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Nicolas Elazhary, Marie-Laure Dolbec, Thierry Boucher, Jean-François Deshaies, Alain Vanasse, René Beaudoin
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January 2016: CJEM
Jocelyn Gravel, Serge Gouin, Dominic Chalut, Louis Crevier, Jean-Claude Décarie, Nicolas Elazhary, Benoît Mâsse
BACKGROUND: There is no clear consensus regarding radiologic evaluation of head trauma in young children without traumatic brain injury. We conducted a study to develop and validate a clinical decision rule to identify skull fracture in young children with head trauma and no immediate need for head tomography. METHODS: We performed a prospective cohort study in 3 tertiary care emergency departments in the province of Quebec. Participants were children less than 2 years old who had a head trauma and were not at high risk of clinically important traumatic brain injury (Glasgow Coma Scale score < 15, altered level of consciousness or palpable skull fracture)...
November 3, 2015: CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal, Journal de L'Association Medicale Canadienne
Tamer T Elazhary, Ping Zhou, Chunyu Zhao, James H Burge
The classic Abbe sine condition relates pupil distortion to aberrations with linear field dependence such as coma. This paper provides a fully generalized form of the sine condition that does not use any symmetry. It accurately predicts the change in aberration in the presence of field independent and pupil aberrations. The definitions of the image, object, and coordinate system are completely arbitrary. The relationship is verified using ray trace simulations of a number of systems that have varying degrees of complexity...
June 1, 2015: Applied Optics
Idrissa Diawara, Khadija Bekhti, Driss Elhabchi, Rachid Saile, Naima Elmdaghri, Mohammed Timinouni, Mohamed Elazhari
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) nasal carriage may be responsible for some serious infections in hemodialyzed patients. The main target of this study was to estimate the prevalence of S. aureus nasal carriage in hemodialysis outpatients and medical staff in hemodialysis centers specifically in Fez region. The second target is to identify the risks of colonization, resistance pattern of isolates and their virulence toxin genes. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Nasal swab specimens were obtained from 143 hemodialyzed outpatients and 32 medical staff from January to June 2012...
June 2014: Iranian Journal of Microbiology
Tamer T Elazhary, Masatsugu Nakano, José Sasián
Several state-of-the-art imaging applications require a large operational spectral band, a large field size, and a high numerical aperture (NA). The design of a lens that simultaneously meets these requirements is a challenging task. We present optical designs of hyper NA imaging systems that comprise a multi reflection optical element. Light entering this element reflects multiple times before exiting. The present lens designs are 1.65 NA imaging system that operate in the broad spectral band [486.1 ~656.3 nm], have field size of 1...
July 1, 2013: Optics Express
Omer-Elfaroug Sid-Ahmed, Ahmed Sanhouri, Badr-Eldin Elwaseela, Imad Fadllalah, Galal-Eldin Elazhari Mohammed, Erich Möstl
The aim of this study was to determine whether glucocorticoid production could be monitored non-invasively in dromedary camels by measuring faecal cortisol metabolites (FCMs). Five Sudanese dromedaries, two males and three females, were injected with a synthetic adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) analogue. Blood samples were collected pre- and post-ACTH injection. Faeces were sampled after spontaneous defecation for five consecutive days (2 days before and 3 days after ACTH injection). Baseline plasma cortisol values ranged from 0...
August 2013: Tropical Animal Health and Production
Abdulmagid Elazhari-Ali, Arvind K Singh, Russell J Davenport, Ian M Head, David Werner
We tested the hypothesis that the biodegradation of volatile petroleum hydrocarbons (VPHs) in aerobic sandy soil is affected by the blending with 10 percent ethanol (E10) or 20 percent biodiesel (B20). When inorganic nutrients were scarce, competition between biofuel and VPH degraders temporarily slowed monoaromatic hydrocarbon degradation. Ethanol had a bigger impact than biodiesel, reflecting the relative ease of ethanol compared to methyl ester biodegradation. Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) of bacterial 16S rRNA genes revealed that each fuel mixture selected for a distinct bacterial community, each dominated by Pseudomonas spp...
February 2013: Environmental Pollution
Bouchra Oumokhtar, Mohamed Elazhari, Mohammed Timinouni, Karima Bendahhou, Bahia Bennani, Mustapha Mahmoud, Abelhakim El Ouali Lalami, Sanae Berrada, Mohammed Arrayhani, Tariq Squalli Houssaini
Staphylococcus aureus, which has its ecological niche in the anterior nares, has been shown to cause a variety of infectious diseases mainly for patients in hemodialysis units. We performed this study to evaluate the prevalence of nasal S. aureus carriage among hemodialysis outpatients, to determine the antimicrobial susceptibility of isolates, to characterize the virulence genes, and to identify associated risk factors. Nares swab specimens were obtained from 70 outpatients on hemodialysis between March and June 2010...
October 2013: Hemodialysis International
Mohamed Elazhari, Luay F Abu-Quatouseh, Driss Elhabchi, Khalid Zerouali, Noureddine Dersi, Rachid Saile, Mohammed Timinouni, Karsten Becker
Resistance to fusidic acid in Staphylococcus aureus is caused by mutation of the elongation factor G (EF-G) encoded by fusA or by expression of a protein, encoded by fusB or fusC, that protects the drug target. Other mechanisms involved in this resistance are mutations in the riboprotein L6 operon within rplF. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and mechanisms of resistance to fusidic acid in clinical isolates of S. aureus in Casablanca (Morocco) and to define the phenotypic and genotypic traits of these isolates and their clonal relationship...
March 2012: International Journal of Medical Microbiology: IJMM
M H Elnadry, I A Nigm, I M Abdel Aziz, A M Elshafee, S S Elazhary, M A Abdel Hafeez, S M Mohii, D M Elteeby
The study evaluated the efficacy of fasting in Ramadan on the clinical, laboratory and ultrasonographic parameters of chronic liver disease patients. A total of 202 patients were selected from the departments of Tropical medicine and outpatient clinics of Al-Azhar University hospitals, Cairo, Egypt from the 26th of July till the 30th of September 2010. Patients submitted to complete clinical, laboratory, ultrasonographic and endoscopic evaluation pre, during, and post Ramadan. The fasting group was 103 (51%) and the non-fasting group was 99 (49%) patients...
August 2011: Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
Abderrazzak Bertal, Said Hilmani, Abdenabi Elkamar, Abdessamad Elazhari
Double myelomeningocele is very rare, with only a few cases are published in the world's literature. The mechanism of this form of neural tube defects constitutes a challenging problem. The authors present an unusual case of a 3 month-old child, with two myelomeningoceles, one at the cervical level and the other at the lumbar level, without hydrocephalus or Chiari malformation.
June 2011: British Journal of Neurosurgery
Tamer Tawfik Elazhary, Ahmed Hisham Morshed, Diaa Khalil
In optical lithography, light diffracted from photo mask structures has been customarily assumed to be constant with the angle of incidence of the light illuminating the photo mask. As numerical aperture increases to unity and beyond, to cope with the continuous demand for shrinking integrated circuits, device dimensions, and densities, this approximation is no longer valid. In this paper we use the physical theory of diffraction to study, understand, and model the variation of light diffracted from photo mask structures of the order of the wavelength, with the angle of light incidence...
August 1, 2010: Applied Optics
Enas Hanafy, Salam Elhafez, Fadel Aly, Mohamed Elazhary
This study investigates the effect of whole body exposure to magnetic fields on the calcium level of blood and bone in a trial to avoid the liability of osteoporosis, fractures, and delayed union of fractures after exposure to magnetic fields present everywhere in the environment. The procedures of the study included analysis for calcium level in both bone and blood. The procedures were performed on 50 Guinea pigs equally divided into 5 groups. Groups A, B, C, and D were exposed to 50 Hz, 0.2 mT magnetic field for 30 d...
2008: Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine
A Jabrane, Y Elazhary, B G Talbot, R Ethier, C Dubuc, R Assaf
Porcine respiratory coronavirus (PRCV) was identified for the first time in Quebec, using a blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Unlike the virus neutralization test (VNT), this ELISA was able to distinguish transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) from PRCV. Among the 15 seropositive fattening herds from group A, sera containing PRCV antibodies represented 74.8%, whereas those with TGEV antibodies represented only 7.2%. In group B, which consisted of 15 sow herds, nine herds expressed only PRCV-specific antibodies while the other herds had animals positive for TGEV-specific antibodies...
November 1992: Canadian Veterinary Journal. la Revue Vétérinaire Canadienne
M Morin, C Girard, Y Elazhary, R Fajardo, R Drolet, A Lagacé
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 1990: Canadian Veterinary Journal. la Revue Vétérinaire Canadienne
M A Elazhary, S Dea, K R Mittal, R Higgins
The prevalence of antibodies to three etiological agents involved in swine pneumonia was determined in Quebec pig farms which had experienced problems of mild to severe respiratory problems. Of the 350 sera collected from adults pigs, 67.0%, 18.3% and 46.6% had antibody titers to Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae type 1 and/or 5, to porcine adenovirus type 4 and to swine influenza virus, respectively. Comparatively, the serological prevalence rates for Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae, porcine adenovirus and swine influenza virus were 43...
June 1985: Canadian Veterinary Journal. la Revue Vétérinaire Canadienne
S Dea, J Vaillancourt, Y Elazhary, G P Martineau
Coronavirus-like particles were visualized by electron microscopy in the intestinal contents of piglets during a diarrheal outbreak on a Quebec pig farm. The precipitating antigens of transmissible gastroenteritis virus were not detected in the intestinal contents of diarrheic animals by counter-immunoelectrophoresis. Insignificant antibody titers against transmissible gastroenteritis virus were demonstrated in the sera of convalescent pigs by indirect immunofluorescence and these sera did not react with transmissible gastroenteritis virus when tested by immunoelectron microscopy...
March 1985: Canadian Veterinary Journal. la Revue Vétérinaire Canadienne
J L Fréchette, M A Elazhary, R Lallier
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 1983: Canadian Veterinary Journal. la Revue Vétérinaire Canadienne
S Dea, R S Roy, M A Elazhary
Coronavirus-like particles were visualized in the feces of a young domestic shorthair female cat with diarrhea. On the surface projections, these particles could be distinguished from the enteric coronavirus-like particles of human, dog, cattle and monkey origin. They appeared morphologically similar to a feline enteric coronavirus recently described by other authors. A precipitin antigen was detected in the cat feces by counterimmunoelectroosmophoresis using a rabbit antibovine coronavirus serum.
May 1982: Canadian Veterinary Journal. la Revue Vétérinaire Canadienne
Vincent Wellemans, Sylvette Laurent, Pierre Hélie, Youssef ElAzhary
The immunopotentiating activity of a new delivery system was investigated comparatively to Alhydrogel adjuvant, as an antiviral inactivated vaccine after one injection. The efficiency of the new formulation (BioMed) was evaluated with an inactivated porcine strain of influenza (A/Sw/IN/1726/88 H1N1) in the pig model. The first assessment criteria was the follow-up of selected immunological parameters such as, antibody levels, lymphoproliferation, double positive CD4+CD8+ T lymphocytes and cytokine production (IL-2, IL-4, IFN-gamma)...
January 2007: Veterinary Research
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