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Nikoleta Dupl'áková, Petre I Dobrev, David Reňák, David Honys
Research investigating the dynamics of male gametophyte (MG) development has proven to be challenging for the plant science community. Here we describe our protocol for separating Arabidopsis MG developmental stages, which is based on the centrifugation of pollen through a discontinuous Percoll concentration gradient. This Percoll gradient can be formed using a pipette, and it does not require a gradient maker. The purity of the isolated developing spores is as high as 70%, and in most separations it is well above 80%...
October 2016: Nature Protocols
Renake N Teixeira, Wilco Ligterink, José de B França-Neto, Henk W M Hilhorst, Edvaldo A A da Silva
BACKGROUND: Due to the climate change of the past few decades, some agricultural areas in the world are now experiencing new climatic extremes. For soybean, high temperatures and drought stress can potentially lead to the "green seed problem", which is characterized by chlorophyll retention in mature seeds and is associated with lower oil and seed quality, thus negatively impacting the production of soybean seeds. RESULTS: Here we show that heat and drought stress result in a "mild" stay-green phenotype and impaired expression of the STAY-GREEN 1 and STAY-GREEN 2 (D1, D2), PHEOPHORBIDASE 2 (PPH2) and NON-YELLOW COLORING 1 (NYC1_1) genes in soybean seeds of a susceptible soybean cultivar...
2016: BMC Plant Biology
Masahiro Miyata, Shuji Konishi, Yoshimasa Shimamoto, Aki Kamada, Koichi Umimoto
The objectives of this study were to investigate the influence of the sterilization and storage period on elution of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) from wet-type polysulfone (PSu) membrane dialyzers. APS-15SA (APS) dialyzers sterilized by gamma-radiation and RENAK PS-1.6 (RENAK) dialyzers sterilized by autoclaving were compared in this study. Each dialyzer was washed with physiological saline and the amount of PVP eluted from the PSu membrane was measured. Then, experimental use of each dialyzer was performed by circulating physiological saline for 4 hours, after which the PVP eluted from the PSu membrane was measured...
July 2015: ASAIO Journal: a Peer-reviewed Journal of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs
David Reňák, Antónia Gibalová, Katarzyna Solcová, David Honys
Heat shock transcription factors (Hsfs) are involved in multiple aspects of stress response and plant growth. However, their role during male gametophyte development is largely unknown, although the generative phase is the most sensitive and critical period in the plant life cycle. Based on a wide screen of T-DNA mutant lines, we identified the atren1 mutation (restricted to nucleolus1) in early male gametophytic gene At1g77570, which has the closest homology to HSFA5 gene, the member of a heat shock transcription factor (HSF) gene family...
March 2014: Plant, Cell & Environment
Marissa A Hendrickson, Ronald M Furnival, Bruce J Anderson, Anne M Renaker, Philippe R Gaillard, Mark G Roback
BACKGROUND: Thousands of children and adolescents attend high-intensity athletic camps each year; the rate and type of injuries sustained are unknown. HYPOTHESIS: Participants in a high-intensity athletic camp would have significant, identifiable health care needs associated with injuries and illnesses. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective, observational study. METHODS: Acute medical care for camp participants was primarily provided in an academic medical center emergency department (ED)...
May 2012: Sports Health
David Reňák, Nikoleta Dupl'áková, David Honys
Male gametophyte development leading to the formation of a mature pollen grain is precisely controlled at various levels, including transcriptional, post-transcriptional and post-translational, during its whole progression. Transcriptomic studies exploiting genome-wide microarray technologies revealed the uniqueness of pollen transcriptome and the dynamics of early and late successive global gene expression programs. However, the knowledge of transcription regulation is still very limited. In this study, we focused on the identification of pollen-expressed transcription factor (TF) genes involved in the regulation of male gametophyte development...
March 2012: Sexual Plant Reproduction
Ivan D Speights, Cindy S Renaker, Huy Luu, Jeremy Schneider
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2010: U.S. Army Medical Department Journal
David Honys, David Rĕnák, Jana Feciková, Petr L Jedelský, Jana Nebesárová, Petre Dobrev, Vĕra Capková
The progamic phase of male gametophyte development involves activation of synthetic and catabolic processes required for the rapid growth of the pollen tube. It is well-established that both transcription and translation play an important role in global and specific gene expression patterns during pollen maturation. On the contrary, germination of many pollen species has been shown to be largely independent of transcription but vitally dependent on translation of stored mRNAs. Here, we report the first structural and proteomic data about large ribonucleoprotein particles (EPPs) in tobacco male gametophyte...
April 2009: Journal of Proteome Research
Antónia Gibalová, David Renák, Katarzyna Matczuk, Nikoleta Dupl'áková, David Cháb, David Twell, David Honys
Sexual plant reproduction depends on the production and differentiation of functional gametes by the haploid gametophyte generation. Currently, we have a limited understanding of the regulatory mechanisms that have evolved to specify the gametophytic developmental programs. To unravel such mechanisms, it is necessary to identify transcription factors (TF) that are part of such haploid regulatory networks. Here we focus on bZIP TFs that have critical roles in plants, animals and other kingdoms. We report the functional characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana AtbZIP34 that is expressed in both gametophytic and surrounding sporophytic tissues during flower development...
July 2009: Plant Molecular Biology
Bobbi L Hallberg, Anne Marie Renaker
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2008: Nursing
Nikoleta Dupl'áková, David Renák, Patrik Hovanec, Barbora Honysová, David Twell, David Honys
BACKGROUND: Microarray technologies now belong to the standard functional genomics toolbox and have undergone massive development leading to increased genome coverage, accuracy and reliability. The number of experiments exploiting microarray technology has markedly increased in recent years. In parallel with the rapid accumulation of transcriptomic data, on-line analysis tools are being introduced to simplify their use. Global statistical data analysis methods contribute to the development of overall concepts about gene expression patterns and to query and compose working hypotheses...
July 23, 2007: BMC Plant Biology
David Honys, Sung-Aeong Oh, David Renák, Maarten Donders, Blanka Solcová, James Andrew Johnson, Rita Boudová, David Twell
BACKGROUND: The effective functional analysis of male gametophyte development requires new tools enabling the spatially and temporally controlled expression of both marker genes and modified genes of interest. In particular, promoters driving expression at earlier developmental stages including microspores are required. RESULTS: Transcriptomic datasets covering four progressive stages of male gametophyte development in Arabidopsis were used to select candidate genes showing early expression profiles that were male gametophyte-specific...
December 21, 2006: BMC Plant Biology
R D Frank, J Weber, H Dresbach, H Thelen, C Weiss, J Floege
BACKGROUND: The contact system is generally believed to be the main trigger of the coagulation cascade during extracorporeal circulation. However, the extent of contact activation, its role for intradialytic thrombin generation as well as the influence of different dialyzer membranes have not been well established. METHODS: In a novel full-scale ex vivo recirculation dialysis model, we investigated the thrombogenicity of three widely used hemodialyzers (Cuprophan Renak RA15-U, Polysulfone F6HPS and AN69XT Nephral 200)...
November 2001: Kidney International
D Renaker
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1971: Renaissance Quarterly
S S Wei, W T Lee, K T Woo
Slow Continuous ultrafiltration (SCUF) was first used in 1980 as an alternative mode of fluid removal for patients with oliguric acute renal dysfunction from whatever causes. The advantage of this treatment is that haemodynamic parameters remain stable in the presence of significant removal of fluid. We are describing our experience in 7 patients [age: 57 +/- 9 years; 4 male, 3 female] with cardiac failure and fluid overload who had undergone 8 sessions of SCUF. All of them had renal impairment and were resistant to diuretics...
June 1995: Singapore Medical Journal
S Dudeck, J Goeke, V Renak, J Snell
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 1993: Quality Assurance: QA
R Abraham, A K Charles, R Mankes, R LeFevre, V Renak, L Ashok
Preimplantation rat embryos (8-cell, morulae, blastocysts) were incubated for 24 hr in vitro in a Brinster medium with or without cadmium chloride (1 microgram/ml). CdCl2 arrested the development of both the 8-cell and morulae into blastocysts. Morphologic observations revealed the 8-cell embryo to have shrunken cells and pyknotic nuclei. Morulae appeared smaller in size with fewer cells than comparable controls. CdCl2 was clearly cytotoxic to the early blastocysts, inner mass cells were most damaged with cell death, pyknosis, and accumulation of debris...
December 1986: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
T Renaker, J V Walsh
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 1977: Hospital Topics
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