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Face lift

Z Paul Lorenc, David Goldberg, Mark Nestor
BACKGROUND: Absorbable suspension sutures for tissue repositioning represent a minimally invasive approach to facial rejuvenation. With 2015 FDA 510(k) approval of Silhouette InstaLift™ (Sinclair Pharma, Irvine, CA), a completely absorbable device comprised of 82% PLLA/18% PLGA sutures and bi-directional cones, came the challenge of developing optimal technique for achieving effective, precise, and durable tissue repositioning. Here, the authors discuss the importance of straight-line vector planning (SLVP) and positioning of the suture perpendicular to the plane to be elevated in obtaining optimal results for tissue repositioning...
July 1, 2018: Journal of Drugs in Dermatology: JDD
Roxane J Itier, Frank Preston
The N170 ERP component is a central neural marker of early face perception usually thought to reflect holistic processing. However, it is also highly sensitive to eyes presented in isolation and to fixation on the eyes within a full face. The lateral inhibition face template and eye detector (LIFTED) model (Nemrodov et al. in NeuroImage 97:81-94, 2014) integrates these views by proposing a neural inhibition mechanism that perceptually glues features into a whole, in parallel to the activity of an eye detector that accounts for the eye sensitivity...
July 9, 2018: Brain Topography
Kayla L Moses, McKayla Seymour, Arij Beshish, Kim R Baker, David F Pegelow, Luke J Lamers, Marlowe W Eldridge, Melissa L Bates
A patent foramen ovale (PFO) is linked to increased risk of decompression illness in divers. One theory is that venous gas emboli crossing the PFO can be minimized by avoiding lifting, straining and Valsalva maneuvers. Alternatively, we hypothesized that mild increases in external inspiratory and expiratory resistance, similar to that provided by a SCUBA regulator, recruit the PFO. Nine healthy adults with a Valsalva-proven PFO completed three randomized trials (inspiratory, expiratory, and combined external loading) with six levels of increasing external resistance (2-20 cmH2 O/L/sec)...
June 2018: Physiological Reports
L-B Moura, J-R Spin, R Spin-Neto, V-A Pereira-Filho
BACKGROUND: Buccal fat pad (BFP) is a singular structure between the facial muscles. Its removal may enhance the zygomatic prominences resulting in an inverted triangle of beauty. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to perform a systematic review of literature about BFP removal for facial aesthetic improvement. In order to answer the following research question: What are the indications, complication types and rates, surgical techniques and outcomes of the technique? MATERIAL AND METHODS: The initial search in Pubmed, Scopus, and Cochrane databases recognized 220 articles...
June 20, 2018: Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal
Marianne Hollensteiner, Michael Malek, Peter Augat, David Fürst, Falk Schrödl, Stefan Hunger, Benjamin Esterer, Stefan Gabauer, Andreas Schrempf
PURPOSE: Surgical skills can be improved through practical exercise. The use of specimens, human as well as animal, or live animals for surgical training is limited due to ethical concerns. Drawbacks of simulators are costs, fidelity and creditibility. Thus, simulators must be evaluated objectively to determine their validity before they can be used as teaching modalities. The aim of this study was to verify the face content and construct validity of a novel model-based simulator for lifting tabula externa transplants from the parietal skull...
May 21, 2018: Journal of Cranio-maxillo-facial Surgery
Z Paul Lorenc, Glynis Ablon, Julius Few, Michael H Gold, David J Goldberg, Stephen Mandy, Mark S Nestor, Susan H Weinkle
A complete approach to facial rejuvenation includes restoration of the skin's surface, relaxation of muscles that contribute to hyperkinetic movement, revolumization, and repositioning/recontouring of descended tissues and fat pads. After receiving 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015, the Silhouette InstaLift™ absorbable suspension suture became the only available non-surgical technique for repositioning of facial tissue. In January 2017, a consensus paper presented a review of the literature on the efficacy and safety of absorbable suspension sutures and provided information on treatment procedures...
June 1, 2018: Journal of Drugs in Dermatology: JDD
Cyril J Awaida, Samer F Jabbour, Youssef A El Rayess, Joseph S El Khoury, Elio G Kechichian, Marwan W Nasr
BACKGROUND: Microbotox consists of the injection of microdroplets of botulinum toxin into the dermis to improve the different lower-face and neck aging components. No clinical trial has evaluated its effect on the different face and neck components and no study has compared it to the "Nefertiti Lift" procedure. METHODS: In this crossover study, patients previously treated with the "Nefertiti Lift" were injected using the Microbotox technique...
June 4, 2018: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Punyaphat Sirithanabadeekul, Siripan Lapsomboonsiri, Atiya Rungjang, Wilai Thanasarnaksorn
BACKGROUND: The most efficacious concentration of botulinum toxin for facial lifting is not well established. OBJECTIVE: This study compared the efficacy of common concentration vs double dilution of intradermal abobotulinum toxin type A (Dysport) injection for facial lifting in Asians. METHODS: In all, 10 women aged 32-61 years with mild to moderate facial laxity participated in this study. Each patient received one session of intradermal injection of double diluted abobotulinum toxin type A (Dysport) (dilution of 15 mL to give 3...
June 2018: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
Songjia Tang, Zhongxin Sun, Xiaoxin Wu, Yu-Yan Wang, Jufang Zhang
RATIONALE: Aging of face is an unavoidable process. Traditional procedures for facial rejuvenation have multiple disadvantages. In this case report, we used an innovative technique combining thread lift with small incision rhytidectomy for facial rejuvenation. Management for complication was also reported. PATIENT CONCERNS: We presented a 52-year-old male with facial ptosis and wrinkles. DIAGNOSES: The patient was diagnosed as facial aging including skin laxity, mid-face and mandibular jowl ptosis, static crows-feet wrinkles, and deepening nasolabial fold...
May 2018: Medicine (Baltimore)
A Villepelet, A Jafari, B Baujat
The demand for facial feminization is increasing in transsexual patients. Masculine foreheads present extensive supraorbital bossing with a more acute glabellar angle, whereas female foreheads show softer features. The aim of this article is to describe our surgical technique for fronto-orbital feminization. The mask-lift technique is an upper face-lift. It provides rejuvenation by correcting collapsed features, and fronto-orbital feminization through burring of orbital rims and lateral canthopexies. Depending on the size of the frontal sinus and the thickness of its anterior wall, frontal remodeling is achieved using simple burring or by means of the eggshell technique...
May 4, 2018: European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Diseases
Mokhtar Asaadi
BACKGROUND: Festoons and malar bags present a particular challenge to the plastic surgeon and commonly persist after the traditional lower blepharoplasty. They are more common than we think and a trained eye will be able to recognize them. Lower blepharoplasty in these patients requires addressing the lid-cheek junction and midcheek using additional techniques such as orbicularis retaining ligament (ORL) and zygomaticocutaneous ligament (ZCL) release, midface lift, microsuction, or even direct excision (Kpodzo e al...
April 18, 2018: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
M Axel Wollmer, Insa Neumann, Michelle Magid, Tillmann H Kruger
Treating glabellar frown lines with injections of botulinum toxin is the most frequently applied procedure in aesthetic medicine. In addition to its cosmetic effect, botulinum toxin may also positively modulate mood and affect, which may contribute to its popularity. A series of clinical studies has shown that this modulation can be used in the treatment of major depression. After a single glabellar treatment with botulinum toxin, patients suffering from unipolar depression experienced a quick, strong and sustained improvement in the symptoms of depression...
August 2018: Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia e Venereologia: Organo Ufficiale, Società Italiana di Dermatologia e Sifilografia
Margit Alt Murphy, Steve Murphy, Hanna C Persson, Ulla-Britt Bergström, Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen
Kinematic analysis is a powerful method for objective assessment of upper extremity movements in a three-dimensional (3D) space. Three-dimensional motion capture with an optoelectronic camera system is considered as golden standard for kinematic movement analysis and is increasingly used as outcome measure to evaluate the movement performance and quality after an injury or disease involving upper extremity movements. This article describes a standardized protocol for kinematic analysis of drinking task applied in individuals with upper extremity impairments after stroke...
March 28, 2018: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Yong Woo Lee, Tae Hwan Park
BACKGROUND: Along with advances in thread lift techniques and materials, ancillary procedures such as fat grafting, liposuction, or filler injections have been performed simultaneously. Some surgeons think that these ancillary procedures might affect the aesthetic outcomes of thread lifting possibly due to inadvertent injury to threads or loosening of soft tissue via passing the cannula in the surgical plane of the thread lifts. The purpose of the current study is to determine the effect of such ancillary procedures on the outcome of thread lifts in the human and cadaveric setting...
April 11, 2018: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
David L Brown, A Lee Dellon
BACKGROUND: Located in the neck beneath the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the cervical plexus comprises a coalition of nerves originating from C1 through C4, which provide input to four cutaneous, seven motor, and three cranial nerves and the sympathetic trunk. Sporadic instances of injury to these superficial nerves have been reported. Nevertheless, this specific anatomical cause of neurogenic pain remains incompletely described and underrecognized. METHODS: Twelve patients presented with pain and were diagnosed with various combinations of injury to the lesser occipital, great auricular, transverse cervical, and supraclavicular nerves...
April 2018: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Marlen Sulamanidze, George Sulamanidze, Constantin Sulamanidze
INTRODUCTION: The aesthetic manifestations of the aging process in the cheekbone, cheek and infraorbital areas are especially concerning for patients, so rejuvenating interventions in these areas are most in demand. OBJECTIVE: To introduce the experience of our clinic for aesthetic manipulation using Aptos (anti-ptosis) thread lifting methods in the midface area. METHODS: Among the surgical interventions that we used were Aptos thread lifting methods both in combination with lower blepharoplasty, and without it...
June 2018: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Burak Özkan, Abbas Albayati, Atilla Adnan Eyüboğlu, Ahmet Çağrı Uysal, Nilgun Markal Ertaş, Mehmet Haberal
OBJECTIVES: Transplant patients, like the nontransplant population, can have surgical interventions for body shape disorders. Studies on aesthetic surgeries in transplant patients are scarce. Our aim was to share our experiences with various aesthetic procedures in solid-organ transplant recipients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Six (5 female, 1 male) transplant patients who received surgical corrections of the aging face, ptosis and lipodystrophy of the breast, and abdomen at the Baskent University Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department between 2010 and 2017 were included...
March 2018: Experimental and Clinical Transplantation
Ozcan Cakmak, Berke Özücer, Mustafa Aktekin, Fazil Emre Özkurt, Rami Al-Salman, Ismet Emrah Emre
Background: Inadequate release of retaining ligaments during facelift surgery may lead to an unnatural appearance. However, most facelift surgeons are hesitant in transecting these ligaments to avoid possible injury to facial subbranches. Objectives: In our surgical practice for modified composite flap rhytidectomy we use the finger-assisted malar elevation (FAME) technique in order to enable safe release of the zygomatic cutaneous ligaments through the prezygomatic space under direct vision...
March 2, 2018: Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Lydia Lera, Cecilia Albala, Bárbara Leyton, Carlos Márquez, Bárbara Angel, Rodrigo Saguez, Hugo Sánchez
Aim: This study was aimed to set reference values of hand-grip strength by age and sex and validate cut points for risk of functional limitation and mortality in older Chileans. Methods: This was a pooled analysis of four studies including 6,426 people ≥60 years of nondependent community-dwelling Chileans. After exclusion criteria, the final sample included 5,250 subjects, from whom 2,193 were followed to study all-cause mortality associated with low hand-grip strength...
2018: Clinical Interventions in Aging
Xin Zhong, Lihua Yang, Xin Qu, Yanchao Wang, Jinghai Yang, Yanming Ma
Pressure is well-known to significantly change the bonding patterns of materials and lift the reactivity of elements, leading to the synthesis of unconventional compounds with fascinating properties. Titanium-oxygen (Ti-O) compounds (e.g., TiO2 ) are attracting increasing attention due to their attractive electronic properties and extensive industrial applications (e.g., photocatalysis and solar cells). Using the effective CALYPSO structure searching method combined with first-principles calculations, we theoretically explored various oxygen-rich Ti-O compounds at pressures ranging from 0 to 200 GPa...
March 19, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
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