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“Chinese character”

Fei-Chi Chuang, Li-Ching Chu, Fu-Tsai Kung, Kuan-Hui Huang
OBJECTIVE: To validate the traditional Chinese translated version of the prolapse quality of life questionnaire (P-QOL). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The P-QOL questionnaire was translated into traditional Chinese characters and administered to women recruited from gynecologic outpatient clinics of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. After the test-retest reliability and internal consistency were established in a pilot study, all participants completed the P-QOL questionnaire and were examined in the lithotomy position using the Pelvic Organ Prolapse Quantification System (POP-Q)...
October 2016: Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Chi-Shing Tse, Melvin J Yap, Yuen-Lai Chan, Wei Ping Sze, Cyrus Shaoul, Dan Lin
Using a megastudy approach, we developed a database of lexical variables and lexical decision reaction times and accuracy rates for more than 25,000 traditional Chinese two-character compound words. Each word was responded to by about 33 native Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong. This resource provides a valuable adjunct to influential mega-databases, such as the Chinese single-character, English, French, and Dutch Lexicon Projects. Three analyses were conducted to illustrate the potential uses of the database...
October 12, 2016: Behavior Research Methods
Ya-Ning Chang, Stephen Welbourne, Chia-Ying Lee
Orthographic neighborhood (N) size effects have been extensively studied in English consistently producing a facilitatory effect in word naming tasks. In contrast, several recent studies on Chinese character naming have demonstrated an inhibitory effect of neighborhood size. Response latencies tend to be inhibited by inconsistent characters with large neighborhoods relative to small neighborhoods. These differences in neighborhood effects between languages may depend on the characteristics (depth) of the mapping between orthography and phonology...
October 6, 2016: Cognitive Psychology
Wangbing Shen, Yuan Yuan, Chang Liu, Xiaojiang Zhang, Jing Luo, Zhe Gong
The question of whether creative insight varies across problem types has recently come to the forefront of studies of creative cognition. In the present study, to address the nature of creative insight, the coordinate-based activation likelihood estimation (ALE) technique was utilized to individually conduct three quantitative meta-analyses of neuroimaging experiments that used the compound remote associate (CRA) task, the prototype heuristic (PH) task and the Chinese character chunk decomposition (CCD) task...
October 6, 2016: International Journal of Psychophysiology
S L Y Ma, Y M Lu
The Chinese hawthorn (Crataegus pinnatifida Bge. var. major N.E.Br.) is uniquely originated in northern China. The ecological and horticultural importance of Chinese hawthorn is considerable and some varieties are valued for their fruit or medicine extracts. Its taxonomy and phylogeny remain poorly understood. Apart from general plant morphological traits, pollen is an important trait for the classification of plants and their evolutionary origin. However, few studies have investigated the pollen of Chinese hawthorn...
September 19, 2016: Genetics and Molecular Research: GMR
James C Loach, Jinzhao Wang
We present a novel algorithm for optimizing the order in which Chinese characters are learned, one that incorporates the benefits of learning them in order of usage frequency and in order of their hierarchal structural relationships. We show that our work outperforms previously published orders and algorithms. Our algorithm is applicable to any scheduling task where nodes have intrinsic differences in importance and must be visited in topological order.
2016: PloS One
Ya-Jing Liu, Shi-Yang Li, Jie Hou, Yan-Fang Liu, Dan-Dan Wang, Yong-Shan Jiang, Guang-Bo Ge, Xin-Miao Liang, Ling Yang
White Mulberry Root-bark (WMR) is an edible Chinese herbal used for the treatment of inflammation, nephritis and asthma. This study aimed to investigate the inhibitory effects of ethanol extract from WMR against human carboxylesterase 2 (hCE2), as well as to identity and character natural hCE2 inhibitors in this herbal. Our results demonstrated that the ethanol extract of WMR displayed potent inhibitory effects against hCE2, while three major bioactive constitutes in WMR were identified on the basis of LC fingerprinting combined with activity-based screening of LC fractions...
October 1, 2016: Fitoterapia
Yu-Zhou Du, Zhi-Teng Chen
A new species of the genus Capnia s.l., C. zijinshana Du & Chen, sp. nov. is described and illustrated from Jiangsu Province, of southeastern China. The new species is distinguished from other known Chinese capniid species by the unique thoracic sclerites and genitalic characters.
September 22, 2016: Zootaxa
Karl K Kopiske, Christian Löwenkamp, Owino Eloka, Florian Schiller, Chung-Shan Kao, Chaohua Wu, Xiaorong Gao, Volker H Franz
The SNARC effect refers to an association of numbers and spatial properties of responses that is commonly thought to be amodal and independent of stimulus notation. We tested for a horizontal SNARC effect using Arabic digits, simple-form Chinese characters and Chinese hand signs in participants from Mainland China. We found a horizontal SNARC effect in all notations. This is the first time that a horizontal SNARC effect has been demonstrated in Chinese characters and Chinese hand signs. We tested for the SNARC effect in two experiments (parity judgement and magnitude judgement)...
2016: PloS One
Simon Kang Seng Ting, Pei Shi Chia, Kevin Kwek, Wilnard Tan, Shahul Hameed
Number processing disorder is an acquired deficit in mathematical skills commonly observed in Alzheimer's disease (AD), usually as a consequence of neurological dysfunction. Common impairments include syntactic errors (800012 instead of 8012) and intrusion errors (8 thousand and 12 instead of eight thousand and twelve) in number transcoding tasks. This study aimed to understand the characterization of AD-related number processing disorder within an alphabetic language (English) and ideographical language (Chinese), and to investigate the differences between alphabetic and ideographic language processing...
September 28, 2016: Neurocase
Darija Mahović, Fanika Mrsić
Dear Editor, the practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine described psoriasis some 2000 years ago (1). Psoriasis vulgaris is a common, chronic inflammatory skin disease whose worldwide prevalence ranges from 0.1-3% (2,3). Understanding the role of the immune system in psoriasis and the interplay between the innate and adaptive immune system has helped to manage this complex disease, which affects patients far beyond the skin changes themselves (2). In addition to the usual and widely accepted methods of treatment of psoriasis, including topical therapies, phototherapy, and conventional and biological systemic therapies, data can be found in the literature that suggest a favorable effect of acupuncture on the course of psoriasis (4,5)...
August 2016: Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica: ADC
Yan-Yin Wang, Corwin Sullivan, Jun Liu
Background. The primarily Neotropical distribution of living alligatoroids raises questions as to when and how the ancestors of Alligator sinensis migrated to China. As phylogeny provides a necessary framework for historical biogeographic issues, determining the phylogenetic positions of the Chinese alligatoroids is a crucial step towards understanding global alligatoroid paleobiogeography. Besides the unnamed alligatoroids from the Eocene of Guangdong Province, three Chinese fossil taxa have been referred to Alligatoroidea: Alligator luicus, Eoalligator chunyii and Eoalligator huiningensis...
2016: PeerJ
Ye Fan, Xiaofeng Qian, Chuanyong Zhang
STAT3 is an oncogene which mainly capable of regulating various biological characters by its transcriptional factor features driving thousands of genes. However, its upstream noncoding RNA-related regulations still remain unknown. In this study, we focused on the microRNA (miRNA)-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the 3' unstranslated region (UTR) of STAT3 to investigate the further relationship of the SNPs with miRNAs among Chinese patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). We found that patients suffering from HBV infection indicated to be the susceptible population by comparing with controls...
September 12, 2016: Tumour Biology: the Journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
Hui Geng, Cheng-de Li
Five new species of Encarsia Förster, E. dianensis sp. nov., E. hayati sp. nov., E. biseta sp. nov., E. huangi sp. nov., and E. yunnana sp. nov. are described from China. All share a clear asetose area around the stigmal vein of the fore wing, and a key to the Chinese species of Encarsia having such a fore wing area is given based on females. Photomicrographs are provided to illustrate morphological characters of the new species.
2016: Zootaxa
Xiaomei Zhang, Na Li, Yuanyuan Yao, Xuming Liang, Xianyou Qu, Xiang Liu, Yingjie Zhu, Dajian Yang, Wei Sun
Species of genus Tripterygium (Celastraceae) have attracted much attention owing to their excellent effect on treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. However, due to high market demand causing overexploitation, natural populations of genus Tripterygium have rapidly declined. Tripterygium medicinal materials are mainly collected from the wild, making the quality of medicinal materials unstable. Additionally, identification of herbal materials from Tripterygium species and their adulterants is difficult based on morphological characters...
September 6, 2016: Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Sanaa M Aly, Biswas Shrestha, Duan Jun Hong, Ahmed Omran, Wei Wang
The identification of age and sex constitutes the cornerstone in biological profile determination. Identification of age and sex depends mainly on ossification of bones and sexual dimorphism respectively. The knee is an ideal site for assessment of 3 epiphyseal unions at the same time. Moreover, patella is a compact bone that could display sexual dimorphic characters. A total of 479 anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of the knee were reviewed retrospectively in subjects aged between 10 and 20 years old; 255 males and 224 females...
October 2016: Forensic Science International
Quanxi Mei, Xiaolu Chen, Li Xiang, Yue Liu, Yanyan Su, Yuqiao Gao, Weibo Dai, Pengpeng Dong, Shilin Chen
Folium Artemisiae Argyi is an important herb in traditional Chinese medicine. It is commonly used in moxibustion, medicine, etc. However, identifying Artemisia argyi is difficult because this herb exhibits similar morphological characteristics to closely related species and counterfeits. To verify the applicability of DNA barcoding, ITS2 and psbA-trnH were used to identify A. argyi from 15 closely related species and counterfeits. Results indicated that total DNA was easily extracted from all the samples and that both ITS2 and psbA-trnH fragments can be easily amplified...
2016: Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Jinyan Sun, Linshang Rao, Chenyang Gao, Lei Zhang, Lan Liang, Hui Gong
The Stroop task was used to investigate the role of phonological processing in semantic access for written Chinese language. Fourteen children were recruited to perform the Stroop task, using color characters, their homophones and neutral characters as stimuli. Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was used to measure the brain activation in the prefrontal cortex (PFC) during the task. In view of better sensitivity, oxy-hemoglobin was chosen to indicate the task activation. In behavioral performance, there was a significant classical Stroop interference effect as indexed by longer response time and higher error rate for the color task than the neutral task, whereas there was no evident interference effect for the color homophones...
2016: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Hsiao-Lan S Wang, I-Chen Chen, Chun-Han Chiang, Ying-Hui Lai, Yu Tsao
The current study examined the associations between basic auditory perception, speech prosodic processing, and vocabulary development in Chinese kindergartners, specifically, whether early basic auditory perception may be related to linguistic prosodic processing in Chinese Mandarin vocabulary acquisition. A series of language, auditory, and linguistic prosodic tests were given to 100 preschool children who had not yet learned how to read Chinese characters. The results suggested that lexical tone sensitivity and intonation production were significantly correlated with children's general vocabulary abilities...
October 2016: Perceptual and Motor Skills
Xiuhong Tong, Jason Chor Ming Lo, Catherine McBride, Connie Suk-Han Ho, Mary Miu Yee Waye, Kevin Kien Hoa Chung, Simpson Wai Lap Wong, Bonnie Wing-Yin Chow
Visual expertise in distinguishing words from objects and word-like stimuli is a fundamental skill that is important for children to become proficient readers. This expertise can be indexed by the N1 component of ERPs at the neural level. However, the nature of N1 tuning for print is controversial in terms of onset of the latency, lateralization and the neural mechanism of the N1. This study aimed to investigate whether two groups of Chinese children could discriminate characters/character-like stimuli from visual controls (i...
August 6, 2016: Neuropsychologia
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