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scoring laparotomy

D Zhu, S Chen, S K Yao, Y M Li, S X Chen
Objective: To establish a canine model of slow transit constipation (STC), and to test the changes in defecation, gastrointestinal transit time and pathology sections. Methods: Baseline information was measured in 8 beagle dogs, and these dogs were randomly divided into the control group and the model group. The dogs in model group were given a diet of canned meat, as well as a combination of compound diphenoxylate and alosetron hydrochloride for 5 weeks. Dogs in control group were given normal diet with no special intervention...
June 12, 2018: Zhonghua Yi Xue za Zhi [Chinese medical journal]
Daisuke Shigemi, Shotaro Aso, Hiroki Matsui, Kiyohide Fushimi, Hideo Yasunaga
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To compare fetal, maternal, and operative outcomes of laparoscopic surgery versus laparotomy for major benign diseases including appendicitis, cholecystitis, adnexal masses, and uterine myoma during pregnancy. DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING: The Diagnosis Procedure Combination database, a national inpatient database for acute-care inpatients in Japan. PATIENTS: 6,018 eligible patients underwent abdominal surgery (4,047 laparotomy and 1,971 laparoscopy patients) from July 2010 through March 2016...
June 14, 2018: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Reid Sakamoto, Kazuhide Matsushima, Amory de Roulet, Kristine Beetham, Aaron Strumwasser, Damon Clark, Kenji Inaba, Demetrios Demetriades
BACKGROUND: Nonoperative management (NOM) of penetrating solid organ injuries (SOI) has not been well described in the pediatric population. The objective of this study was to characterize the epidemiology, injury patterns, and factors associated with trial and failure of NOM. METHODS: This is a retrospective cohort analysis of the National Trauma Data Bank for the period of 2007-2014. The study population included patients ≤18 y with penetrating injury to the liver, spleen, or kidney...
August 2018: Journal of Surgical Research
Carlos Henrique Marques Dos Santos, Doroty Mesquita Dourado, Baldomero Antonio Kato da Silva, Henrique Budib Dorsa Pontes, Euler de Azevedo Neto, Giovanna Serra da Cruz Vendas, Ian de Oliveira Chaves, João Victor Cunha Miranda, João Victor Durães Gomes Oliva, Letícia do Espírito Santo Dias, Murillo Henrique Martins de Almeida, Trícia Luna Sampaio
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the ability of ischemic postconditioning, atorvastatin and both associated to prevent or minimize reperfusion injury in the lung of rats subjected to ischemia and reperfusion by abdominal aortic clamping. METHODS: We used 41 Wistar norvegic rats, which were distributed into 5 groups: ischemia and reperfusion (I/R), ischemic postcondictioning (IPC), postconditioning + atorvastatin (IPC+A), atorvastatin (A) and SHAM...
March 2018: Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery
Rocio Evangelista-Vaz, Alessandra Bergadano, Margarete Arras, Paulin D Jirkof
This study investigated the analgesic activity of tramadol in female C57BL/6J mice by using a single subcutaneous injection(25 mg/kg) of tramadol combined with the same dose given in drinking water for 24 h. We then evaluated the pharmacokineticsof tramadol and its active metabolite O-demethyltramadol (M1). To evaluate pain and analgesic efficacy, we performed clinical and behavioral assessment, burrowing tests, and activity analysis and measured body weight, food and water intake in mice that were untreated (control) or underwent analgesia only (T); anesthesia and surgery (AS); or anesthesia, surgery, and analgesia (AS+T)...
June 5, 2018: Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science: JAALAS
Katie A Donnelly, Kristen Breslin, Karen J OʼConnell
OBJECTIVES: Nonoperative management of hemodynamically stable liver lacerations in pediatric trauma patients is a safe and effective management strategy for pediatric patients; approximately 90% will be successfully managed nonoperatively. No study has specifically identified risk criteria for the need for intervention versus observation alone. Our objective for this study was to determine risk factors from the physical examination, computed tomography scan, and laboratory results associated with intervention for liver laceration...
May 25, 2018: Pediatric Emergency Care
Ayman El-Menyar, Priya Goyal, Elizabeth Tilley, Rifat Latifi
BACKGROUND: We aimed to evaluate the clinical utility of shock index (SI) to assess the need for blood transfusion and predict the outcomes in trauma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We conducted a retrospective analysis for trauma patients between 2012 and 2016 in a level-1 trauma center. Data included patient demographics, vital signs, mechanism of injury, Injury Severity Score (ISS), New Injury Severity Score (NISS), Trauma and Injury Severity Score (TRISS), blood transfusion, hospital length of stay (HLOS), and mortality...
July 2018: Journal of Surgical Research
Satoshi Okubo, Naoto Gotohda, Motokazu Sugimoto, Shogo Nomura, Shin Kobayashi, Shinichiro Takahashi, Ryuichi Hayashi, Masaru Konishi
BACKGROUND: Hepatopancreatobiliary surgery has a high incidence of postoperative morbidity, including incisional surgical site infection. Although several studies showed that subcuticular sutures reduced incisional surgical site infection in other fields of surgery, their impact on hepatopancreatobiliary surgery remains unknown. The aim of this study was to assess whether subcuticular sutures could reduce incisional surgical site infection in patients undergoing hepatopancreatobiliary surgery...
May 23, 2018: Surgery
Liu Qu, Zhao Zhiming, Tan Xianglong, Gao Yuanxing, Xu Yong, Liu Rong, Lau Wan Yee
BACKGROUND: Robotic distal pancreatectomy exhibits short-term benefits over laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy. The use of minimal invasive techniques to carry out distal pancreatosplenectomy (DPS) for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) remains controversial and has not gained popular acceptance. A comparative study was designed to analyze the short- and mid-term outcomes of robotic DPS (RDPS) versus laparoscopic DPS (LDPS) on patients with PDAC. METHODS: The baseline characteristics, perioperative outcomes and survival data among patients who underwent RDPS (n = 35) versus LDPS (n = 35) for PDAC between December 2011 and December 2015 were compared after a 1:1 propensity score matching...
May 23, 2018: International Journal of Surgery
Rebecca G Rogers, Tracy L Nolen, Alison C Weidner, Holly E Richter, J Eric Jelovsek, Jonathan P Shepherd, Heidi S Harvie, Linda Brubaker, Shawn A Menefee, Deborah Myers, Yvonne Hsu, Joseph I Schaffer, Dennis Wallace, Susan F Meikle
INTRODUCTION AND HYPOTHESIS: We compared treatment success and adverse events between women undergoing open abdominal sacrocolpopexy (ASC) vs vaginal repair (VAR) using data from women enrolled in one of three multicenter trials. We hypothesized that ASC would result in better outcomes than VAR. METHODS: Participants underwent apical repair of stage 2-4 prolapse. Vaginal repair included uterosacral, sacrospinous, and iliococcygeal suspensions; sacrocolpopexies were via laparotomy...
May 25, 2018: International Urogynecology Journal
Nicole Townsend Christian, Clay Cothren Burlew, Ernest E Moore, Andrea E Geddes, Amy E Wagenaar, Charles J Fox, Fredric M Pieracci
BACKGROUND: The focused abdominal sonography for trauma (FAST) examination has been reported to be unreliable in pelvic fracture patients. Additionally, given the advent of new therapeutic interventions, such as resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA), rapid identification of intra-abdominal hemorrhage compared with Zone III hemorrhage may guide different therapeutic strategies. We hypothesized that FAST is reliable for detecting clinically significant intra-abdominal hemorrhage in the face of complex pelvic fractures...
June 2018: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Zhen-Peng Huang, Hu Qiu, Bao-Ping Yu
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Acute cholecystitis is a common gastrointestinal disorder, often characterized by acute cholecystitis with gallbladder motility disorder. Interstitial cells of Cajal (ICCs) are the pacemaker cells of gut motility in the gastrointestinal tract. Disruption of ICC function is related to motility disorders. The aim of this study was to explore the cellular and molecular mechanisms of ICCs in acute cholecystitis and after the resolution of acute inflammation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty adult guinea pigs were randomly divided into five groups: a sham-administered group (control group); two groups that were intraperitoneally administered an anti-polyclonal neutrophil (PMN) antibody 24 h before common bile duct ligation (CBDL); and two groups of guinea pigs that were subjected to CBDL without receiving the PMN antibody...
May 22, 2018: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
Adriene Stahlschmidt, Betânia Novelo, Luiza Alexi Freitas, Sávio Cavalcante Passos, Jairo Alberto Dussián-Sarria, Elaine Aparecida Félix, Patrícia Wajnberg Gamermann, Wolnei Caumo, Luciana Paula Cadore Stefani
INTRODUCTION: Morbidity and mortality associated with urgent or emergency surgeries are high compared to elective procedures. Perioperative risk scores identify the non-elective character as an independent factor of complications and death. The present study aims to characterize the population undergoing non-elective surgeries at the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre and identify the clinical and surgical factors associated with death within 30 days postoperatively. METHODOLOGY: A prospective cohort study of 187 patients undergoing elective surgeries between April and May 2014 at the Hospital de Clínicas, Porto Alegre...
May 15, 2018: Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
Nidal İflazoğlu, Orhan Üreyen, Osman Zekai Öner, Ulvi Mehmet Meral, Murat Yülüklü
Objective: In line with advances in diagnostic methods and expectation of a decrease in the number of negative laparotomies, selective non-operative management of abdominal gunshot wounds has been increasingly used over the last three decades. We aim to detect the possibility of treatment without surgery and present our experience in selected cases referred from Syria to a hospital at the Turkish-Syrian border. Material and Methods: Between February 2012 and June 2014, patients admitted with abdominal gunshot wounds were analyzed...
2018: Turkish Journal of Surgery
Gonul Kurt, Victoria W Loerzel, Robert B Hines, Krystal Tavasci, Sandra Galura, Sarfraz Ahmad, Robert W Holloway
OBJECTIVES: To compare the learning needs of women undergoing robotic versus open (laparotomy) gynecologic surgery for benign and cancerous conditions. DESIGN: Descriptive exploratory study. SETTING: A tertiary care hospital in Orlando, Florida. PARTICIPANTS: Women undergoing gynecologic surgery (N = 226; n = 71 laparotomy and n = 155 robotic). METHODS: All consenting procedures and data collection occurred in two study visits...
May 8, 2018: Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing: JOGNN
Jaden R Kohn, Vibha Rao, Allison A Sellner, Dina Sharhan, Jimmy Espinoza, Alireza A Shamshirsaz, William E Whitehead, Michael A Belfort, Magdalena Sanz Cortes
OBJECTIVE: To report labor, delivery, and neonatal outcomes in a cohort of women delivering neonates who had undergone fetoscopic neural tube defect repair. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective cohort study from April 2014 to January 2018. All patients met Management of Myelomeningocele Study eligibility criteria. We included patients with completed second-trimester fetoscopic neural tube defect repair (laparotomy, uterine exteriorization, and minimally invasive access through two or three uterine ports) followed by standardized management of labor and delivery at our institution...
June 2018: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Hassan Mashbari, Mohannad Hemdi, Kevin L Chow, James C Doherty, Gary J Merlotti, Steven L Salzman, Eduardo Smith Singares
Objective: To determine the optimal volume of abdominal irrigation that will prevent surgical site infections (both deep and superficial), eviscerations and fistula formations; and improve 30-day mortality in trauma patients. Methods: We conducted a three-arm parallel clinical superiority randomized controlled trial comparing different volumes of effluent (5, 10 and 20 liters) used in trauma patients (both blunt and penetrating) age 14 and above undergoing an emergency laparotomy between April 2002 and July 2004 in a busy urban Level 1 trauma center...
April 2018: Bulletin of Emergency and Trauma
Yair Daykan, Rona Bogin, Merav Sharvit, Zvi Klein, Dana Josephy, Meir Pomeranz, Nissim Arbib, Tal Biron-Shental, Ron Schonman
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To investigate the pregnancy and neonatal outcomes of surgical treatment for adnexal torsion (AT) during pregnancy. DESIGN: A retrospective case-control study (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING: A tertiary care academic medical center. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: The study group included all parturients who underwent surgery for suspected AT during pregnancy from January 2005 to January 2017...
April 24, 2018: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
M Enblad, L Ghanipour, P H Cashin
BACKGROUND: Selecting colorectal patients for HIPEC-surgery needs improvement. The study aim was to improve the colorectal peritoneal score (COREP) and to compare it with three other scores: peritoneal-surface disease-severity score (PSDS), colorectal-peritoneal metastases prognostic-surgical-score (COMPASS), and the CEA/PCI ratio. METHOD: Twelve preoperative factors were chosen to evaluate for COREP score modification. Criteria from logistical analyses were set to qualify for the modified COREP score (mCOREP)...
April 25, 2018: International Journal of Hyperthermia
Eric D Shah, Andrew C Chang, Ryan Law
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Unclear reimbursement for new and innovative endoscopic procedures can limit adoption in clinical practice despite effectiveness in clinical trials. The aim of this study was to determine maximum cost-effective reimbursement for per-oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) in treating achalasia. METHODS: We constructed a decision analytic model assessing POEM versus laparoscopic Heller myotomy with Dor fundoplication (LHM) in managing achalasia from a payer perspective over a 1-year time horizon...
April 20, 2018: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
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