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Elisabeth Mj Dokter, Karen Ma Slikboer, Loes Fm van der Zanden, Janette C Rahamat-Langendoen, Stefanie Sv Henriet, Wout Fj Feitz, Barbara Bm Kortmann, Nel Roeleveld, Iris Alm van Rooij
BACKGROUND: Preoperative illnesses might induce immunosuppression and subsequently increase morbidity after surgery. Several studies have tried to identify risk factors for complications after hypospadias correction, but effects of illnesses in the weeks just before surgery are unknown. We aimed to determine the associations between preoperative illnesses not severe enough to postpone surgery and short-term complications after hypospadias repair in children. METHODS: In this retrospective cohort study, data were collected from 681 children with anterior or middle type hypospadias that had initial one-stage repair in the period 1983-2012 in the Radboudumc, The Netherlands...
March 31, 2018: Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal
F Hinten, A Molijn, L Eckhardt, L F A G Massuger, W Quint, P Bult, J Bulten, W J G Melchers, J A de Hullu
BACKGROUND: Two etiologic pathways for vulvar squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are described: in a background of lichen sclerosus and/or differentiated vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia and related to high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infection with high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL) as precursor. The aim was to compare the predilection site and survival of HPV-related to non HPV-related vulvar SCCs. METHODS: Data of patients treated for primary vulvar SCC at the Radboudumc between March 1988 and January 2015 were analyzed...
May 2018: Gynecologic Oncology
Anouk J M Rombouts, Issam Al-Najami, Natalie L Abbott, Ane Appelt, Gunnar Baatrup, Simon Bach, Aneel Bhangu, Karen-Lise Garm Spindler, Richard Gray, Kelly Handley, Manjinder Kaur, Ellen Kerkhof, Camilla Jensenius Kronborg, Laura Magill, Corrie A M Marijnen, Iris D Nagtegaal, Lars Nyvang, Femke P Peters, Per Pfeiffer, Cornelis Punt, Philip Quirke, David Sebag-Montefiore, Mark Teo, Nick West, Johannes H W de Wilt
INTRODUCTION: Total mesorectal excision (TME) is the highly effective standard treatment for rectal cancer but is associated with significant morbidity and may be overtreatment for low-risk cancers. This study is designed to determine the feasibility of international recruitment in a study comparing organ-saving approaches versus standard TME surgery. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: STAR-TREC trial is a multicentre international randomised, three-arm parallel, phase II feasibility study in patients with biopsy-proven adenocarcinoma of the rectum...
December 28, 2017: BMJ Open
J J Koksma, T van Woezik, S van den Bosch, C van den Bergh, L Geerling, J E Keunen
In 2016 and 2017, we started an innovative learning track in the Radboudumc that combines arts and medical education, and appraised the learning processes involved. The voluntary track was followed by 32 and 30 participants respectively, mostly interns and a few residents. The initiative built upon the ideas of several American educational developments which incorporated museum visits. We extended the format by having participants join artists in their studios, to allow students to have an immersive experience of a different discipline, rather than only observing its end products...
2017: Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde
B van Vlijmen, L van Gool, H Repping-Wuts, T Ketels, M Kerstens, D Burger, A Hermus, J Smit
OBJECTIVE: To survey patients' experiences with the switch from an originator biologic to a biosimilar growth hormone. DESIGN: Questionnaire. METHOD: We developed a questionnaire in which patients were asked about their experiences with the switch from an originator biologic to a biosimilar growth hormone. The questionnaire was distributed to all 207 patients who were switched to the biosimilar in the Radboudumc since April 2014. The following topics were covered: (a) difficulties experienced in switching from originator to biosimilar; (b) patient education; (c) effectiveness of the biosimilar product; (d) possible adverse effects experienced; and (e) experience with application of the new injection system for the biosimilar...
2017: Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde
Roos J Blankespoor, Melanie P J Schellekens, Sandra H Vos, Anne E M Speckens, Brigit A de Jong
Patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) often suffer from psychological distress and cognitive dysfunctioning. These factors negatively impact the health-related quality of life. Only recently behavioral therapeutic approaches are being used to treat psychological distress in MS. The aim of the present pilot study was not only to investigate the effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) on psychological distress but also to explore whether it can improve cognitive functioning among patients with MS...
2017: Mindfulness
Eveline Kersten, Maartje J Geerlings, Anneke I den Hollander, Eiko K de Jong, Sascha Fauser, Tunde Peto, Carel B Hoyng
Importance: Rare variants in the complement factor H (CFH) gene and their association with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have been described. However, there is limited literature on the phenotypes accompanying these rare variants. Phenotypical characteristics could help ophthalmologists select patients for additional genetic testing. Objective: To describe the phenotypical characteristics of patients with AMD carrying a rare variant in the CFH gene. Design, Setting, and Participants: In this cross-sectional study, we searched the genetic database of the department of ophthalmology at the Radboudumc (tertiary ophthalmologic referral center) and the European Genetic Database for patients with AMD with a rare genetic variant in the CFH gene...
October 1, 2017: JAMA Ophthalmology
Marloes Engelen, Doke J M Buurman, Ewald M Bronkhorst, Céleste C M van Heumen
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: The Liverpool Oral Rehabilitation Questionnaire (LORQ) is a health-related quality of life instrument assessing the impact of oral rehabilitation on patients' health-related quality of life. Because a validated Dutch version of the LORQ is not available, the questionnaire cannot be used in the Netherlands. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to translate and adapt the LORQv3 into a Dutch-language version and to evaluate the internal consistency, reliability, and validity of the resulting LORQv3-NL...
February 2018: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Ansje S Fortuin, Roger Brüggemann, Janine van der Linden, Ilia Panfilov, Bas Israël, Tom W J Scheenen, Jelle O Barentsz
In the past 15 years, encouraging clinical results for the detection of small lymph node metastases was obtained by the use of Combidex-enhanced MRI (CEM, also known as magnetic resonance lymphography). Withdrawal of the European Medicines Agency approval application by the manufacturer made it impossible for patients to benefit from this agent; a loss, especially for men with prostate cancer. Current conventional imaging techniques are not as accurate as CEM is, thus a surgical diagnostic exploration (extended lymph node dissection) is still the preferred technique to evaluate the lymph nodes, resulting in peri- and postoperative complications...
January 2018: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews. Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology
Judith L Bonnes, Jos Thannhauser, Joris Nas, Sjoerd W Westra, Rutger M G Jansen, Gjerrit Meinsma, Menko-Jan de Boer, Joep L R M Smeets, Wessel Keuper, Marc A Brouwer
BACKGROUND: Despite a promising association between VF waveform characteristics and prognosis after resuscitation, studies with VF-guided treatment have so far not improved outcomes. While driven by the idea that the VF waveform reflects arrest duration, increasing evidence suggests that pre-existent disease-related changes of the myocardium affect ECG-characteristics of VF as well. In this context, we studied the impact of the left ventricular (LV) diameter and mass. METHODS: Cohort of 193 ICD-patients with defibrillation testing at the Radboudumc (2010-2014)...
June 2017: Resuscitation
Jan-Willem G H Wetzels, Gert J Meijer, Ron Koole, Eddy M Adang, Matthias A W Merkx, Caroline M Speksnijder
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to compare costs and clinical outcomes of two protocols for implant placement in edentulous oral cancer patients: implant placement during ablative surgery and postponed implant placement. MATERIAL AND METHODS: All edentulous patients who underwent curative tumor surgery between 2007 and 2009 at the Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc) and UMC Utrecht, both in the Netherlands, were included retrospectively. At the Radboudumc, 79 of 98 patients received implants during ablative surgery...
November 2017: Clinical Oral Implants Research
Romy van de Putte, Charlotte H W Wijers, Ivo de Blaauw, Carlo L M Marcelis, Cornelius E J Sloots, Alice S Brooks, Paul M A Broens, Nel Roeleveld, Loes F M van der Zanden, Iris A L M van Rooij
STUDY QUESTION: Are anorectal malformations (ARMs) associated with previous miscarriages or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4 (BMP4) and GLI family zinc finger 2 (GLI2) genes? SUMMARY ANSWER: The SNP rs3738880 in GLI2 and miscarriages were associated with ARM, especially in patients with multiple congenital anomalies (MCA). WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: ARM are one of the most common birth defects of the gastrointestinal tract...
February 2017: Human Reproduction
Lisa C Martial, Ruud H J Verstegen, Elisabeth A M Cornelissen, Rob E Aarnoutse, Michiel F Schreuder, Roger J M Brüggemann
OBJECTIVES: The Radboudumc Amalia Children's hospital in the Netherlands has a programme for renal transplantation in children aged ≤4 years. Children receive chronic corticosteroid sparing immunosuppressive therapy that consists of tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil. This work aimed to describe the PK of tacrolimus in children ≤4 years with renal transplants. METHODS: Paediatric renal transplant patients aged ≤4 years were included in this analysis. A PK curve of tacrolimus recorded ≤3 weeks after transplantation has been standard of care in our institution and aided in adjusting the dose in each patient to attain a target AUC0-12h of 210 μg h/l early after transplantation...
November 2016: Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Catelijne H Coppens, Lenie van den Engel-Hoek, Horst Scharbatke, Sandra A F de Groot, Jos M T Draaisma
UNLABELLED: Dysphagia is a common problem in children with repaired oesophageal atresia (OA). Abnormalities in the oropharyngeal and oesophageal phase have hardly been studied. The aims of this study were to assess the prevalence of dysphagia in children with repaired OA and to identify and differentiate oral and pharyngeal dysphagia based on videofluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS) findings in a limited number of children in this cohort. Medical records of 111 patients, born between January 1996 and July 2013 and treated at the Radboudumc Amalia Children's Hospital, were retrospectively reviewed...
September 2016: European Journal of Pediatrics
Sytske Jansen, Olga Meulenbroek, Marcel G M Olde Rikkert
INTRODUCTION: The National Research Agenda (NWA) assembles topics on which scientist can focus in the coming years. A study carried out by de Radboudumc in Nijmegen examined how many questions are put to the NWA on dementia and ageing. What priority does society give to this research field and who ask questions about this? With the method of the NWA as reference frame a supplementary route on dementia/ageing was proposed. RESULTS: Of the 11.700 questions submitted to the NWA almost 2...
September 2016: Tijdschrift Voor Gerontologie en Geriatrie
Rebecca M Koch, Matthijs Kox, Peter Pickkers, Marien I de Jonge
The "experimental cold model" is widely used to investigate effects of HRV infection. However, effects of serostatus and gender on the HRV-induced immune response have not been clarified. 40 healthy seropositive and seronegative (1:1) male and female (1:1) subjects were inoculated with HRV-16. HRV infection increased viral load in nasal wash, which tended to be more pronounced in seronegative subjects. Furthermore, HRV infection increased levels of IP-10, IL-6, and IL-10 and leukocyte numbers in nasal wash of seronegative, but not of seropositive subjects...
July 29, 2016: Vaccine
Jos Hendrikx, Wietske Kievit, Jaap Fransen, Piet L C M van Riel
OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this study were twofold: to assess if there are independent effects of variables representing patients' perceptions of disease on intensification of drug therapy in patients with RA seen in daily practice; and to test the hypothesis that effects of patients' perceptions of disease are mediated through patient self-reported willingness to alter therapy. METHODS: Before being seen by a physician, consecutive patients with RA, attending the Radboudumc outpatient rheumatology clinic, were asked to fill out a short questionnaire regarding the following four items: perceived health change, satisfaction with current health, willingness to change therapy and expected health change until the next visit...
November 2016: Rheumatology
Judith L Bonnes, Sjoerd W Westra, Leon H R Bouwels, Menko Jan DE Boer, Marc A Brouwer, Joep L R M Smeets
INTRODUCTION: In view of the shift from routine toward no or selective defibrillation testing, optimization of the current risk stratification for inadequate defibrillation safety margins (DSMs) could improve individualized testing decisions. Given the pathophysiological differences in myocardial substrate between ischemic and nonischemic heart disease (IHD/non-IHD) and the accompanying differences in clinical characteristics, we studied inadequate DSMs and their predictors in relation to the underlying etiology...
May 2016: Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology
Joanna Lange, Lucjan S Wyrwicz, Gert Vriend
UNLABELLED: Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) lack tertiary structure and thus differ from globular proteins in terms of their sequence-structure-function relations. IDPs have lower sequence conservation, different types of active sites and a different distribution of functionally important regions, which altogether make their multiple sequence alignment (MSA) difficult. The KMAD MSA software has been written specifically for the alignment and annotation of IDPs. It augments the substitution matrix with knowledge about post-translational modifications, functional domains and short linear motifs...
March 15, 2016: Bioinformatics
Judith L Bonnes, Jos Thannhauser, Mathilde C Hermans, Sjoerd W Westra, Thom F Oostendorp, Gjerrit Meinsma, Menko Jan de Boer, Marc A Brouwer, Joep L R M Smeets
BACKGROUND: Characteristics of the ventricular fibrillation (VF) waveform reflect arrest duration and have been incorporated in studies on algorithms to guide resuscitative interventions. Findings in animals indicate that VF characteristics are also affected by the presence of a previous myocardial infarction (MI). As studies in humans are scarce, we assessed the impact of a previous MI on VF characteristics in ICD-patients. METHODS: Prospective cohort of ICD-patients (n=190) with defibrillation testing at the Radboudumc (2010-2013)...
November 2015: Resuscitation
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