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A López, L Gómez, G Petinal, N Adán, S Alvarado, N Carballo
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the correlation and agreement in our unit and population of hemoglobin in gasometry versus hematology analyzer, to evaluate errors in transfusion or lack thereof. RESULTS: strong association between Point-of-care (POC) and hematimetry, with P<.001, with a coefficient of determination r2 of 0.56, an intraclass correlation coefficient of 0.63 and a Lin's concordance correlation coefficient of 0.65. For hemoglobins less than 7g/dL, a success rate of 29...
February 27, 2018: Revista Española de Anestesiología y Reanimación
José Roberto Fioretto, Susiane Oliveira Klefens, Rafaelle Fernandes Pires, Cilmery Suemi Kurokawa, Mario Ferreira Carpi, Rossano César Bonatto, Marcos Aurélio Moraes, Carlos Fernando Ronchi
OBJECTIVE: To compare the effects of high-frequency oscillatory ventilation and conventional protective mechanical ventilation associated with the prone position on oxygenation, histology and pulmonary oxidative damage in an experimental model of acute lung injury. METHODS: Forty-five rabbits with tracheostomy and vascular access were underwent mechanical ventilation. Acute lung injury was induced by tracheal infusion of warm saline. Three experimental groups were formed: healthy animals + conventional protective mechanical ventilation, supine position (Control Group; n = 15); animals with acute lung injury + conventional protective mechanical ventilation, prone position (CMVG; n = 15); and animals with acute lung injury + high-frequency oscillatory ventilation, prone position (HFOG; n = 15)...
December 7, 2017: Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva
Ana Espínola Rodríguez, Luis Lores Obradors, Neus Parellada Esquius, Felisa Rubio Muñoz, Neus Espinosa Gonzalez, Elisabet Arellano Marcuello
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Obesity causes important alterations in the respiratory physiology like sleep obstructive apnoea (SOA) and obesity-hypoventilation syndrome (OHS), both associated with high morbidity and mortality. Also, these entities are clearly infradiagnosed and in the case of OHS the prevalence is unknown in the general obese population. To determine the prevalence of OHS in the population of patients with morbid obesity and to know the comorbidity related with OHS, the associated respiratory symptoms and the pulse oximetry alterations...
July 22, 2017: Medicina Clínica
Cezary Kucio, Justyna Niesporek, Ewa Kucio, Dominika Narloch, Bartosz Węgrzyn
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a systemic disease with multiple extrapulmonary manifestations including impeded skeletal muscle function, leading to decreased muscular strength and endurance in patients with COPD. Pulmonary rehabilitation eases the symptoms of the condition and produces increased muscular endurance. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) may serve as a treatment alternative to traditional pulmonary rehabilitation. The aim of the study was to assess the effects of NMES combined with pulmonary rehabilitation on exercise tolerance in patients in comparison with pulmonary rehabilitation alone...
December 1, 2016: Journal of Human Kinetics
Sabina Martí Gamboa, Maria Lapresta Moros, Jara Pascual Mancho, Carlos Lapresta Moros, Sergio Castán Mateo
AIMS: To compare the predictive ability for neonatal acidemia of individual components of intrapartum cardiotocography (CTG) described by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) system and deceleration area. DESIGN: Case-control study. SETTING: Spanish tertiary obstetrical hospital. POPULATION: CTG patterns of 102 acidemic fetus (umbilical arterial cord gas pH ≤7.10, base deficit (BD) > 8) and 102 nonacidemic controls (umbilical arterial cord gas pH > 7...
November 24, 2016: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Jara Pascual Mancho, Sabina Marti Gamboa, Olga Redrado Gimenez, Raquel Crespo Esteras, Belen Rodriguez Solanilla, Sergio Castan Mateo
OBJECTIVE: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of fetal scalp lactate sampling (FSLS) and to establish an optimal cut-off value for intrapartum acidosis compared with fetal scalp pH. METHODS: A 20-month retrospective cohort study was conducted of all neonates delivered in our institution for whom fetal scalp blood sampling (FSBS) was performed, matching their intrapartum gasometry to their cord gasometry at delivery (n=243). The time taken from the performance of scalp blood sampling to arterial umbilical cord gas acquisition was 45 min at most...
April 1, 2017: Journal of Perinatal Medicine
Mitra Naseri
INTRODUCTION: There is limited data about urolithiasis in young infants. We reviewed clinical, imaging, and biochemical data of urolithiasis in the first 2 months of life. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In an 11-year period, 77 of the 1172 children diagnosed with urolithiasis (6.8%) were 60 days old and younger (64.9% boys and 35.1% girls). Routine diagnostic assessments included urinalysis and urine culture; measurement of calcium, uric acid, oxalate, and creatinine in nonfasting random urine; measurement of blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine, sodium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus levels; and venous blood gasometry...
September 2015: Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases
Jörn O Streefkerk, Albertus Beishuizen, A B Johan Groeneveld
BACKGROUND: Gastric mucosal ischemia may be a risk factor for gastrointestinal intolerance to early feeding in the critically ill. AIMS: To study intragastric PCO2 air tonometry and gastric residual volumes (GRV) before and after the start of gastric feeding. METHODS: This is a two-center study in intensive care units of a university and teaching hospital. Twenty-nine critically ill, consecutive and consenting patients scheduled to start gastric feeding were studied after insertion of a gastric tonometry catheter and prior to and after start of gastric feeding (500 ml over 1 h), when clinically indicated...
June 2016: Clinical Nutrition: Official Journal of the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
Susana Garcia-Gutierrez, Anette Unzurrunzaga, Inmaculada Arostegui, Jose María Quintana, Esther Pulido, Maria Soledad Gallardo, Cristóbal Esteban
BACKGROUND: There is little evidence that the guideline-recommended oxygen saturation of 92% is the best cut-off point for detecting hypoxemia in COPD exacerbations. OBJECTIVE: To detect and validate pulse oximetry oxygen saturation cut-off values likely to detect hypoxemia in patients with aeCOPD, to explore the correlation between oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry and hypoxemia or hypercapnic respiratory failure. METHODOLOGY: Cross-sectional study nested in the IRYSS-COPD study with 2,181 episodes of aeCOPD recruited between 2008 and 2010 in 16 hospitals belonging to the Spanish Public Health System...
2015: COPD
F Esteves, S S Calé, R Badura, M G de Boer, F Maltez, E J Calderón, T J van der Reijden, E Márquez-Martín, F Antunes, O Matos
The diagnosis of Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) relies on microscopic visualization of Pneumocystis jirovecii organisms or DNA detection in pulmonary specimens. This study aimed to assess the usefulness of (1-3)-β-d-glucan (BG), Krebs von den Lungen-6 antigen (KL-6), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) as serologic biomarkers in the diagnosis of PCP. Serum levels of BG, KL-6, LDH and SAM were investigated in 145 Portuguese patients, 50 patients from the Netherlands, 25 Spanish patients and 40 Portuguese blood donors...
April 2015: Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Ticiana Paes, Fernanda Martins Gazoni, Nathanael de Freitas Pinheiro Junior, Hélio Penna Guimarães, Renato Delascio Lopes, Valéria Pereira Lanzoni, Letícia Sandre Vendrame, Antônio Carlos Lopes
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Hepatic infarction is characterized by parenchyma ischemic necrosis involving at least two acinis. It is extremely uncommon due to the arterial and portal venous blood supply. We report a case of a patient not know to have diabetes who developed massive areas of ischemic infarcts of the liver after episode of acutely diabetes decompensated. CASE REPORT: A 67 year-old hypertensive female who has been presenting, for the last 10 days, polydipsia, high urinary volume, visual and gait impairment, nausea and vomiting was admitted to the emergency room (ER)...
December 2007: Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva
Carlos M Romero, Cecilia Luengo, Eduardo Tobar, Luis Fábrega, María Jesús Vial, Rodrigo Cornejo, Ricardo Gálvez, Osvaldo Llanos
OBJECTIVES: Central venous oxygen saturation calculated by gasometry (Gaso-Scvo2) is more available than central venous oxygen saturation measured by co-oximetry (Co-oxy-Scvo2) in environments with less resources and underdeveloped countries. Therefore, we aimed to determine the agreement between Co-oxy-Scvo2 and Gaso-Scvo2 and between central venous oxygen tension measured by gasometry (Gaso-Pcvo2) and Co-oxy-Scvo2, respectively. DESIGN AND SETTINGS: This is a prospective study in a university hospital's intensive care unit...
October 2014: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Géraldine Allain, Thomas Kerforne, Rodolphe Thuret, Pierre-Olivier Delpech, Thibaut Saint-Yves, Michel Pinsard, Thierry Hauet, Sébastien Giraud, Christophe Jayle, Benoît Barrou
BACKGROUND: Extracorporeal membranous oxygenation is proposed for abdominal organ procurement from donation after circulatory determination of death (DCD). In France, the national Agency of Biomedicine supervises the procurement of kidneys from DCD, specifying the durations of tolerated warm and cold ischemia. However, no study has determined the optimal conditions of this technique. The aim of this work was to develop a preclinical model of DCD using abdominal normothermic oxygenated recirculation (ANOR)...
2014: Transplantation Research
V A Nevzorova, T L Pestrikova, E A Kochetkova, M V Mokshina, M Osvald, S Dutrele, Zh Massard
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the indicators of arterial blood gasometry and levels of nitric oxide (NO) in exhaled breath of patients with liver cirrhosis (LC) in combination with COPD, and determine frequency of occurrence of hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS). The comparison group consisted of 20 patients with COPD, control - 15 volunteers. Gas measurement was estimated by ABL 725 radiometer (Denmark). MATERIAL AND METHODS: We examined 57 patients with liver cirrhosis. The patients were divided into 2 groups: 1st--Patients with liver cirrhosis (n = 48), 2nd group--the CPU and COPD (n = 9)...
2013: Experimental & Clinical Gastroenterology
I Moreno, O Artieda, R Vicente, I Zarragoikoetxea, J L Vicente, M Barberá
Circulatory assist devices such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation are indicated in cases of cardiogenic shock refractory to optimal conventional treatment. Bleeding is a serious complication of such systems, mainly due to coagulation disorders caused by continuous administration of heparin, as well as platelet dysfunction. Serial coagulation and hemoglobin (Hb) measurements are essential. Hb measurements can be performed through repeated arterial blood gasometry, and more recently with a new spectrophotometric sensor, Masimo Rainbow Radical-7® device, which gives Hb values continuously and non-invasively...
August 2014: Revista Española de Anestesiología y Reanimación
P Sławuta, K Glińska-Suchocka
The acid-base balance parameters (ABB) of blood are used in the diagnostics and therapy of acidosis or alkalosis type disorders. Nowadays, some reports on the attempts to use the body cavity fluid for the diagnostics of the ABB disorders have appeared in the human medicine. The study has aimed at comparing the acid-base balance parameters (ABB): pH, pCO2, and HCO3(-) determined in the arterial blood and the fluid from the peritoneal cavity in dogs. The study was carried out on 20 dogs suffering from ascites developed as a result of the chronic renal failure...
2013: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
Rosilu Ferreira Barbosa, Juliana de Oliveira Marcatto, Ana Cristina Simões E Silva, Yerkes Pereira E Silva
The administration of surfactant via tracheal cannula with mechanical ventilation is the conventional treatment for infant respiratory distress syndrome. Hemodynamic and respiratory changes due to tracheal intubation and the need for premedication justify the search for less invasive alternatives of surfactant administration. The objective of this study was to describe the use of the ProSealTM laryngeal mask airway as an option for the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in a premature infant born at 31 weeks of gestation, at 1335 g, with respiratory difficulty after the first hour of life and exhibiting the clinical and radiologic features of respiratory distress syndrome...
June 2012: Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva
E A Kochetkova, L G Ugaĭ, V A Nevzorova, J Massard
AIM: To evaluate the functional state of bone tissue in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), waiting for lung transplantation, and to determine possible predictors of lower bone mineral density (BMD) in this pathology in the pretransplantation period. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Forty-nine IPF patients waiting for lung transplantation were examined. The patients' mean age was 53.4 +/- 6.4 years. BMD in the lumbar spine (L(II)-L(IV)) and femoral neck (FN) was estimated using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry...
2013: Terapevticheskiĭ Arkhiv
Hazem Ebrahem Moawad, Sherif Abdo Mousa, Ahmed S El-Hefnawy
BACKGROUND: Paravertebral block (PVB) has been an established technique for providing analgesia to the chest and abdomen. We conducted the current study to compare single-dose PVB versus single-dose epidural blockade (EP) for pain relief after renal surgery. METHODS: Eighty patients scheduled for renal surgery were randomly assigned into two groups according to the analgesic technique, PVB group or EP group. General anesthesia was induced for all patients. Postoperative pain was assessed over 24 h using 10-cm visual analog scale (VAS)...
January 2013: Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia
A Tienza, I Merino, J M Velis, R Algarra, M D Hernández, J E Robles
Priapism is an urological emergency which requires investigation, especially to differentiate between ischemic and non-ischemic priapism. Initial management is carried out through aspiration and gasometry of blood from the corpus cavernosum. We report the case of a 69-year-old patient with urothelium carcinoma of the bladder T2 G3 and metastasis in urethra/corpus cavernosum who requested an emergency consultation because of edema and a penile erection lasting several days. Due to the poor prognosis and the imaging test, a conservative management was carried out...
January 2013: Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra
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