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Wojciech Świątkowski, Mansur Rahnama, Katarzyna Strzelczyk, Jakub Baszak, Jadwiga Sierocińska-Sawa
Cat scratch disease (CSD) - bartonellosis, is zoonosis caused by the intracellular gram negativebacterium Bartonellahenselae or Bartonellaquintana. The pathogens of this disease enter the human body usually as a consequence of a bite or scratch by young cats which are the natural source of such bacteria. The illness proceeds asymptomatically or with topical symptoms of infection such as a lump, spot or blister. Within 14 days a high fever and topical lymphadenopathy are observed. Lymph nodes are sore and start suppurating...
March 1, 2016: Polski Przeglad Chirurgiczny
Mohammad Reza Shokrollahi, Samileh Noorbakhsh, Mohammad Aliakbari, Azardokht Tabatabaei
BACKGROUND: Accurate and rapid diagnosis of bacterial arthritis is not always possible in unvaccinated (Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae type B) children in Iran. OBJECTIVES: Searching the staphylococcal superantigen (entrotoxin A, B, C and TSST1) in synovial fluid of cases with inflammatory arthritis. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This cross sectional study was implemented in the pediatric and orthopedic wards, Rasoul Akram Hospital, Tehran, Iran (2008-2010) upon synovial fluid (SF) aspirated from 66 children (five months to 16 years; mean age 11 ± 3...
July 2014: Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology
Siew L Wong, Yusuf A Rajabally
We describe a patient on the tumor necrosis factor-α antagonist, adalimumab, for 2 years for rheumatoid arthitis, who developed a rapidly progressive inflammatory neuropathy shortly after starting oral steroids. Adalimumab was stopped at onset of neurologic symptoms. Electrophysiology showed demyelination, which persisted at 6 month follow-up, cerebrospinal fluid analysis showed persistent albuminocytologic dissociation, and magnetic resonance studies revealed enlarged and enhancing nerve roots. Treatment with intravenous immunoglobulins resulted in slow, progressive improvement...
December 2010: Journal of Clinical Neuromuscular Disease
A R Pettit, L Cavanagh, R Thomas
In rheumatoid arthitis patients, three compartments need to be considered: peripheral blood (PB), synovial fluid (SF), and synovial tissue (ST). Dendritic cells (DC) characterized from each compartment have different properties. The methods given are based on cell sorting for isolation of cells, and flow cytometry and immunohistochemical staining for analysis of cells. Myeloid non-T cells are first enriched by density gradient centrifugation, sheep erythocyte rosetting, and, in some cases, magnetic immunodepletion...
2001: Methods in Molecular Medicine
Asgeir Thor Masson, Thorolfur Gudnason, Gudmyndur K Jonmundsson, Helga Erlendsdottir, Karl G Kristinsson, Mar Kristjansson, Asgeir Haraldsson
OBJECTIVE: The main objective was to determine the incidence and causative pathogens of osteomyelitis and septic arthritis in Icelandic children, as well as presenting symptoms and diagnosis. METHODS: A nationwide retrospective review was done of all children <18 year old, 1996-2005. Subjects were divided into three equal age groups, 0-5, 6-11 and 12-17 years old. Cultures were reviewed and postive and negative cases compared. RESULTS: Over the study period 220 cases were identified, 161 osteomyelitis and 59 septic arthritis cases...
February 2011: Læknablađiđ
Sachidanand Singh, Atul Kumar, K Panneerselvam, J Jannet Vennila
Expert or knowledge-based systems are the most common type of AIM (artificial intelligence in medicine) system in routine clinical use. They contain medical knowledge, usually about a very specifically defined task, and are able to reason with data from individual patients to come up with reasoned conclusion. Although there are many variations, the knowledge within an expert system is typically represented in the form of a set of rules. Arthritis is a chronic disease and about three fourth of the patients are suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis which are undiagnosed and the delay of detection may cause the severity of the disease at higher risk...
June 2012: Journal of Medical Systems
K Benhatchi, I Lazúrová, D Kozáková, J Rovenský
INTRODUCTION: A variety of rheumatic manifestations (RM) has been described in association with autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT). In the past, most of these manifestations were attributed to the underlying thyroid dysfunction, in particular hypothyroidism. AIT is often associated with non-organ specific autoimmunity. Increased prevalence of non-organ specific autoantibodies in patients with AIT without any evidence of rhemautic manifestations is clinically unclear. Aim of this study was to find out the frequency of apperance of non-organ specific antibodies in serum in patients with AIT and prevalence of RM (arthralgia/arthitis)...
February 2010: Vnitr̆ní Lékar̆ství
S Ndongo, M M Ka, A Pouye, E F Ka, S Diallo, T M Diop
INTRODUCTION: Methotrexate used as antimetabolite since 40 years in cancerology, is curretly pointed out at weak dose in the treatment of rheumatoid arthitis. However, the intervening of undesirable effects is currently the principal factor limiting its use. The main of our study was evaluate the nature and the frequency of undesirable effects during treatement of rhumatoid arthritis by methotrexate in a prospective study in the department of internal medecine of A.L.D hospital. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Fifty patients were included in the study, they were 43 female and 7 male (sex ratio of 0...
2007: Dakar Médical
M Popović, B Glisić, D Mitrović
Presented are principles of systemic connective tissue diseases therapy (SCTD) based on data from literature, our experience and reported at international meetings held in Europe during last years special attention has been paid to the advances and perspectives in the treatment of rheumatoid arthitis (RA) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SEL).
1994: Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo
Lilian I Reyes S, Francisca León B, M Fernanda Rozas V, Patricia González J, Rodrigo Naves P
BAFF (B cell activating factor belonging to the TNF family) is a cytokine implicated in the survival and maturation of peripheral B lymphocytes and T and B cell activation. BAFF binds to three different receptors: TACI, BCMA and BAFF-R, whose expression is restricted to B and T lymphocytes. BAFF and BAFF-R-deficient mice show a dramatic loss of peripheral B lymphocytes and a severely reduced immune response. In contrast, an enhanced BAFF expression leads to B cell hyperplasia and autoimmunity in mice. In vivo, administration of soluble decoy receptors for BAFF effectively decreases disease progression in various autoimmune mouse models...
September 2006: Revista Médica de Chile
Ricardo Pineda-Tamayo, Giovanna Arcila, Patricia Restrepo, Juan Manuel Anaya
The causes of admission and the distribution of direct medical costs were examined to establish the clinical predictors of high hospitalization costs in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. This retrospective study included all rheumatoid arthritis patients who were hospitalized in the Clínica Universitaria Bolivariana in Medellín, Colombia, between January 1999 and June 2003. Data were obtained from the medical records and from the hospital statistical section using a cost-analysis spreadsheet. A total of 41 patients were hospitalized 62 times (0...
December 2004: Biomédica: Revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 1957: Cleveland Clinic Quarterly
M A Cimmino, A Zampogna, S Murroni, S Baruffi, G Alessio, T Maio, G S Mela
OBJECTIVES: Goals of epidemiological studies are the description of the measures of frequency of diseases, the attempt to clarify possible etiopathogenic mechanisms, and the provision of data to support health policy decisions. To increase the familiarity of rheumatologists toward epidemiology, we describe the methodology used in a prevalence study of musculoskeletal complaints performed in Chiavari, Italy. METHODS: A questionnaire, originally developed by the Epidemiology Unit of the Arthitis Research Council in Manchester, UK, to investigate the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis, was used after translation and validation...
2002: Reumatismo
M Oettel, D Elsner, E Schimke, P Teichmann, H E Schneider, E Schneider
A combination of oestriol and testosterone oenanthate was tried in 14 different indications on 110 dogs and 5 cats of both sexes. Two formulations were used, containing in 1 ml either 0.15 mg oestriol and 2.25 mg testosterone or 1.15 mg of the former and 2.25 mg of the latter. Dosage was 0.2 ml per kg body weight, by i/m injection. The criterion for success was the degree of functional restitution, without taking into account pathological changes, which were generally unaffected. Good or very good results were obtained in hip dysplasia, arthitis and patellar luxation...
1974: Archiv Für Experimentelle Veterinärmedizin
V W Dihlmann, H J Fernholz
Sympathetic arthritis is a sterile, non-pyogenic complication due to adjacent bone disease, particularly chronic inflammatory osteomyelitis. Radiologically it is manifested as an arthrosis or serous arthritis (painful effusion), or as a chronic destructive arthitis. In the latter case, there is a lymphatic and plasma cell synovitis which may persist, clinically and radiologically, for a period of months or years before definite radiological signs of a chronic osteomyelitis become apparent. Observations of patients with plasma cell osteomyelitis and chronic destructive sympathetic arthritis indicate a special set of findings due to plasma cell osteomyelitis: metadiaphyseal ossifying periostitis, extreme demineralisation of the adjacent epiphysis with spotty focal sclerosis of the spongiosa and a chronic arthritis...
July 1978: RöFo: Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete der Röntgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin
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