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Argha Deb, Mahasin Gazi, Jayita Ghosh, Saheli Chowdhury, Chiranjib Barman
The present paper deals with monitoring soil radon-222 concentration at two different locations, designated Site A and Site B, 200 m apart at Jadavpur University campus, Kolkata, India, with a view to find possible precursors for the earthquakes that occurred within a few hundred kilometers from the monitoring site. The solid state nuclear track detector CR-39 has been used for detection of radon gas coming out from soil. Radon-222 time series at both locations during the period August 2012-December 2013 have been analysed...
January 17, 2018: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
U Rajendra Acharya, Joel En Wei Koh, Yuki Hagiwara, Jen Hong Tan, Arkadiusz Gertych, Anushya Vijayananthan, Nur Adura Yaakup, Basri Johan Jeet Abdullah, Mohd Kamil Bin Mohd Fabell, Chai Hong Yeong
Liver is the heaviest internal organ of the human body and performs many vital functions. Prolonged cirrhosis and fatty liver disease may lead to the formation of benign or malignant lesions in this organ, and an early and reliable evaluation of these conditions can improve treatment outcomes. Ultrasound imaging is a safe, non-invasive, and cost-effective way of diagnosing liver lesions. However, this technique has limited performance in determining the nature of the lesions. This study initiates a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system to aid radiologists in an objective and more reliable interpretation of ultrasound images of liver lesions...
January 3, 2018: Computers in Biology and Medicine
Andereas Otto, Jian Wang, Günter Radons
The Turing (wave) instability is only possible in reaction-diffusion systems with more than one (two) components. Motivated by the fact that a time delay increases the dimension of a system, we investigate the presence of diffusion-driven instabilities in single-species reaction-diffusion systems with delay. The stability of arbitrary one-component systems with a single discrete delay, with distributed delay, or with a variable delay is systematically analyzed. We show that a wave instability can appear from an equilibrium of single-species reaction-diffusion systems with fluctuating or distributed delay, which is not possible in similar systems with constant discrete delay or without delay...
November 2017: Physical Review. E
Christian Riesch, Günter Radons, Robert Magerle
Small-angle orientation fluctuations in ordered stripe-forming systems free of topological defects can exhibit aging and anisotropic growth of two length scales. In infinitely extended systems, the stripe orientation field develops a dominant modulation length λ_{∥}^{*}(t) in the direction parallel to the stripes, which increases with time t as λ_{∥}^{*}(t)∼t^{1/4}. Simultaneously, the orientation correlation length ξ_{⊥}(t) in the direction perpendicular to the stripes increases as ξ_{⊥}(t)∼t^{1/2} [Riesch et al...
November 2017: Physical Review. E
Qi Yang, Bin Deng, Hongqiang Wang, Yuliang Qin, Ye Zhang
Motion compensation is a crucial step to inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging, and envelope correction is the foundation of motion compensation. Research on envelope correction based on the small-angle imaging model has matured after years of development. However, the small-angle imaging model is not applicable to parameter estimation and imaging of micro-motion targets. According to the characteristics of the micro-motion targets and the superiorities of terahertz imaging radar, an envelope correction method for micro-motion targets in the terahertz region was proposed in this paper, including the jump error correction based on periodic correction and drift error compensation based on nonlinear fitting...
January 15, 2018: Sensors
Sabrina Siebert, Katja Ickstadt, Martin Schäfer, Yvonne Radon, Peter J Verveer
Cells communicate with their environment via proteins, located at the plasma membrane separating the interior of a cell from its surroundings. The spatial distribution of these proteins in the plasma membrane under different physiological conditions is of importance, since this may influence their signal transmission properties. In this study, the authors compare different methods such as hierarchical clustering, extensible Markov models and the gammics method for analysing such a spatial distribution. The methods are examined in a simulation study to determine their optimal use...
February 2018: IET Systems Biology
Ji Hyun Park, Sungim Whang, Hyun Young Lee, Cheol-Min Lee, Dae Ryong Kang
Objectives: Radon, the primary constituent of natural radiation, is the second leading environmental cause of lung cancer after smoking. To confirm a relationship between indoor radon exposure and lung cancer, estimating cumulative levels of exposure to indoor radon for an individual or population is necessary. This study sought to develop a model for estimate indoor radon concentrations in Korea. Especially, our model and method may have wider application to other residences, not to specific site, and can be used in situations where actual measurements for input variables are lacking...
January 8, 2018: Environmental Health and Toxicology
Mohamed Yasreen Mohamed Ali, Marlia M Hanafiah, Md Firoz Khan
This study aimed to measure the equilibrium equivalent radon (EECRn) concentration in an old building (Building-1) and a new building (Building-2) with mechanical ventilation and a natural ventilation system, respectively. Both buildings were located at the campus of University Kebangsaan Malaysia. The concentration of indoor radon was measured at 25 sampling stations using a radon detector model DOSEman PRO. The sampling was conducted for 8 h to represent daily working hours. A correlation of the radon concentration was made with the annual inhalation dose of the occupants at the indoor stations...
January 11, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Tracy Dawn Gooding
Radon is a recognised lung carcinogen. The main source of radon in UK buildings is the ground. As basements have more ground contact than other parts of a building, and often limited ventilation, there is an increased potential for high radon levels to occur. Regulations are in place in the UK to control radon exposures at work, which prompt employers to undertake risk assessments, test where necessary and take action if levels exceed certain thresholds. Both Public Health England (PHE) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) currently advise employers to test routinely occupied basements for radon, irrespective of geographical location; the minimum annual occupancy threshold has been established as one hour per week (approximately 50 hours per year)...
January 12, 2018: Journal of Radiological Protection: Official Journal of the Society for Radiological Protection
Andrey Tsapalov, Konstantin Kovler
Mass measurements of indoor radon concentrations have been conducted for about 30 years. In most of the countries, a national reference/action/limit level is adopted, limiting the annual average indoor radon (AAIR) concentration. However, until now, there is no single and generally accepted international protocol for determining the AAIR with a known confidence interval, based on measurements of different durations. Obviously, as the duration of measurements increases, the uncertainty of the AAIR estimation decreases...
January 3, 2018: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
Jung Ran Choi, Sang-Baek Koh, Seong Yong Park, Hye Run Kim, Hyojin Lee, Dae Ryong Kang
Background: Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide, for which smoking is considered as the primary risk factor. The present study was conducted to determine whether genetic alterations induced by radon exposure are associated with the susceptible risk of lung cancer in never smokers. Methods: To accurately identify mutations within individual tumors, next generation sequencing was conduct for 19 pairs of lung cancer tissue. The associations of germline and somatic variations with radon exposure were visualized using OncoPrint and heatmap graphs...
December 2017: Journal of Cancer Prevention
L Сrygorieva, Yu Tomilin
OBJECTIVE: determining the integral value of annual effective dose from 222Rn for workers of the granite mining industry and assessment for the expected life effective dose from 222Rn. MATERIALS: Materials were the results of measurements of external exposure dose of radiation measurements equiv alent equilibrium volume activity of 222Rn in workrooms and workplaces of major groups of granite quarry workers Mykolaiv region, studies EROA 222Rn air premises of these workers, research content 222Rn in drinking water...
December 2017: Problemy Radiat︠s︡iĭnoï Medyt︠s︡yny Ta Radiobiolohiï
Ronald Herrera, Ursula Berger, Ondine S von Ehrenstein, Iván Díaz, Stella Huber, Daniel Moraga Muñoz, Katja Radon
In a town located in a desert area of Northern Chile, gold and copper open-pit mining is carried out involving explosive processes. These processes are associated with increased dust exposure, which might affect children's respiratory health. Therefore, we aimed to quantify the causal attributable risk of living close to the mines on asthma or allergic rhinoconjunctivitis risk burden in children. Data on the prevalence of respiratory diseases and potential confounders were available from a cross-sectional survey carried out in 2009 among 288 (response: 69 % ) children living in the community...
December 27, 2017: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Yongmei Li, Wanyu Tan, Kaixuan Tan, Zehua Liu, Qi Fang, Junwen Lv, Xianzhe Duan, Zhenzhong Liu, Yueyue Guo
Radon generated in porous media such as soils and rocks migrates into indoor and outdoor air mainly by diffusion, possessing significant hazards to human health. In order to reduce these hazards of radon, it is of great importance to study the diffusion behavior of radon. In this study, we systematically measured the radon diffusion coefficient of laterite with the density ranging from 0.917gcm-3 to 2.238gcm-3, and studied the effect of laterite density on the radon diffusion. The results show that the radon diffusion coefficient of the laterite generally decreases with the increasing laterite density...
December 7, 2017: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Filipa Domingos, Alcides Pereira
Alteration processes have strong impacts on the chemical and physical properties of rock masses. Because they can affect the contents and the distribution of U as well as enhance the permeability of the bedrock, they may lead to a significant increase of radon release to the environment. However, their influence on radon emanation and radon production rate has yet to be properly assessed. To investigate the impact of alteration processes on the radiological properties, samples were collected in the Panasqueira region under the influence of surface weathering, deuteric, hydrothermal and fault related alteration...
December 7, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Aida M González, María Teresa Solís-Soto, Katja Radon
BACKGROUND: Leishmaniasis is common in Colombia, negatively affecting the health of military personnel active in endemic areas. The disease is transmitted by sand fly bites. Therefore, during duty, use of long-sleeved uniforms and other clothes treated with permethrin and application of mosquito repellent are important personal preventive measures. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to assess personal and occupational factors associated with the use of personal protection in male soldiers deployed to Leishmaniasis-endemic areas...
May 2017: Annals of Global Health
Anand Giri, Deepak Pant
Radon (Rn-222), thoron (Rn-220) and its progeny are the natural radioactive gases emitted everywhere in different concentration. These carcinogenic substances were known to be responsible for lung cancer. Human exposure of these gases in an indoor environment was principally dependent on the house types like concrete, slate, mud-tin etc. Rate of exposure is also influenced by unplanned construction and associated poor ventilation.The study of inhalation dose with house type and the associated indoor environment were important to study the exposure due to natural ionising radiation...
November 27, 2017: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
M Kreuzer, C Sobotzki, M Schnelzer, N Fenske
It is still not fully understood whether and how factors such as time, age and smoking modify the relationship between lung cancer and radon at low exposures and exposure rates. Improved knowledge is necessary for the dose conversion of radon in working level month (WLM) into effective dose, as currently discussed by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). An update of the German uranium miner cohort study (n = 58,974 men) with a 10-year extension of mortality follow-up (1946-2013) was used to further examine this issue...
December 7, 2017: Radiation Research
Rasheed Zakaria, Angela Platt-Higgins, Nitika Rathi, Mark Radon, Sumit Das, Kumar Das, Maneesh Bhojak, Andrew Brodbelt, Emmanuel Chavredakis, Michael D Jenkinson, Philip S Rudland
Brain metastases are common and are usually detected by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a derivative MRI technique which can detect disruption of white matter tracts in the brain. We have matched preoperative DTI with image-guided sampling of the brain-tumor interface in 26 patients during resection of a brain metastasis and assessed mean diffusivity (MD) and fractional anisotropy (FA). The tissue samples were analysed for vascularity, inflammatory cell infiltration, growth pattern, and tumor expression of proteins associated with growth or local invasion such as Ki67, S100A4, and MMP2, 9, and 13...
December 6, 2017: Cancer Research
Faten Telahigue, Belgacem Agoubi, Fayza Souid, Adel Kharroubi
The present study integrates hydrogeological, hydrochemical and radiogenic data of groundwater samples taken from the Plio-Quaternary unconfined aquifer of Jerba Island, southeastern Tunisia, in order to interpret the spatial variations of the groundwater quality and identify the main hydrogeochemical factors responsible for the high ion concentrations and radon-222 content in the groundwater analysed. Thirty-nine groundwater samples were collected from open wells widespread on the island. Physical parameters (EC, pH, TDS and T °) were measured, major ions (Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+, Cl-, SO42-, NO3- and HCO3-) were analysed and 222Rn concentrations were determined using a RAD7-H2O...
December 1, 2017: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
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