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Jacqueline Deloumeaux, Gaël Samut, Devi Rochemont, Henri Merault, Roger Dufresne, Valérie Galantine, Yannick Tirolien, Catherine Léonardi, Antoine Adenis, Jessica Peruvien, Mathieu Nacher, Jean-Marc Gabriel
End stage renal disease is a major public health problem in the French Departments of Guadeloupe and Guiana because of the high prevalence of both type 2 diabetes and hypertension. We investigated factors associated with an emergency start of dialysis, 3 months' quality of life for patients starting a first replacement therapy in Guadeloupe and French Guiana using the data of the Réseau épidémiologie et information en néphrologie network, completed with data from the quality of life questionnaires SF-36 and KDQoL...
February 21, 2018: Néphrologie & Thérapeutique
Alicia Thiery, François Séverac, Thierry Hannedouche, Cecile Couchoud, Van Huyen Do, Aurélien Tiple, Clémence Béchade, Erik-Andre Sauleau, Thierry Krummel
Background: Previous studies comparing the outcomes in haemodialysis (HD) with those in peritoneal dialysis (PD) have yielded conflicting results. Methods: The aim of the study was to compare the survival of planned HD versus PD patients in a cohort of adult incident patients who started renal replacement therapy (RRT) between 2006 and 2008 in the nationwide REIN registry (Réseau Epidémiologie et Information en Néphrologie). Patients who started RRT in emergency or stopped RRT within 2 months were excluded...
February 13, 2018: Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation
Jan Galle, Berthold Jany
"Choosing Wisely" is an initiative of the German Society of Internal Medicine with the aim to provide recommendations for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are of clear medical and scientifically proven benefit, but are rather underused in daily practice. As such, these positive recommendations are indicative of an undersupply. On the other hand, the German Society of Internal Medicine also developed "negative recommendations", pointing out diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are frequently used but for which there is little or no scientific evidence...
December 2017: Zeitschrift Für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität Im Gesundheitswesen
Jens König, Birgitta Kranz, Sabine König, Karl Peter Schlingmann, Andrea Titieni, Burkhard Tönshoff, Sandra Habbig, Lars Pape, Karsten Häffner, Matthias Hansen, Anja Büscher, Martin Bald, Heiko Billing, Raphael Schild, Ulrike Walden, Tobias Hampel, Hagen Staude, Magdalena Riedl, Norbert Gretz, Martin Lablans, Carsten Bergmann, Friedhelm Hildebrandt, Heymut Omran, Martin Konrad
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Genetic heterogeneity and phenotypic variability are major challenges in familial nephronophthisis and related ciliopathies. To date, mutations in 20 different genes ( NPHP1 to -20 ) have been identified causing either isolated kidney disease or complex multiorgan disorders. In this study, we provide a comprehensive and detailed characterization of 152 children with a special focus on extrarenal organ involvement and the long-term development of ESRD. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS: We established an online-based registry (www...
December 7, 2017: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: CJASN
Nadine Meyerhoff, Dieter Haffner, Hagen Staude, Elke Wühl, Michaela Marx, Rolf Beetz, Uwe Querfeld, Martin Holder, Heiko Billing, Wolfgang Rabl, Carmen Schröder, Olaf Hiort, Jürgen H Brämswig, Annette Richter-Unruh, Dirk Schnabel, Miroslav Živičnjak
BACKGROUND: We recently showed that a 3-year growth hormone (GH) treatment improves linear growth in severely short children with X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets (XLH). It is unknown if GH therapy increases adult height in XLH patients. METHODS: We carried out a follow-up analysis of a randomized controlled open-label GH study in short prepubertal children with XLH on phosphate and active vitamin D treatment. The changes in SD scores (SDS) of height, sitting height, leg and arm length, and sitting height index (i...
March 2018: Pediatric Nephrology: Journal of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association
J Galle, J Floege
The German Society of Internal Medicine ("Deutsche Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin", DGIM) founded the Choosing wisely initiative in order to address diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are frequently inappropriately applied, whether this be in terms of over-, under-, or misuse of health services. The German Society of Nephrology ("Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nephrologie," DGfN) strongly supports the initiative and has contributed five positive and five negative recommendations. These ten recommendations are discussed in the current publication...
June 2017: Der Internist
Société Francophone de Néphrologie Dialyse Et Transplantation
The report on dialysis in France in 2016 from the French Speaking Society of Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation (SFNDT) provides an exhaustive and documented inventory on dialysis in France. It underlines the organizations that are important in 2016 to maintain a high quality dialysis. Several measures are proposed to maintain and improve the care of dialysis in France: (1) The regulation of dialysis treatment in France must be maintained; (2) a burden of care indicator is proposed to ensure that patients requiring the most care are treated in the centers...
April 2017: Néphrologie & Thérapeutique
Corinne Isnard Bagnis, Cécile Couchoud, Marc Bowens, Ayman Sarraj, Gilbert Deray, Jérôme Tourret, Patrice Cacoub, Sophie Tezenas du Montcel
BACKGROUND & AIMS: Risk for HCV/HBV infection is increased in end-stage renal disease patients. We generate updated epidemiological data. METHODS: Based on the National French registry for end-stage renal disease patients, we extracted data for patients who started dialysis or pre-emptive transplantation between January 2005 and December 2013. A positive serum HBs Ag and/or a positive HCV RNA defined HBV and HCV infections, respectively. RESULTS: In all, 72 948 patients were included among which 62...
June 2017: Liver International: Official Journal of the International Association for the Study of the Liver
C Pietrement, E Allain-Launay, J Bacchetta, A Bertholet-Thomas, L Dubourg, J Harambat, R Vieux, G Deschênes
These guidelines are intended to assist physicians in the care of children with chronic kidney disease (CKD), defined in children as in adults, regardless of its cause. Often silent for a long time, CKD can evolve to chronic renal failure or end-stage renal disease. Its management aims at slowing disease progression and treating CKD complications as soon as they appear. The different aspects of pediatric CKD care are addressed in these guidelines (screening, treatment, monitoring, diet, quality of life) as proposed by the French Society of Pediatric Nephrology...
November 2016: Archives de Pédiatrie: Organe Officiel de la Sociéte Française de Pédiatrie
Carole Ichai, Christophe Vinsonneau, Bertrand Souweine, Fabien Armando, Emmanuel Canet, Christophe Clec'h, Jean-Michel Constantin, Michaël Darmon, Jacques Duranteau, Théophille Gaillot, Arnaud Garnier, Laurent Jacob, Olivier Joannes-Boyau, Laurent Juillard, Didier Journois, Alexandre Lautrette, Laurent Muller, Matthieu Legrand, Nicolas Lerolle, Thomas Rimmelé, Eric Rondeau, Fabienne Tamion, Yannick Walrave, Lionel Velly
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2016: Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine
Carole Ichai, Christophe Vinsonneau, Bertrand Souweine, Fabien Armando, Emmanuel Canet, Christophe Clec'h, Jean-Michel Constantin, Michaël Darmon, Jacques Duranteau, Théophille Gaillot, Arnaud Garnier, Laurent Jacob, Olivier Joannes-Boyau, Laurent Juillard, Didier Journois, Alexandre Lautrette, Laurent Muller, Matthieu Legrand, Nicolas Lerolle, Thomas Rimmelé, Eric Rondeau, Fabienne Tamion, Yannick Walrave, Lionel Velly
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a syndrome that has progressed a great deal over the last 20 years. The decrease in urine output and the increase in classical renal biomarkers, such as blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine, have largely been used as surrogate markers for decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which defines AKI. However, using such markers of GFR as criteria for diagnosing AKI has several limits including the difficult diagnosis of non-organic AKI, also called "functional renal insufficiency" or "pre-renal insufficiency"...
December 2016: Annals of Intensive Care
V J J Schettler, J Ringel, S Jacob, U Julius, R Klingel, F Heigl, E Roeseler, P Grützmacher
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2016: Der Internist
Z Mellouk, K Maachou, A Bekkadja, O Kharoubi, A Aoues
En raison de ces retombées socio-économiques significatives, beaucoup d'études sont entreprises afin d'évaluer les déterminants de l'insuffisance rénale chronique afin de promouvoir sa prise en charge tout en prévenant ces complications les plus coûteuses à long terme. Le but de cette étude cas-témoin est d'explorer certains paramètres biochimiques de la résorption osseuse et leur relation avec la fonction néphrotique (clairance de la créatinine), lipidique et électrolytique chez des patients insuffisants rénaux (n=50 ; H/F : 29/21 âgés entre 52±8,50 années) recrutés au niveau du service de néphrologie de l'hôpital d'Oran en comparaison à des sujets témoins (n=20 ; H/F : 12/08 âgés entre 34±8,66 années...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
N Janus, V Launay-Vacher, B Aloy, G Deray
OBJECTIFS: L'insuffisance rénale (IR) est fréquente en cardiologie, notamment chez les patients ayant une fibrillation atriale (FA), ainsi que chez les patients ayant une maladie thromboembolique veineuse. De plus, l'IR est un facteur de risque de mortalité chez les patients ayant une FA. Ainsi, la question du maniement des médicaments et plus particulièrement des anticoagulants oraux directs (AOD), est de plus en plus fréquente. L'objectif de cette revue de la littérature réalisé par le Service ICAR est de faire le point de sur les adaptations posologiques chez le patient IR...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
R Bouchair, C Yousfi, H Kaghouche, S Ouarets, Y Benchaabi, R Belguedj, N Djeghri, A Ghouati, F Teniou, H Ghediri, D R Belouahed
OBJECTIFS: Devant une hypertension artérielle sévère chez le sujet jeune rechercher toujours une origine secondaire. MéTHODES: Vignette clinique: Il s'agit d'un patient âgé de 40 ans qui consulte pour un malaise, une tension artérielle prise revenant 220mmHg/100mmHg. Biologiquement : une hypokaliémie avec bilan rénal correcte Échographie abdominopelvienne: rein unique avec au Doppler de l'artère rénale une sténose rénovasculaire. Le malade est mis sous anti calcique, bêta bloquant, physiotens et diurétique...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
R Rayane, M Bouakadia
OBJECTIFS: Définir le profil épidémiologique de l'insuffisance rénale aux urgences médicales MéTHODES: L'étude descriptive, a touché 60 malades adultes reçus aux urgences médicales du CHU d'Annaba. Ces malades ont une créatinémie supérieure à 120μmol/l ou une clairance (calculée par la formule de Cockcroft et Gault) inférieure à 90ml/mn (sont inclus les sujets âgés de plus de 65 ans avec créatinémie normale). Sont exclus de l'étude, les malades reçus pour urgence traumatologiques...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
M Khadhar, H Jebali, M Najjar, R Kheder, L Raïs, L Ben Fatma, W Smaoui, M Krid, F Ben Moussa, S Beji, K Zouaghi
OBJECTIFS: L'atteinte cardiaque est fréquente au cours du lupus érythémateux systémique (LES), et peut concerner le tissu péricardique, myocardique, valvulaire ou les artères coronaires. En effet, le cœur est touché dans 15 % à 82 % des cas et représente l'une des plus grandes causes de mortalité. MéTHODES: Étude rétrospective et descriptive portant sur les dossiers de patients hospitalisés au Service de Néphrologie de l'Hôpital la Rabta, entre 2007 et 2015 pour LES (retenu sur au moins 4 critères sur 11 de l'ACR)...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
Y Cerba, B Franko, P Zaoui
OBJECTIFS: L'infarctus rénal est une pathologie rare dont les manifestations cliniques peu spécifiques compliquent le diagnostic, et le retard diagnostic expose au risque d'insuffisance rénale. MéTHODES: Sur une période de 24 mois (mars 2013 - février 2015), nous avons recensé les patients présentant un infarctus rénal, hospitalisé en néphrologie, cardiologie ou médecine interne sur une base déclarative. Nous avons rapporté les facteurs de risque cardiovasculaire, la présentation clinique, biologique et scannographique...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
Jürgen Floege, Mark Dominik Alscher, Dieter Bach, Werner Dähne, Michael Daschner, Martin Kuhlmann
The proposals by health care providers to impose drastic limits on chronic dialysis in hospitals to the extent that it can only be provided on loss-making terms, will jeopardize the cost efficiency of nephrological departments in hospitals and hence their continued existence. Such departments play a key role within the discipline, however, as the training of nephrologists is tied to them by further training regulations. The authors take the view that the proposals by health care providers are short-sighted with regard to the quality of care and the safeguarding of care in the future, and that they counteract the goals of quality assurance currently dominating the health policy agenda...
September 2015: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift
B Llanas, F Lucats, J Harambat, A Godron
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2015: Archives de Pédiatrie: Organe Officiel de la Sociéte Française de Pédiatrie
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