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Ambulatory surgical centre

Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, Graeme MacLennan, Mary Kilonzo, R Phil Assassa, Kirsty McCormick, Tracey Davidson, Alison McDonald, James N'Dow, Judith Wardle, John Norrie
INTRODUCTION: Single-incision mini-slings (SIMS) represent the third generation of midurethral slings. They have been developed with the aim of offering a true ambulatory procedure for treatment of female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) with reduced morbidity and earlier recovery while maintaining similar efficacy to standard midurethral slings (SMUS). The aim of this study is to determine the clinical and cost-effectiveness of adjustable anchored SIMS compared with tension-free SMUS in the surgical management of female SUI, with 3-year follow-up...
August 11, 2017: BMJ Open
Giuseppe Magistro, Christopher R Chapple, Mostafa Elhilali, Peter Gilling, Kevin T McVary, Claus G Roehrborn, Christian G Stief, Henry H Woo, Christian Gratzke
CONTEXT: Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are one of the most common and troublesome nonmalignant conditions affecting quality of life in aging men. A spectrum of established medical and surgical options is available to provide relief of bothersome LUTS. Both the adverse events of medication and the morbidity with surgical treatment modalities have to be counterbalanced against efficacy. Novel minimally invasive treatment options aim to be effective, ideally to be performed in an ambulatory setting under local anaesthesia and to offer a more favourable safety profile than existing reference techniques...
July 19, 2017: European Urology
Edith R Guilbert, Althea S Hayden, Heidi E Jones, Katharine O'Connell White, E Steven Lichtenberg, Maureen Paul, Wendy V Norman
OBJECTIVE: To understand the current availability and practice of first-trimester medical abortion (MA) in Canada. DESIGN: Using public sources and professional networks, abortion facilities across Canada were identified for a cross-sectional survey on medical and surgical abortion. English and French surveys were distributed by surface or electronic mail between July and November 2013. SETTING: Canada. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 94 abortion facilities were identified...
April 2016: Canadian Family Physician Médecin de Famille Canadien
Annalisa Paolino, Tarique Hussain, Antonio Pavon, Maria Nieves Velasco, Sergio Uribe, Antonio Ordoñez, Israel Valverde
The goal of this study is to evaluate whether NT-proBNP plasma levels may help as a screening biomarker for monitoring right ventricular dilatation, pulmonary regurgitation and the onset of heart failure in patients with repaired Tetralogy of Fallot. Our single-centre observational prospective study involved 43 patients (15.1 years, SD = 8) with corrected Tetralogy of Fallot. Data collection included: clinical parameters (electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, NYHA scale, time since last surgery), biochemistry (NT-proBNP levels) and MRI values (ventricular volumetry, pulmonary flow assessment)...
February 2017: Pediatric Cardiology
T C Everett, P J Morgan, R Brydges, M Kurrek, D Tregunno, L Cunningham, A Chan, D Forde, J Tarshis
Although the incidence of major adverse events in surgical daycare centres is low, these critical events may not be managed optimally due to the absence of resources that exist in larger hospitals. We aimed to study the impact of operating theatre critical event checklists on medical management and teamwork during whole-team operating theatre crisis simulations staged in a surgical daycare facility. We studied 56 simulation encounters (without and with a checklist available) divided between an initial session and then a retention session several months later...
November 2, 2016: Anaesthesia
Coilín ÓhAiseadha, Mai Mannix, Jean Saunders, Roy K Philip
BACKGROUND: Increasing demand for limited healthcare resources raises questions about appropriate use of inpatient beds. In the first paediatric bed utilisation study at a regional university centre in Ireland, we conducted a cross-sectional study to audit the utilisation of inpatient beds at the Regional Paediatric Unit (RPU) in University Hospital Limerick (UHL), Limerick, Ireland and also examined hospital activity data, to make recommendations for optimal use of inpatient resources...
May 10, 2016: International Journal of Health Policy and Management
Magdalena Serra, Roser Vives, Montserrat Cañellas, Josep Planell, Joan Carles Oliva, Carmen Colilles, Caridad Pontes
BACKGROUND: The use of elastomeric devices for ambulatory intravenous pain treatment in Major Ambulatory Surgery (MAS) has been described to improve postoperative pain management. The objective of the study was to describe the first 3 years experience of the use of elastomeric devices for ambulatory intravenous pain treatment in MAS implemented at our site since 2010. METHODS: Data were retrieved from the medical records for all patients who, between January 2010 and March 2014, underwent surgical procedures at the ambulatory surgical centre at our hospital and were prescribed a home-based continuous intravenous analgesia...
September 13, 2016: BMC Anesthesiology
Michelle E Kho, Alexander J Molloy, France Clarke, Margaret S Herridge, Karen K Y Koo, Jill Rudkowski, Andrew J E Seely, Joseph R Pellizzari, Jean-Eric Tarride, Marina Mourtzakis, Timothy Karachi, Deborah J Cook
INTRODUCTION: Early exercise with in-bed cycling as part of an intensive care unit (ICU) rehabilitation programme has the potential to improve physical and functional outcomes following critical illness. The objective of this study is to determine the feasibility of enrolling adults in a multicentre pilot randomised clinical trial (RCT) of early in-bed cycling versus routine physiotherapy to inform a larger RCT. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: 60-patient parallel group pilot RCT in 7 Canadian medical-surgical ICUs...
April 8, 2016: BMJ Open
Maciej Kempa, Szymon Budrejko, Marta Piepiorka-Broniecka, Jan Rogowski, Dariusz Kozlowski, Grzegorz Raczak
INTRODUCTION: The number of pacemaker and ICD implantations has increased substantially in the recent years. Therefore, complications are also observed in a greater number. In many cases, transvenous extraction of the previously implanted device (pacemaker or ICD) is the only solution. One may find in the literature information about the efficacy and safety of that procedure, but data concerning the results of long-term follow up are still limited. AIM: The aim of the study was to assess the one-year mortality in the cohort of patients undergoing transvenous lead extraction procedures in our centre...
2015: PloS One
Michael Kreuter, Felix J F Herth, Margarethe Wacker, Reiner Leidl, Andreas Hellmann, Michael Pfeifer, Jürgen Behr, Sabine Witt, Dagmar Kauschka, Marcus Mall, Andreas Günther, Philipp Markart
Despite a number of prospective registries conducted in past years, the current epidemiology of interstitial lung diseases (ILD) is still not well defined, particularly regarding the prevalence and incidence, their management, healthcare utilisation needs, and healthcare-associated costs. To address these issues in Germany, a new prospective ILD registry, "Exploring Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Interstitial Lung Diseases" (EXCITING-ILD), is being conducted by the German Centre for Lung Research in association with ambulatory, inpatient, scientific pulmonology organisations and patient support groups...
2015: BioMed Research International
Amira Peco-Antić, Nataša Stajić, Zoran Krstić, Radovan Bogdanović, Gordana Miloševski-Lomić, Milan Đukić, Dušan Paripović
AIM: This studied reviewed renovascular hypertension (RVH) due to renal artery stenosis (RAS) in two Serbian paediatric centres from 2001 to 2013. METHODS: The patients' demographic data, underlying syndromes, blood pressure (BP), antihypertensive treatments and outcomes were reviewed. RESULTS: The incidence of RVH was 1.9 per million children per year during the study period, and there were 25 patients with RAS, aged 10.4 ± 5.2 years. At presentation, their mean blood pressure (BP) standard deviation scores were 6...
January 2016: Acta Paediatrica
Nikolaos K Kanakaris, Chiara Noviello, Zumbair Saeed, Leonidas Mitrogiannis, Theodoros H Tosounidis, Nicola Tartaglia
Contemporary fixation of the proximal femur is performed utilising a number of implants adopting different concepts and techniques. Cephalomedullary nails in particular represent one of two main options, the other being dynamic hip screw (DHS). The aim of this cohort study is to present the early experience of two large units from different countries of the use of the AFFIXUS nail for stabilisation of proximal femoral fractures. Over a period of almost three years, data from 476 proximal femoral fractures were collected and analysed using a specific research protocol, assessing data relevant to basic demographic details, in-hospital stay, surgical technique and post discharge outcomes with a minimum follow up of 6 months...
November 2015: Injury
M Kauss Hornecker, S Charles Weber, M-L Brandely Piat, M Darrodes, K Jomaa, F Chast
INTRODUCTION: The University Hospitals Paris Centre Pharmacy compounds three concentrations of cyclosporine eye drops: 20mg/mL (=2%); 5mg/mL (=0.5%) and 0.5mg/mL (=0.05%). Cyclosporine A 2% drops were developed in 1995 to prevent the rejection of high-risk cornea transplants after failure of topical steroids. The other concentrations of eye drops were developed for the treatment of various immune or inflammatory diseases of the cornea, conjunctiva and uvea. These eye drops are dispensed with a physician's prescription to hospitalized or ambulatory patients...
October 2015: Journal Français D'ophtalmologie
Kathleen Armstrong, Peter Coyte, John Semple
Women's College Hospital (WCH) in Toronto offers specialized ambulatory surgical procedures. A feasibility study using a mobile appliciation (app) to supplement in-person follow-up care after surgery suggests that the mobile app adequately detects postoperative complications, eliminates the need for in-person follow-up care and is cost-effective. This is concordant with other postoperative telemedicine studies. The purpose of this study is to determine if we can avert in-person follow-up care through the use of mobile app compared to conventional, in-person follow-up care in the first month following surgery amongst breast reconstruction patients at WCH...
2015: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Cristina Ionescu-Balhawan
The ambulatory and conventional care models should not be opposed to one another as they can in fact feed off and enrich each other. The outpatient culture inspires and encourages the drive for more innovative forms of organisation. As a result, a "patient" model emerges, centred on a holistic approach to organisation and patient care.
May 2015: Soins; la Revue de Référence Infirmière
Sarika Chaturvedi, Sayyed Ali, Bharat Randive, Yogesh Sabde, Vishal Diwan, Ayesha De Costa
BACKGROUND: Unsafe abortion contributes to a significant portion of maternal mortality in India. Access to safe abortion care is known to reduce maternal mortality. Availability and distribution of abortion care facilities can influence women's access to these services, especially in rural areas. OBJECTIVES: To assess the availability and distribution of abortion care at facilities providing childbirth care in three districts of Madhya Pradesh (MP) province of India...
2015: Global Health Action
K P Valkering, C J A van Bergen, G A Buijze, P H A F Nagel, W E Tuinebreijer, R S Breederveld
BACKGROUND: Arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) has traditionally been performed in an inpatient setting. Outpatient treatment may offer the advantages of cost reduction and higher patient satisfaction. HYPOTHESIS/PURPOSE: We investigated whether ACL reconstruction in an outpatient setting is equally safe as in an inpatient setting and whether comparable functional outcomes can be achieved. We hypothesized that the outcomes of outpatient ACL reconstruction result in similar outcomes as inpatient ACL reconstruction...
March 2015: Knee
Gijs E De Maat, Alberto Pozzoli, Marcoen F Scholten, Isabelle C Van Gelder, Yuri Blaauw, Bart A Mulder, Paolo Della Bella, Ottavio R Alfieri, Stefano Benussi, Massimo A Mariani
AIMS: Transcatheter pulmonary vein ablation is the current treatment of choice for symptomatic drug-refractory atrial fibrillation (AF). Video-assisted surgical pulmonary vein isolation (sPVI) is an alternative therapy to percutaneous ablation for the treatment of AF. Long-term results of sPVI are currently unknown. The aim of this study was to report on the long-term efficacy and safety of sPVI in patients with paroxysmal AF. METHODS AND RESULTS: The study design was observational and retrospective...
May 2015: Europace: European Pacing, Arrhythmias, and Cardiac Electrophysiology
Shamir O Cawich, Matthew Albert, Yardesh Singh, Dilip Dan, Sanjib Mohanty, Maurice Walrond, Wesley Francis, Lindberg K Simpson, Kimon O Bonadie, Giovanni Dapri
INTRODUCTION: There has been no report on Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) cholecystectomy outcomes since it was first performed in the Anglophone Caribbean in 2009. METHODS: A retrospective audit evaluated the clinical outcomes of SILS cholecystectomies at regional hospitals in the 17 Anglophone Caribbean countries. Any cholecystectomy using a laparoscopic approach in which all instruments were passed through one access incision was considered a SILS cholecystectomy...
September 2014: International Journal of Biomedical Science: IJBS
Muhammad Ibrar Hussain, Saleh Mohammed Al-Salamah, Rizwan Aziz, Hamad Hadi Al-Qahatani, Nasir Yazeed Al-Ohay, Fahad Al-Jabar
BACKGROUND: Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) has become a popular and established form of renal replacement therapy in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). The objective of this study was to analyse the outcome of open Tenckhoff catheter insertions in patients with ESRD in term of catheter related complications. METHODS: From December 2006 to November 2011, 337 Tenckhoff catheters were placed in 305 patients with ESRD for CAPD, by general surgeons in King Saud Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia...
July 2013: Journal of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad: JAMC
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