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Mohammad Ayoub Rigi Ladiz, Maryam Najafi, Dor Mohammad Kordi-Tamandani
The aberrant DNA methylation of the tumor suppressor genes involved in DNA Damage Response (DDR) signaling and cell cycle regulation may lead to the tumorigenesis. Our purpose here is to analyze the promoter methylation and mRNA expression levels of LATS1 and LATS2 (LATS1/2) genes in OSCC. Promoter methylation status of LATS1/2 genes was evaluated in 70 OSCC paraffin-embedded tissues and 70 normal oral samples, using Methylation Specific PCR (MSP). LATS1/2 mRNA expression profiles were also investigated in 14 OSCC patients and 14 normal samples, using real-time PCR...
October 19, 2016: Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling
Chenran Zhang, Wei Meng, Jiajia Wang, Yicheng Lu, Guohan Hu, Liuhua Hu, Jie Ma
Retinoblastoma protein-interacting zinc-finger gene 1 (RIZ1), a strong tumor suppressor, is silenced in many human cancers. Our previous studies showed that RIZ1 expression was negatively correlated with the grade of glioma and was a key predictor of patient survival. Therefore, RIZ1 could be a potential tumor suppressor during glioma pathogenesis, although the mechanism underlying RIZ1 gene inactivation in gliomas is unknown. We investigated the methylation status of the RIZ1 promoter in human glioma tissues and four glioblastoma (GBM) cell lines, and verified the effect of the methyltransferase inhibitor 5-aza-2-deoxycytidine (5-aza-CdR) on RIZ1 transcription and cell proliferation...
October 18, 2016: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
Takashi Takeda, Kouji Banno, Megumi Yanokura, Masataka Adachi, Moito Iijima, Haruko Kunitomi, Kanako Nakamura, Miho Iida, Yuya Nogami, Kiyoko Umene, Kenta Masuda, Yusuke Kobayashi, Wataru Yamagami, Akira Hirasawa, Eiichiro Tominaga, Nobuyuki Susumu, Daisuke Aoki
Germline mutation of DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes is a cause of Lynch syndrome. Methylation of MutL homolog 1 (MLH1) and MutS homolog 2 (MSH2) has been detected in peripheral blood cells of patients with colorectal cancer. This methylation is referred to as epimutation. Methylation of these genes has not been studied in an unselected series of endometrial cancer cases. Therefore, we examined methylation of MLH1, MSH2, and MSH6 promoter regions of peripheral blood cells in 206 patients with endometrial cancer using a methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction (MSP)...
October 14, 2016: Genes
Eija Haukka, Anneli Ojajärvi, Leena Kaila-Kangas, Päivi Leino-Arjas
We identified factors protective of all-cause sickness absence (SA) among subjects with multisite musculoskeletal pain (MSP). The nationally representative source sample comprised 3420 actively working Finns aged 30-55 in year 2000 and alive at follow-up. Pain in 18 body locations was combined into four sites (neck, low back, upper limbs, lower limbs). The baseline prevalence of MSP (pain in ≥ 2 sites) was 32 %. Baseline data on sociodemographic factors, work ability, work, health, and lifestyle were gathered by questionnaire, interview and clinical examination and linked with national registers on all-cause SA (periods lasting ≥10 workdays) for 2002-2008...
October 3, 2016: Pain
Praveen K Bharti, Man M Shukla, Pascal Ringwald, Sri Krishna, Pushpendra P Singh, Ajay Yadav, Sweta Mishra, Usha Gahlot, Jai P Malaiya, Amit Kumar, Shambhu Prasad, Pradeep Baghel, Mohan Singh, Jaiprakash Vadadi, Mrigendra P Singh, Maria Dorina G Bustos, Leonard I Ortega, Eva-Maria Christophel, Sher S Kashyotia, Gagan S Sonal, Neeru Singh
BACKGROUND: Anti-malarial drug resistance continues to be a leading threat to malaria control efforts and calls for continued monitoring of waning efficacy of artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT). Artesunate + sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine (AS + SP) is used for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in India. However, resistance against AS + SP is emerged in northeastern states. Therefore, artemether-lumefantrine (AL) is the recommended first line treatment for falciparum malaria in north eastern states...
October 13, 2016: Malaria Journal
Federica Sebastiani, Laura Cortesi, Milena Sant, Valeria Lucarini, Claudia Cirilli, Elisabetta De Matteis, Isabella Marchi, Rossella Negri, Ennio Gallo, Massimo Federico
PURPOSE: We conducted a study to evaluate the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and the risk of breast cancer (BC) and outcome in a population of 14,684 women aged 55 to 69 years eligible to participate in the Mammography Screening Program (MSP) in the Province of Modena, Italy. METHODS: The study population was drawn from women who underwent mammography screening between 2004 and 2006 in the Province of Modena. Women were subdivided into obese, overweight, and normal-weight categories according to BMI and followed until July 31, 2010, to evaluate the BC incidence...
September 2016: Journal of Breast Cancer
Hiroshi Mihara, Nobuhiro Suzuki, Jibran Sualeh Muhammad, Sohachi Nanjo, Takayuki Ando, Haruka Fujinami, Shinya Kajiura, Ayumu Hosokawa, Toshiro Sugiyama
BACKGROUND: Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection induces methylation silencing of specific genes in gastric epithelium. Various stimuli activate the nonselective cation channel TRPV4, which is expressed in gastric epithelium where it detects mechanical stimuli and promotes ATP release. As CpG islands in TRPV4 are methylated in HP-infected gastric epithelium, we evaluated HP infection-dependent changes in TRPV4 expression in gastric epithelium. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Human gastric biopsy samples, a human gastric cancer cell line (AGS), and a normal gastric epithelial cell line (GES-1) were used to detect TRPV4 mRNA and protein expression by RT-PCR and Western blotting, respectively...
September 30, 2016: Helicobacter
Clare Bellhouse, Sandra Walker, Christopher K Fairley, Lenka A Vodstrcil, Catriona S Bradshaw, Marcus Y Chen, Eric P F Chow
OBJECTIVE: Literature surrounding the healthcare needs of transgender individuals is limited in Australia. This study aimed to investigate the demographic characteristics, risk behaviours and HIV/STI positivity among male-to-female (MTF) and female-to-male (FTM) transgender individuals attending Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC), Australia, between 2011 and 2014. METHOD: A retrospective cohort analysis for 133 transgender individuals was conducted based on the first visit of individuals to MSHC during the study period...
September 29, 2016: Sexually Transmitted Infections
Kiyoshi Misawa, Daiki Mochizuki, Shiori Endo, Masato Mima, Yuki Misawa, Atsushi Imai, Kazuya Shinmura, Takeharu Kanazawa, Thomas E Carey, Hiroyuki Mineta
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic value of the promoter methylation status of galanin (GAL) and galanin receptor 1/2 (GALR1/2) by assessing their association with disease-free survival and known prognostic factors in head and neck cancer. METHODS: We generated methylation profiles of GAL and GALR1/2 in tumor samples obtained from 202 patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC); these included 43 hypopharynx, 42 larynx, 59 oral cavity, and 58 oropharynx tumor samples...
September 29, 2016: Molecular Carcinogenesis
Mandingha Kosso Etoka-Beka, Francine Ntoumi, Michael Kombo, Julia Deibert, Pierre Poulain, Christevy Vouvoungui, Simon Charles Kobawila, Felix Koukouikila-Koussounda
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the proportion of malaria infection in febrile children consulting a paediatric hospital in Brazzaville, to determine the prevalence of submicroscopic malaria infection, to characterise Plasmodium falciparum infection and compare the prevalence of uncomplicated P. falciparum malaria according to haemoglobin profiles. METHODS: Blood samples were collected from children aged <10 years with an axillary temperature ≥37.5 °C consulting the paediatric ward of Marien Ngouabi Hospital in Brazzaville...
September 27, 2016: Tropical Medicine & International Health: TM & IH
Anju Verma, Hema Joshi, Vineeta Singh, Anup Anvikar, Neena Valecha
BACKGROUND: Plasmodium vivax is the most widely distributed human malaria parasite and accounts for approximately the same number of malaria cases as Plasmodium falciparum in India. Compared with P. falciparum, P. vivax is difficult to eradicate because of its tendency to cause relapses, which impacts treatment and control strategies. The genetic diversity of these parasites, particularly of the merozoite surface protein-3 alpha (msp-3α) gene, can be used to help develop a potential vaccine...
2016: Malaria Journal
Hideki Ushiku, Keishi Yamashita, Hiroshi Katoh, Akira Ema, Naoko Minatani, Mariko Kikuchi, Ken Kojo, Keigo Yokoi, Toshimichi Tanaka, Nobuyuki Nishizawa, Satoru Ishii, Kei Hosoda, Hiromitsu Moriya, Hiroaki Mieno, Natsuya Katada, Shiro Kikuchi, Masahiko Watanabe
We have demonstrated that CDO1 methylation is frequently found in various cancers, including esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC), but its clinical relevance has remained elusive. CDO1 methylation was investigated in 169 ESCC patients who underwent esophagectomy between 1996 and 2007. CDO1 methylation was assessed by Q-MSP (quantitative methylation specific PCR), and its clinical significance, including its relationship to prognosis, was analyzed. (i) The median TaqMeth value of CDO1 methylation was 9...
September 15, 2016: Diseases of the Esophagus: Official Journal of the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus
B Wei, G Liu, H L Cai, G P Li, H Q Huang, Q Luo, Z J Huang
OBJECTIVE: To study the significance and effect of methylation status of sex determining region Y-box 2 (SOX2) gene promoter, and to investigate the effect of demethylation on the cell proliferation and invasion in BGC-823 gastric cancer cells. METHODS: Methylation-specific PCR (MSP) was used to assess the role of 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine (5-Aza-CdR) in the methylation of SOX2 promoter in the BGC-823 cell lines treated with different concentration of 5-Aza-CdR. We mapped the expression of SOX2 in the BGC-823 cell lines by the quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) and Western blotting before and after treatment of 5-Aza-CdR...
August 23, 2016: Zhonghua Yi Xue za Zhi [Chinese medical journal]
Lu Wang, Yun Cui, Lian Zhang, Jindong Sheng, Yang Yang, Guanyu Kuang, Yu Fan, Qian Zhang, Jie Jin
Cyclin D2 (CCND2) is a member of the D-type cyclins, which plays a pivotal role in cell cycle regulation, differentiation and malignant transformation. However, its expression status and relative regulation mechanism remains unclear in renal cell cancer (RCC). In our study, the mRNA expression level of CCND2 is down-regulated in 22/23 paired RCC tissues (p<0.05). In addition, its protein expression level is also decreased in 43/43 RCC tumor tissues compared with its corresponding non-malignant tissues (p<0...
2016: PloS One
Nevena Grdović, Jovana Rajić, Sanja Matić Petrović, Svetlana Dinić, Aleksandra Uskoković, Mirjana Mihailović, Jelena Arambašić Jovanović, Anja Tolić, Ana Pucar, Jelena Milašin, Melita Vidaković
OBJECTIVES: CXCL12 is widely expressed, constitutive chemokine involved in tissue repair and regeneration, while the extent of its expression is important in various chronic inflammatory conditions. Involvement of DNA methylation in CXCL12 gene suppression (CXCL12) has been shown in malignancy and some autoimmune diseases. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the alterations in DNA methylation of CXCL12 are also involved in progression of periodontitis in combination with diabetes, as these chronic inflammatory conditions are strongly interrelated...
August 22, 2016: Archives of Oral Biology
Makoto Hamasaki, Shinji Matsumoto, Sousei Abe, Daisuke Hamatake, Toshiaki Kamei, Kenzo Hiroshima, Kunimitsu Kawahara, Ayuko Sato, Tohru Tsujimura, Yukio Nakatani, Yasuhiro Yoshida, Akinori Iwasaki, Kazuki Nabeshima
OBJECTIVES: Homozygous deletion (homo-d) of the p16 (CDKN2A) gene, as determined by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), helps differentiate malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) from reactive mesothelial hyperplasia (RMH). Heterozygous deletion (hetero-d) has also been identified variably in p16 FISH. This study aimed to investigate the significance of homo-d and hetero-d of p16 in the diagnosis and prognosis of MPM. MATERIALS AND METHODS: p16 FISH was performed in 93 MPMs and 47 RMHs...
September 2016: Lung Cancer: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer
Chunyang Wang, Yuling Yin, Xuejiao Cao, Xinli Li
CONTEXT: Diabetes is a serious endocrine and metabolic disorder. Food supplements attract people's attention in mitigating health problems from the aspect of gastrointestinal microflora. Maydis stigma (Zea mays subsp. mays L. [Poaceae]), has been used as water decoction for treating diabetes in folk medicine. It has great potential, and feasibly a stable form of Maydis stigma commercial products could be developed to fulfil the health food market. OBJECTIVE: To study the effects of Maydis stigma polysaccharide (MSP) on the intestinal microflora in type-2 diabetes (T2D)...
August 25, 2016: Pharmaceutical Biology
M I Marcondes, T R Pereira, J C C Chagas, E A Filgueiras, M M D Castro, G P Costa, A L L Sguizzato, R D Sainz
The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance and health of Holstein calves fed low or high milk supply (MSP) with or without symbiotic complex (SYM) supplementation, consisting of prebiotics, probiotics, and fibrolytic enzymes. Thirty-two Holstein calves with body weight (BW) of 34 ± 7 kg were distributed in a randomized block design in a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement. Treatments consisted of low and high MSP: 10 % of BW from 1st to 8th weeks after birth (low) and 20 % BW from 1st and 2nd weeks after birth, 15 % BW for the 3rd and 4th weeks after birth, and 10 % BW from 5th and 8th weeks after birth (high)...
August 24, 2016: Tropical Animal Health and Production
Chien-Hsun Huang, Lina Huang, Mu-Tzu Chang, Kuo-Lung Chen
Members of the Bacillus subtilis group (BSG) possess industrial applicability; unfortunately, B. subtilis and its phylogenetically closest species are indistinguishable from one another using 16S rDNA sequencing, physiological and biochemical tests. Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) is a relatively novel technique for the fast and reliable identification of microorganisms. The aim of this study was to construct a unique analytical in-house database (IHDB) for BSG discrimination based on whole-cell protein fingerprinting using MALDI-TOF MS, as well as to discover biomarkers from the MS peaks to generate a classification model for further differentiation using the ClinProTools software...
August 6, 2016: Molecular and Cellular Probes
Barbara Grajewski, Elizabeth A Whelan, Mimi M Nguyen, Lorna Kwan, Roger J Cole
BACKGROUND: Flight attendants (FAs) may experience circadian disruption due to travel during normal sleep hours and through multiple time zones. This study investigated whether FAs are at higher risk for sleep disturbance compared to teachers, as assessed by questionnaire, diary, and activity monitors. METHODS: Sleep/wake cycles of 45 FAs and 25 teachers were studied. For one menstrual cycle, participants wore an activity monitor and kept a daily diary. Sleep metrics included total sleep in the main sleep period (MSP), sleep efficiency (proportion of MSP spent sleeping), and nocturnal sleep fraction (proportion of sleep between 10 p...
July 2016: Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance
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