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Andrea Di Nisio, Maria Santa Rocca, Gian Paolo Fadini, Luca DeToni, Giorgio Marcuzzo, Maria Cristina Marescotti, Marta Sanna, Mario Plebani, Roberto Vettor, Angelo Avogaro, Carlo Foresta
OBJECTIVE: Identification of the novel endocrine role of osteocalcin (OC) and its receptor GPRC6A has given rise to a new branch of research in OC/GPRC6A axis related to glucose metabolism. GPRC6A- and OC-deficient mice share features of the metabolic syndrome, in addition to male infertility. Recently, the polymorphism rs2274911 in GPRC6A was shown to be associated with testicular impairment. We aimed to investigate the role of rs2274911 polymorphism in glucose and lipid metabolism in a cohort of normal weight and obese subjects DESIGN, PATIENTS, SETTINGS: A total of 392 male and females, including 218 obese patients and 174 age-matched normal weight controls were retrospectively selected...
October 1, 2016: Clinical Endocrinology
Rodrigo F Fadini, Renato Cintra
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0127004.].
2016: PloS One
S Galasso, A Facchinetti, B M Bonora, V Mariano, F Boscari, E Cipponeri, A Maran, A Avogaro, G P Fadini, D Bruttomesso
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Degludec is an ultralong-acting insulin analogue with a flat and reproducible pharmacodynamic profile. As some patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D) fail to achieve 24-h coverage with glargine or detemir despite twice-daily injections, we studied the effect of switching T1D patients from twice-daily glargine or detemir to degludec. METHODS AND RESULTS: In this prospective observational study, T1D patients on twice-daily glargine or detemir were enrolled...
August 6, 2016: Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases: NMCD
Dominik M Meinel, Richard Kuehl, Reinhard Zbinden, Veronika Boskova, Christian Garzoni, Davide Fadini, Marisa Dolina, Benjamin Blümel, Thomas Weibel, Sarah Tschudin-Sutter, Andreas F Widmer, Julia A Bielicki, Alexa Dierig, Ulrich Heininger, Regina Konrad, Anja Berger, Vladimira Hinic, Daniel Goldenberger, Annette Blaich, Tanja Stadler, Manuel Battegay, Andreas Sing, Adrian Egli
OBJECTIVES: Toxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae is an important and potential fatal threat to patients and public health. During the current dramatic influx of refugees in Europe, our objective was to use whole genome sequencing for the characterisation of a suspected outbreak of C. diphtheriae wound infections among refugees. METHODS: After conventional culture, we identified C. diphtheriae using MALDI-TOF mass-spectrometry and investigated toxigenicity by PCR...
August 29, 2016: Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Benedetta Maria Bonora, Gian Paolo Fadini
The metabolic syndrome (MS) and subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) are highly prevalent in the general population. Cross-sectional epidemiological data suggest that a mutual association exists between the two, although the cause-effect relationship remains poorly elucidated. As SCH raises cholesterol, blood pressure, and visceral fat, it is easy to understand why it associates with MS. Rather, the reasons whereby MS patients are at higher risk for SCH are less apparent. Some studies have reported that SCH is itself characterized by high cardiovascular risk...
October 2016: Metabolic Syndrome and related Disorders
Angelo Avogaro, Gian Paolo Fadini, Giorgio Sesti, Enzo Bonora, Stefano Del Prato
Diabetic patients suffer from a high rate of cardiovascular events and such risk increases with HbA1c. However, lowering HbA1c does not appear to yield the same benefit on macrovascular endpoints, as observed for microvascular endpoints. As the number of glucose-lowering medications increases, clinicians have to consider several open questions in the management of type 2 diabetes, one of which is the cardiovascular risk profile of each regimen. Recent placebo-controlled cardiovascular outcome trials (CVOTs) have responded to some of these questions, but careful interpretation is needed...
2016: Cardiovascular Diabetology
Gian Paolo Fadini
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 5, 2016: Circulation Research
Ayla Campos do Lago, Camila Marchioni, Tássia Venga Mendes, Célio Wisniewski, Pedro Sergio Fadini, Pedro Orival Luccas
This work proposes a preconcentration method using an ion imprinted polymer (IIP) for determination of cadmium, in several samples, employing a mini-column filled with the polymer coupled into a flow injection analysis system with detection by thermospray flame furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (FIA-TS-FF-AAS). The polymer was synthesized via bulk using methacrylic acid and vinylimidazole as a functional monomer. For the FIA system initial assessment, the variables: pH, eluent concentration and buffer concentration were studied, employing a 23 full factorial design...
July 22, 2016: Applied Spectroscopy
Camila Takao Lopes, Evelise Helena Fadini Reis Brunori, Agueda Maria Ruiz Zimmer Cavalcante, Sue Ann Moorhead, Juliana de Lima Lopes, Alba Lucia Bottura Leite de Barros
OBJECTIVE: To identify predictors of red blood cell transfusion (RBCT) after cardiac surgery. METHOD: A prospective cohort study performed with 323 adults after cardiac surgery, from April to December of 2013. A data collection instrument was constructed by the researchers containing factors associated with excessive bleeding after cardiac surgery, as found in the literature, for investigation in the immediate postoperative period. The relationship between risk factors and the outcome was assessed by univariate analysis and logistic regression...
December 2015: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Gian Paolo Fadini, Stefano Ciciliot, Mattia Albiero
Diabetes mellitus is a complex systemic disease characterized by severe morbidity and excess mortality. The burden of its multiorgan complications relies on an imbalance between hyperglycemic cell damage and defective endogenous reparative mechanisms. Inflammation and abnormalities in several hematopoietic components are typically found in diabetes. The discovery that diabetes reduces circulating stem/progenitor cells and impairs their function has opened an entire new field of study where diabetology comes into contact with hematology and regenerative medicine...
July 11, 2016: Stem Cells
Roberta Cappellari, Marianna D'Anna, Angelo Avogaro, Gian Paolo Fadini
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Diabetes damages the endothelium and reduces the availability of bone marrow (BM)-derived endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs). The mobilization of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and EPCs in response to G-CSF is impaired by diabetes, owing to CXCL12 dysregulation. We have previously shown that the CXCR4/CXCL12 disruptor plerixafor rescues HSC and EPC mobilization in diabetes. We herein explored the effects of plerixafor on HSCs, EPCs, and circulating endothelial cells (CECs) in patients with and without diabetes...
August 2016: Atherosclerosis
Michael Osthoff, Adrian Schibli, Davide Fadini, Pietro Lardelli, Daniel Goldenberger
BACKGROUND: Louse-borne relapsing fever (LBRF) is a neglected disease that has been restricted to East Africa for many decades. Several cases in refugees from the Horn of Africa have been recently diagnosed in four European countries. CASE PRESENTATION: We report four additional cases of LBRF in asylum seekers from Somalia and Eritrea who presented with fever shortly after arriving in Switzerland during a seven-month period. Multiple spirochetes were visualized on stained blood films which were identified as Borrelia recurrentis by 16S rRNA gene sequencing...
2016: BMC Infectious Diseases
Mauro Rigato, Angelo Avogaro, Gian Paolo Fadini
RATIONALE: Circulating progenitor cells (CPCs), including endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) are biologically related to many aspects of cardiovascular disease, as they promote angiogenesis and vascular repair. OBJECTIVE: We herein aimed to meta-analyze studies reporting the prognostic role of the CPC/EPC measure on cardiovascular outcomes and death. METHODS AND RESULTS: We screened the English-language literature for longitudinal studies reporting the association between baseline CPC/EPC levels, future cardiovascular events, and death...
June 10, 2016: Circulation Research
Gian Paolo Fadini, Lisa Menegazzo, Mauro Rigato, Valentina Scattolini, Nicol Poncina, Andrea Bruttocao, Stefano Ciciliot, Fabio Mammano, Catalin Dacian Ciubotaru, Enrico Brocco, Maria Cristina Marescotti, Roberta Cappellari, Giorgio Arrigoni, Renato Millioni, Saula Vigili de Kreutzenberg, Mattia Albiero, Angelo Avogaro
Upon activation, neutrophils undergo histone citrullination by protein arginine deiminase (PAD)4, exocytosis of chromatin and enzymes as neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), and death. In diabetes, neutrophils are primed to release NETs and die by NETosis. Although this process is a defense against infection, NETosis can damage tissue. Therefore, we examined the effect of NETosis on the healing of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). Using proteomics, we found that NET components were enriched in nonhealing human DFUs...
April 2016: Diabetes
G P Fadini, L Menegazzo, V Scattolini, M Gintoli, M Albiero, A Avogaro
AIMS: To review the significance of a new type of neutrophil cell death (NETosis) in diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases. DATA SYNTHESIS: Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome are characterized by activation of the innate immune system. In this framework, neutrophils are front line defences against infections, but can also turn deleterious if abnormally stimulated. NETosis refers to a type of cell death whereby neutrophils release nuclear material and granule enzymes that together form the NETs (neutrophil extracellular traps)...
January 2016: Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases: NMCD
Gian Paolo Fadini, Benedetta Maria Bonora, Roberta Cappellari, Lisa Menegazzo, Monica Vedovato, Elisabetta Iori, Maria Cristina Marescotti, Mattia Albiero, Angelo Avogaro
CONTEXT: Circulating cells, including endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) and monocyte subtypes, are involved in diabetic complications. Modulation of these cells may mediate additional benefits of glucose-lowering medications. OBJECTIVE: We assessed whether the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor linagliptin acutely modifies EPCs and monocyte subsets in patients with type 2 diabetes. DESIGN: This was a randomized, crossover, placebo-controlled trial...
February 2016: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Giovanni Coticchio, Mariabeatrice Dal Canto, Rubens Fadini, Mario Mignini Renzini, Maria Cristina Guglielmo, Selenia Miglietta, Maria Grazia Palmerini, Guido Macchiarelli, Stefania Annarita Nottola
STUDY HYPOTHESIS: How does the ultrastructure of human oocytes matured in vitro compare with oocytes collected from women after full hormonal stimulation? STUDY FINDING: The ultrastructure of human oocytes matured in vitro is largely, but not entirely, similar to those matured in vivo. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: Embryos derived from in vitro-matured oocytes often have limited developmental potential, possibly as an effect of inappropriate in vitro maturation (IVM) conditions...
February 2016: Molecular Human Reproduction
Mariabeatrice Dal Canto, Paola V Novara, Giovanni Coticchio, Mario Mignini Renzini, Fausta Brambillasca, Claudio Brigante, Elena De Ponti, Rubens Fadini
PURPOSE: In in vitro maturation (IVM) cycles primed with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), both immature and mature oocytes are retrieved from antral follicles sized 8-12 mm. Using time-lapse microscopy, we compared the morphokinetic behavior of embryos developed from oocytes matured in vivo and in vitro, testing the hypothesis that IVM affects preimplantation development. Furthermore, we extended the morphokinetic analysis of these embryos by a comparison with embryos obtained in stimulated assisted reproduction technology (ART) cycles...
February 2016: Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics
Angelo Avogaro, Gian Paolo Fadini
Vascular calcification (VC) is the deposition of calcium/phosphate in the vasculature, which portends a worse clinical outcome and predicts major adverse cardiovascular events. VC is an active process initiated and regulated via a variety of molecular signalling pathways. There are mainly two types of calcifications: the media VC and the intima VC. All major risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) have been linked to the presence/development of VC. Besides the risk factors, a genetic component is also operative to determine arterial calcification...
October 2015: Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy
Andrea Alex Schiavo, Chiara Franzin, Mattia Albiero, Martina Piccoli, Giovanna Spiro, Enrica Bertin, Luca Urbani, Silvia Visentin, Erich Cosmi, Gian Paolo Fadini, Paolo De Coppi, Michela Pozzobon
INTRODUCTION: Endothelial dysfunction is found in different pathologies such as diabetes and renal and heart diseases, representing one of the major health problems. The reduced vasodilation of impaired endothelium starts a prothrombotic state associated with irregular blood flow. We aimed to explore the potential of amniotic fluid stem (AFS) cells as a source for regenerative medicine in this field; for the first time, we focused on third-trimester amniotic fluid AFS cells and compared them with the already-described AFS cells from the second trimester...
2015: Stem Cell Research & Therapy
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