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Inés Escandell, José María Martín, Ana Cuesta, Carlos Monteagudo, Esperanza Jordá
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March 2018: American Journal of Dermatopathology
Inés Escandell González, José María Martín Hernández, Ana Cuesta Peredo, Carlos Monteagudo Castro, Esperanza Jordá Cuevas
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2018: American Journal of Dermatopathology
Esperanza Diaz, Bernadette N Kumar
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 21, 2018: International Journal of Medical Education
Ángel Vizoso-Vázquez, Mónica Lamas-Maceiras, M Isabel González-Siso, M Esperanza Cerdán
Ixr1 is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae HMGB protein that regulates the hypoxic regulon and also controls the expression of other genes involved in the oxidative stress response or re-adaptation of catabolic and anabolic fluxes when oxygen is limiting. Ixr1 also binds with high affinity to cisplatin-DNA adducts and modulates DNA repair. The influence of Ixr1 on transcription in the absence or presence of cisplatin has been analyzed in this work. Ixr1 regulates other transcriptional factors that respond to nutrient availability or extracellular and intracellular stress stimuli, some controlled by the TOR pathway and PKA signaling...
February 15, 2018: Scientific Reports
Anne-Sophie Moreau, Ignacio Martin-Loeches, Pedro Povoa, Jorge Salluh, Alejandro Rodriguez, Arnaud W Thille, Emilio Diaz Santos, Elisa Vedes, Suzana Margareth Lobo, Bruno Mégarbane, Esperanza Molero Silvero, Luis Coelho, Laurent Argaud, Rafael Sanchez Iniesta, Julien Labreuche, Anahita Rouzé, Saad Nseir
The aim of this planned analysis of the prospective multinational TAVeM database was to determine the incidence, aetiology and impact on outcome of ventilator-associated lower respiratory tract infections (VA-LRTI) in immunocompromised patients.All patients receiving mechanical ventilation for >48 h were included. Immunocompromised patients (n=663) were compared with non-immunocompromised patients (n=2297).The incidence of VA-LRTI was significantly lower in immunocompromised than in non-immunocompromised patients (16...
February 8, 2018: European Respiratory Journal: Official Journal of the European Society for Clinical Respiratory Physiology
Barreiro-Alonso Aida, Lamas-Maceiras Mónica, Cerdán M Esperanza, Ángel Vizoso-Vázquez
Ixr1 is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae transcriptional factor that extensively regulates the response to hypoxia and controls other important cellular functions and DNA repair. During aerobic growth, the Ixr1 repressor function is predominant on regulated promoters of hypoxic genes, although activator effects are also observed on other genes. During hypoxia, Ixr1 expression increases and the number of genes activated by Ixr1 also increase. In this work we demonstrate that the NH2-terminal region of Ixr1 is involved in transcriptional activation...
February 9, 2018: FEMS Yeast Research
Marisol Cortez-Navarrete, Esperanza Martínez-Abundis, Karina G Pérez-Rubio, Manuel González-Ortiz, Miriam Méndez-Del Villar
An improvement in parameters of glycemic control has been observed with Momordica charantia in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). It is unknown whether this improvement is through a modification of insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity, or both. We hypothesized that M. charantia administration can improve insulin secretion and/or insulin sensitivity in patients with T2DM, without pharmacological treatment. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of M. charantia administration on insulin secretion and sensitivity...
February 12, 2018: Journal of Medicinal Food
Mata-Martínez Esperanza, Darszon Alberto, Treviño Claudia L
During transit through the female reproductive tract, sperm encounter metabolites and environmental conditions that modulate various processes leading to fertilization. Intracellular Ca2+ dynamics regulate the acrosome reaction (AR), which involves exocytosis of the acrosomal granule, a prerequisite for successful fertilization. We explored the ability of progesterone, prostanglandin-E1, and GABA to induce Ca2+ mobilization and AR in single human spermatozoa capacitated under external pH (pHe) conditions found in different regions of the female reproductive tract (pHe 6...
February 7, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Eva Villamón, Javier González-Fernández, Esperanza Such, José Vicente Cervera, Daniel Gozalbo, M Luisa Gil
Background: The antitumoral effects of different Toll-like receptor (TLRs) agonists is mediated by activating immune responses to suppress tumors growth, although TLR ligands may also have a direct effect on tumoral cells. Given that TLR signaling induces hematopoietic cell differentiations this may serve as a novel differentiation therapeutic approach for AML. Methods: We investigated the effects of agonists for the ten human TLRs on the proliferation, apoptosis, cell cycle and differentiation of ten different types of myeloid leukemia cell lines (HL-60, U-937, KG-1, KG-1a, K-562, Kasumi-1, EOL-1, NB4, MOLM-13 and HEL)...
2018: Cancer Cell International
Mariëtte E van der Watt, Janette Reader, Alisje Churchyard, Sindisiwe H Nondaba, Sonja B Lauterbach, Jandeli Niemand, Sijuade Abayomi, Riëtte A van Biljon, Jessica I Connacher, Roelof D J van Wyk, Claire Le Manach, Tanya Paquet, Diego González Cabrera, Christel Brunschwig, Anjo Theron, Sonia Lozano-Arias, Janneth F I Rodrigues, Esperanza Herreros, Didier Leroy, James Duffy, Leslie J Street, Kelly Chibale, Dalu Mancama, Theresa L Coetzer, Lyn-Marie Birkholtz
Objectives: Novel chemical tools to eliminate malaria should ideally target both the asexual parasites and transmissible gametocytes. Several imidazopyridazines (IMPs) and 2-aminopyridines (2-APs) have been described as potent antimalarial candidates targeting lipid kinases. However, these have not been extensively explored for stage-specific inhibition of gametocytes in Plasmodium falciparum parasites. Here we provide an in-depth evaluation of the gametocytocidal activity of compounds from these chemotypes and identify novel starting points for dual-acting antimalarials...
February 6, 2018: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Maria Esperanza S Vargas, Anna-Leigh Brown, Cassandra M Durkee, Hoeun Sim
The current study examined the effects of an intervention aimed at blocking the transfer of frustration from a previous experience (i.e. recall task) to a subsequent and unrelated task (i.e. ultimatum bargaining task). Participants who went through the intervention were more likely to accept unfair offers in the ultimatum bargaining task than those who did not go through the intervention. These results show that participants who were blocked from transferring their feelings of frustration from the recall task to the subsequent bargaining task (no-transfer condition) more likely accepted unfair offers than those who inadvertently transferred their feelings of frustration (transfer condition)...
February 8, 2018: Cognition & Emotion
Kevin G Hampel, Asier Gómez-Ibáñez, Mercedes Garcés-Sánchez, David Hervás-Marín, Irene Cano-López, Esperanza González-Bono, Rebeca Conde-Sardón, Antonio Gutiérrez-Martín, Vicente Villanueva
INTRODUCTION: Stimulation-evoked focal to bilateral tonic-clonic seizure (FBTCS) can be a stressful and possibly harmful adverse event for patients during cortical stimulation (CS). We evaluated if drug load reduction of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) during CS increases the risk of stimulation-evoked FBTCS. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this retrospective cohort study, we searched our local database for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy who underwent invasive video-EEG monitoring and CS in the University Hospital la Fe Valencia from January 2006 to November 2016...
February 1, 2018: Epilepsy & Behavior: E&B
César Fernández-de-Las-Peñas, Juan J Fernández-Muñoz, María Palacios-Ceña, Paula Parás-Bravo, Margarita Cigarán-Méndez, Esperanza Navarro-Pardo
Current research into the pathogenesis of tension-type headache (TTH) and migraine is focused on altered nociceptive pain processing. Among the potential factors that influence sensitization mechanisms, emotional stress, depression, or sleep disorders all have an essential role: they increase the excitability of nociceptive firing and trigger hyperalgesic responses. Sleep disturbances and headache disorders share common brain structures and pathogenic mechanisms and TTH, migraine, and sleep disturbances often occur together; for example, 50% of individuals who have either TTH or migraine have insomnia...
2018: Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders
Stephen L Berger, Alejandra Leo-Macias, Stephanie Yuen, Latika Khatri, Sylvia Pfennig, Yanqing Zhang, Esperanza Agullo-Pascual, Ghislaine Caillol, Min-Sheng Zhu, Eli Rothenberg, Carmen V Melendez-Vasquez, Mario Delmar, Christophe Leterrier, James L Salzer
The axon initial segment (AIS) is the site of action potential generation and a locus of activity-dependent homeostatic plasticity. A multimeric complex of sodium channels, linked via a cytoskeletal scaffold of ankyrin G and beta IV spectrin to submembranous actin rings, mediates these functions. The mechanisms that specify the AIS complex to the proximal axon and underlie its plasticity remain poorly understood. Here we show phosphorylated myosin light chain (pMLC), an activator of contractile myosin II, is highly enriched in the assembling and mature AIS, where it associates with actin rings...
January 25, 2018: Neuron
Paula Aliberti, Natalia Perez Garrido, Roxana Marino, Pablo Ramirez, Alberto J Solari, Roberta Sciurano, Mariana Costanzo, Gabriela Guercio, Diana Mónica Warman, Marcela Bailez, María Sonia Baquedano, Marco A Rivarola, Alicia Belgorosky, Esperanza Berensztein
Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) is a hereditary condition in patients with a 46,XY karyotype in which loss-of-function mutations of the androgen receptor (AR) gene are responsible for defects in virilization. The aim of this study was to investigate the consequences of the lack of AR activity on germ cell survival and the degree of testicular development reached by these patients by analyzing gonadal tissue from patients with AIS prior to Sertoli cell maturation at puberty. Twenty-three gonads from 13 patients with AIS were assessed and compared to 18 testes from 17 subjects without endocrine disorders...
January 24, 2018: Sexual Development: Genetics, Molecular Biology, Evolution, Endocrinology, Embryology, and Pathology of Sex Determination and Differentiation
Maria P Hernandez-Fuentes, Christopher Franklin, Irene Rebollo-Mesa, Jennifer Mollon, Florence Delaney, Esperanza Perucha, Caragh Stapleton, Richard Borrows, Catherine Byrne, Gianpiero Cavalleri, Brendan Clarke, Menna Clatworthy, John Feehally, Susan Fuggle, Sarah A Gagliano, Sian Griffin, Abdul Hammad, Robert Higgins, Alan Jardine, Mary Keogan, Timothy Leach, Iain MacPhee, Patrick B Mark, James Marsh, Peter Maxwell, William McKane, Adam McLean, Charles Newstead, Titus Augustine, Paul Phelan, Steve Powis, Peter Rowe, Neil Sheerin, Ellen Solomon, Henry Stephens, Raj Thuraisingham, Richard Trembath, Peter Topham, Robert Vaughan, Steven H Sacks, Peter Conlon, Gerhard Opelz, Nicole Soranzo, Michael E Weale, Graham M Lord
Improvements in immunosuppression have modified short-term survival of deceased-donor allografts, but not their rate of long-term failure. Mismatches between donor and recipient HLA play an important role in the acute and chronic allogeneic immune response against the graft. Perfect matching at clinically relevant HLA loci does not obviate the need for immunosuppression, suggesting that additional genetic variation plays a critical role in both short- and long-term graft outcomes. By combining patient data and samples from supranational cohorts across the United Kingdom and European Union, we performed the first large-scale genome-wide association study analyzing both donor and recipient DNA in 2094 complete renal transplant-pairs with replication in 5866 complete pairs...
February 1, 2018: American Journal of Transplantation
Julia Esperanza Torres-Mena, Karla Noemí Salazar-Villegas, Ricardo Sánchez-Rodríguez, Belém López-Gabiño, Luis Del Pozo-Yauner, Jaime Arellanes-Robledo, Saúl Villa-Treviño, María Angélica Gutiérrez-Nava, Julio Isael Pérez-Carreón
BACKGROUND: The intrinsic heterogeneity of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) represents a great challenge for its molecular classification and for detecting predictive biomarkers. Aldo-keto reductase (Akr) family members have shown differential expression in human HCC, while AKR1B10 overexpression is considered a biomarker; AKR7A3 expression is frequently reduced in HCC. AIMS: To investigate the time-course expression of Akr members in the experimental hepatocarcinogenesis...
January 30, 2018: Digestive Diseases and Sciences
Elena Dacal, José M Saugar, Aida de Lucio, Marta Hernández-de-Mingo, Elena Robinson, Pamela C Köster, María L Aznar-Ruiz-de-Alegría, Mateu Espasa, Arlette Ninda, Javier Gandasegui, Elena Sulleiro, Milagros Moreno, Fernando Salvador, Israel Molina, Esperanza Rodríguez, David Carmena
BACKGROUND: Human infections by the gastrointestinal helminth Strongyloides stercoralis and the enteric protozoans Giardia duodenalis, Cryptosporidium spp. and Blastocystis spp. are not formally included in the list of 20 neglected tropical diseases prioritised by the World Health Organization. Although largely underdiagnosed and considered of lower public health relevance, these infections have been increasingly demonstrated to cause significant morbidity and even mortality globally, particularly among children living in resource-poor settings...
January 29, 2018: Parasites & Vectors
José Luis Che-Morales, Esperanza Figueroa-Hurtado, Arturo Cortes-Télles
BACKGROUND: Based on international epidemiology, some laryngeal diseases could be more frequent at certain ages. The objective was to describe endoscopic findings in patients through distinct decades of age in a laryngoscopy facility. METHODS: retrospective and descriptive study; clinical and endoscopic records were collected from 1493 procedures performed between 2009 and 2015, and organized in five groups of age for analysis. Differences among them were analyzed by chi squared and ANOVA...
January 2018: Revista Médica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Adriana María Belén Abiuso, María Luisa Varela, Luis Haro Durand, Marcos Besio Moreno, Alejandra Marcos, Roberto Ponzio, Marco Aurelio Rivarola, Alicia Belgorosky, Omar Pedro Pignataro, Esperanza Berensztein, Carolina Mondillo
Leydig-cell tumours (LCTs) are rare endocrine tumours of the testicular interstitium, with recent increased incidence. Symptoms include precocious puberty in children; and erectile dysfunction, infertility and/or gynaecomastia, in adults. So far, scientific evidence points to aromatase (CYP19) overexpression and excessive oestrogen and insulin-like growth factor (IGF) -1 production as responsible for Leydig-cell tumourigenesis. LCTs are usually benign; however, malignant LCTs respond poorly to chemo/radiotherapy, highlighting the need to identify novel targets for treatment...
January 19, 2018: European Journal of Cancer
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