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Jiangtong Peng, Yutian Li, Xiaohong Wang, Shan Deng, Jenna Holland, Emily Yates, Jing Chen, Haitao Gu, Kobina Essandoh, Xingjiang Mu, Boyu Wang, Robert K McNamara, Tianqing Peng, Anil G Jegga, Tiemin Liu, Takahisa Nakamura, Kai Huang, Diego Perez-Tilve, Guo-Chang Fan
Exposure to cold temperature is well known to upregulate heat shock protein (Hsp) expression and recruit and/or activate brown adipose tissue and beige adipocytes in humans and animals. However, whether and how Hsps regulate adipocyte function for energy homeostatic responses is poorly understood. Here, we demonstrate a critical role of Hsp20 as a negative regulator of adipocyte function. Deletion of Hsp20 enhances non-shivering thermogenesis and suppresses inflammatory responses, leading to improvement of glucose and lipid metabolism under both chow diet and high-fat diet conditions...
June 19, 2018: Cell Reports
Hongwei Yu, Nan Shen, Siqi Yu, Dan Yu, Chunhua Liu
Climate change, especially warming temperatures, may increase invasion and modify the ecological impacts of invasive species by enhancing their ability to compete. To test the effects of warming on invasive plants, a mesocosm experiment was conducted to study competition between the invasive plant Egeria densa and the native hygrophyte Sparganium angustifolium under simulated warming conditions in a greenhouse. These two species were grown in monoculture (no competitor control) or mixed culture (competitor control) for two months under different temperature conditions (warming treatment or no-warming treatment)...
2018: PloS One
Toshihiko Sugiki, Kyoko Furuita, Toshimichi Fujiwara, Chojiro Kojima
Amino acid selective isotope labeling is an important nuclear magnetic resonance technique, especially for larger proteins, providing strong bases for the unambiguous resonance assignments and information concerning the structure, dynamics, and intermolecular interactions. Amino acid selective 15 N labeling suffers from isotope dilution caused by metabolic interconversion of the amino acids, resulting in isotope scrambling within the target protein. Carbonyl 13 C atoms experience less isotope scrambling than the main-chain 15 N atoms do...
June 20, 2018: Biochemistry
Akiko Hanai, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Takashi Sozu, Moe Tsuda, Ikuko Yano, Takayuki Nakagawa, Satoshi Imai, Yoko Hamabe, Masakazu Toi, Hidenori Arai, Tadao Tsuboyama
Background: Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a dose-limiting and disabling side effect of taxane anticancer agents. We prospectively evaluated the efficacy of cryotherapy for CIPN prevention. Methods: Breast cancer patients treated weekly with paclitaxel (80 mg/m2 for one hour) wore frozen gloves and socks on the dominant side for 90 minutes, including the entire duration of drug infusion. Symptoms on the treated sides were compared with those on the untreated (nondominant) sides...
February 1, 2018: Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Guilherme Lang Motta, Pablo Cambeses Souza, Emanuel Burck Dos Santos, Silvia Regina Bona, Pedro Guilherme Schaefer, Caetano Araújo Torres Lima, Norma Anair Possa Marroni, Carlos Otávio Corso
PURPOSE: To evaluate whether combining hypothermia and remote ischemic preconditioning (RIPC) results in protection from ischemia-reperfusion (IR). METHODS: Thirty-two Wistar rats underwent right nephrectomy and were randomly assigned to four experimental protocols on the left kidney: warm ischemia (group 1), cold ischemia (group 2), RIPC followed by warm ischemia (group 3), and RIPC followed by cold ischemia (group 4). After 240 minutes of reperfusion, histological changes in the left kidney, as well as lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activity, were analyzed...
May 2018: Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira
Tânia Alteniza Leandro, Viviane Martins da Silva, Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes, Nirla Gomes Guedes, Marília Mendes Nunes, Tamires Mesquita de Sousa, Marília Viana Araújo
OBJECTIVE: To determine the strength of the association between the clinical indicators of Impaired Comfort and the evaluation sector in the hospital, age group and sex of patients with cancer. METHOD: Cross-sectional study, conducted in a children's hospital, with 192 children and adolescents. For the collection, we used an instrument developed for the study. RESULTS: The majority of the sample was male, with mean age of 11 years. The indicators most evidenced among the hospitalized patients were Crying, Report of lack of satisfaction with the situation, Report of feeling cold, and Report of feeling uncomfortable...
May 2018: Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem
Yovana Todorova, Ivaylo Yotinov, Yana Topalova, Evgenia Benova, Plamena Marinova, Ivan Tsonev, Todor Bogdanov
Plasma-based technologies take an increasing place in the new conceptions of wastewater management as a promising tool for the treatment of persistent organic pollutants with low biodegradability. Plasma major advantage is the synergy of diverse active components with high oxidative action and additional benefits as disinfection of treated water. But the bactericidal effect of plasma can influence the treatment effectiveness when this technology is used in combination with biological methods for removal of pollutants...
June 20, 2018: Environmental Technology
Brooke M Smith, Jennifer L Villatte, Clarissa W Ong, Grayson M Butcher, Michael P Twohig, Michael E Levin, Steven C Hayes
Research has demonstrated that values and acceptance interventions can increase distress tolerance, but the individual contribution of each remains unclear. The current study examined the isolated effect of a values intervention on immersion time in a cold pressor. Participants randomized to Values ( n = 18) and Control ( n = 14) conditions completed two cold pressor tasks, separated by a 30-min values or control intervention. Immersion time increased 51.06 s for participants in the Values condition and decreased by 10...
June 1, 2018: Behavior Modification
Daniel Thomas, Mateusz Marianski, Eike Mucha, Gerard Meijer, Mark A Johnson, Gert von Helden
The proton-bound dicarboxylate motif, RCOO-·H+·-OOCR, is a prevalent chemical configuration found in many condensed phase systems. We study the archetypal proton-bound formate dimer, HCOO-·H+·-OOCH, utilizing cold-ion infrared action spectroscopy in the photon energy range of 400-1800 cm-1. The spectrum obtained at ~0.4 K utilizing action spectroscopy of ions captured in helium nanodroplets is compared to that measured at ~10 K by photodissociation of Ar-ion complexes. Similar band patterns are obtained by the two techniques that are consistent with calculations for a C2 symmetry structure with a proton shared equally between the two formate moieties...
June 19, 2018: Angewandte Chemie
Ali Akbar Heidari-Zefreh, Mehran E Shariatpanahi, Amir Mousavi, Sepideh Kalatejari
Production of doubled haploid (DH) plants is an efficient tool in genetic and plant breeding programs; however, sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) is recalcitrant to microspore embryogenesis and DH production. Trying to break the barrier of DH production, three independent experiments were conducted on microspore embryogenesis of sweet pepper. In the first experiment, the effect of cold (4 °C) and heat (32 °C) pretreatments were investigated on microspore embryogenesis of three genotypes of sweet pepper including "Inspiration F1," "Maratus F1," and "Magno F1" cultivars in a factorial design with three replications...
June 20, 2018: Protoplasma
Miyako Suzuki, Magali Millecamps, Seiji Ohtori, Chisato Mori, Laura S Stone
Introduction: The prevalence of osteoporosis is increasing with the aging population and is associated with increased risk of fracture and chronic pain. Osteoporosis is currently treated with bisphosphonate therapy to attenuate bone loss. We previously reported that improvement in bone mineral density is not sufficient to reduce osteoporosis-related pain in an ovariectomy (OVX)-induced mouse model of osteoporosis, highlighting the need for new treatments. Targeting of nerve growth factor (NGF) with sequestering antibodies is a promising new direction for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain including back pain and arthritis...
May 2018: Pain Reports (Baltimore, Md.)
Christine B Sieberg, Caitlin Taras, Aya Gomaa, Chelsea Nickerson, Cindy Wong, Catherine Ward, Georgios Baskozos, David L H Bennett, Juan D Ramirez, Andreas C Themistocleous, Andrew S C Rice, Pallai R Shillo, Solomon Tesfaye, Robert R Edwards, Nick A Andrews, Charles Berde, Michael Costigan
Background: Epidemiological studies in patients with neuropathic pain demonstrate a strong association with psychiatric conditions such as anxiety; however, the precipitating pathology between these symptoms remains unclear. To investigate this, we studied the effects of lifelong stress on levels of neuropathic pain-like behavior and conversely, the effects of chronic neuropathic injury on anxiety-like status in male and female mice. In addition, we assayed this link in painful and painless diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients...
May 2018: Pain Reports (Baltimore, Md.)
Nasim Baradaran-Akbarzadeh, Mahin Tafazoli, Morteza Mojahedi, Seyed Reza Mazlom
INTRODUCTION: Sexual health is one of the key factors to sustain marital life and having a good sexual function. On the other hand, temperament affects sexual function. Training is also one of the basic foundations for promoting sexual health. Therefore, the researcher has designed and implemented a study (2017) aimed "determining the study of educational package on sexual function in cold temperament women of reproductive age." METHODS: This randomized clinical trial study was performed on 80 women in two groups (40 in each group)...
2018: Journal of Education and Health Promotion
Romain Bouzigon, Gilles Ravier, Benoit Dugue, Frederic Grappe
Partial-body cryostimulation is used to improve recovery after exercise, especially during competitions or heavy training; however, a limited number of studies have been conducted with international-level athletes in situ during competitions. This study was undertaken to assess the thermal sensation ratings during 3 min of cold exposure (at -130°C) in 24 international-level athletes during the European Basketball Championship. The mean thermal sensation score, measured using a perceptive scale, increased significantly (p < 0...
June 2018: Journal of Human Kinetics
Vanessa M S Vetter, Nils B Tjaden, Anja Jaeschke, Constanze Buhk, Veronika Wahl, Pawel Wasowicz, Anke Jentsch
Plant ecosystem engineers are widely used to combat land degradation. However, the ability of those plants to modulate limiting abiotic and biotic resources of other species can cause damage to ecosystems in which they become invasive. Here, we use Lupinus nootkatensis as example to estimate and project the hazardous potential of nitrogen fixing herbaceous plants in a sub-polar oceanic climate. L. nootkatensis was introduced to Iceland in the 1940s to address erosion problems and foster reforestation, but subsequently became a high-latitude invader...
2018: Frontiers in Plant Science
Matti O Ruuskanen, Kyra A St Pierre, Vincent L St Louis, Stéphane Aris-Brosou, Alexandre J Poulain
The Arctic is undergoing rapid environmental change, potentially affecting the physicochemical constraints of microbial communities that play a large role in both carbon and nutrient cycling in lacustrine environments. However, the microbial communities in such Arctic environments have seldom been studied, and the drivers of their composition are poorly characterized. To address these gaps, we surveyed the biologically active surface sediments in Lake Hazen, the largest lake by volume north of the Arctic Circle, and a small lake and shoreline pond in its watershed...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Chenchen Zhao, Fangzhou Ma, Hongsong Chen, Fanghao Wan, Jianying Guo, Zhongshi Zhou
Chill tolerance plays a crucial role that allows insect species to adapt to cold environments. Two Chinese geographical populations (Laibin and Yangzhou populations) were selected to understand the chill resistance and evolutionary potential in the Ophraella communa , a biological control agent of the invasive common ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia . Super-cooling point assays, knockdown tests under static low-temperature conditions and determination of glycerol content were studied. ANOVAs indicated significant differences regarding chill coma recovery time, super-cooling point, and glycerol content across populations and sexes...
2018: Frontiers in Physiology
Brandon D D'Aloiso, Sarah S Rupchak, Kaitlin J Gettle, Claudio Lima, Robert D Rush
Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia (WM) is a rare lymphoma caused by the overproduction of immunoglobulin M (IgM). The elevated level of IgM causes serum hyperviscosity, cold agglutinins, and cryoglobulinemia. Anemia is also present because of impaired production of erythrocytes. For these reasons, placing a patient with WM on cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) requires careful preparation. In this case, the patient was a 73-year-old male with known Waldenström's disease who required coronary artery bypass graft surgery...
June 2018: Journal of Extra-corporeal Technology
Silvano Onofri, Laura Selbmann, Claudia Pacelli, Jean Pierre de Vera, Gerda Horneck, John E Hallsworth, Laura Zucconi
The black fungi Cryomyces antarcticus and Cryomyces minteri are highly melanized and are resilient to cold, ultra-violet, ionizing radiation and other extreme conditions. These microorganisms were isolated from cryptoendolithic microbial communities in the McMurdo Dry Valleys (Antarctica) and studied in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), using the EXPOSE-E facility on the International Space Station (ISS). Previously, it was demonstrated that C. antarcticus and C. minteri survive the hostile conditions of space (vacuum, temperature fluctuations, and the full spectrum of extraterrestrial solar electromagnetic radiation), as well as Mars conditions that were simulated in space for a 1...
June 19, 2018: Life
Michael D Davis, Stephen J Fowler, Alison J Montpetit
Exhaled breath is a robust matrix of biomarkers divided between three fractions - gaseous breath, volatile breath, and breath condensate. Breath is collected non-invasively through bags (for gaseous breath), cold condensation chambers (breath condensate), and adsorbent traps (volatile breath). Due to the incredibly dilute nature of breath matrices, breath biomarker analysis requires precise analytical techniques, highly sensitive technology and often challenges the limit of detection of even the most advanced assays...
May 17, 2018: Paediatric Respiratory Reviews
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