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Victoria M Wurster Ovalle, Wendy J Pomerantz, Michael A Gittelman
This was a retrospective study examining severe injuries to Ohio children in order to provide pediatricians with targeted injury talking points at well visits. We included children ≤14 years old from the Ohio Trauma Acute Care Registry with severe unintentional injuries from January 1, 2003, to December 31, 2012. There were 45 347 patients; 611 died, and the mean age was 6.8 years. Fractures/dislocations were common (46.6%), and many injuries occurred at home (49.1%). In children ≤2 years old, the leading causes of injury were falls and burns/fire; falls and motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) predominated above this age...
February 1, 2018: Clinical Pediatrics
Alexandre Reuben, Rachel Gittelman, Jianjun Gao, Jiexin Zhang, Erik C Yusko, Chang-Jiun Wu, Ryan Emerson, Jianhua Zhang, Christopher Tipton, Jun Li, Kelly Quek, Vancheswaran Gopalakrishnan, Runzhe Chen, Luis M Vence, Tina Cascone, Marissa Vignali, Junya Fujimoto, Jaime Rodriguez-Canales, Edwin R Parra, Latasha D Little, Curtis Gumbs, Marie-Andrée Forget, Lorenzo Federico, Cara Haymaker, Carmen Behrens, Sharon Benzeno, Chantale Bernatchez, Boris Sepesi, Don L Gibbons, Jennifer A Wargo, William N William, Stephen Swisher, John V Heymach, Harlan Robins, J Jack Lee, Padmanee Sharma, James P Allison, P Andrew Futreal, Ignacio I Wistuba, Jianjun Zhang
Genomic intratumor heterogeneity (ITH) may be associated with postsurgical relapse of localized lung adenocarcinomas. Recently, mutations, through generation of neoantigens, were shown to alter tumor immunogenicity through T-cell responses. Here, we performed sequencing of the T-cell receptor (TCR) in 45 tumor regions from 11 localized lung adenocarcinomas and observed substantial intratumor differences in T-cell density and clonality with the majority of T-cell clones restricted to individual tumor regions...
October 2017: Cancer Discovery
Eileen Murtagh-Kurowski, Michael A Gittelman, Ellis Arjmand
Lacrosse has become increasingly popular among US children and teens. Because a lacrosse ball can serve as a projectile, neck injuries, although uncommon, can cause a severe and long-lasting injury. We report the case of a 16-year-old adolescent who experienced direct neck trauma while playing lacrosse. The clinical presentation, treatment strategies, and intubation considerations are reviewed. Finally, a call to action to prevent future, similar injuries is discussed.
March 2017: Pediatric Emergency Care
Glenn Cunningham, Laurence Belkoff, Gerald Brock, Mitchell Efros, Marc Gittelman, Dario Carrara, Anders Neijber, Masakazu Ando, Jules Mitchel
OBJECTIVE: Testosterone replacement therapy is indicated for male hypogonadism. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of testosterone gel 2% (Tgel) over 90 days. METHODS: This phase 3, open-label, noncomparator study was conducted in adult hypogonadal men (2 consecutive fasting serum testosterone values <300 ng/dL and >86% subjects with symptoms consistent with testosterone deficiency). Subjects applied Tgel 23 mg/day (single pump-actuation using a hands-free cap applicator)...
May 2017: Endocrine Practice
Claus G Roehrborn, Steven N Gange, Marc C Gittelman, Kenneth A Goldberg, Kalpesh Patel, Neal D Shore, Richard M Levin, Michael Rousseau, J Randolf Beahrs, Jed Kaminetsky, Barrett E Cowan, Christopher H Cantrill, Lance A Mynderse, James C Ulchaker, Thayne R Larson, Christopher M Dixon, Kevin T McVary
PURPOSE: We report 2-year outcomes of a multicenter randomized controlled trial plus 1-year results of a crossover trial after treatment with convective radiofrequency water vapor thermal energy for lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 197 men at least 50 years old with I-PSS (International Prostate Symptom Score) 13 or greater, maximum flow rate 15 ml per second or less and prostate size 30 to 80 cc were randomized 2:1 to thermal therapy with the Rezūm® System or a control group...
June 2017: Journal of Urology
Dan-Dan He, Yueer Lu, Rachel Gittelman, Yabin Jin, Fei Ling, Akey Joshua
Viral selection pressure has acted on restriction factors that play an important role in the innate immune system by inhibiting the replication of viruses during primate evolution. Tripartite motif-containing (TRIM) family members are some of these restriction factors. It is becoming increasingly clear that gene expression differences, rather than protein-coding regions changes, could play a vital role in the anti-retroviral immune mechanism. Increasingly, recent studies have created genome-scale catalogues of DNase I hypersensitive sites (DHSs), which demark potentially functional regulatory DNA...
October 12, 2016: Proceedings. Biological Sciences
Brian C Searle, Rachel M Gittelman, Ohad Manor, Joshua M Akey
Gene expression levels are dynamic molecular phenotypes that respond to biological, environmental, and technical perturbations. Here we use a novel replicate-classifier approach for discovering transcriptional signatures and apply it to the Genotype-Tissue Expression data set. We identified many factors contributing to expression heterogeneity, such as collection center and ischemia time, and our approach of scoring replicate classifiers allows us to statistically stratify these factors by effect strength. Strikingly, from transcriptional expression in blood alone we detect markers that help predict heart disease and stroke in some patients...
December 2016: Genetics
Jamie R Macklin, Michael A Gittelman, Sarah A Denny, Hayley Southworth, Melissa Wervey Arnold
BACKGROUND: Despite American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations, many hospitalized infants are not observed in the appropriate safe sleep environment. Caregivers tend to model sleep patterns observed in a hospital setting. This project assessed the change in infant safe sleep practices within 6 children's hospitals after the implementation of a statewide quality improvement program. METHODS: The AAP recruited hospitalists from each of the state's children's hospitals and asked them to form "safe sleep teams" within their institutions...
October 2016: Pediatrics
Aaron Spitz, Marc Gittelman, Lawrence I Karsh, Sanja Dragnic, Ahmed M Soliman, Aditya Lele, Damian Gruca, Michael Norton
INTRODUCTION: Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) with gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogs is a standard treatment for advanced prostate cancer. GnRH analog therapy can reduce testosterone to "castrate" levels, historically defined as <50 ng/dL. With the advent of newer assays, a lower threshold of <20 ng/dL has recently been proposed. We report the results of a retrospective analysis of two Phase III trials of 4- and 6-month depot microsphere formulations of leuprolide acetate (LA), a GnRH agonist that has previously demonstrated efficacy in testosterone suppression to <50 ng/dL in patients on ADT...
2016: Research and Reports in Urology
Michael A Gittelman, Madeline Kincaid, Sarah Denny, Melissa Wervey Arnold, Michael FitzGerald, Adam C Carle, Constance A Mara
BACKGROUND: A standardized injury prevention (IP) screening tool can identify family risks and allow pediatricians to address behaviors. To assess behavior changes on later screens, the tool must be reliable for an individual and ideally between household members. Little research has examined the reliability of safety screening tool questions. This study utilized test-retest reliability of parent responses on an existing IP questionnaire and also compared responses between household parents...
October 2016: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Victoria Wurster Ovalle, Wendy J Pomerantz, Brit L Anderson, Michael A Gittelman
BACKGROUND: Determining at risk populations is essential to developing interventions that prevent injuries. This study examined the rates of severe unintentional injuries among urban versus rural Ohio children. METHODS: Demographic and injury data for children 0 to 14 years old who had unintentional injuries from January 1, 2003, to December 31, 2012, were extracted retrospectively from the Ohio Trauma Acute Care Registry. Cases with no designated county were excluded...
October 2016: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Wendy J Pomerantz, Dawne Gardner, Michael A Gittelman
BACKGROUND: Safety equipment installed in the home can reduce pediatric injuries. The purpose of this study was to compare the proper use of home safety equipment installed by an injury prevention specialist to equipment installed by a family after distribution at a daycare. METHODS: A prospective study involving two daycare organizations from a high-risk community was performed. Both groups consisted of families with children 4 to 24 months old who received a packet containing: cabinet and drawer latches, carbon monoxide (CO) detector, magnetic phone list, and five other items...
October 2016: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Kevin T McVary, Steven N Gange, Marc C Gittelman, Kenneth A Goldberg, Kalpesh Patel, Neal D Shore, Richard M Levin, Michael Rousseau, J Randolf Beahrs, Jed Kaminetsky, Barrett E Cowan, Christopher H Cantrill, Lance A Mynderse, James C Ulchaker, Thayne R Larson, Christopher M Dixon, Claus G Roehrborn
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Journal of Sexual Medicine
Kevin T McVary, Steven N Gange, Marc C Gittelman, Kenneth A Goldberg, Kalpesh Patel, Neal D Shore, Richard M Levin, Michael Rousseau, J Randolf Beahrs, Jed Kaminetsky, Barrett E Cowan, Christopher H Cantrill, Lance A Mynderse, James C Ulchaker, Thayne R Larson, Christopher M Dixon, Claus G Roehrborn
INTRODUCTION: Most surgical treatments for male lower urinary tract symptoms and benign prostatic hyperplasia affect erectile and ejaculatory functions negatively, leading to patient dissatisfaction. AIM: To determine whether water vapor thermal therapy, when conducted in a randomized controlled trial, would significantly improve lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia and urinary flow rate while preserving erectile and ejaculatory functions...
June 2016: Journal of Sexual Medicine
Benjamin Vernot, Serena Tucci, Janet Kelso, Joshua G Schraiber, Aaron B Wolf, Rachel M Gittelman, Michael Dannemann, Steffi Grote, Rajiv C McCoy, Heather Norton, Laura B Scheinfeldt, David A Merriwether, George Koki, Jonathan S Friedlaender, Jon Wakefield, Svante Pääbo, Joshua M Akey
Although Neandertal sequences that persist in the genomes of modern humans have been identified in Eurasians, comparable studies in people whose ancestors hybridized with both Neandertals and Denisovans are lacking. We developed an approach to identify DNA inherited from multiple archaic hominin ancestors and applied it to whole-genome sequences from 1523 geographically diverse individuals, including 35 previously unknown Island Melanesian genomes. In aggregate, we recovered 1.34 gigabases and 303 megabases of the Neandertal and Denisovan genome, respectively...
April 8, 2016: Science
Collette Fitzgerald, Mary Patrick, Anthony Gonzalez, Joshua Akin, Christopher R Polage, Kate Wymore, Laura Gillim-Ross, Karen Xavier, Jennifer Sadlowski, Jan Monahan, Sharon Hurd, Suzanne Dahlberg, Robert Jerris, Renee Watson, Monica Santovenia, David Mitchell, Cassandra Harrison, Melissa Tobin-D'Angelo, Mary DeMartino, Michael Pentella, Jafar Razeq, Celere Leonard, Carrianne Jung, Ria Achong-Bowe, Yaaqobah Evans, Damini Jain, Billie Juni, Fe Leano, Trisha Robinson, Kirk Smith, Rachel M Gittelman, Charles Garrigan, Irving Nachamkin
The use of culture-independent diagnostic tests (CIDTs), such as stool antigen tests, as standalone tests for the detection of Campylobacter in stool is increasing. We conducted a prospective, multicenter study to evaluate the performance of stool antigen CIDTs compared to culture and PCR for Campylobacter detection. Between July and October 2010, we tested 2,767 stool specimens from patients with gastrointestinal illness with the following methods: four types of Campylobacter selective media, four commercial stool antigen assays, and a commercial PCR assay...
May 2016: Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Richard A Falcone, Patrick Edmunds, Emily Lee, Dawne Gardner, Kimberly Price, Michael Gittelman, Wendy Pomerantz, John Besl, Gowri Madhavan, Kieran J Phelan
BACKGROUND: Home based injuries account for a significant number of injuries to children between 1 and 5years old. Evidence-based safety interventions delivered in the home with installation of safety equipment have been demonstrated to reduce injury rates. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of a community based volunteer implemented home safety intervention. METHODS: In partnership with a community with high injury rates for children between 1 and 5years old, a home safety bundle was developed and implemented by volunteers...
July 2016: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
Kevin T McVary, Steven N Gange, Marc C Gittelman, Kenneth A Goldberg, Kalpesh Patel, Neal D Shore, Richard M Levin, Michael Rousseau, J Randolf Beahrs, Jed Kaminetsky, Barrett E Cowan, Christopher H Cantrill, Lance A Mynderse, James C Ulchaker, Thayne R Larson, Christopher M Dixon, Claus G Roehrborn
PURPOSE: This report reveals the results of a multicenter, randomized, controlled study using transurethral prostate convective water vapor thermal energy to treat lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Men 50 years old or older with an International Prostate Symptom Score of 13 or greater, maximum flow rate of 15 ml per second or less and prostate size 30 to 80 cc were randomized 2:1 between thermal therapy with the Rezūm® System and control...
May 2016: Journal of Urology
Neil L Spector, Faith C Robertson, Sarah Bacus, Kimberly Blackwell, Deborah A Smith, Kelli Glenn, Leanne Cartee, Jennifer Harris, Carie L Kimbrough, Mark Gittelman, Eli Avisar, Peter Beitsch, Kevin M Koch
PURPOSE: The paradigm shift in cancer treatment from cytotoxic drugs to tumor targeted therapies poses new challenges, including optimization of dose and schedule based on a biologically effective dose, rather than the historical maximum tolerated dose. Optimal dosing is currently determined using concentrations of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in plasma as a surrogate for tumor concentrations. To examine this plasma-tumor relationship, we explored the association between lapatinib levels in tumor and plasma in mice and humans, and those effects on phosphorylation of human epidermal growth factor receptors (HER) in human tumors...
2015: PloS One
Claus G Roehrborn, Franklin C Lowe, Marc Gittelman, Jan M Wruck, Anna E Verbeek
PURPOSE: We determine if men with self-reported lower urinary tract symptoms can make a correct decision to use an over-the-counter alpha-1 blocker. Furthermore, we assess the frequency of medically significant conditions presenting with urinary symptoms in these consumers. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Subjects reviewed a mock-up of an over-the-counter product for male lower urinary tract symptoms (part 1). Subjects who selected the product underwent urine dipstick testing and male subjects completed the AUA Symptom Index (part 2)...
January 2016: Journal of Urology
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