS by DDGS interaction occurred for 18:3n-3 (P<0...
May 2014: Meat Science
Nancy Champe Peters, Isobel R Contento, Fredi Kronenberg, Marci Coleton
OBJECTIVE: To determine the degree of dietary adherence or change in eating patterns, and demographic, psychosocial and study characteristics associated with adherence, in the Comparing Healthy Options in Cooking and Eating (CHOICE) Study. DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial where women were randomized to one of three eating patterns: (i) Whole Foods, plant-based, macrobiotic-style (n 22); and Moderate Fat with (ii), and without (iii), 10 g of ground flaxseed added daily, which were combined (n 49)...
December 2014: Public Health Nutrition
Raluca Ecaterina Haliga, Roxana Irina Iancu, Doina Butcovan, Veronica Mocanu
We studied the possible effect of flaxseed to prevent leukocytes and platelets adhesion to endothelial cells and to reduce soluble adhesion molecules (sVCAM-1) and endothelial integrity markers (vWF) in ovariectomized rats fed a high-fat diet. Forty-two female Wistar rats were either sham-operated or ovariectomized and randomly assigned for 36 weeks to three different diets: (1) low-fat diet (8% energy as fat); (2) high-fat diet (40% energy as fat, lard based, lard group); (3) high-fat diet enriched with ground flaxseed 15 g/100 g of food (40% energy as fat, lard + flaxseed group)...
2013: TheScientificWorldJournal
C Neveu, B Baurhoo, A Mustafa
Sixteen Holsteins cows were used in a Latin square design experiment to determine the effects of extruded flaxseed (EF) supplementation and grain source (i.e., corn vs. barley) on performance of dairy cows. Extruded flaxseed diets contained 10% [dry matter (DM) basis] of an EF product that consisted of 75% flaxseed and 25% ground alfalfa meal. Four lactating Holsteins cows fitted with rumen fistulas were used to determine the effects of dietary treatments on ruminal fermentation. Intakes of DM (23.2 vs. 22...
March 2014: Journal of Dairy Science
H R Martínez-Ramírez, J K G Kramer, C F M de Lange
A serial slaughter study, involving 45 individually housed Yorkshire female pigs, was conducted to evaluate the impact of feeding diets containing ground flaxseed (FS) during either the grower or late finisher phase on the incorporation of α-linolenic acid (18:3n-3) and n-3 highly unsaturated fatty acid metabolites (n-3 HUFA; all n-3 PUFA excluding 18:3n-3) in trimmed loin (longissimus dorsi) and belly (cross-section cut). Growth performance, carcass characteristics, and pork quality were also monitored. The three feeding regimens were 1) feeding a diet containing 10% FS between 25 and 50 kg BW, followed by FS-free diets (low n-3 PUFA content) until 110 kg BW (FS early, FSE; n = 16), 2) feeding no FS diets between 25 and 85 kg BW, followed by a diet containing 6% FS until 110 kg BW (FS late, FSL; n = 17), and 3) feeding FS-free diets between 25 and 110 kg BW (CON; n = 8)...
January 2014: Journal of Animal Science
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