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Nikos A Afratis, Konstantina Karamanou, Zoi Piperigkou, Demitrios H Vynios, Achilleas D Theocharis
Glycosaminoglycans are integral part of the dynamic extracellular matrix (ECM) network that control crucial biochemical and biomechanical signals required for tissue morphogenesis, differentiation, homeostasis and cancer development. Breast cancer cells communicate with stromal ones to modulate ECM mainly through release of soluble effectors during cancer progression. The intracellular cross-talk between cell surface receptors and estrogen receptors is important for the regulation of breast cancer cell properties and production of ECM molecules...
October 24, 2016: Glycoconjugate Journal
Katerina Vaporidi, Dimitris Babalis, Achilleas Chytas, Emmanuel Lilitsis, Eumorfia Kondili, Vasilis Amargianitakis, Ioanna Chouvarda, Nicos Maglaveras, Dimitris Georgopoulos
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to investigate the role of ineffective efforts (IEs), specifically clusters of IEs, during mechanical ventilation on the outcome of critically ill patients. METHODS: In a prospective observational study, 24-h recordings were obtained in 110 patients on the 1st day of assisted ventilation (pressure support or proportional assist), using a prototype monitor validated to identify IEs. Patients remaining on assisted ventilation were studied again on the 3rd day (n = 37) and on the 6th day (n = 13)...
October 24, 2016: Intensive Care Medicine
Achilleas Boutsiadis, Laurent Baverel, Hubert Lenoir, Philippe Delsol, Johannes Barth
Chronic acromioclavicular (AC) instability is a rare posttraumatic shoulder condition that can lead to undesirable symptoms like persistent pain, muscle fatigue, loss of strength, or even scapular dyskinesis. It is well known that in these cases the superior functional results depend on the restoration of the anatomy and stability of the AC joint in both vertical and horizontal planes. Considering the ligaments degeneration and atrophy in chronic AC joint dislocations, we present an arthroscopic-assisted reconstruction of both the coracoclavicular and AC ligaments using autograft augmentation...
October 21, 2016: Techniques in Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery
Abou El-Hamd H Mohamed, Naglaa S Mohamed, Ahmed R Hamed, Mohamed-Elamir F Hegazy
In continuation of our chemical investigation on some medicinal plants of the genus Achillea, chromatographic investigation of the methylene chloride/methanol (1:1) extract of the air-dried aerial part of Achillea biebersteinii Afan. (family Asteraceae) afforded a new natural monoterpene (2), in addition to two known sesquiterpenes (3 and 4). Compound 1 was isolated as light needle crystals. Structures were established on the basis of MS and NMR spectroscopic (1H, 13C, 1H-1H correlation spectroscopy, heteronuclear multiple-quantum coherence and heteronuclear multiple-bond correlation) data and in case of compound 1 were confirmed by X-ray analysis...
October 24, 2016: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Achilleas Thoma, Felmont F Eaves
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2016: Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Sophocles H Voineskos, Christopher J Coroneos, Achilleas Thoma, Mohit Bhandari
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 10, 2016: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Muhammad Nasimullah Qureshi, Guenther Stecher, Guenther Karl Bonn
Flavonoids have been of considerable importance and interest because of their medicinal activity. Responding to their numerous health benefits, a comparative study on the quantitative determination of total polyphenolic compounds and flavonoids was carried out in Achillea millefolium and Equisetum arvense. Total polyphenolic compounds were quantified by Folin-Ciocalteau method using different solvents in order to prove their extraction efficiency. Focus within total polyphenolic quantification study was placed on the traditional reflux and solvents used were: water, 100% acetone, 100% ethanol, 80% ethanol, 50% methanol and 70% methanol...
September 2016: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Krystallia Mantziki, Carry M Renders, Achilleas Vassilopoulos, Gabriella Radulian, Jean-Michel Borys, Hugues du Plessis, Maria João Gregório, Pedro Graça, Stefaan de Henauw, Svetoslav Handjiev, Tommy L S Visscher, Jacob C Seidell
BACKGROUND: Increasing social inequalities in health across Europe are widening the gap between low and high socio-economic groups, notably in the prevalence of obesity. Public health interventions may result in differential effects across population groups. Therefore, the EPHE (EPODE for the Promotion of Health Equity) project analysed the added value of community-based programmes, based on the EPODE (Ensemble Prévenons l'Obésité Des Enfants-Together Let's Prevent Obesity) model, to reduce socio-economic inequalities in energy balance-related behaviours of children and their family-environmental related determinants in seven European communities...
September 29, 2016: International Journal for Equity in Health
Achilleas Thoma, Manraj Nirmal Kaur, Forough Farrokhyar, Daniel Waltho, Carolyn Levis, Peter Lovrics, Charlie H Goldsmith
You are a new plastic surgeon in the community and you are referred a patient interested in breast reconstruction. The patient is a 35-year-old female school teacher who had a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy 2 years earlier, as she was a BRCA gene carrier. Since she is of a petite build with very little subcutaneous tissue or extra skin in the lower abdomen, you decide that she is not a suitable candidate for an abdomen-based autologous tissue reconstruction. You recommend the technique of tissue expansion and silicone gel implants...
September 2016: Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie
J Sharifi-Rad, D Mnayer, A Roointan, F Shahri, S A M Ayatollahi, M Sharifi-Rad, N Molaee, M Sharifi-Rad
The extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) -producing Escherichia coli strains can lead to various infections particularly urinary tract infections. The main objective of this investigation was to evaluate the antibacterial activities of essential oils (EOs) from different Iranian medicinal plants against TEM gene positive ESBL-producing E. coli strains isolated from urine samples of patients with urinary tract infections. EOs were extracted using hydrodistillation method. E. coli strains were isolated by different specific Medias...
2016: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Brian A Kahn, Eric J Rebek, Lynn P Brandenberger, Keith Reed, Mark E Payton
BACKGROUND: The squash bug, Anasa tristis (De Geer) is a major insect pest of cucurbits. Control of squash bugs with insecticidal chemicals is difficult to achieve. We investigated the potential of companion planting with white yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) or feverfew [Tanacetum parthenium (L.) Sch. Bip.] for squash bug management in field plantings of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo L.). RESULTS: Companion planting with white yarrow had few effects. Companion planting with feverfew tended to reduce squash bug populations, but results often were not statistically significant (P ≥ 0...
September 8, 2016: Pest Management Science
Meletios Kanakis, Konstantinos Petsios, Dimitrios Bobos, Kosmas Sarafidis, Stefanos Nikopoulos, Konstantinos Kyriakoulis, Achilleas Lioulias, Nicholas Giannopoulos
Congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) is a rare lung congenital malformation. Differential diagnosis of the disease remains challenging in an infant with acute respiratory distress. We report a case of a 3-week-old female infant with a weight of 2.1 kg who presented respiratory distress related to CLE. Left upper lobectomy was performed and she had an uneventful recovery.
2016: Case Reports in Surgery
Maria Secrier, Xiaodun Li, Nadeera de Silva, Matthew D Eldridge, Gianmarco Contino, Jan Bornschein, Shona MacRae, Nicola Grehan, Maria O'Donovan, Ahmad Miremadi, Tsun-Po Yang, Lawrence Bower, Hamza Chettouh, Jason Crawte, Núria Galeano-Dalmau, Anna Grabowska, John Saunders, Tim Underwood, Nicola Waddell, Andrew P Barbour, Barbara Nutzinger, Achilleas Achilleos, Paul A W Edwards, Andy G Lynch, Simon Tavaré, Rebecca C Fitzgerald
Esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) has a poor outcome, and targeted therapy trials have thus far been disappointing owing to a lack of robust stratification methods. Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) analysis of 129 cases demonstrated that this is a heterogeneous cancer dominated by copy number alterations with frequent large-scale rearrangements. Co-amplification of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and/or downstream mitogenic activation is almost ubiquitous; thus tailored combination RTK inhibitor (RTKi) therapy might be required, as we demonstrate in vitro...
October 2016: Nature Genetics
Jacob Kanev, Achilleas Koutsou, Chris Christodoulou, Klaus Obermayer
In this letter, we propose a definition of the operational mode of a neuron, that is, whether a neuron integrates over its input or detects coincidences. We complete the range of possible operational modes by a new mode we call gap detection, which means that a neuron responds to gaps in its stimulus. We propose a measure consisting of two scalar values, both ranging from -1 to +1: the neural drive, which indicates whether its stimulus excites the neuron, serves as background noise, or inhibits it; the neural mode, which indicates whether the neuron's response is the result of integration over its input, of coincidence detection, or of gap detection; with all three modes possible for all neural drive values...
October 2016: Neural Computation
Constantinos Tsioutis, Evangelos I Kritsotakis, Spyridon A Karageorgos, Soultana Stratakou, Charalambos Psarologakis, Sofia Kokkini, Achilleas Gikas
Limited data exist regarding prognostic factors and optimal antimicrobial treatment of infections caused by extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (XDR-AB). This retrospective cohort study included 93 adult patients who developed ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) due to XDR-AB in the ICU of the University Hospital of Heraklion, Greece, from October 2012 to April 2015. XDR-AB isolates were mainly susceptible to colistin (93.5%) and tigecycline (25.8%), whereas 6 (6.5%) were pandrug-resistant...
August 12, 2016: International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents
Daniela Benedec, Daniela Hanganu, Ilioara Oniga, Lorena Filip, Cristina Bischin, Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu, Brînduşa Tiperciuc, Laurian Vlase
This study aims to evaluate the phenolic profile, and antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of Achillea schurii Sch.-Bip., an endemic species from Romania that has not been investigated yet. The chromatographic profile of the phenolic components was obtained using the HPLC-MS method, while the total polyphenol, flavonoid, caffeic acid derivative contents were quantified using spectrophotometric methods. The antioxidant activity was evaluated using different methods: DPPH radical scavenging, hemoglobin ascorbate peroxidase activity inhibition (HAPX), inhibition of lipid peroxidation catalyzed by cytochrome c, and direct detection of plant-derived free radicals using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)...
2016: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Christos-Konstantinos Antoniou, Ippokratis Bournellis, Achilleas Papadopoulos, Dimitris Tsiachris, Petros Arsenos, Polychronis Dilaveris, Ioannis Diakogiannis, Skevos Sideris, Ioannis Kallikazaros, Konstantinos A Gatzoulis, Dimitrios Tousoulis
BACKGROUND: Sudden cardiac death (SCD) occurs three times more often in psychiatric patients than in the general population. QRS fragmentation (QRSfr) and signal-averaged electrocardiography (SAECG) are simple, inexpensive, readily available tools for detecting the presence of abnormal depolarization and late potentials (LPs) in these patients, a result of either the underlying disease or treatment. METHODS: Frequency of LP detection by SAECG and QRSfr was studied in 52 psychiatric patients and compared with 30 healthy (without known structural heart disease or occurrence of ventricular arrhythmia) controls...
November 1, 2016: International Journal of Cardiology
Achilleas Papatheodorou, Pierre Vanderzwalmen, Yannis Panagiotidis, Stamatis Petousis, Giuseppe Gullo, Evangelia Kasapi, Maria Goudakou, Nikos Prapas, Kostas Zikopoulos, Ioannis Georgiou, Yannis Prapas
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether is possible to vitrify oocytes in an aseptic (hermetically closed) fashion and maintain clinical results comparable with those of fresh oocytes. DESIGN: Prospective, observational, cohort, noninferiority trial. SETTING: Private in vitro fertilization center. PATIENT(S): One hundred eighty-four recipients of donated vitrified oocytes. INTERVENTION(S): Closed system vitrification...
August 1, 2016: Fertility and Sterility
Florian Grahammer, Christoph Wigge, Christoph Schell, Oliver Kretz, Jaakko Patrakka, Simon Schneider, Martin Klose, Sebastian J Arnold, Anja Habermann, Ricarda Bräuniger, Markus M Rinschen, Linus Völker, Andreas Bregenzer, Dennis Rubbenstroth, Melanie Boerries, Dontscho Kerjaschki, Jeffrey H Miner, Gerd Walz, Thomas Benzing, Alessia Fornoni, Achilleas S Frangakis, Tobias B Huber
Vertebrate life critically depends on renal filtration and excretion of low molecular weight waste products. This process is controlled by a specialized cell-cell contact between podocyte foot processes: the slit diaphragm (SD). Using a comprehensive set of targeted KO mice of key SD molecules, we provided genetic, functional, and high-resolution ultrastructural data highlighting a concept of a flexible, dynamic, and multilayered architecture of the SD. Our data indicate that the mammalian SD is composed of NEPHRIN and NEPH1 molecules, while NEPH2 and NEPH3 do not participate in podocyte intercellular junction formation...
June 16, 2016: JCI Insight
Alexander W Mühleip, Friederike Joos, Christoph Wigge, Achilleas S Frangakis, Werner Kühlbrandt, Karen M Davies
F1Fo-ATP synthases are universal energy-converting membrane protein complexes that synthesize ATP from ADP and inorganic phosphate. In mitochondria of yeast and mammals, the ATP synthase forms V-shaped dimers, which assemble into rows along the highly curved ridges of lamellar cristae. Using electron cryotomography and subtomogram averaging, we have determined the in situ structure and organization of the mitochondrial ATP synthase dimer of the ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia. The ATP synthase forms U-shaped dimers with parallel monomers...
July 26, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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