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Post-op blindness

K Al-Tawil, D Lopez, M Blackman, S Suresh
Background: Facet joint pain contributes significantly to lower back pain. Image intensifier x-ray guidance is used to locate the facet joints. This can either be in the oblique "Scotty dog" or antero-posterior views. The aim is to investigate whether improved visualisation of facet joints using the oblique method would increase the accuracy of the injection and hence lead to enhanced pain relief effect when compared to AP views in Lumbar facet joints. Methods: Single centre, single blinded...
March 2018: Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and Trauma
Anisha Perepa, Ramen Sinha, Anmol Agarwal, Tahseen Ali Khan
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine the necessity and/or effectiveness of antibiotics in cases with maxillofacial trauma and emphasise the administration of antibiotics in maxillofacial fractures indicated for open reduction and rigid internal fixation (ORIF). Materials and Methods: This study is a single blind, prospective, randomized clinical trial composed of subjects who presented with non-comminuted, linear fractures of the mandible and were treated by ORIF via an intraoral approach...
March 2018: Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery
Eran Zittan, Boyko Kabakchiev, Orlaith B Kelly, Raquel Milgrom, Geoffrey C Nguyen, Kenneth Croitoru, A Hillary Steinhart, Mark S Silverberg
Background: There is a need for better, less-invasive disease activity indices that provide a representative assessment of endoscopic disease activity. We developed a new clinical score that incorporates the Harvey-Bradshaw index [HBI] with modified patient-reported outcomes [PROp] and physician [clinician]-reported outcomes [PROc] and assessed its ability to measure endosopic disease activity in ileocolonic Crohn's disease [CD]. Methods: A cohort of 88 CD patients undergoing colonoscopy was accrued in a prospective fashion...
May 1, 2017: Journal of Crohn's & Colitis
Sian E Handley, Faraneh Vargha-Khadem, Richard J Bowman, Alki Liasis
PURPOSE: To investigate visual function in adults post hemispherectomy in childhood. DESIGN: Noncomparative case series. METHODS: All participants underwent visual acuity, binocular function, visual field, optical coherence tomography (OCT) of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL), and monocular pattern reversal visually evoked potentials (prVEP). PARTICIPANTS: Six adults who had a hemispherectomy in childhood (median 21...
May 2017: American Journal of Ophthalmology
Si-Nae Ahn, Eun-Young Yoo, Min-Ye Jung, Hae-Yean Park, Ji-Yeon Lee, Yoo-Im Choi
BACKGROUND: Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) approach based on cognitive strategy in occupational therapy. OBJECTIVES: To investigate the effects of CO-OP approach on occupational performance in individuals with hemiparetic stroke. METHODS: This study was designed as a 5-week, randomized, single-blind. Forty-three participants who had a diagnosis of first stroke were enrolled in this study. The participants were randomly assigned to the experimental group (n = 20) or the control group (n = 23)...
2017: NeuroRehabilitation
C-Y Oliver Chen, Helen Rasmussen, Alison Kamil, Peng Du, Jeffrey B Blumberg
Orange pomace (OP), a fiber-rich byproduct of juice production, has the potential for being formulated into a variety of food products. We hypothesized that OP would diminish postprandial glycemic responses to a high carbohydrate/fat breakfast and lunch. We conducted an acute, randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind, crossover trial with 34 overweight men who consumed either a 255 g placebo (PLA), a low (35% OP (LOP)), or a high (77% (HOP)) dose OP beverage with breakfast. Blood was collected at 0, 10, 20, 30, and 45 min and at 1, 1...
February 13, 2017: Nutrients
Eran Zittan, Boyko Kabakchiev, Orlaith B Kelly, Raquel Milgrom, Geoffrey C Nguyen, Kenneth Croitoru, A Hillary Steinhart, Mark S Silverberg
BACKGROUND: There is a need for better, less-invasive disease activity indices that provide a representative assessment of endoscopic disease activity. We developed a new clinical score that incorporates the Harvey-Bradshaw index [HBI] with modified patient-reported outcomes [PROp] and physician [clinician]-reported outcomes [PROc] and assessed its ability to measure endosopic disease activity in ileocolonic Crohn's disease [CD]. METHODS: A cohort of 88 CD patients undergoing colonoscopy was accrued in a prospective fashion...
November 5, 2016: Journal of Crohn's & Colitis
Christopher P Millward, Conor Mallucci, Tim Jaspan, Donald Macarthur, Richard Heyward, Tim Cox, Kung Chong, Richard G Grundy
PURPOSE: To improve uniformity in radiological review/reporting and discussion of surgical resection status in the forthcoming SIOP Ependymoma II trial, a central review of imaging and resection status will be carried out prior to treatment stratification. We present a review of surgical decision-making from the UKCCSG/SIOP Ependymoma trial for very young children (<3 years) (Lancet Oncol 8:696-705, 2007) and propose a primary surgical staging system for residual disease that could be used for Ependymoma II...
November 2016: Child's Nervous System: ChNS: Official Journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery
Y Zhang, X Zhang, L Liu, A Zanchetti
OBJECTIVE: In the setting of rapidly increasing trend of hypertension, a post-hoc subgroup analysis of the Felodipine Event Reduction (FEVER) Study was conducted to determine the effects of early blood pressure control on cardiovascular (CV) outcomes. DESIGN AND METHOD: The FEVER Study was a double-blind randomized trial conducted in 9711 Chinese hypertensive patients in which the CV outcomes were significantly reduced by felodipine compared with placebo. In this analysis, patients were regrouped to either the uncontrolled BP group (SBP/DBP, > = 140/90 mmHg) or the controlled BP group (<140/90 mmHg) at 1 and 6 months...
September 2016: Journal of Hypertension
A Jekell, M Kalani, T Kahan
OBJECTIVE: To study whether reducing noradrenergic sympathetic vascular tone by doxazosin or blocking the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system by ramipril will alter endothelial function in patients with uncomplicated hypertension. DESIGN AND METHOD: Mild-to-moderate hypertensive patients (age 54 ± 12 years, 34% women, blood pressure (BP) 148 ± 11/88 ± 9 mmHg) were randomized double-blind to ramipril (10 mg od, n = 33) or doxazosin (8 mg od, n = 28) for 12 weeks...
September 2016: Journal of Hypertension
A Faucon, G Bobrie, A S Jannot, A Azarine, L Amar, P F Plouin, M Azizi
OBJECTIVE: Renal infarction (RI) is a rare disease (0.004% of patients admitted to emergency units), due to a disruption of renal blood flow of the main ipsilateral renal artery (RA) or of one of its segmental branches due to either a local in-situ or a general mechanism. The local mechanism includes RA occlusion, dissection, aneurysm or stenosis which 1) may lead to in-situ RA thrombosis or renal emboli and 2) can be due to various etiologies including atherosclerosis disease (ASD), fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD), dissecting hematoma (DH), extension of an aortic dissection (AoD) to the RA, miscellaneous arterial disease (AD), iatrogenic post-RA catheterization/surgery complication (IC) or post-renal trauma complication (T)...
September 2016: Journal of Hypertension
Eric Klineberg, Munish Gupta, Ian McCarthy, Richard Hostin
STUDY DESIGN: Single-center, retrospective study of consecutive surgeries. OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the reliability of previously published anterior fusion grading systems and assess the ability of health-related quality-of-life (HRQOL) outcomes to predict pseudarthrosis (PSAR). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Despite existing radiographic indicators, PSAR may still go unidentified on biplanar radiographs, and little data is available on the reliability of such grading systems in adult spinal deformity patients...
June 3, 2016: Clinical Spine Surgery
Tosan Okoro, Rhiannon Whitaker, Andrew Gardner, Peter Maddison, John G Andrew, Andrew Lemmey
BACKGROUND: In-hospital progressive resistance training (PRT) has been shown to be an effective method of rehabilitation following hip surgery. The aim of this study was to assess whether a home-based PRT program would be beneficial in improving patients' muscle strength and physical function compared to standard rehabilitation. METHODS: Subjects (n = 49) either received home-based PRT rehabilitation (n = 25) or standard rehabilitation (n = 24) in a prospective single blinded randomized trial carried out over a two-year period...
April 21, 2016: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
Marius Nedelcu, Pierre Verhaeghe, Mehdi Skalli, Gerard Champault, Christophe Barrat, Hugues Sebbag, Fabian Reche, Laurent Passebois, Daniel Beyrne, Jean Gugenheim, Stephane Berdah, Amine Bouayed, Jean Michel Fabre, David Nocca
The use of parietal synthetic prosthetic reinforcement material in potentially contaminated settings is not recommended, as there is a risk that the prosthesis may become infected. Thus, simple parietal herniorrhaphy, is the conventional treatment, even though there is a significant risk that the hernia may recur. Using new biomaterials of animal origin presently appears to offer a new therapeutic solution, but their effectiveness has yet to be demonstrated. The purpose of this multicenter prospective randomized single-blind study was to compare the surgical treatment of inguinal hernia or abdominal incisional hernia by simple parietal herniorrhaphy without prosthetic reinforcement (Group A), with Tutomesh TUTOGEN biological prosthesis reinforcement parietal herniorrhaphy (Group B), in a potentially contaminated setting...
March 2016: Wound Repair and Regeneration
Rounak B Rawal, Allison M Deal, Charles S Ebert, Vishal H Dhandha, Candace A Mitchell, Anna X Hang, Mitchell R Gore, Brent A Senior, Adam M Zanation
OBJECTIVE: To compare normal saline (NS) vs. NS+budesonide irrigations in post- functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with polyposis (CRSwNP). Currently, no evidence exists for NS+budesonide irrigation over NS irrigation alone. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective, single-blind, randomized controlled trial. METHODS: Subjects were prospectively enrolled to NS or NS+budesonide arms. Patients were evaluated at pre-operative and three post-operative visits (POV): POV1 (1-2 weeks post-op), POV2 (3-8 weeks post-op), and POV3 (3-6 months post-op)...
September 2015: Rhinology
James R Keenan, Analia Veitz-Keenan
DATA SOURCES: Electronic searches without time or language restrictions were performed in PubMed, Web of Science and the Cochrane Oral Health Group trials Register. A vast manual search was done in many dental implant-related journals. Reference lists were scanned for possible additional studies. Ongoing clinical trials were also searched. STUDY SELECTION: Titles and abstracts of the reports identified were read independently by the three authors. Disagreements were resolved by discussion...
June 2015: Evidence-based Dentistry
Dariusz Jurkiewicz, Henryk Kaźmierczak, Marek Rogowski, Paweł K Burduk, Barbara Gałusza, Wojciech Kaźmierczak, Bartosz Piszczatowski, Małgorzata Różańska, Rafał Sienicki, Kornel Szczygielski, Małgorzata Wierzchowska, Joanna Kuśmierczyk
THE AIM: This work was to compare an innovative solution, i.e. a fully biodegradable nasal packing Nasopore®, with a traditional one, in the aftercare of patients subjected to functional endoscopic sinus surgery. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Prospective, blinded study with sequential enrollment conducted at three study centres. One of the investigators evaluated during surgery the level of bleeding in each of the nasal cavities and at the end of surgery he applied the test packing, the biodegradable dressing Nasopore®, to one randomly chosen nasal cavity, and a control packing to the other one...
2015: Otolaryngologia Polska
Linwood R Haith, Megan E Stair-Buchmann, Bruce H Ackerman, Diane Herder, Cynthia L Reigart, Marla Stoering, Robert E Guilday, Mary Lou Patton, Kerry M Ross
An ongoing objective of burn research is to evaluate wound dressings and develop new treatments to expedite wound healing. This was a single-center, prospective, randomized, controlled study to evaluate the effectiveness of Aquacel Ag as a dressing for autogenous skin donor sites compared with Xeroform. We hypothesized that donor sites treated with Aquacel Ag would heal faster. Patients were considered for enrollment if they required skin grafting with two donor sites >100 cm at least 2 inches apart. Dressings were observed daily starting on post-op day #2 until discharge and then weekly in the outpatient burn clinic...
November 2015: Journal of Burn Care & Research: Official Publication of the American Burn Association
Jong-Min Kim, Moo-Hwan Chang, Sungeun E Kyung
Enophthalmos occurs from the increased bony volume or decreased soft tissue volume in the orbit and can be caused in patients with long-term ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt. This study tried to find out the change of orbital volume by measuring the orbital volume before and after operation in adult patients who underwent VP shunt for hydrocephalus. The 2 evaluators measured orbital volume by using ITK-SNAP 2.4 program with double-blind test for computed tomography images before and after operation targeting 36 patients over the age of 18 who underwent VP shunt with pressure-controlled valve from 2003 to 2011...
January 2015: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Sara McEwen, Helene Polatajko, Carolyn Baum, Jorge Rios, Dianne Cirone, Meghan Doherty, Timothy Wolf
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to estimate the effect of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) approach compared with usual outpatient rehabilitation on activity and participation in people <3 months poststroke. METHODS: An exploratory, single-blind, randomized controlled trial, with a usual-care control arm, was conducted. Participants referred to 2 stroke rehabilitation outpatient programs were randomized to receive either usual care or CO-OP...
July 2015: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair
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