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Pasquale Cianci, Nicola Tartaglia, Amedeo Altamura, Alberto Fersini, Francesca Sanguedolce, Antonio Ambrosi, Vincenzo Neri
AIM: We report an unusual case of broken adenosarcoma located in the omentum that has procured a clinical situation of acute abdomen in a patient. CASE REPORT: A 79 year-old woman went to the emergency room for growing abdominal pain and then transferred to our department. In previous years the patient had removed endo-cervical and endometrial fibro-glandular polyps and subsequently to a total laparoscopic hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy was performed for another endometrial fibroglandular polyp; other vaginal recurrences were then removed...
December 20, 2016: Annali Italiani di Chirurgia
Elizabeta Dadić-Hero, Rajna Knez, Jelena Rebić
Depression is an illness of modern society, which affects population of different age. Etiological factors differ, and frustration factors as a cause of depression are multiplying. Each new episode presents difficulties, both for patients and psychiatrists. Despite the increasing number of antidepressants we use in treatment, it is sometimes hard to notice an efficient antidepressant in an optimal-efficient dose. In resistant cases we apply combinations of psychopharmacs, and the choice of the same depends on the leading symptoms...
December 2014: Collegium Antropologicum
Daniela Nedelcu, Nicoleta Andreescu, Estera Boeriu, Radu Stefanescu, Smaranda Arghirescu, Maria Puiu
INTRODUCTION: Primary bone tumors are relatively rare types of cancer. Their relative frequency is not yet well established and still there is more information needed regarding the evolution and prognosis of those patients. OBJECTIVES: We analyzed several factors (site of lesion, tumor stage, tumor volume, disease related complications, therapy related complications) that influenced the evolution of bone tumor in a lot of patients diagnosed with osteosarcoma or Ewing sarcome...
June 2014: Mædica
Javier Luna-Martínez, Daniel Molina-Ramírez, Carlos Javier Mata-Quintero, Luis Roberto García-Arrona, Diana Pérez Peña-Rosas, Erwin Eduardo Mondragón-Pinzón
UNLABELLED: Five cases per year. Of those cases 50% are located in the extremities and 40% are located in the trunk and retroperitoneum. Primary mediastinal liposarcomas represent less than 1% of mediastinal tumors. CLINICAL CASE: A 53 year old female, native and resident of Tabasco, with a history of anterior mediastinal tumor was treated with resection at the National Institute of Cancerology about 16 years ago with histopathological diagnosis of pleomorphic liposarcoma...
March 2014: Cirugia y Cirujanos
Giovanni De Caridi, Lucia Butrico, Raffaele Grande, Mafalda Massara, Francesco Spinelli, Stefano de Franciscis, Raffaele Serra
Takayasu arteritis is a form of large vessel granulomatous vasculitis affecting often young or middle-aged women, especially of Asian descent. It mainly affects the aorta and its branches. Primary malignancies, such as leiomyosarcoma of the aorta are extremely rare. This report discusses the exceptional and concomitant association of Takayasu arteritis and aortic leiomyosarcoma in a 55-year-old male. The patient suffered from systemic signs and symptoms related to arteritis together with claudication of left upper limb due to left artery subclavian stenosis...
November 2014: Annals of Vascular Surgery
S S Khaĭrullaeva
The aim of research was to study the frequency and character of clinical-endoscopial disturbances in gastroduodenal zone at 140 BA patients at different regimen of GKS therapy. The high frequency of GERD in BA patients at GKS therapy was established. The dependence of main respiratory simptoms of BA on GEFR, the intencity of cough and dyspnea were found out. Presence of GEFR at BA patients deteriorates patency of airways.
2013: Experimental & Clinical Gastroenterology
Grozdana Canak, Nadica Kovacević, Jovan Vukadinov, Vesna Turkulov, Sinisa Sević, Radoslava Doder, Stevan Somborac, Aleksandar Potkonjak
BACKGROUND/AIM: Most infections caused by influenza A (H1N1) 2009 virus are presented by mild respiratory symptoms. However, some patients required admission to the intensive care unit (ICU). In this article we aimed to describe the clinical and laboratory characteristics of the patients with influenza A (H1N1) 2009, antiviral therapy use, the disease outcome and risk factors associated with the severe disease. METHODS: The patients with the signs and simptoms of novel influenza A (H1N1) 2009, admitted to the Clinic for Infectious Disease in Novi Sad, were evaluated...
February 2013: Vojnosanitetski Pregled. Military-medical and Pharmaceutical Review
Maurizia Debiaggi, Elisa Rita Ceresola, Michela Sampaolo, Emilio Paolo Alessandrino, Roberto Brerra, Aurora Piazza, Massimo Clementi, Filippo Canducci
BACKGROUND: A novel human enterovirus (HEV) type within the species HEV-C, named EV109, was discovered from cases of respiratory illness in Nicaragua in September 2010. The aim of this study, was to retrospectively examine the presence and the role of EV109 in respiratory samples from two patients populations; infants below the age of 2 years, hospitalized for acute respiratory diseases (ARDs) and adult hematopoietic stem cell transplantation recipients. RESULTS: A total of 1149 nasopharingeal aspirates were collected and tested for the presence of EV109 by reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR)...
2012: Virology Journal
O Musat, Uliana Ochinciuc, Tatiana Gutu, T R Cristescu, Corina Coman
We present the case of a 65 years old pacient which was admitted for the sudden decrease of visual acuity in the left eye, accompanied by ocular pain and conjunctival hiperemia, simptoms appeared after an ocular trauma. After the clinical and paraclinical examination we determined the diagnosis of OS: Penetrating ocular trauma with retention of a foreign body; posttraumatic cataract. Surgical treatement was warrented and we performed OS : Facoemulsification + PFK implant in sulcus + 23 Ga posterior vitrectomy + peeling of the posterior hyaloid membrane + extraction of the foreign body + LASER endofotocoagulation + transscleral cryotherapy + SF6 gas injection...
2012: Oftalmologia
Liliana Caamaño W, Diego Fuentes M, Luis González B, Roberto Melipillán A, Marcelo Sepúlveda C, Elizabeth Valenzuela G
BACKGROUND: Impact of Event Scale Revised (IES-R), that evaluates the subjective perception of stress, is used to assess post traumatic stress disorder simptoms. AIM: To adapt and validate IES-R to the Chilean population. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Two hundred seventy eight subjects exposed to stressful life events of varying magnitude were assessed using the IES-R, the Beck Depression Inventory, the anxiety and somatoform subscales of the Depressive, Anxiety and Somatoform Disorders Scale and the AUDIT Questionnaire...
September 2011: Revista Médica de Chile
S Olariu, I Farca, G Ciorogar, V Bloancă, A Dema
AIM: The presentation of a rare complication of oral anticoagulant treatment involving abdominal surgery. MATERIAL AND METHOD: A 59 years old patient who received oral anticoagulant treatment with Warfarine for repeated episodes of thrombosis of the lower limbs, suddenly develops an occlusive abdominal simptoms, which did not submit under conservative treatment. Biologically the clotting times were modified and the abdominal CT showed lesions of the first jejunal loop...
July 2011: Chirurgia
Enza Maierà
The Numbers of elderly people are gradually increasing in our society, and mood disorders are progressively increasing among older people. Old age depression may also occur after life events: the death of the significant other, economical reasons, health problems (neurological and/or cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer, nutritional deficiency) and can develop into a depressive state. Old age depression is often mistreated, or undertreated, and also underdiagnosed, and this for several reasons: older people reduce their social relations, depression very often presents as a comorbidity with organic diseases (that cover and mask depressive symptoms); finally,the patient may believe that a depressive state is a normal course of life in older people...
November 2010: Psychiatria Danubina
Gabriela Pârlog, Maria Sultana Mihailovici
UNLABELLED: In this study, we analysed the correlations between endoscopic aspects and histopathological changes at the patients with dispeptic simptoms and anti-Helicobacter pylori antibodies, investigated with upper endoscopy. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Our study comprised of 418 patients from Bacău Hospital, in period October 2005 - October 2008. Histopathological diagnosis was correlated with endoscopic aspects. RESULTS: Average age was 55 years, with predominance of woman and rural people, without statistical significance...
April 2010: Revista Medico-chirurgicală̆ a Societă̆ţ̜ii de Medici ş̧i Naturaliş̧ti Din Iaş̧i
J Stulík, M Krbec
The case report presents a patient (male, 21 years old) who had a car accident and sustained an injury of upper cervical spine. X-ray examinations showed instability of C1-2 segment with a simultaneous os odontoideum. Subsequently CT and MRI examinations were performed to specify the anatomical relations. The patient had only a neurological lesion revealed by the examination by motor evoked potentials (MEP). The metric measurements on standard and functional radiographs showed a minimal sagittal dimension (Dmin) of 13 mm, the distance between os odontoideum and C1 arch (Datl) was 24 mm, the instability index after Penning was 20 mm, the distance between os odontoideum and proc...
1999: Acta Chirurgiae Orthopaedicae et Traumatologiae Cechoslovaca
Ankica Vasilj, Sandra Kojić-Katović, Ivana Maricević, Edita Zokvić, Iva Bobus Kelcec, Davor Tomas, Silva Curić-Jurić
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocitic lymphoma (CLL/SLL) is low-grade malignant lymphoprolipheration, that has tendency to convert to a higher-grade neoplasm over time. More common is the development of a diffuse large cell lymphoma or transformation into prolymphocytic cell population. In rare cases, 0.1-0.5% of patients develop multiple myeloma or Hodgkin's disease. We present 65-year-old female with Hodgkin's variant of Richter's syndrome. On the basis of clinical simptoms, cytological, hystological and immunohistological finding in April 2008 CLL/SLL were diagnosed...
March 2010: Collegium Antropologicum
Niculae Ion-Nedelcu, Corina Iordăchescu, Patricia Gherasim, Rodica Mihailovici, Cornelia Dragomirescu, Ruxanda Dumitrache-Marian, Cristina Moculescu
OBJECTIVE: Analysis of risk factors for achieving clinically overt hepatitis B and hepatitis C in the population of Bucharest municipality. METHODS: retrospective and descriptive study on hospital patients cohort. Cases - in the study have been enrolled all acute viral hepatitis B and C confirmed by the two infectious diseases university clinics of Bucharest municipality, during the time interval 2001-2008, among the residents of the municipality. Infection risk factors - for every case of hepatitis B and hepatitis C with the simptoms onset placed during the time interval 2001-2008, it was associated "the most plausible" risk factor, detected by case investigation...
April 2009: Bacteriologia, Virusologia, Parazitologia, Epidemiologia
M Velasco Arribas, L Rubio Cirilo, A Casas Martín, M Martín Sánchez, S Gamez Díez, A Delgado-Iribarren, J F Valverde Cánovas, G García de Casasola
INTRODUCTION: To describe characteristics of urinary tract infections attended in an Emergency Department. To assess antibiotic prescription and inappropriate treatment implications. METHODS: Adults patients attended in an Emergency Department during 2 months with UTI confirmed with urocultive were included. Appropriate antibiotic treatment was considered if the first antibiotic used was sensitive. We compared patients with appropriate and inappropriate antibiotic treatment...
January 2010: Revista Clínica Española
C Sabetay, A Zavate, M Ciuca, O Ciobanu, A Malos
The neonatal obstacle caused by a pre-pyloric diaphragm represent a rare cause of high oclusion in new-born. We present the case of a 6 days old new-born admitted in our department for nonbilious vomiting and feeding intolerance in which the clinical exam and the imagistic explorations (plain and contrast abdominal X-Rays, and ultrasound) could not reveal an evident cause for the oclusion. The surgical intervention imposed by the simptoms revealed the existece of a complete diaphragm in the prepyloric region...
July 2009: Chirurgia
Emina Zoletić, Elvira Duraković-Belko
BACKGROUND: The aim of this research was to examine differences among two groups of girls, models and ballerinas (with risk factors - experimental group) and young students (control group), in body image preception, body mass index, neurotic perfectionism, body - image distortion and simptoms of eating disorders. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: The research was conducted with 91 participants divided in two groups, control group - 55 students at University of Sarajevo and experimental group - 13 professional ballerinas, 23 professional models...
September 2009: Psychiatria Danubina
Luis A Fariña, María Concepción Martínez
INTRODUCTION: Chylous ascites is a rare complication after a number of abdominal and retroperitoneal surgeries. Althought conservative treatment may be curative, a reoperation to sell out the open megalymphatics in the operative field may be needed. PATIENT AND METHOD: A 60 year-old woman was treated with a laparoscopic radical nephrectomy for a 9.5x7.5 cm, pT2 pN0 tumor. A carefull dissection of the renal hilium was performed, distal ureter was clipped and several gross peritumoral lymphatic vessels were clipped or coagulated, with no inmediate complications...
June 2009: Actas Urologicas Españolas
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