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Cholecyst carcinoma

C-L Liu, X-X Zang, H Huang, H Zhang, C Wang, Y-L Kong, H-Y Zhang
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the expression of B7-H3 and B7-H4 and their clinical implications in human gallbladder carcinoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The expression of B7-H3 and B7-H4 in the 252 samples (126 cases of chronic cholecystitis and 126 cases of gallbladder cancer) was detected by the streptavidin-peroxidase immunohistochemical method, and their associations with tumor classification, clinical grade, and recurrence were assessed. RESULTS: In chronic cholecystitis tissue, B7-H3 and B7-H4 were not detected...
November 2016: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
Krashna Patel, Khaled Dajani, Satheesh Iype, Nikolaos A Chatzizacharias, Saranya Vickramarajah, Prateush Singh, Susan Davies, Rebecca Brais, Siong S Liau, Simon Harper, Asif Jah, Raaj K Praseedom, Emmanuel L Huguet
AIM: To analyse the range of histopathology detected in the largest published United Kingdom series of cholecystectomy specimens and to evaluate the rational for selective histopathological analysis. METHODS: Incidental gallbladder malignancy is rare in the United Kingdom with recent literature supporting selective histological assessment of gallbladders after routine cholecystectomy. All cholecystectomy gallbladder specimens examined by the histopathology department at our hospital during a five year period between March 2008 and March 2013 were retrospectively analysed...
October 27, 2016: World Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Kishore Rajaguru, Siddharth Mehrotra, Shailendra Lalwani, Vivek Mangla, Naimish Mehta, Samiran Nundy
BACKGROUND: Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis (XGC) is an uncommon variant of chronic cholecystitis, characterized by a focal or diffuse destructive inflammatory process. The importance of XGC is that it mimics gall bladder carcinoma (GBC) both preoperatively and intra-operatively, as it can present with pericholecystic infiltration, hepatic involvement and lymphadenopathy. As a result of a misdiagnosis, which is not infrequent, the patient may undergo an unnecessary radical cholecystectomy rather than only a cholecystectomy, which is associated with a greater morbidity and mortality...
September 6, 2016: ANZ Journal of Surgery
Swati Kumari, Shikha Tewari, Nuzhat Husain, Akash Agarwal, Anshuman Pandey, Ashish Singhal, Mohtashim Lohani
Gall bladder Carcinoma (GBC) is the fifth most common cancer of the digestive tract and frequently diagnosed in late stage of disease. Estimation of circulating free DNA (cfDNA) in serum has been applied as a "liquid biopsy" in several deep seated malignancies. Its value in diagnosis of gall bladder carcinoma has not been studied. The present study was designed to assess the role of cfDNA in the diagnosis of GBC and correlate levels with the TNM stage. Serum was collected from 34 patients with GBC and 39 age and sex matched controls including 22 cholecystitis and 17 healthy individuals...
July 30, 2016: Pathology Oncology Research: POR
Toshiyuki Adachi, Masashi Haraguchi, Junji Irie, Tomoko Yoshimoto, Ryohei Uehara, Shinichiro Ito, Hirotaka Tokai, Kazumasa Noda, Nobuhiro Tada, Masataka Hirabaru, Keiji Inoue, Shigeki Minami, Susumu Eguchi
Gallbladder small cell carcinoma (SCC) comprises only 0.5 % of all gallbladder cancer and consists of aggressive tumors with poor survival outcomes against current treatments. These tumors are most common in elderly females, particularly those with cholecystolithiasis. We report the case of a 79-year-old woman with gallbladder small cell carcinoma. The patient had intermittent right upper quadrant abdominal pain and was admitted to our hospital due to suspected acute cholecystitis. She regularly received medical treatment for diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia...
December 2016: Surgical Case Reports
Suguru Yamashita, Evelyne Loyer, Yun Shin Chun, Milind Javle, Jeffrey E Lee, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey, Claudius Conrad
BACKGROUND: In the era of laparoscopic cholecystectomy, incidentally discovered gallbladder cancer (IGBC) has become a common clinical presentation.1 A consensus exists that radical resection should be performed for IGBC patients with T1b or more advanced tumors.2 Although the oncologic safety of laparoscopic treatment for selected patients with gallbladder cancer (GBC) has been demonstrated, a laparoscopic approach for IGBC remains uncommonly practiced due to the technical challenge of the frequently reoperative cases...
July 25, 2016: Annals of Surgical Oncology
Rashmi Patnayak, Venkatarami Reddy, Amitabh Jena, Siva Gavini, Asha Thota, Rukamangadha Nandyala, Amit Kumar Chowhan
INTRODUCTION: Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) is associated with gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastric carcinoma and gastric lymphoma. Current literature describes presence of H.pylori in various extra-gastric locations and its association with many diseases. Apart from the conventional location of gastric and duodenal mucosa, H.pylori have been isolated and cultured from gallbladder. AIM: Analysis of cholecystectomy specimens to detect H.pylori by means of immunohistochemical staining...
May 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Libby R Copeland-Halperin, Kunal Kapoor, James B Piper
We report a patient with previous biliary symptoms and endoscopic interventions who presented with clinical features suggestive of choledocholithiasis. Open surgical exploration disclosed three gallbladders with copious stones and varying degrees of acute and chronic inflammation. Literature review revealed only 16 previously reported cases. We review the aetiology of triple gallbladder as being due to failure of rudimentary bile ducts to regress during embryological development, as well as the classification scheme of triple gallbladder based on size, location and number...
2016: BMJ Case Reports
Sean M Wrenn, Peter W Callas, Wasef Abu-Jaish
BACKGROUND: Cholecystectomy is one of the most commonly performed general surgery procedures in the USA. It is most frequently performed for benign biliary disease such as biliary colic or cholecystitis; however, resected specimens are frequently sent for histopathological analysis due to the perceived risk of incidental gallbladder carcinoma (iGBC). The principle aim of this study is to review the pathology results from gallbladder specimens sent for routine pathology, determine the incidence of iGBC in our population, and determine whether surgeons need to send specimens for further analysis if no preoperative or intraoperative suspicion for malignancy is present...
June 20, 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
Yao Liu, Kai Wang, Heng Liu
Gallbladder tuberculosis (GT) is extremely rare, and it is difficult to differentiate from other gallbladder diseases, such as gallbladder carcinoma and Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis. A correct preoperative diagnosis of GT is difficult. The final diagnosis is usually made postoperatively according to surgical biopsy. Here, we report a case of a patient who underwent surgery with the preoperative diagnosis of gallbladder carcinoma. We reviewed the literature and present the process of differential diagnosis between two or more conditions that share similar signs or symptoms...
2016: Case Reports in Hepatology
J F Gerstenmaier, K N Hoang, R N Gibson
With its excellent contrast and spatial resolution, and the ability to image in real-time, ultrasound is the main imaging modality for assessing the gallbladder (GB). The application of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) of the GB is now increasingly recognized as a useful addition to ultrasound and other cross-sectional imaging in the assessment of neoplastic and non-neoplastic GB disease. With the ability to image microcirculation and optimal contrast resolution, CEUS allows high-quality delineation in real-time, allowing for increased diagnostic confidence...
August 2016: Abdominal Radiology
R Hadi, M C Pant, N Husain, A Singhal, R Khurana, G R Agarwal, S Masood, N P Awashthi
BACKGROUND: Gallbladder cancer (GBC) is the most common malignancy of the biliary tract in India. Despite the recent advancement in the understanding of the cancer biology, the disease still remains a therapeutic challenge with poor prognosis and low survival. Surgery is the primary modality of treatment and rest of the modalities are basically adjuvant in nature. This study was performed to evaluate the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 HER-2/neu) expression in GBC...
January 2016: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Hai-Xia Yuan, Wen-Ping Wang, Jie-Xian Wen, Zheng-Biao Ji, Hong Ding, Bei-Jian Huang, Chao-Lun Li
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in differential diagnosis of Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis (XGC). MATERIAL AND METHODS: Patients of 17 XGCs and 43 wall-thickening gallbladder carcinomas (GBCs) were enrolled in this study. Firstly, we compared the ability of conventional ultrasound (CUS) and CEUS in detecting gallbladder (GB) features. Secondly, XGCs and GBCs features were compared on CEUS. Finally, all valuable indicators were ranked by Odds ratio...
February 2016: Discovery Medicine
Vaibhav P Singh, S Rajesh, Chhagan Bihari, Saloni N Desai, Sudheer S Pargewar, Ankur Arora
Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis (XGC) is an uncommon variant of chronic cholecystitis characterized by xanthogranulomatous inflammation of the gallbladder. Intramural accumulation of lipid-laden macrophages and acute and chronic inflammatory cells is the hallmark of the disease. The xanthogranulomatous inflammation of the gallbladder can be very severe and can spill over to the neighbouring structures like liver, bowel and stomach resulting in dense adhesions, perforation, abscess formation, fistulous communication with adjacent bowel...
February 28, 2016: World Journal of Radiology
Xiao-Fang Liu, Kun Tang, Fu-Bo Sun, Lu-Lu Sui, Gang Xu
A 57-year-old woman presented with spontaneous pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdominal region of one year's duration. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging, and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreaticography revealed the presence of a tumour in the periampullary region, gallstones, cholecystitis, and biliary obstruction, as well as atrophy of the pancreas and dense adhesions involving the pancreas, portal vein, and superior mesenteric vein. Duodenoscopy revealed a papillary neoplasm, measuring 2...
March 2016: Anticancer Research
Keita Kai
An analysis of premalignant lesions, risk factors and models of carcinogenesis of gallbladder cancer (GBC) involves the concept of organ specificity. In GBC, the dysplasia-carcinoma sequence and metaplasia-dysplasia-carcinoma sequence are considered to be more important models of carcinogenesis than the adenoma-carcinoma sequence. Cholecystectomy is recommended for gallbladder polyps ≥1.0 cm, and all pre-invasive adenomas and papillary neoplasms ≥1.0 cm are defined as intracholecystic papillary-tubular neoplasms (ICPTNs)...
February 2016: Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition
Weiqing Luo, Zhigang Ren, Sheng Gao, Hailong Jin, Geer Zhang, Lin Zhou, Shusen Zheng
Gallbladder carcinoma (GBC) possesses a poor prognosis, which is primarily attributed to the lack of early and timely surgical intervention. Calpain-1 and glypican-3 have been implicated in the progression of various types of cancer. The present study aimed to detect the expression of calpain-1 and glypican-3 in GBC, and analyzed whether the expression levels of these proteins correlated with any clinicopathological variables. A total of 100 patients with GBC and 30 patients with cholecystitis who accepted surgical treatment were enrolled in the present study...
February 2016: Oncology Letters
Smita Patel, Jamie Slade, Shriram Jakate
Adenomyoma or adenomyomatosis (ADM) of the gallbladder generally carries little or no risk of malignant transformation. Rare cases of such malignant transformation are described in the literature only in segmental type of ADM and not in localized adenomyoma. We report a case of a 58-year-old asymptomatic woman found to have an incidental 3.3 × 3.2 × 2.3 cm well-circumscribed exophytic mass on surveillance ultrasound, originating from the fundus of the gallbladder and abutting the liver capsule. The patient underwent an open cholecystectomy with resection of the mass and underlying segment of the liver...
June 2016: International Journal of Surgical Pathology
Hong Jun Kim, Sung Koo Lee, Choong Heon Ryu, Do Hyun Park, Sang Soo Lee, Dong Wan Seo, Myung-Hwan Kim
BACKGROUND/AIMS: To evaluate the technical feasibility and clinical efficacy of double endoscopic nasobiliary drainage (ENBD) as a new method of draining multiple bile duct obstructions. METHODS: A total of 38 patients who underwent double ENBD between January 2004 and February 2010 at the Asan Medical Center were retrospectively analyzed. We evaluated indications, laboratory results, and the clinical course. RESULTS: Of the 38 patients who underwent double ENBD, 20 (52...
November 2015: Clinical Endoscopy
Yi-Lei Deng, Nan-Sheng Cheng, Shui-Jun Zhang, Wen-Jie Ma, Anuj Shrestha, Fu-Yu Li, Fei-Long Xu, Long-Shuan Zhao
AIM: To review and evaluate the diagnostic dilemma of xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis (XGC) clinically. METHODS: From July 2008 to June 2014, a total of 142 cases of pathologically diagnosed XGC were reviewed at our hospital, among which 42 were misdiagnosed as gallbladder carcinoma (GBC) based on preoperative radiographs and/or intra-operative findings. The clinical characteristics, preoperative imaging, intra-operative findings, frozen section (FS) analysis and surgical procedure data of these patients were collected and analyzed...
November 28, 2015: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
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