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electronic proximity

Li-Cheng Chang, Chun Nien, Jia-Hao Ye, Cheng-Huan Chung, Vincent Su, Chao-Hsin Wu, Chieh-Hsiung Kuan
In this study, we propose a set of single-spot experiment to construct a comprehensive model of electron-beam lithography to describe the relation among the incident electrons, resist, and the development conditions such as durations and temperatures. Through the experiments, small feature can be achieved by performing a short-time development due to the high acceleration voltage and large depth of focus of electron-beam system. The singular point in the beginning of the development is also observed in our model and supported by the experimental data...
July 17, 2017: Nanotechnology
Hua Chai, Blanca Diaz-Castro, Eiji Shigetomi, Emma Monte, J Christopher Octeau, Xinzhu Yu, Whitaker Cohn, Pradeep S Rajendran, Thomas M Vondriska, Julian P Whitelegge, Giovanni Coppola, Baljit S Khakh
Astrocytes are ubiquitous in the brain and are widely held to be largely identical. However, this view has not been fully tested, and the possibility that astrocytes are neural circuit specialized remains largely unexplored. Here, we used multiple integrated approaches, including RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), mass spectrometry, electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, serial block-face-scanning electron microscopy, morphological reconstructions, pharmacogenetics, and diffusible dye, calcium, and glutamate imaging, to directly compare adult striatal and hippocampal astrocytes under identical conditions...
July 11, 2017: Neuron
E Frimpong, A A Skelton, B Honarparvar
1, 4, 7, 10-tetraazacyclododecane-1, 4, 7, 10-tetracetic acid (DOTA) is an important chelator for radiolabeling of pharmaceuticals. The ability of alkali metals found in the body to complex with DOTA and compete with radio metal ions can alter the radiolabeling process. Non-covalent interactions between DOTA complexed with alkali metals Li(+), Na(+), K(+) and Rb(+), are investigated with density functional theory using B3LYP and ωB97XD functionals. Conformational possibilities of DOTA were explored with a varying number of carboxylic pendant arms of DOTA in close proximity to the ions...
June 29, 2017: Journal of Molecular Graphics & Modelling
Sayali Chowdhary, Darshika Tomer, Dnyanesh Dubal, Devashree Sambre, Richa Rikhy
Mitochondria are inherited maternally as globular and immature organelles in metazoan embryos. We have used the Drosophila blastoderm embryo to characterize their morphology, distribution and functions in embryogenesis. We find that mitochondria are relatively small, dispersed and distinctly distributed along the apico-basal axis in proximity to microtubules by motor protein transport. Live imaging, photobleaching and photoactivation analyses of mitochondrially targeted GFP show that they are mobile in the apico-basal axis along microtubules and are immobile in the lateral plane thereby associating with one syncytial cell...
July 14, 2017: Scientific Reports
Marilena Ricci, Cristiana Lofrumento, Maurizio Becucci, Emilio M Castellucci
Using time-dependent density functional theory in conjunction with B3LYP functional and LANL2DZ/6-31+g(d,p) basis sets, static and pre-resonance Raman spectra of the indigo-Ag2 complex have been calculated. Structure optimization, excitation energies and pre-resonance Raman spectra of the indigo molecule have been obtained at the same level of theory. The available experimental Raman spectra at 1064, 785 and 514nm and the SERS spectra at 785 and 514nm have been well reproduced by the calculation. Experimental SERS spectra are confronted with the calculated pre-resonance Raman spectra obtained for the indigo-Ag2 complex...
July 6, 2017: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Patrick Siyambulela Mafunda, Liana Maree, Antoinette Kotze, Gerhard van der Horst
This study evaluated the semen of two penguin species from separate genera with reference to unique features in sperm structure using light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. Ejaculates from African penguin (n = 51) and Rockhopper penguin (n = 9) contained on average more than 60% motile spermatozoa and a sperm concentration of 3274 × 10(6)/ml and 1423 × 10(6)/ml, respectively. The percentage progressive motility was similar for the two species as well as all the kinematics parameters...
May 7, 2017: Theriogenology
Takahiro Masuya, Masatoshi Murai, Takeshi Ito, Shunsuke Aburaya, Wataru Aoki, Hideto Miyoshi
We previously showed that a bulky ring-strained cycloalkyne possessing a rhodamine fluorophore directly reacts (via strain-promoted click chemistry) with the azido group incorporated (via ligand-directed tosyl chemistry) into Asp160 in the 49 kDa subunit of complex I in bovine heart submitochondrial particles [Masuya et al. (2014) Biochemistry 53, 7816-7823]. This two-step conjugation may be a promising technique for specific chemical modifications of the quinone-access channel in complex I by various molecular probes, which would lead to new methodologies for studying the enzyme...
July 14, 2017: Biochemistry
Vivica Kraak, Tessa Englund, Sarah Misyak, Elena Serrano
Consumption of restaurant food and beverage products high in fat, sugar and sodium contribute to obesity and non-communicable diseases. We evaluated restaurant-sector progress to promote healthy food environments for Americans. We conducted a desk review of seven electronic databases (January 2006-January 2017) to examine restaurant strategies used to promote healthful options in the United States (U.S.). Evidence selection (n = 84) was guided by the LEAD principles (i.e., locate, evaluate, and assemble evidence to inform decisions) and verified by data and investigator triangulation...
July 12, 2017: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Lidwien A M Smit, Gert Jan Boender, Wouter A A de Steenhuijsen Piters, Thomas J Hagenaars, Elisabeth G W Huijskens, John W A Rossen, Marion Koopmans, Gonnie Nodelijk, Elisabeth A M Sanders, Joris Yzermans, Debby Bogaert, Dick Heederik
BACKGROUND: Air pollution has been shown to increase the susceptibility to community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). Previously, we observed an increased incidence of CAP in adults living within 1 km from poultry farms, potentially related to particulate matter and endotoxin emissions. We aim to confirm the increased risk of CAP near poultry farms by refined spatial analyses, and we hypothesize that the oropharyngeal microbiota composition in CAP patients may be associated with residential proximity to poultry farms...
2017: Pneumonia
Richard C Petersen
Clinicians have been aware that posterior dental particulate-filled composites (PFCs) have many placement disadvantages and indeed fail clinically at an average rate faster than amalgam alloys. Secondary caries is most commonly identified as the chief failure mechanism for both dental PFCs and amalgam. In terms of a solution, fiber-reinforced composites (FRCs) above critical length (Lc) can provide mechanical property safety factors with compound molding packing qualities to reduce many problems associated with dental PFCs...
February 2017: Journal of Nature and Science
Rana Ashkar, Michael J A Hore, Xingchen Ye, Bharath Natarajan, Nicholas J Greybush, Thomas Lam, Cherie R Kagan, Christopher B Murray
The utility of gold nanorods for plasmonic applications largely depends on the relative orientation and proximity of the nanorods. Though side-by-side or chainlike nanorod morphologies have been previously demonstrated, a simple reliable method to obtain high-yield oriented gold nanorod assemblies remains a significant challenge. We present a facile, scalable approach which exploits meniscus drag, evaporative self-assembly, and van der Waals interactions to precisely position and orient gold nanorods over macroscopic areas of 1D nanostructured substrates...
July 19, 2017: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Bifan Chen, Xiao Guo, Trisha Tucholski, Ziqing Lin, Sean McIlwain, Ying Ge
Electron capture dissociation (ECD) is well suited for the characterization of phosphoproteins, with which labile phosphate groups are generally preserved during the fragmentation process. However, the impact of phosphorylation on ECD fragmentation of intact proteins remains unclear. Here, we have performed a systematic investigation of the phosphorylation effect on ECD of intact proteins by comparing the ECD cleavages of mono-phosphorylated α-casein, multi-phosphorylated β-casein, and immunoaffinity-purified phosphorylated cardiac troponin I with those of their unphosphorylated counterparts, respectively...
July 6, 2017: Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry
V Grinenko, K Iida, F Kurth, D V Efremov, S-L Drechsler, I Cherniavskii, I Morozov, J Hänisch, T Förster, C Tarantini, J Jaroszynski, B Maiorov, M Jaime, A Yamamoto, I Nakamura, R Fujimoto, T Hatano, H Ikuta, R Hühne
A quantum critical point (QCP) is currently being conjectured for the BaFe2(As1-x P x )2 system at the critical value x c  ≈ 0.3. In the proximity of a QCP, all thermodynamic and transport properties are expected to scale with a single characteristic energy, given by the quantum fluctuations. Such a universal behavior has not, however, been found in the superconducting upper critical field H c2. Here we report H c2 data for epitaxial thin films extracted from the electrical resistance measured in very high magnetic fields up to 67 Tesla...
July 4, 2017: Scientific Reports
Andrea Cepellotti, Nicola Marzari
Surface scattering is the key limiting factor to thermal transport in dielectric crystals as the length scales are reduced or when temperature is lowered. To explain this phenomenon, it is commonly assumed that the mean free paths of heat carriers are bound by the crystal size and that thermal conductivity is reduced in a manner proportional to such mean free paths. We show here that these conclusions rely on simplifying assumptions and approximated transport models. Instead, starting from the linearized Boltzmann transport equation in the relaxon basis, we show how the problem can be reduced to a set of decoupled linear differential equations...
June 29, 2017: Nano Letters
F Cebe, M Bulbul, I Simsek, M A Cebe, B Ozturk
PURPOSE: To assess the effect of the erbium:yttrium aluminum garnet (Er:YAG) laser on bond strength of a total-etch adhesive system to the caries-affected dentin on the gingival wall. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ten human molars with proximal carious lesions were randomly divided into two groups. In the first group, the carious dentin was removed with a bur, whereas in the second group it was removed with the Er:YAG laser. Carious lesions were excavated with one of these two techniques until laser fluorescence values decreased to 15 in the center of the lesions...
June 2017: Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice
Su Chen, Jun Ishii, Shunsuke Horiuchi, Masahiro Yoshizawa-Fujita, Ekaterina I Izgorodina
Recent thermal runaways in lithium-ion batteries have reinforced the focus on the research of safer electrolytes based on ionic liquids. A simple switch from organic solvents to ionic liquids has been proven difficult due to the decreased efficiency of batteries caused by decreased conductivity and increased viscosity of ionic liquids upon addition of lithium salts. The new trend in replacing lithium salts with a cheaper alternative, sodium salts, has resulted in rather poor solubility of sodium salts in commonly used ionic liquids...
June 26, 2017: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Seongsu Kim, Tae Yun Kim, Kang Hyuck Lee, Tae-Ho Kim, Francesco Arturo Cimini, Sung Kyun Kim, Ronan Hinchet, Sang-Woo Kim, Christian Falconi
Gates can electrostatically control charges inside two-dimensional materials. However, integrating independent gates typically requires depositing and patterning suitable insulators and conductors. Moreover, after manufacturing, gates are unchangeable. Here we introduce tunnelling triboelectrification for localizing electric charges in very close proximity of two-dimensional materials. As representative materials, we use chemical vapour deposition graphene deposited on a SiO2/Si substrate. The triboelectric charges, generated by friction with a Pt-coated atomic force microscope tip and injected through defects, are trapped at the air-SiO2 interface underneath graphene and act as ghost floating gates...
June 26, 2017: Nature Communications
Dennis Buente, Michael Bryant, Michael Ward, Anne Neville, Michael Morlock, Gerd Huber
Bi-modular primary hip stems exhibit high revision rates owing to corrosion at the stem-neck taper, and are associated with local adverse tissue reactions. The aim of this study was to relate the wear patterns observed for one bi-modular design to its design-specific stem-neck taper geometry. Wear patterns and initial geometry of the taper junctions were determined for 27 retrieved bi-modular primary hip arthroplasty stems (Rejuvenate, Stryker Orthopaedics) using a tactile coordinate-measuring device. Regions of high-gradient wear patterns were additionally analyzed via optical and electron microscopy...
June 21, 2017: Medical Engineering & Physics
Valéria Trombini Vidotto, Nilza Alzira Batista, José Ricardo Lenzi Mariolani, William Dias Belangero
OBJECTIVES: To determine whether the macroindentation test can be applied to quantitatively assess bone regeneration. METHODS: A 3.2 mm diameter transverse monocortical defect was created on the medial aspect of both proximal metaphyses of the tibia of male Unib-WH rats. For the macroindentation tests, we used 5.00 mm diameter indenters with a 3.2 mm tip. Defect testing was performed 1 to 12 weeks following the surgical procedures to compare the hardness of the newly developed tissue over the 12-week study period...
March 2017: Acta Ortopedica Brasileira
Laura Kooij, Wim G Groen, Wim H van Harten
BACKGROUND: In patients with chronic disease, many health care professionals are involved during treatment and follow-up. This leads to fragmentation that in turn may lead to suboptimal care. Shared care is a means to improve the integration of care delivered by various providers, specifically primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialty care professionals, for patients with chronic disease. The use of information technology (IT) in this field seems promising. OBJECTIVE: Our aim was to systematically review the literature regarding the effectiveness of IT-supported shared care interventions in chronic disease in terms of provider or professional, process, health or clinical and financial outcomes...
June 22, 2017: Journal of Medical Internet Research
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