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Rosario Guadalupe Labastida-Conde, Oscar Ramírez-Pliego, Mercedes Peleteiro-Olmedo, Delia Vanessa Lopez-Guerrero, Oscar Daniel Badillo-Godinez, María de Lourdes Gutiérrez-Xicoténcatl, Gabriela Rosas-Salgado, África González-Fernández, Fernando R Esquivel-Guadarrama, M Angélica Santana
Neonates have an increased susceptibility to infections, particularly those caused by intracellular pathogens, leading to high morbidity and mortality rates. This is partly because of a poor response of neonatal CD4+ T cells, leading to deficient antibody production and a low production of IFN-γ, resulting in deficient elimination of intracellular pathogens. The poor memory response of human neonates has underpinned the need for improving vaccine formulations. Molecular adjuvants that improve the response of neonatal lymphocytes, such as the ligands of toll-like receptors (TLRs), are attractive candidates...
June 8, 2018: Vaccine
Leonor Guadarrama-Fernández, Marta Novell, Pascal Blondeau, Francisco J Andrade
A new biosensor for monitoring glucose levels in beverages is presented. The measurements are performed using potentiometric detection. Working electrodes are made using platinised paper as support and a biocompatible polymeric membrane made of a mixture of polyvinyl alcohol and chitosan containing glucose oxidase as the recognition layer. The system is based on the detection of the hydrogen peroxide generated by an enzymatic reaction performed in a highly sensitive, selective and simple way. The biosensors display suitable analytical performance (sensitivity -119...
November 1, 2018: Food Chemistry
Thai Khan Ramírez-Viga, Ramiro Aguilar, Silvia Castillo-Argüero, Xavier Chiappa-Carrara, Patricia Guadarrama, José Ramos-Zapata
The presence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in wetlands is widespread. Wetlands are transition ecosystems between aquatic and terrestrial systems, where shallow water stands or moves over the land surface. The presence of AMF in wetlands suggests that they are ecologically significant; however, their function is not yet clearly understood. With the aim of determining the overall magnitude and direction of AMF effect on wetland plants associated with them in pot assays, we conducted a meta-analysis of data extracted from 48 published studies...
June 4, 2018: Mycorrhiza
Carlos de la Torre González, Marisol Huante-Guido, Norma Velázquez Guadarrama, Diego Preciado, Genaro Patiño López
BACKGROUND: Pediatric cholesteatoma is a clinically challenging disease entity. Its biological behavior in the pediatric population differs from its behavior in adult population in terms of aggressiveness and recurrence. Several studies have shown the presence of biofilms associated with cholesteatoma that hinder the management and eradication of the infection. This led is to study the use of non-antimicrobial treatments impacting on the structure or composition of biofilms. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the changes that occur in the biofilm of cholesteatoma in pediatric patients after the application of sodium 2-mercaptoethanesulfonate (MESNA)...
July 2018: International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
Jessica H Guadarrama-Orozco, Guillermo R Cantú-Quintanilla, Diana Ávila-Montiel, Myriam Altamirano-Bustamante, Ingris Peláez-Ballestas, Cristina Caballero-Velarde, Luis E Juárez-Villegas, Nahúm de la Vega-Morell, Javier Kelly-García, Adalberto de Hoyos-Bermea, Elisa Dorantes-Acosta, José D Gamboa-Marrufo, Onofre Muñoz-Hernández, Juan Garduño-Espinosa
Background: Laws refer that minors do not have the capability to give informed consent for their own medical attention. However, there are special conditions in which they are allowed to decide about their health. The greater the judgement and experience limitations in minors, the less weight is given to the values and objectives they express. Also, the more adverse consequences might be, the higher the level of authority that is demanded to decide on behalf of the minor, thus granting the State the capability to guarantee the well-being of the minor...
2018: Boletín Médico del Hospital Infantil de México
Salvador A Solís-Chávez, Manuel A Castillo-Rivera, Marcela Arteaga-Silva, Alejandra Ibáñez-Contreras, Braulio Hernández-Godínez, Andrés Morón-Mendoza, Gamaliel Mendoza-Cuevas, Axayácatl Morales-Guadarrama, Emilio Sacristan-Rock
Osteopathologies are a result of advanced age and decreased bone density and represent a global health problem. It is therefore important to generate models for longitudinal studies of the pathophysiology in order to improve early diagnosis and develop preventive therapies. For this kind of research, the use of computed tomography (CT) to evaluate bone health offers advantages over other techniques since it provides more complete information. The aim of this prospective, pilot study was to obtain measurements of the left femur from a population in captivity of 32 rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) in order to standardize the model for future research...
May 4, 2018: Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound
Carmen J Zamora-Sánchez, Aylin Del Moral-Morales, Ana M Hernández-Vega, Valeria Hansberg-Pastor, Ivan Salido-Guadarrama, Mauricio Rodríguez-Dorantes, Ignacio Camacho-Arroyo
Glioblastomas (GBM) are the most frequent and aggressive brain tumors. In these malignancies, progesterone (P4) promotes proliferation, migration, and invasion. The P4 metabolite allopregnanolone (3α-THP) similarly promotes cell proliferation in the U87 human GBM cell line. Here, we evaluated global changes in gene expression of U87 cells treated with 3α-THP, P4, and the 5α-reductase inhibitor, finasteride (F). 3α-THP modified the expression of 137 genes, while F changed 90. Besides, both steroids regulated the expression of 69 genes...
March 15, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
María de Jesús González-Guadarrama, Ma Aurora Armienta-Hernández, André H Rosa
Aiming to determine the relationship between source and complexing capacity, humic substances obtained from three sites (Sorocaba and Itapanhau Brasilian rivers, and Xochimilco Lake in Mexico) were studied. Copper, manganese, zinc and arsenic complexing capacity were determined for the three substances under various pH conditions. Results showed similar complexing capacity for the three elements depending on the chemistry of each one and on the physico-chemical conditions. Speciation diagrams showed that these conditions affect both, the humic substances, and the transition metals and arsenic...
May 2018: Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
Edson Baltazar Estrada-Arriaga, Jesús Hernández-Romano, Liliana García-Sánchez, Rosa Angélica Guillén Garcés, Erick Obed Bahena-Bahena, Oscar Guadarrama-Pérez, Gabriela Eleonora Moeller Chavez
In this study, a continuous flow stack consisting of 40 individual air-cathode MFC units was used to determine the performance of stacked MFC during domestic wastewater treatment operated with unconnected individual MFC and in series and parallel configuration. The voltages obtained from individual MFC units were of 0.08-1.1 V at open circuit voltage, while in series connection, the maximum power and current density were 2500 mW/m2 and 500 mA/m2 (4.9 V), respectively. In parallel connection, the maximum power and current density was 5...
May 15, 2018: Journal of Environmental Management
Celeste Trejo-Moreno, Marisol Méndez-Martínez, Alejandro Zamilpa, Enrique Jiménez-Ferrer, Maria Dolores Perez-Garcia, Omar N Medina-Campos, José Pedraza-Chaverri, María Angélica Santana, Fernando R Esquivel-Guadarrama, Aida Castillo, Jacquelynne Cervantes-Torres, Gladis Fragoso, Gabriela Rosas-Salgado
Inflammation and oxidative stress play major roles in endothelial dysfunction, and are key factors in the progression of cardiovascular diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluate in vitro the effect of three subfractions (SFs) from the Cucumis sativus aqueous fraction to reduce inflammatory factors and oxidative stress induced by angiotensin II (Ang II) in human microvascular endothelial cells-1 (HMEC-1) cells. The cells were cultured with different concentrations of Ang II and 0.08 or 10 μg/mL of SF1, SF2, or SF3, or 10 μmol of losartan as a control...
February 28, 2018: Nutrients
E Alpizar-Reyes, J Castaño, H Carrillo-Navas, J Alvarez-Ramírez, R Gallardo-Rivera, C Pérez-Alonso, A Y Guadarrama-Lezama
Freeze-dried faba bean ( Vicia faba L.) protein adsorption isotherms were determined at 25, 35 and 40 °C and fitted with the Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer model. The pore radius of protein was in the range of 0.87-6.44 nm, so that they were considered as micropores and mesopores. The minimum integral entropy ranged between 4.33 and 4.44 kg H2 O/100 kg d.s., was regarded as the point of maximum of stability. The glass transition temperature of the protein equilibrated at the different conditions of storage was determined, showing that the protein remained in glassy state for all cases...
March 2018: Journal of Food Science and Technology
Salvador López-Rubio, Oscar F Chacon-Camacho, Rodrigo Matsui, Dalia Guadarrama-Vallejo, Mirena C Astiazarán, Juan C Zenteno
Purpose: To describe the retinal clinical features of a group of Mexican patients with Stargardt disease carrying the uncommon p.Ala1773Val founder mutation in ABCA4 . Methods: Ten patients carrying the p.Ala1773Val mutation, nine of them homozygously, were included. Visual function studies included best-corrected visual acuity, electroretinography, Goldmann kinetic visual fields, and full-field electroretinography (ERG). In addition, imaging studies, such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), short-wave autofluorescence imaging, and quantitative analyses of hypofluorescence, were performed in each patient...
2018: Molecular Vision
Moisés Pérez-Mendoza, Julieta Berenice Rivera-Zavala, Asael H Rodríguez-Guadarrama, Luis M Montoya-Gomez, Agustín Carmona-Castro, Mauricio Díaz-Muñoz, Manuel Miranda-Anaya
Disruption of circadian rhythms influences the pathogenesis of obesity, particularly with the basic regulation of food intake and metabolism. A link between metabolism and the circadian clock is the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs). The Neotomodon alstoni mouse, known as the "Mexican volcano mouse," may develop obesity if fed a normo-caloric diet. This manuscript documents the changes in part of the hepatic lipid homeostasis in both sexes of lean and obese N. alstoni mice, comparing the daily changes in the BMAL1 clock protein, in regulators of lipid metabolism (PGC-1α, PPARα-γ, SREBP-1c, and CPT-1α) and in free fatty acid (FFA) and hepatic triacylglyceride (TAG) metabolites in light-dark cycles...
January 25, 2018: Chronobiology International
Dennis S Guadarrama, Sandra M DeMarinis, Joseph D Sweeney
: Intentional overdose of apixaban is rare and minimal data exist regarding the usefulness of routinely available laboratory tests to predict drug levels. A 50-year-old man was admitted after ingestion of 200-mg apixaban. Serial blood samples were obtained over a 54-h period for assessment of the fall-off in drug levels using the prothrombin time/international normalized ratio and anti-Xa assays and compared with an apixaban-specific chromogenic assay. The prothrombin time/international normalized ratio and anti-Xa assays correlated with the apixaban level when the drug was in the supratherapeutic range (>130 ng/ml) but not in the typical therapeutic trough to peak levels...
March 2018: Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis: An International Journal in Haemostasis and Thrombosis
Leticia Aguilar Doroteo, Paola Berenice Zárate Segura, Ramón Villanueva Arce, Jorge Yáñez Fernández, María Eugenia Garín Aguilar, Paula Cecilia Guadarrama Mendoza, Gustavo Valencia Del Toro
BACKGROUND: Molecular characterisation of wild type Pleurotus species is important for germplasm conservation and its further use for genetic improvement. No molecular studies have been performed with monokaryons used for producing hybrid strains, either with the reconstituted strains obtained by pairing those monokaryons. The molecular characterisation of parental dikaryons, hybrid, and reconstituted strains as well as monokaryotic strains, is therefore of utmost importance. AIMS: To carry out the molecular identification of Pleurotus djamor strains, i...
January 2018: Revista Iberoamericana de Micología
Luis José López-Méndez, Israel González-Méndez, Rodrigo Aguayo-Ortiz, Laura Dominguez, Sofía L Alcaraz-Estrada, Yareli Rojas-Aguirre, Patricia Guadarrama
In spite of the progress in the cyclodextrins chemistry, the synthesis of monodisperse derivatives with a defined degree of substitution is still a challenge. In this work we present a novel dendritic material produced by combining βCD and second generation poly(ester) dendrons. The selective attachment of dendrons in the seven positions of the βCD-primary face was performed through a CuAAC click reaction, which along with a very simple work-up, allowed obtaining the monodisperse material in very high yields...
March 15, 2018: Carbohydrate Polymers
Marco Sannolo, Frederico M Barroso, Miguel A Carretero
Sister species living in sympatry offer the opportunity to study the degree of divergence in their ecological, physiological and life-history traits. It has been hypothesized that closely related species with overlapping distribution should differ in their niche to reduce competition for resources. Furthermore, the investigation of sympatric species may shed light on how they may coexist without outcompeting each other. In the present study, we assess the degree of physiological divergence in two sympatric lacertid lizards, Podarcis bocagei and Podarcis guadarramae lusitanicus...
February 2018: Zoology: Analysis of Complex Systems, ZACS
Omar Fabela-Sánchez, Hermelinda Salgado-Ceballos, Luis Medina-Torres, Laura Álvarez-Mejía, Stephany Sánchez-Torres, Rodrigo Mondragón-Lozano, Axayácatl Morales-Guadarrama, Araceli Díaz-Ruiz, María-Guadalupe Olayo, Guillermo J Cruz, Juan Morales, Camilo Ríos, Roberto Olayo
Traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) is a health problem for which there is currently no treatment or definitive therapy. Medicine has explored therapeutic options for patients with TSCI with the aim to improve their quality of life. One alternative has been the development of biomaterials that offer neuroprotection or neuroregeneration of damaged nerve tissue. The microinjection of iodine-doped polypyrrole particles synthesised by plasma (PPPy/I) has shown neuroprotective effects that favour motor function recovery in experimental animals with TSCI...
December 28, 2017: Journal of Materials Science. Materials in Medicine
Rogelio F Jiménez-Ortega, Eric G Ramírez-Salazar, Alma Y Parra-Torres, Said A Muñoz-Montero, Claudia Rangel-Escareňo, Ivan Salido-Guadarrama, Mauricio Rodriguez-Dorantes, Manuel Quiterio, Jorge Salmerón, Rafael Velázquez-Cruz
MicroRNAs (miRNAs or miRs) are a class of short non-coding RNAs that serve an important regulatory role in living organisms. These molecules are associated with multiple biological processes and are potential biomarkers in multiple diseases. The present study aimed to further identify miRNAs that are differentially expressed in circulating monocytes (CMCs) from postmenopausal Mexican-Mestizo women. Microarray analyses of monocytes using Affymetrix miRNA 4.0 and Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 arrays were performed in 6 normal and 6 osteoporotic women, followed by reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) validation...
December 2017: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
Erika Ruíz-García, Jorge Guadarrama-Orozco, Silvia Vidal-Millán, Leonardo S Lino-Silva, César López-Camarillo, Horacio Astudillo-de la Vega
Every year, cancer affects more than one million Latin Americans. The increasing incidence of cancer could be secondary to an aging population, westernization of life style, and urbanization. LA has among the highest incidence rates of gastric cancer, compared to other countries. In this review, different studies on gastric cancer and its relation with risks factors, such as infections, diet and life styles typical of LA, besides the different molecular alterations of that specific population (mainly at a genetic polymorphism level) are analyzed...
February 2018: Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology
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