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Soshi Kusunoki, Kuan-Gen Huang, Angelito Magno
OBJECTIVE: There are some reports of cervical cancer with uterus didelphys but a case of clear cell carcinoma (CCCC) with Obstructed Hemivagina and Ipsilateral Renal Anomaly (OHVIRA) syndrome is extremely rare. The aim of this paper was to report a case of CCCC with OHVIRA syndrome and the difficulty in making a preoperative diagnosis. CASE REPORT: A 65 years old woman presented with postmenopausal bleeding and pelvic examination showed right paracervical mass. Preoperative confirmation of cervical carcinoma was difficult due to the location of the mass, which was inaccessible by cervical punch biopsy...
February 2018: Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology
John K Leypoldt, Baris U Agar, Alfred K Cheung, Angelito A Bernardo
A pseudo-one compartment model has been proposed to describe phosphorus kinetics during hemodialysis and the immediate post-dialysis period. This model assumes that phosphorus mobilization from tissues is proportional to the difference between the pre-dialysis serum concentration (a constant) and the instantaneous serum concentration. The current study is exploratory and evaluated the ability of a pseudo-one compartment model to describe the kinetics of phosphorus during two short hemodialysis treatments separated by a 60-min inter-treatment period without dialysis; the latter is the post-dialysis rebound period for the first short hemodialysis treatment...
November 2017: Artificial Organs
Henry Jay Forman, Angelito Bernardo, Kelvin J A Davies
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 20, 2016: Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Jeffrey A Klein, Stevan A Gonzalez, Bernard V Fischbach, Angelito F Yango, Arthi Rajagopal, Kim M Rice, Muhammad Saim, Yousri M Barri, Larry B Melton, Goran B Klintmalm, Arun Chandrakantan
Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) has a high incidence in the kidney transplant population and annual surveillance detects these tumors early in their natural history. Minimal guidelines exist regarding RCC surveillance in ESRD patients awaiting transplant. A retrospective review of our kidney transplant database examined the outcomes of annual ultrasonographic surveillance during initial kidney transplant evaluation and upon annual reassessment. Of 2642 patients listed for transplant, 145 patients were found to have masses during initial kidney transplant evaluation or annual imaging consistent with new complex cystic disease or RCC...
August 2016: Clinical Transplantation
Angelito A Bernardo, Thomas C Marbury, Phil A McFarlane, Robert P Pauly, Michael Amdahl, Jason Demers, Audrey M Hutchcraft, John K Leypoldt, Mark Minkus, Matt Muller, Ruth Stallard, Bruce F Culleton
Background: The VIVIA Hemodialysis System (Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Deerfield, IL, USA) was designed for patient use at home to reduce the burden of treatment and improve patient safety. It has unique features including extended use of the dialyzer and blood set through in situ hot-water disinfection between treatments; generation of on-line infusible-quality dialysate for automated priming, rinseback and hemodynamic support during hypotension and a fully integrated access disconnect sensor...
April 1, 2017: Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation
Henry Jay Forman, Angelito Bernardo, Kelvin J A Davies
The concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in blood and plasma is a measurement that has often been made, but the absolute values remain unsettled due the great variability of results actually published in the literature. As in every tissue, the concentration of H2O2 in blood and plasma is determined by the dynamics of its production versus its removal. The major sources of H2O2 in cells will only be briefly described as they are already well documented, The production of H2O2 in red blood cells will be described as it is less well known...
August 1, 2016: Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Jeffrey Klein, Michael Kuperman, Clinton Haley, Yousri Barri, Arun Chandrakantan, Bernard Fischbach, Larry Melton, Kim Rice, Muhammad Saim, Angelito Yango, Goran Klintmalm, Arthi Rajagopal
We report a late presentation of adenovirus-induced renal allograft and bladder infection causing azotemia and hemorrhagic cystitis in a patient 5 years after simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplantation. Adenovirus has been increasingly recognized as a cause of morbidity and mortality in both solid organ and stem cell transplant recipients. We wish to emphasize the importance of early detection, as treatment options involve reduction of immunosuppression, followed by the addition of antiviral agents and supportive care...
October 2015: Proceedings of the Baylor University Medical Center
Angelito A Silverio, Wen-Yaw Chung, Cheanyeh Cheng, Hai-Lung Wang, Chien-Min Kung, Jun Chen, Vincent F S Tsai
It is important to control daily diet, water intake and life style as well as monitor the quality of urine for urolithiasis prevention. For decades, many ion-related indices have been developed for predicting the formation of urinary stones or urolithiasis, such as EQUILs, relative supersaturation (RSS), Tiselius indices (TI), Robertson risk factor algorithms (RRFA) and more recently, the Bonn risk index. However, they mostly demand robust laboratory analysis, are work-intensive, and even require complex computational programs to get the concentration patterns of several urine analytes...
April 2016: Urolithiasis
Angelito I Nepomuceno, David C Muddiman, James N Petitte
Laser microdissection (LMD) was utilized for the separation of the yolk, follicular wall (granulosa and theca), and surrounding stromal cells of small white follicles (SWF) obtained from reproductively active domestic fowl. Herein, we provide an in situ proteomics-based approach to studying follicular development through the use of LMD and mass spectrometry. This study resulted in a total of 2889 proteins identified from the three specific isolated compartments. White yolk from the smallest avian follicles resulted in the identification of 1984 proteins, while isolated follicular wall and ovarian stroma yielded 2470 and 2456 proteins, respectively...
September 4, 2015: Journal of Proteome Research
John K Leypoldt, Baris U Agar, Angelito A Bernardo, Bruce F Culleton
The prescription of dialysate potassium concentration during short daily and long nocturnal (high dose) hemodialysis (HD) is challenging due to limited clinical experience with such modalities. The aim here is to propose a quantitative approach for prescribing dialysate potassium concentrations during high-dose HD. Potassium kinetic parameters based on a pseudo one-compartment model from 547 patients participating in the HEMO Study were used for prediction purposes in this study. Patients were categorized based on the prescribed dialysate potassium concentration during thrice weekly HD as 1K (mean of 1...
April 2016: Hemodialysis International
Angelito I Nepomuceno, Huanjie Shao, Kai Jing, Yibao Ma, James N Petitte, Michael O Idowu, David C Muddiman, Xianjun Fang, Adam M Hawkridge
Ovarian cancer (OVC) remains the most lethal gynecological malignancy in the world due to the combined lack of early-stage diagnostics and effective therapeutic strategies. The development and application of advanced proteomics technology and new experimental models has created unique opportunities for translational studies. In this study, we investigated the ovarian cancer proteome of the chicken, an emerging experimental model of OVC that develops ovarian tumors spontaneously. Matched plasma, ovary, and oviduct tissue biospecimens derived from healthy, early-stage OVC, and late-stage OVC birds were quantitatively characterized by label-free proteomics...
September 2015: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Justin Schilling, Angelito I Nepomuceno, Antonio Planchart, Jeffrey A Yoder, Robert M Kelly, David C Muddiman, Harry V Daniels, Naoshi Hiramatsu, Benjamin J Reading
With growing abundance and awareness of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in the environment, there is a need for accurate and reliable detection of EDC exposure. Our objective in the present study was to observe differences within and between the global plasma proteomes of sexually mature male and female white perch (Morone americana) before (Initial Control, IC) and after 17β-estradiol (E2 ) induction. Semiquantitative nanoLC-MS/MS data were analyzed by machine learning support vector machines (SVMs) and by two-way ANOVA...
August 2015: Proteomics
Jonathan R Hall, Michael S Bereman, Angelito I Nepomuceno, Elizabeth A Thompson, David C Muddiman, Robert C Smart
The bZIP transcription factor, C/EBPα is highly inducible by UVB and other DNA damaging agents in keratinocytes. C/EBPα-deficient keratinocytes fail to undergo cell cycle arrest in G1 in response to UVB-induced DNA damage and mice lacking epidermal C/EBPα are highly susceptible to UVB-induced skin cancer. The mechanism through which C/EBPα regulates the cell cycle checkpoint in response to DNA damage is unknown. Here we report untreated C/EBPα-deficient keratinocytes have normal levels of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, p21, however, UVB-treated C/EBPα-deficient keratinocytes fail to up-regulate nuclear p21 protein levels despite normal up-regulation of Cdkn1a mRNA levels...
2014: Cell Cycle
Angelito F Yango, Bernard V Fischbach, Marlon Levy, Arun Chandrakantan, Valerie Tan, Cedric Spak, Larry Melton, Kim Rice, Yousri Barri, Arthi Rajagopal, Goran Klintmalm
BACKGROUND: In 2012, the United States experienced one of its worst West Nile virus (WNV) epidemics, reporting 5,387 human cases and final death toll of 243. Texas was at the epicenter of the outbreak, with 1,875 reported cases and 89 deaths that year. The Texas outbreak centered mainly in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where 30 deaths were reported. We report three cases of severe WNV infection complicated by meningoencephalitis in our organ transplant population. METHODS: Clinical data were collected from chart review...
May 15, 2014: Transplantation
Hsi-Chuan Chen, Jina Song, Jack P Wang, Ying-Chung Lin, Joel Ducoste, Christopher M Shuford, Jie Liu, Quanzi Li, Rui Shi, Angelito Nepomuceno, Fikret Isik, David C Muddiman, Cranos Williams, Ronald R Sederoff, Vincent L Chiang
As a step toward predictive modeling of flux through the pathway of monolignol biosynthesis in stem differentiating xylem of Populus trichocarpa, we discovered that the two 4-coumaric acid:CoA ligase (4CL) isoforms, 4CL3 and 4CL5, interact in vivo and in vitro to form a heterotetrameric protein complex. This conclusion is based on laser microdissection, coimmunoprecipitation, chemical cross-linking, bimolecular fluorescence complementation, and mass spectrometry. The tetramer is composed of three subunits of 4CL3 and one of 4CL5...
March 2014: Plant Cell
Justin Schilling, Angelito Nepomuceno, Jennifer E Schaff, David C Muddiman, Harry V Daniels, Benjamin J Reading
Compartment proteomics enable broad characterization of target tissues. We employed a simple fractionation method and filter-aided sample preparation (FASP) to characterize the cytosolic and membrane fractions of white perch ovary tissues by semiquantitative tandem mass spectrometry using label-free quantitation based on normalized spectral counts. FASP depletes both low-molecular-weight and high-molecular-weight substances that could interfere with protein digestion and subsequent peptide separation and detection...
March 7, 2014: Journal of Proteome Research
Angelito F Yango, Bernard V Fischbach, Marlon Levy, Arun Chandrakantan, Valerie Tan, Cedric Spak, Larry Melton, Kim Rice, Yousri Barri, Arthi Rajagopal, Goran Klintmalm
BACKGROUND: In 2012, the United States experienced one of its worst West Nile virus (WNV) epidemics, reporting 5,387 human cases and final death toll of 243. Texas was at the epicenter of the outbreak, with 1,875 reported cases and 89 deaths that year. The Texas outbreak centered mainly in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where 30 deaths were reported. We report three cases of severe WNV infection complicated by meningoencephalitis in our organ transplant population. METHODS: Clinical data were collected from chart review...
January 8, 2014: Transplantation
Angelito I Nepomuceno, Radiance J Gibson, Shan M Randall, David C Muddiman
Deamidation of asparagine and glutamine residues is a common post-translational modification. Researchers often rely on mass spectrometric based proteomic techniques for the identification of these post-translational sites. Mass spectral analysis of deamidated peptides is complicated and often misassigned due to overlapping (13)C peak of the amidated form with the deamidated monoisotopic peak; these two peaks are only separated by 19.34 mDa. For proper assignment, it is inherently important to use a mass spectrometer with high mass measurement accuracy and high resolving power...
February 7, 2014: Journal of Proteome Research
Brittany L White, Emine Gökce, Angelito I Nepomuceno, David C Muddiman, Timothy H Sanders, Jack P Davis
To investigate the protein composition and potential allergenicity of peanut testae or skins, proteome analysis was conducted using nanoLC-MS/MS sequencing. Initial amino acid analysis suggested differences in protein compositions between the blanched seed (skins removed) and skin. Phenolic compounds hindered analysis of proteins in skins when the conventional extraction method was used; therefore, phenol extraction of proteins was necessary. A total of 123 proteins were identified in blanched seed and skins, and 83 of the proteins were common between the two structures...
April 24, 2013: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
John T Daugirdas, Angelito A Bernardo
Substantial activation of platelets can occur in the course of hemodialysis. Platelet surface markers show evidence of platelet degranulation. Some activation occurs due to exposure of blood to the roller pump segment and microbubbles may play a role. Platelet activation seems to be reduced with reused dialyzers or with those containing synthetic versus cellulosic membranes. Nevertheless, a substantial degree of platelet activation can be demonstrated with polysulfone and other synthetic membranes; the amount of activation may differ substantially among polysulfone membranes, depending on the manufacturer and the polyvinylpyrrolidone content...
July 2012: Kidney International
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