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M A Alizadeh, H A Arab, R Tabaie, M Nasiri
In greenhouse experiment, the seed samples of 3 populations were treated with treatments including: cold stratification, Gibberlic Acid (50 ppm and 100 ppm), Potassium nitrate (0.2%, 0.4%), physical scarification (sand paper), chemical scarification (Ethylic alcohol 70%) and distilled water (control), then these treated seed samples were sown in pots as randomize design with three replication. The germination characteristics including: germination percentage, speed of germination, length of root and shoot, seedling length, ratio of root length by shoot length, vigor index, fresh weight arid dry weight, ratio of dry weight by fresh weight were evaluated during 45 days of experiment...
October 15, 2013: Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences: PJBS
A K Kadiroğlu, S Ustündag, H Kayabaşi, Z Yilmaz, Y Yildirım, S Sen, M E Yilmaz
Dyslipidemia is frequent in patients with end stage renal disease. Excessive peritoneal glucose absorption from high glucose-containing peritoneal dialysis solutions may enhance disturbances on the lipid metabolism of patients on peritoneal dialysis. We compared the effect of icodextrin-based peritoneal dialysis therapy with hemodialysis (HD) therapy on lipid metabolism. A total of 157 non-diabetic patients on dialysis at least for 3 months; 78 patients on Icodextrin-based continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) (44 M, 34 F) and 79 patients in HD group (47M, 32F) were included into the study...
September 2013: Indian Journal of Nephrology
P S Singh, S K Singh, G Singh
Renal involvement in leptospirosis and its association with hypokalaemia is known to occur. Hypokalaemia may lead to paralysis. Herein such a case of hypokalaemic paralysis in leptospirosis is being reported. A 45-years-old male presented with 16 hours duration of myalgia, conjunctival suffusion, progressive flaccid quadriparesis, respiratory muscle weakness and dysphasia. Forty-eight hours later, he developed fever, oliguria and abnormal liver function test. Laboratory investigations showed severe hypokalaemia and serological evidence of leptospirosis...
January 2013: Journal of the Indian Medical Association
Isinkaye M Omoniyi, Shitta M B Oludare, Oderinde M Oluwaseyi
Radiochemical and elemental analysis of clay soils collected from different locations within Ekiti State have been performed in this study using gamma and XRF spectrometric measurements. The results of this study show that the mean concentrations of uranium ranged from 2.2 ± 1.0 mg/kg to 3.2 ± 1.1 mg/kg, that of thorium ranged from 4.0 ± 0.5 mg/kg to 5.7 ± 1.7 mg/kg, while potasium presented in % by weight ranged from 0.4 ± 0.2 to 1.3 ± 0.3 in all the locations. The overall mean concentrations of these radionuclides are comparable to values from other locations around the world...
December 2013: SpringerPlus
Gönül Oçal, Sarah E Flanagan, Bülent Hacihamdioğlu, Merih Berberoğlu, Zeynep Siklar, Sian Ellard, Senay Savas Erdeve, Emel Okulu, Ilke Mungan Akin, Begum Atasay, Saadet Arsan, Aydin Yağmurlu
BACKGROUND: Recessive mutations in ABCC8/KCNJ11 of beta-cell K(ATP) channel generally cause severe medically unresponsive hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia (HH). Rarer dominant mutations in these genes have been described that mostly cause milder, medically responsive congenital hyperinsulinism. Rarer dominant mutations in these genes have been described that mostly cause milder, medically responsive congenital hyperinsulinism. To date the phenotype of patients with dominant mutations seems to be different from those with recessive mutations as the majority of patients are responsive to diazoxide therapy...
2011: Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism: JPEM
M Cucuianu, Ioana Brudaşcă
Decreased high density lipoproteins (HDL) plasma levels are a recognized independent risk factor for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Attempts were therefore initiated to pharmacologically raise plasma HDL cholesterol, and the most impressive increase was obtained by inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) by means of the synthetic compound torcetrapib. Clinical trials were however disappointing, as torcetrapib increased mortality and did not reduce the progression of atherosclerosis. According to some view, it was claimed that CETP inhibition is unfavourable and that development of this class of compounds should be abandoned...
2010: Romanian Journal of Internal Medicine, Revue Roumaine de Médecine Interne
Muhammad Nadeem Arshad, Islam Ullah Khan, Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Shafiq, Helen Stoeckli-Evans
In the crystal structure of the title compound, K(+)·C(6)H(4)IO(3)S(-)·H(2)O, the potasium cation is 2.693 (3)-2.933 (3) Å from the sulfonate and water O atoms (including symmetry-related atoms) and forms a two-dimensional sheet-like structure in the bc plane, with the iodo-benzene rings protruding above and below. The water mol-ecule of crystallization is hydrogen-bonded to sulfonate O atoms within this two-dimensional arrangement. Symmetry-related iodo-benzene rings are arranged perpendicular to one another with the I atom ca 4...
2008: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Structure Reports Online
Jerzy Kopeć, Rafał Januszek, Ewa Wieczorek-Surdacka, Władysław Sułowicz
During the last years the incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is permanently increasing and has become a global social and economical problem in the world as well as in Poland. The aim of the study was the retrospective analysis of medical records of patients with renal failure under supervision at the outpatient clinic, Department of Nephrology, University Hospital in Cracow. The study population enclosed 1183 patients (640 men and 543 women) aged between 17 and 98 years (mean 64.7) with creatinine concentration >120 micromol/l and/or creatinine clearance <90 ml/min/1...
2009: Przegla̧d Lekarski
Grazyna Samczewska
In the second half of the 20th century a heterogenic group of opioid receptors was discovered and identified in the central nervous system and in peripheral tissues. However, micro-type opioid receptors, responsible for analgesic effect of endogenic and egzogenic opioids, were not found on majority of peripheral neurons. They appear in skin or mucous membranes with active inflammatory or neoplastic process due to intensive migration to peripheral nerve efferent fibres. These discoveries made it possible to apply opioid analgesics topically (ointments, hydrogels) on pathologically changed skin or mucous membranes...
2009: Polimery W Medycynie
G N Zografos, D Georgiadou, D Thomas, G Kaltsas, M Digalakis
Drug-induced esophagitis is being recognized increasingly in the past few years. Since 1970 more than 650 cases have been reported worldwide caused by 30 or more medications. We have reviewed these cases with a view to classifying this disease based on underlying pathological mechanism. Drug-induced esophageal injury tends to occur at the anatomical site of narrowing, with the middle third behind the left atrium predominating (75.6%). The disease is broadly classified into two groups. The first group being transient and self-limiting as exemplified by the tetracycline group induced injury (65...
2009: Diseases of the Esophagus: Official Journal of the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus
Joanna Konopa, Barbara Bullo, Bolesław Rutkowski
Patients with congestive heart failure are at increased risk of hyperkalemia due to coexisting morbidities and usage of multiple medications that impair potassium excretion--such as angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or spironolactone. Because of the risk of this disturbance, knowledge of causation and prevention is mandatory. We described 3 patients with life threatening hyperkalemia (>8.5 mEq/t) caused by drugs. We showed the symptoms of increased potassium level, the list of medications and comorbidities predisposing to hyperkalemia...
March 2006: Polskie Archiwum Medycyny Wewnętrznej
Wei-min Wang, Yan-qin Yu, Ling-bo Qian
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the vasorelaxation effect of emodin and its relationship with NO-cGMP signal pathway. METHODS: Changes of tension of rat thoracic aortic rings were measured by MedLab biologic signal collection system, and the activity of total nitric oxide synthase (tNOS), constitutive NOS (cNOS) and inducible NOS (iNOS) in endothelium after being treated with emodin was determined with nitric acid reductase method. RESULTS: Emodin relaxed the phenylephrine and potasium chlorate induced contraction of aortic rings, either with or without intact endothelium, in a concentration-dependent manner...
July 2006: Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine
Ida De Gregori, Waldo Quiroz, Hugo Pinochet, Florence Pannier, Martine Potin-Gautier
This paper presents an improvement for the simultaneous separation of Sb(V), Sb(III) and (CH3)3SbCl2 species by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and its detection by hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HG-AFS). The separation was performed on an anion exchange column PRP-X100 using a gradient elution program between EDTA/KHP (potasium hydrogen phtalate) as first mobile phase and phosphate solutions solution as the second one. The chromatographic separation and the HG-AFS parameters were optimized by experimental design...
October 14, 2005: Journal of Chromatography. A
Susana Arias Rivera, Pilar Conde Alonso, Raquel Sánchez Izquierdo, Carmen García Granell, José Antonio Martín de la Torre Pérez-Cejuela, M Elena Ortega Castro, M Luz Berlanga, Tomás Pascual Durán, Francisca Oña Compari, Miguel Angel de la Cal
OBJECTIVE: Arterial catheters are used to extract blood samples. To maintain its permeability we use heparin solution, which may contaminate and alter the desired results. Our aim was to determine the volume of the minimum discards during blood extractions to avoid results that might be altered in the analysis of biochemistry. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A prospective study was carried out in 18 beds intensive care unit. Patients with arterial catheter (Seldicath) were included, maintaining 500 UI of heparin in saline of 500 ml, at a pressure of 300 mmHg through pressurizer (Tycos)...
July 2004: Enfermería Intensiva
Hsiang-Kuan Wang, Yao-Han Tsai, Yih-Yiing Wu, Pa-Chun Wang
OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the efficacy of using the KTP/532 laser in endoscopic inferior turbinate reduction surgery. BACKGROUND DATA: Potasium-titanyl-phosphate (KTP/532) laser is a useful tool in endoscopic intranasal operations, due to its outstanding capabilities in hemostasis, tissue penetration, and the maneuverability of its flexible transmission optic fiber. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 124 patients (male/female 73:51, mean age 38...
June 2004: Photomedicine and Laser Surgery
A Castro, A Arancibia, P Romero, M N Gai
A validated HPLC method for the determination of ranitidine in human plasma is presented. Sulfanilamide as internal standard (IS) was used. Plasma samples were purified by solid phase extraction (SPE) using a copolymeric [poly(divinyl-benzene-co-N-vinylpyrrolidone)] column ("Oasis Waters"). Mobile phase consisting of dibasic potasium phosphate 0.08 M/acetonitrile/methanol/triethylamine 0.05% (89.5:3:7:0.05) pH5 was used at a flow rate of 0.9 ml/min on a C18 column (Nova-Pack, 3,9 x 300 mm, Waters). The eluate was monitored using an UVNis detector set at 300 nm...
October 2003: Die Pharmazie
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 1962: Hellēnikē Cheirourgikē. Acta Chirurgica Hellenica
Kap No Lee, Soo-Young Yoon, Han-Ik Cho
The Asian Network for Clinical Laboratory Standardization (ANCLS) decided to start her First Inter-laboratory Quality Assurance survey at the business meeting during the Second Asian Colloquium on October 21-22, 2000 in Kobe, Japan. The first survey materials of Asian Quality Assurance Survey (AQuAS) were distributed in July 2001 to 21 hospitals in the field of chemistry and 22 hospitals in the field of hematology among total 24 participating laboratories from seven Asian countries: Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand...
2002: Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health
Y Yuan, K Ai, G Chen
Thirteen constituents were identified from Girardinia palmata ssp ciliata C. J. Chen by using GC-MS, which amounted to 84.5% of the total peaks, the main constituent were linoleic acid (52.01%) and dimethyl fumarate (10.05%). The dissociated amino acids and KNO(3) in the sample amounted to 43.30 mg/100 g and 3.0%. Five compounds were isolated and elucidated as octadecane, hexadecylic acid, beta-sitosterol, p-coumaric acid and potasium nitrate.
April 1999: Zhong Yao Cai, Zhongyaocai, Journal of Chinese Medicinal Materials
M Leśkiewicz, B Budziszewska, L Jaworska-Feil, W Lasoń
In order to determine whether the status epilepticus leads to alterations in the neurosteroid effect on excitatory amino acid transmission, we studied the influence of allopregnanolone on aspartate release and glutamate uptake in mouse hippocampus at various times after kainate administration. No significant differences in the K+-stimulated D-[3H]-aspartate release from the hippocampi of saline- and kainate-treated mice were observed; however, that parameter tended to fall in tissues collected I h after kainate administration...
June 2002: Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology: An Official Journal of the Polish Physiological Society
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