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Marie Balsat, Aline Renneville, Xavier Thomas, Stéphane de Botton, Denis Caillot, Alice Marceau, Emilie Lemasle, Jean-Pierre Marolleau, Olivier Nibourel, Céline Berthon, Emmanuel Raffoux, Arnaud Pigneux, Céline Rodriguez, Norbert Vey, Jean-Michel Cayuela, Sandrine Hayette, Thorsten Braun, Marie Magdeleine Coudé, Christine Terre, Karine Celli-Lebras, Hervé Dombret, Claude Preudhomme, Nicolas Boissel
Purpose This study assessed the prognostic impact of postinduction NPM1-mutated ( NPM1m) minimal residual disease (MRD) in young adult patients (age, 18 to 60 years) with acute myeloid leukemia, and addressed the question of whether NPM1m MRD may be used as a predictive factor of allogeneic stem cell transplantation (ASCT) benefit. Patients and Methods Among 229 patients with NPM1m who were treated in the Acute Leukemia French Association 0702 (ALFA-0702) trial, MRD evaluation was available in 152 patients in first remission...
January 10, 2017: Journal of Clinical Oncology: Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
Felipe Terres de Campos, Joao Aveiro Alvarado Rincon, Diego Andres Velasco Acosta, Pedro Augusto Silva Silveira, Jorgea Pradieé, Marcio Nunes Corrêa, Bernardo Garziera Gasperin, Luiz Francisco Machado Pfeifer, Carlos Castilho Barros, Ligia Margareth Cantareli Pegoraro, Augusto Schneider
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of an acute systemic inflammatory response induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in the serum and follicular fluid (FF) high-density lipoprotein (HDL) components, hormone concentrations and granulosa cell gene expression. For this purpose, twenty non-lactating Jersey dairy cows were submitted to a progesterone (P4) - estradiol (E2) based synchronization protocol. Cows received a single i.v. dose of LPS (2.5 μg/kg of body weight) or saline solution (CTL Group) 2 h after P4 insert removal...
February 2017: Theriogenology
Nathaniel B Langer, Nadira B Hamid, Tamim M Nazif, Omar K Khalique, Torsten P Vahl, Jonathon White, Juan Terre, Ramin Hastings, Diana Leung, Rebecca T Hahn, Martin Leon, Susheel Kodali, Isaac George
The experience with transcatheter aortic valve replacement is increasing worldwide; however, the incidence of potentially catastrophic cardiac or aortic complications has not decreased. In most cases, significant injuries to the aorta, aortic valve annulus, and left ventricle require open surgical repair. However, the transcatheter aortic valve replacement patient presents a unique challenge as many patients are at high or prohibitive surgical risk and, therefore, an open surgical procedure may not be feasible or appropriate...
January 2017: Circulation. Cardiovascular Interventions
Jongsung Kim, Sabine Grunwald
Wetland soils are able to exhibit both consumption and production of greenhouse gases, and they play an important role in the regulation of the global carbon (C) cycle. Still, it is challenging to accurately evaluate the actual amount of C stored in wetlands. The incorporation of remote sensing data into digital soil models has great potential to assess C stocks in wetland soils. Our objectives were (i) to develop C stock prediction models utilizing remote sensing images and environmental ancillary data, (ii) to identify the prime environmental predictor variables that explain the spatial distribution of soil C, and (iii) to assess the amount of C stored in the top 20-cm soils of a prominent nutrient-enriched wetland...
November 2016: Journal of Environmental Quality
Winston A Haynes, Francesco Vallania, Charles Liu, Erika Bongen, Aurelie Tomczak, Marta Andres-Terrè, Shane Lofgren, Andrew Tam, Cole A Deisseroth, Matthew D Li, Timothy E Sweeney, Purvesh Khatri
A major contributor to the scientific reproducibility crisis has been that the results from homogeneous, single-center studies do not generalize to heterogeneous, real world populations. Multi-cohort gene expression analysis has helped to increase reproducibility by aggregating data from diverse populations into a single analysis. To make the multi-cohort analysis process more feasible, we have assembled an analysis pipeline which implements rigorously studied meta-analysis best practices. We have compiled and made publicly available the results of our own multi-cohort gene expression analysis of 103 diseases, spanning 615 studies and 36,915 samples, through a novel and interactive web application...
2016: Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
Gangavalli Anup, Malige Ajith, Terres George, Rehman Saqib, Nwachuku Chinenye
OBJECTIVE: In light of the recent uptrend in the prescription of opioids, this study seeks to identify patterns of opioid misuse among orthopaedic post-operative patients and principal external sources in obtaining these medications. DESIGN: Ten-month survey based study. SETTING: Two Level-I trauma centers (urban and suburban). PATIENTS/PARTICIPANTS: 207 patients between the ages of 18 to 89 years who underwent surgical fixation of fractures involving the pelvis, long bones or peri-articular regions of the knee, ankle, elbow and wrist...
October 26, 2016: Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma
Agnès Daudignon, Benoît Quilichini, Geneviève Ameye, Hélène Poirel, Christian Bastard, Christine Terré
Cytogenetics of multiple myeloma has evolved in recent years by the emergence of Interphasic fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) performed on sorted plasma cells detecting abnormalities independently of a proliferative and infiltrative index. Cytogenetic analysis plays a major part in the risk stratification of myeloma diagnosis due to prognostic impact of various cytogenetic abnormalities as well as to the association between emerging therapeutic approaches in MM. Thus, practice guidelines now recommend interphasic FISH or alternative molecular technics as the initial analysis for multiple myeloma...
October 1, 2016: Annales de Biologie Clinique
Luis Felipe Casado, Amparo Burgos, Eva González-Haba, Javier Loscertales, Tania Krivasi, Javier Orofino, Carlos Rubio-Terres, Darío Rubio-Rodríguez
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of obinutuzumab in combination with chlorambucil (GClb) versus rituximab plus chlorambucil (RClb) in the treatment of adults with previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and with comorbidities that make them unsuitable for full-dose fludarabine-based therapy, from the perspective of the Spanish National Health System. METHODS: A Markov model was developed with three mutually exclusive health states: progression-free survival (with or without treatment), progression, and death...
2016: ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research: CEOR
O Nibourel, S Guihard, C Roumier, N Pottier, C Terre, A Paquet, P Peyrouze, S Geffroy, S Quentin, A Alberdi, R B Abdelali, A Renneville, C Demay, K Celli-Lebras, P Barbry, B Quesnel, S Castaigne, H Dombret, J Soulier, C Preudhomme, M H Cheok
Recent advances in genomic technologies have revolutionized acute myeloid leukemia (AML) understanding by identifying potential novel actionable genomic alterations. Consequently, current risk stratification at diagnosis not only relies on cytogenetics but also on the inclusion of several of these abnormalities. Despite this progress, AML remains a heterogeneous and complex malignancy with variable response to current therapy. Although copy number alterations (CNA) are accepted prognostic markers in cancers, large-scale genomic studies aiming at identifying specific prognostic CNA-based markers in AML are still lacking...
September 30, 2016: Leukemia: Official Journal of the Leukemia Society of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K
Martina Cappelletti, Daniele Ghezzi, Davide Zannoni, Bruno Capaccioni, Stefano Fedi
"Terre Calde di Medolla" (TCM) (literally, "Hot Lands of Medolla") refers to a farming area in Italy with anomalously high temperatures and diffuse emissions of biogenic CO2, which has been linked to CH4 oxidation processes from a depth of 0.7 m to the surface. We herein assessed the composition of the total bacterial community and diversity of methane-oxidizing bacteria (MOB) in soil samples collected at a depth at which the peak temperature was detected (0.6 m). Cultivation-independent methods were used, such as: i) a clone library analysis of the 16S rRNA gene and pmoA (coding for the α-subunit of the particulate methane monooxygenase) gene, and ii) Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP) fingerprinting...
December 23, 2016: Microbes and Environments
Tina M Kruger, Sarah Gilland, Jacquelyn B Frank, Bridget C Murphy, Courtney English, Jana Meade, Kaylee Morrow, Evan Rush
In May 2014, a short-term study-abroad experience was conducted in Finland through a course offered at Indiana State University (ISU). Students and faculty from ISU and Eastern Illinois University participated in the experience, which was created to facilitate a cross-cultural comparison of long-term-care settings in the United States and Finland. With its outstanding system of caring for the health and social needs of its aging populace, Finland is a logical model to examine when considering ways to improve the quality of life for older adults who require care in the United States ...
September 16, 2016: Gerontology & Geriatrics Education
Isabelle Luquet, Audrey Bidet, Wendy Cuccuini, Marina Lafage-Pochitaloff, Marie-Joëlle Mozziconacci, Christine Terré
The karyotype is critical for the evaluation of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) at diagnosis. Cytogenetic abnormalities detected in AML are one of the most powerful independent prognostic factors. It impacts on the choice of treatment in clinical trials. All chromosomes can be targeted, common chromosomal abnormalities are recurrent and may be associated with a cytological well-defined type. In 40% of the cases, the karyotype is normal and must be associated with molecular biology studies that can refine the prognosis...
October 1, 2016: Annales de Biologie Clinique
Jordan Levine, Michael Muthukrishna, Kai Chan, Terre Satterfield
In this paper, we take a first step towards better integrating social concerns into empirical ecosystem services (ES) work. We do this by adapting cognitive anthropological techniques to study the Clayoquot Sound social-ecological system, on Canada's Pacific coast. There, we used freelisting and ranking exercises to elicit measures of locals' ES values, and preferred food species, analyzing the data with ANTHROPAC. We consider the results in light of an ongoing 'trophic cascade,' caused by the reintroduction and spread of sea otters (Enhydra lutris) along the island's coast...
July 13, 2016: Conservation Biology: the Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology
Christopher Cabib, Omar Ortega, Hatice Kumru, Ernest Palomeras, Natalia Vilardell, Daniel Alvarez-Berdugo, Desirée Muriana, Laia Rofes, Rosa Terré, Fermín Mearin, Pere Clavé
Oropharyngeal dysphagia (OD) is very prevalent among poststroke patients, causing severe complications but lacking specific neurorehabilitation treatment. This review covers advances in the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and physiologically based neurorehabilitation strategies for poststroke OD. The pathophysiology of oropharyngeal biomechanics can be assessed by videofluoroscopy, as delayed laryngeal vestibule closure is closely associated with aspiration. Stroke may affect afferent or efferent neuronal circuits participating in deglutition...
July 11, 2016: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Oliver Lasry, Roy W Dudley, Rebecca Fuhrer, Jill Torrie, Robert Carlin, Judith Marcoux
BACKGROUND: Indigenous populations are disproportionately affected by traumatic brain injury. These populations rely on large jurisdiction surveillance efforts to inform their prevention strategies, which may not address their needs. We examined the incidence and determinants of traumatic brain injury in an indigenous population in the Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James health region of the province of Quebec and compared them with the incidence and determinants in 2 neighbouring health regions and in the province overall...
April 2016: CMAJ Open
François Meurgey
The genus Macrothemis consists of 40 Neotropical species (Garrison et al. 2006). Recently, a new species, Macrothemis meurgeyi from Guadeloupe (French West Indies), was described based on specimens from Habitation Deravin, Basse-Terre (Daigle 2007).
February 2, 2016: Zootaxa
J G Hanly, A Sayani, S Doucette, S Iczkovitz, J A Ross Terres
OBJECTIVE: The treatment algorithm for new onset systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is less well defined than for other rheumatic diseases. We examined the treatment patterns in an inception cohort of SLE patients over the first three years of disease between 2000 and 2010. METHODS: Patients fulfilled the American College of Rheumatology classification criteria for SLE within 12 months of enrollment and completed three subsequent annual visits. Data collection included patient demographics, SLE manifestations, medications, SLE disease activity index-2K (SLEDAI-2K) and Systemic Lupus International Collaborating Clinics/American College of Rheumatology damage index...
June 30, 2016: Lupus
Corentin Bochaton, Renaud Boistel, Fabrice Casagrande, Sandrine Grouard, Salvador Bailon
Today, Diploglossine lizards (Anguidae) are common on the Greater Antillean Islands (West Indies), where they are represented by many endemic species. However these lizards are very rare on the Lesser Antillean Islands, where they are only represented by a single species, the Montserrat galliwasp (Diploglossus montisserrati). Here, we show that diploglossine lizards were present in the past on other Lesser Antillean islands, by reporting the discovery of Anguidae fossil remains in two Amerindian archaeological deposits and in a modern deposit...
2016: Scientific Reports
M Terré, M Devant, A Bach
We performed 3 studies to evaluate the effects of feed sensory and form preferences in young calves on performance and rumen fermentation dynamics. In experiment 1, starter feeds containing wheat and soybean meal; wheat and canola meal; and oats and soybean meal were evaluated in 63 calves (9±0.9 d old). In experiment 2, 37 crossbreed female calves were used from 4 to 45 d of age (weaning) in a cafeteria study consisting of 4 different presentations of the same starter feed: meal, pellet, pellet mixed with whole-cereal grains (WHG), and pellet mixed with steamed-rolled cereal grains (SRG)...
September 2016: Journal of Dairy Science
Mahdi Mohammadi, Mohammad Javad Zare, Hojjat Madadi, Jordi Sellarès, Jasmina Casals-Terré
Direct-current insulator-based dielectrophoresis (DC-iDEP) is a well-known technique that benefits from the electric field gradients generated by an array of insulating posts to separate or trap biological particles. The aim of this study is to provide a first geometrical relationship of the post array that independent of the particles and/or medium, maximizes the trapping. A novel figure of merit is proposed to maximize the particle trapping in the post array while minimizing the required voltage, with a similar footprint and channel thickness...
July 2016: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
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