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Heart rate characters

James N Kezos, Larry G Cabral, Brandon D Wong, Belinda K Khou, Angela Oh, Jerry F Harb, Danny Chiem, Timothy J Bradley, Laurence D Mueller, Michael R Rose
Insects and vertebrates have multiple major physiological systems, each species having a circulatory system, a metabolic system, and a respiratory system that enable locomotion and survival in stressful environments, among other functions. Broadening our understanding of the physiology of Drosophila melanogaster requires the parsing of interrelationships among such major component physiological systems. By combining electrical pacing and flight exhaustion assays with manipulative conditioning, we have started to unpack the interrelationships between cardiac function, locomotor performance, and other functional characters such as starvation and desiccation resistance...
March 8, 2017: Journal of Insect Physiology
Germaine J L M Jongen, M Beatrijs van der Hout-van der Jagt, S Guid Oei, Frans N van de Vosse, Peter H M Bovendeerd
In the clinic, the cardiotocogram (CTG), the combined registration of fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contractions, is used to predict fetal well-being. Amongst others, fetal heart rate variability (FHRV) is an important indicator of fetal distress. In this study we add FHRV to our previously developed CTG simulation model, in order to improve its use as a research and educational tool. We implemented three sources of variability by applying either 1/f or white noise to the peripheral vascular resistance, baroreceptor output, or efferent vagal signal...
February 11, 2017: Medical Engineering & Physics
Chin-Yu Lin, Shih-Lin Chang, Yenn-Jiang Lin, Yun-Yu Chen, Li-Wei Lo, Yu-Feng Hu, Ta-Chuan Tuan, Tze-Fan Chao, Fa-Po Chung, Jo-Nan Liao, Yao-Ting Chang, Chung-Hsing Lin, Rohit Walia, Abigail Louise D Te, Shinya Yamada, Chuen-Wang Chiou, Hsuan-Ming Tsao, Shih-Ann Chen
The long-term clinical impact of premature ventricular complexes (PVCs) on mortality and morbidity has not been fully studied. This study aimed to investigate the association between the burden of PVCs and adverse clinical outcome.A total of 5778 subjects, who were pacemaker-free and ventricular tachycardia-free at baseline, received 24-hour electrocardiography monitoring between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2004. Clinical event data were retrieved from the Bureau of National Health Insurance of Taiwan...
January 2017: Medicine (Baltimore)
Jeffrey E Foy, Paul C LoCasto, Stephen W Briner, Samantha Dyar
Readers rapidly check new information against prior knowledge during validation, but research is inconsistent as to whether source credibility affects validation. We argue that readers are likely to accept highly plausible assertions regardless of source, but that high source credibility may boost acceptance of claims that are less plausible based on general world knowledge. In Experiment 1, participants read narratives with assertions for which the plausibility varied depending on the source. For high credibility sources, we found that readers were faster to read information confirming these assertions relative to contradictory information...
February 2017: Memory & Cognition
Riccardo Vismara, Guido Gelpi, Santosh Prabhu, Paolo Romitelli, Lauren G Troxler, Andrea Mangini, Claudia Romagnoni, Monica Contino, Dylan T Van Hoven, Federico Lucherini, Michal Jaworek, Alberto Redaelli, Gianfranco B Fiore, Carlo Antona
BACKGROUND: Although associated with left heart pathologies, functional tricuspid regurgitation (FTR) is often left untreated during left heart surgery. Hence, owing to its degenerative character, reoperation is often needed, encompassing an impressive (25% to 35%) mortality rate. Thus transcatheter approaches to FTR are raising great interest. OBJECTIVES: The authors evaluated the post-treatment effectiveness of the edge-to-edge technique using the percutaneous mitral valve repair device in an ex vivo pulsatile model of FTR...
September 6, 2016: Journal of the American College of Cardiology
P Fang, M Yu, X Gu, M Shi, Y Zhu, Z Zhang, P Bo
BACKGROUND: Obesity is strongly linked to increased blood pressure, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. To our knowledge, little literature reported the information about galanin levels in obese individuals with hypertension. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the possible involvement of galanin in the pathogenesis of obese subjects with hypertension. METHODS: We measured body mass index and blood pressure of 38 obese patients with hypertension, 44 obese controls with normal blood pressure and 44 lean controls with normal blood pressure...
January 2017: Journal of Endocrinological Investigation
Kamil K Imbir
Affective sciences are of burgeoning interest and are attracting more and more research attention. Three components of stimuli meaning have traditionally been distinguished: valence (degree of pleasantness), arousal (degree of intensity of sensations), and dominance (degree of control over sensations). Recently, another three dimensions have been introduced to measure qualities connected to the emotion-duality model: origin (the main component originating in the heart or in the mind), subjective significance (the degree of the subjective goal's relevance), and source (the location of the stimuli evoking the state)...
2016: Frontiers in Psychology
V A Fetisov, T A Kuprina, V E Sinitsyn, S E Dubrova, B A Filimonov
We undertook the analysis of the foreign publications concerning the application of the modern radiodiagnostic methods (including MSCT- and MRI-visualization) with reference to the solution of the traditional problems facing forensic medical expertise, such as the estimation of prescription of death coming and time of infliction of injury in the dead bodies. Both advantages and disadvantages of postmortem visualization of the corpses of adult subjects are discussed taking into consideration the period of time that elapsed between the death and the onset of the study as well as the character of the injuries...
March 2016: Sudebno-meditsinskaia Ekspertiza
I Kvachadze, A Tsibadze, G Sanadiradze, D Mzhavanadze, G Chichinadze
The aim of the study was to evaluate the vegetative regulatory action in healthy, untrained and trained individuals in different geomagnetic conditions. The study involved 94 healthy untrained young men aged 18-22 years - I group (control), and 60 trained volunteers aged 18-25 years - II group, who during the period of the study and for at least three years prior have been following active regular physical exercise regimen(weight lifting), but were not professional athletes. In order to evaluate the heart rate variability the following statistical indicators were studied: arithmetic mean, the arithmetic mean of the error variance, dispersion, the arithmetic mean deviation, coefficient of skewness, kurtosis, standard deviation of the mean...
April 2016: Georgian Medical News
Wenquan Niu, Yue Qi
BACKGROUND: The recognition of beta-blockers as a preferred initial therapy for hypertension has been a hot topic of debate recently. This meta-analysis was aimed to assess the impact of different beta-blockers on arterial stiffness as indexed by pulse wave velocity (PWV), peripheral blood pressure (BP) and heart rate, relative to the placebo, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). METHODS: Two authors independently searched articles, appraised eligibility and abstracted information, and the data were analyzed using STATA...
September 1, 2016: International Journal of Cardiology
Yasushi Ishida, Takashi Higaki, Mitsue Hayashi, Fumiko Inoue, Miwa Ozawa
BACKGROUND: Previous research has shown that adult childhood cancer survivors (CCS) have many worries. We re-analyzed the employment data in order to identify these worries and their associated factors. METHODS: The participants were selected from the membership directory of Heart Link mutual-aid health insurance, and recruited by the CCS Network. We conducted a cross-sectional survey (a self-rated questionnaire on employment) via post or email with a link to an Internet website...
May 2016: Pediatrics International: Official Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society
L A Efros, I V Samorodskaya
UNLABELLED: Although excessive body mass and obesity are considered risk factors of a number of diseases and conditions numerous results of studies evidence for the existence of the "obesity paradox"--higher long-term survival of overweight and obese patients. Aim of this study was to elucidate impact of body mass index (BMI) on postoperative mortality and long-term survival of patients after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study was conducted on the basis of register of patients with ischemic heart disease who had undergone CABG with or without correction of valvular defects and/or resection of left ventricular (LV) aneurism during the period from 2000 to 2009 in the Chelyabinsk Interregional Cardiosurgical Center...
2015: Kardiologiia
Ming Ann Sim, Weiling Liu, Roderica R G Ng, Lian Kah Ti, Sophia T H Chew
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common complication after cardiac surgery. Recent studies have revealed emerging associations between the magnitude of acute glycemic fluctuations and intensive care unit (ICU) mortality rates. However, the effect of acute glycemic fluctuations on the development of postoperative AKI remains unclear. Thus, we aim to investigate the effect of the magnitude of acute perioperative glycemic fluctuations on the incidence of postoperative AKI.We conducted a prospective cohort study by prospectively obtaining data from all patients who underwent elective coronary artery bypass grafting in a tertiary heart institution from 2009 to 2011...
November 2015: Medicine (Baltimore)
O V Hulka
It has been analyzed in the article the change of spectral parameters of heart rate variability of the students of various disciplines influenced by conditions of educational and practical activities. It has been established that during training for women of all groups the studied parameters were reduced, and the students of "Physical culture" value LF increased almost in 2 times (P ≤ 0.05) in parallel with a decrease of VLF (of 902 [497; 1417] to 516 [401; 723] square milliseconds P ≤ 0.05). During the internship in students of "Foreign Languages" significantly increased rate of vegetative balance LF/HF (from 1,47 [0,88; 1,80] to 1,63 [1,18; 3,15] standard units, P ≤ 0...
2015: Fiziolohichnyĭ Zhurnal
V A Sizonov, L E Dmitrieva, S V Kuznetsov
Interaction of slow-wave.rhythmic components of cardiac, respiratory.and motor activity was investigated in newborn rat pups on the first day after birth under normal conditions and after pharmacological depression of spontaneous periodic motor activity (SPMA) produced by injecting myocuran (myanesin) at low (100 mg/pg, i/p) and maximal (235 mg/pg, i/p) dosages. The data obtained allow to infer that in rat pups after birth the intersystemic interactions are realized mainly via slow-wave oscillations of about-one- and many-minute ranges whereas the rhythms of decasecond range do not play a significant role in integrative processes...
July 2015: Zhurnal Evoliutsionnoĭ Biokhimii i Fiziologii
K Kusano, M Nomura, K Toju, Y Ishikawa, Y Minamijima, S Yamashita, S Nagata
Procaterol (PCR) is a beta-2-adrenergic bronchodilator widely used in Japanese racehorses for treating lower respiratory disease. The pharmacokinetics of PCR following single intravenous (0.5 μg/kg) and oral (2.0 μg/kg) administrations were investigated in six thoroughbred horses. Plasma and urine concentrations of PCR were measured using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Plasma PCR concentration following intravenous administration showed a biphasic elimination pattern. The systemic clearance was 0...
June 2016: Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Laila Curtis, John Harold Burford, Jennifer Sara Marian Thomas, Marise Linda Curran, Tom Curtis Bayes, Gary Crane William England, Sarah Louise Freeman
BACKGROUND: The majority of research on the evaluation of horses with colic is focused on referral hospital populations. Early identification of critical cases is important to optimise outcome and welfare. The aim of this prospective study was to survey the primary evaluation of horses with clinical signs of abdominal pain by veterinary practitioners, and compare the initial presentation of critical and non-critical cases. RESULTS: Data from 1016 primary evaluations of horses presenting with clinical signs of colic were submitted by 167 veterinary practitioners across the United Kingdom over a 13 month period...
October 6, 2015: Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica
Sh N Danielian, M M Abakumov, A P Vil'k, A A Saprin, E V Tatarinova
It was performed retrospective analysis of 463 cases of suppurative thoracic complications after injury (232) and closed thoracic trauma (231) for 20-year period. Incidence of purulent complications was 3.2% and 1.6% in case of injury and closed thoracic trauma respectively including pleural empyema in 1.5 and 1.3%, pulmonary abscess in 0.3 and 0.4%, mediastinitis in 0.35 and 0.12%, pericarditis in 1.5 and 0.26%, osteomyelitis in 0.4 and 0.18% respectively. Factors preceding suppurative complications in case of injuries and closed trauma have been considered as predictors...
2015: Khirurgiia
Qijun Gao, Bo Yang, Yi Guo, Feng Zheng
Whether adenosine offers cardioprotective effects when used as an adjunctive therapy for patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) remains controversial.To evaluate, via meta-analysis, the efficacy of adenosine in patients with AMI undergoing PCI.Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) published in Medline, Embase, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials.RCTs of patients with AMI undergoing primary PCI, comparing adenosine treatment and placebo groups and reporting mortality, thrombolysis in myocardial infarction (TIMI) flow grade, myocardial blush grade (MBG), re-infarction, left-ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), ST-segment elevation resolution (STR), recurrent angina, or heart failure (HF)...
August 2015: Medicine (Baltimore)
Roberto Sassi, Sergio Cerutti, Federico Lombardi, Marek Malik, Heikki V Huikuri, Chung-Kang Peng, Georg Schmidt, Yoshiharu Yamamoto
Following the publication of the Task Force document on heart rate variability (HRV) in 1996, a number of articles have been published to describe new HRV methodologies and their application in different physiological and clinical studies. This document presents a critical review of the new methods. A particular attention has been paid to methodologies that have not been reported in the 1996 standardization document but have been more recently tested in sufficiently sized populations. The following methods were considered: Long-range correlation and fractal analysis; Short-term complexity; Entropy and regularity; and Nonlinear dynamical systems and chaotic behaviour...
September 2015: Europace: European Pacing, Arrhythmias, and Cardiac Electrophysiology
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