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mohamed hassan hany

Ahmed Abdelaal Ahmed Mahmoud, Hassan Ismail El-Shafei, Hany Mahmoud Yassin, Mohamed Adly Elramely, Mohamed Mohamed Abdelhaq, Hany Wafiq El Kady, Wael Nabil Fahemy Awada
BACKGROUND: Antegrade cannulation of peripheral veins is the usual practice. Blood stasis between a catheter and the wall of the vein or at its tip in addition to catheter-induced phlebitis may initiate a thrombosis. The use of retrograde ventriculojugular shunts against the direction of the blood flow with resultant decrease in the incidence of venous thrombosis encouraged us to compare retrograde versus conventional antegrade peripheral venous cannulation. METHODS: Monocentric, nonblinded, prospective observational cohort of 40 intensive care unit patients receiving 2 peripheral venous catheters in upper limbs, 1 inserted in the direction of blood flow (antegrade cannula) and the other inserted in an opposite direction to blood flow (retrograde cannula)...
December 8, 2016: Anesthesia and Analgesia
Hazem Mahmoud Al-Mandeel, Emad Sagr, Khalid Sait, Hassan Mohamed Latifah, Abdulaziz Al-Obaid, Ismail A Al-Badawi, Abdulmohsen O Alkushi, Hany Salem, Nada S Massoudi, Holger Schunemann, Reem A Mustafa, Romina Brignardello-Petersen
BACKGROUND: Cervical cancer is the third most common gynecological malignancy in Saudi women with an estimated incidence rate of 1.9 cases per 100 000 women-years. More than 40% of cervical cancer cases are diagnosed at advanced stages due to lack of a routine screening program in Saudi Arabia. Thus, national guidelines for routine screening and treatment of precancerous cervical lesions are needed. METHODS: The Saudi Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare invited a panel of local experts and partnered them with a team from McMaster University in Canada for methodological support, to develop national clinical practice guidelines on the screening and treatment of precancerous lesions for cervical cancer...
September 2016: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Abdul Haseeb, Hani Saleh Faidah, Abdul Rahman Bakhsh, Waleed Hassan Al Malki, Mahmoud E Elrggal, Fahad Saleem, Shafiq Ur Rahman, Tahir Mehmood Khan, Mohamed Azmi Hassali
OBJECTIVE: To identify commonly reported community-acquired organisms and antimicrobial resistance patterns exhibited by Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens among pilgrims visiting emergency care departments in Makkah. METHOD: The study was designed as a retrospective audit of all patients (pilgrims) admitted to two hospitals and residing in the city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. RESULTS: Among 374 isolates, Gram-negative pathogens accounted for 280 (75%), while the remaining 94 (25%) were Gram-positive organisms...
June 2016: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Hany Emary Ali Ahmed, Hassan A Abdel-Salam, Mohamed A Shaker
In an effort to establish new drug candidates with improved antimicrobial and anticancer activities, we report here synthesis, molecular modeling, and in vitro biological evaluation of novel substituted N-amino phthalamide derivatives (3a-b, 4a-b, 5a-j, and 6). Structures of the newly synthesized compounds were described by IR, (1)H &(13)CNMR and LC-MS spectral data. The novel compounds were evaluated for their antibacterial activity against four types of Gm+ve and two for Gm-ve types, and antifungal activity against three fungi microorganisms by well diffusion method...
June 2016: Bioorganic Chemistry
Iman Fawzy Montasser, Eman Mohamed El-Gindy, Enas Hassan Al-Lam, Hosam S Elbaz, Reham Ali Ahmed Khalifa, Hany El Sayed Ali
Meningitis is common in tropical areas and also in Egypt and has a world-wide distribution. This study evaluated the potential role of CSF TNF alpha in diagnosis and differenfial diagnosis of acute meningitis (bacterial versus asepic meningitis). This case-control study was conducted between Ain Shams University Tropical Medicine Department and Embaba Fever Hospital. Fifty patients with suspected meningitis were recruited during from January 2014 to June 2014. They were divided according to culture results into 2 groups: GI: 40 patients with acute bacteria men ingitis (proved by CSF culture), G2: 10 patients matched according to age and sex with clinical sings of CNS infection but without laboratory evidence of bacterial origin, (Suspected cases, and negative culture)...
December 2015: Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
Mohamed Abdel-Daim, Badr E El-Bialy, Haidy G Abdel Rahman, Abeer M Radi, Hany A Hefny, Ahmed M Hassan
Spirulina platensis (SP); a microalga with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, acts as a food supplement in human and as many animal species. Deltamethrin (DLM) is a synthetic pyrethroid with broad spectrum activities against acaricides and insects and widely used for veterinary and agricultural purposes. Exposure to DLM leads to hepatotoxic, nephrotoxic and neurotoxic side effects for human and many species, including birds and fish. The present study was undertaken to examine the potential hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, neuroprotective and antioxidant effects of SP against sub-acute DLM toxicity in male mice...
February 2016: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Biomédecine & Pharmacothérapie
Samir A Salama, Hany H Arab, Ibrahim A Maghrabi, Memy H Hassan, Mohammed S AlSaeed
Lead is a biohazardous metal that is commonly involved in human illness including renal injury. Although it is a non-redox reactive metal, lead-induced renal injury is largely based on oxidative stress. The current work aimed at exploring the possible protective effect of γ-glutamyl cysteine (γGC) against lead-induced renal injury. Rats were allocated to normal and γGC control groups, lead-treated group, and lead and γGC-treated group. γGC alleviated lead-induced renal injury as evidenced by attenuation of histopathological aberration, amelioration of oxidative injury as demonstrated by significant reduction in lipid and protein oxidation, elevation of total antioxidant capacity, and glutathione level...
September 2016: Biological Trace Element Research
Hassan Shaker, Mohamed Ali Ahmed Ismail, Ahmed M Kamal, Mohamed Safa, Hisham Refaat, Ahmed Abdelsalam, Mohamed H Badawy, Hossam Elganzoury, Amr Elkhouly, Samir Ghobashy, Khalid Elesaily, Samoir Eldahshan, Hani H Nour
INTRODUCTION: Computerized tomography of the urinary tract (CT-UT) has been established as the diagnostic procedure of choice for urinary stones. This study aimed to evaluate its role in predicting the outcome of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in terms of stone free rate and residual fragments. METHOD: This prospective cohort study was conducted on 34 patients in the Urology Department of Theodor Bilharz Research Institute from January 2013 to March 2014. The patients who had large and/or multiple renal stones, including staghorn stones, in 19 renal units scheduled for PCNL were included in this study...
November 2015: Electronic Physician
Asmaa A Althani, Hany E Marei, Wedad S Hamdi, Gheyath K Nasrallah, Mohamed E El Zowalaty, Souhaila Al Khodor, Maha Al-Asmakh, Hassan Abdel-Aziz, Carlo Cenciarelli
Human microbiota are distinct communities of microorganisms that resides at different body niches. Exploration of the human microbiome has become a reality due to the availability of powerful metagenomics and metatranscriptomic analysis technologies. Recent advances in sequencing and bioinformatics over the past decade help provide a deep insight into the nature of the host-microbial interactions and identification of potential deriver genes and pathways associated with human health, well-being, and predisposition to different diseases...
August 2016: Journal of Cellular Physiology
Abdel-Karim S O Hassan, Hany L Abdel-Malek, Ahmed S A Mohamed, Tamer M Abuelfadl, Ahmed E Elqenawy
In this article, a novel derivative-free (DF) surrogate-based trust region optimization approach is proposed. In the proposed approach, quadratic surrogate models are constructed and successively updated. The generated surrogate model is then optimized instead of the underlined objective function over trust regions. Truncated conjugate gradients are employed to find the optimal point within each trust region. The approach constructs the initial quadratic surrogate model using few data points of order O(n), where n is the number of design variables...
November 2015: Journal of Advanced Research
Ibrahim Elsayed, Mohamed Hassan Hany AbouGhaly
INTRODUCTION: Nanocomposite microparticles are intelligent carriers utilised for pulmonary drug delivery. These carriers are composed of drug-encapsulated nanoparticles dispersed in microstructures of polysaccharides. Upon administration, the inhaled microparticles can penetrate and be deposited deeply in the lung due to their adjusted aerodynamic particle size. Subsequently, the nanoparticles are released into the lung and are retained there for a prolonged time due to their resistance to immunological opsonisation, engulfment and digestion...
2016: Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery
Hany S Elsaftawy, Mansour Hassan Ahmed, Mohamed Yasser Sayed Saif, Rasha Mousa
PURPOSE: To assess the clinical outcomes after sequential surgical implantation of intracorneal ring segments and transepithelial corneal collagen cross-linking (TE-CXL) in keratoconic eyes. METHODS: In this consecutive randomized study, 40 eyes of 29 patients with progressive mild to moderate keratoconus were included and were randomly divided into two groups. Group 1 included 20 eyes that underwent Keraring implantation, and group 2 included 20 eyes that underwent Keraring insertion followed by TE-CXL 1 month later...
November 2015: Cornea
Mohamed Abdel-Salam El-Guindi, Hala Hany El-Said, Mohsen Hassan Hussein, Rana El-Sayed Nassar, Ahmad Mohamed Sira
AIM: Early diagnosis of biliary atresia (BA) is of utmost importance for good outcome; however, it is sometimes difficult due to the overlapping diagnostic test results with other causes of neonatal cholestasis. Moreover, many diagnostic tests are costly, invasive and not available in all centers, especially in developing countries. So, we aimed to investigate the diagnostic performance of urinary urobilinogen; an easy, cheap test that was not tested before in BA. METHODS: Seventy-five infants divided into three age- and sex-matched groups (BA, non-BA cholestasis and healthy control group) were recruited for the study...
February 2016: Hepatology Research: the Official Journal of the Japan Society of Hepatology
Hussein Hassan Okasha, Mahmoud Ashry, Hala M K Imam, Reem Ezzat, Mohamed Naguib, Ali H Farag, Emad H Gemeie, Hani M Khattab
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The addition of fine-needle aspiration (FNA) to different imaging modalities has raised the accuracy for diagnosis of cystic pancreatic lesions. We aim to differentiate benign from neoplastic pancreatic cysts by evaluating cyst fluid carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), carbohydrate antigen (CA19-9), and amylase levels and cytopathological examination, including mucin stain. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This prospective study included 77 patients with pancreatic cystic lesions...
April 2015: Endoscopic Ultrasound
Hassan Abdelmoumen Abdellah Ali, Hany Ahmed Mohamed, Mohamed Abdelgawad
We introduce a new model for contact angle saturation phenomenon in electrowetting on dielectric systems. This new model attributes contact angle saturation to repulsion between trapped charges on the cap and base surfaces of the droplet in the vicinity of the three-phase contact line, which prevents these surfaces from converging during contact angle reduction. This repulsion-based saturation is similar to repulsion between charges accumulated on the surfaces of conducting droplets which causes the well known Coulombic fission and Taylor cone formation phenomena...
January 2015: Biomicrofluidics
Hassan El-Garem, Ayman Ammer, Hany Shehab, Olfat Shaker, Mohammed Anwer, Wafaa El-Akel, Heba Omar
AIM: To explore the potential usefulness of serum miR-122 and miR-221 as non-invasive diagnostic markers of hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). METHODS: This prospective study was conducted on 90 adult patients of both sex with HCV-related chronic liver disease and chronic hepatitis C related HCC. In addition to the 10 healthy control individuals, patients were stratified into; interferon-naïve chronic hepatitis C (CH) (n = 30), post-hepatitis C compensated cirrhosis (LC) (n = 30) and treatment-naïve HCC (n = 30)...
November 27, 2014: World Journal of Hepatology
Hany M El-Bassossy, Nadia Hassan, Mohamed N M Zakaria
Protective effect of Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) induction from hypertension was previously reported in a diabetic animal model. Here, the effect of HO-1 induction on vascular complications associated with metabolic syndrome (MetS) was investigated. MetS was induced in rats by fructose drinking for 12weeks while HO-1 was induced by hemin or curcumin administration in the last 6weeks. Then, aortic HO-1 protein expression was assessed, blood pressure (BP) was recorded and serum levels of glucose and insulin were measured...
November 5, 2014: Chemico-biological Interactions
Mohamed Shaaban Ali, Mohamed Hassan Bakri, Hesham Ali Mohamed, Hany Shehab, Waleed Al Taher
PURPOSE: External laryngeal manipulation (ELM) is used to get better laryngeal view during direct laryngoscopy. This study was designed to test the hypothesis that ELM done by the intubating anesthetist (laryngoscopist) offers the best laryngeal view for tracheal intubation. MATERIALS AND METHOD: A total of 160 patients underwent different surgical procedures were included in this study. Percentage of glottic opening (POGO) score and Cormack and Lehane scale were used as outcome measures for comparison between different laryngoscopic views...
July 2014: Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia
Mohamed I Kassem, Magdy A Sorour, Abdel-Hamid A Ghazal, Hany M El-Haddad, Mohamed T El-Riwini, Hassan A El-Bahrawy
BACKGROUND: Patients with intrahepatic stones usually present with recurrent cholangitis, biliary sepsis and intrahepatic abscesses, may develop liver atrophy and may progress to cholangiocarcinoma. Treatment of intrahepatic stones is difficult and the disease progresses in most patients even after adequate treatment. Surgical removal of stones has been the standard management but residual stones and stone recurrence occur frequently whatever the technique. Because of the need for repeated biliary instrumentation, long-term access routes involving percutaneous transhepatic cholangioscopic lithotripsy (PTCSL), hepaticocutaneousjejunostomy (HCJ) and subparietal hepaticojejunal access loop to permit stone retrieval or stricture dilatation have been developed...
2014: International Journal of Surgery
Hussein Hassan Okasha, Mona Mansour, Khaled Ahmed Attia, Hany Mahmoud Khattab, Amr Yahia Sakr, Mohamed Naguib, Wael Aref, Ahmed Abdel-Moaty Al-Naggar, Reem Ezzat
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to evaluate the role of high resolution ultrasonography (US) and endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)-elastography in predicting malignant lymphadenopathy. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This prospective study included 88 patients who underwent EUS or US examination of different groups of lymph nodes (LNs). The classification as benign or malignant based on the real time elastography pattern and the B-mode US/EUS images was compared with the final diagnosis obtained by EUS or US guided fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), tru-cut biopsy or excisional biopsy and follow-up in benign lesions not indicated for biopsy for at least 12 months...
January 2014: Endoscopic Ultrasound
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