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EPOC performance

Sasha Shepperd, Steve Iliffe, Helen A Doll, Mike J Clarke, Lalit Kalra, Andrew D Wilson, Daniela C Gonçalves-Bradley
BACKGROUND: Admission avoidance hospital at home provides active treatment by healthcare professionals in the patient's home for a condition that otherwise would require acute hospital inpatient care, and always for a limited time period. This is the third update of the original review. OBJECTIVES: To determine the effectiveness and cost of managing patients with admission avoidance hospital at home compared with inpatient hospital care. SEARCH METHODS: We searched the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), MEDLINE, EMBASE, two other databases, and two trials registers on 2 March 2016...
September 1, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Philip R A Baker, Daniel P Francis, Noran N Hairi, Sajaratulnisah Othman, Wan Yuen Choo
BACKGROUND: Maltreatment of older people (elder abuse) includes psychological, physical, sexual abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. Evidence suggests that 10% of older adults experience some form of abuse, and only a fraction of cases are actually reported or referred to social services agencies. Elder abuse is associated with significant morbidity and premature mortality. Numerous interventions have been implemented to address the issue of elder maltreatment. It is, however, unclear which interventions best serve to prevent or reduce elder abuse...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Hany Abdel-Aleem, Omaima M H El-Gibaly, Amira F E-S El-Gazzar, Ghada S T Al-Attar
BACKGROUND: The accessibility of health services is an important factor that affects the health outcomes of populations. A mobile clinic provides a wide range of services but in most countries the main focus is on health services for women and children. It is anticipated that improvement of the accessibility of health services via mobile clinics will improve women's and children's health. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the impact of mobile clinic services on women's and children's health...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Heinz Diehl, Birgitte Graverholt, Birgitte Espehaug, Hans Lund
BACKGROUND: Research on guideline implementation strategies has mostly been conducted in settings which differ significantly from a nursing home setting and its transferability to the nursing home setting is therefore limited. The objective of this study was to systematically review the effects of interventions to improve the implementation of guidelines in nursing homes. METHODS: A systematic literature search was conducted in the Cochrane Library, CINAHL, Embase, MEDLINE, DARE, HTA, CENTRAL, SveMed + and ISI Web of Science from their inception until August 2015...
2016: BMC Health Services Research
David Bardell, Eleanor West, J Mark Senior
OBJECTIVES: To determine whether the Enterprise point-of-care blood analysis system (EPOC) produces results in agreement with two other blood gas analysers in regular clinical use (i-STAT and Radiometer ABL77) and to investigate the precision of the new machine when used with equine whole blood. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective, randomized, non-blinded, comparative laboratory analyser study. ANIMALS: Horses admitted to a university teaching hospital requiring arterial or venous blood gas analysis as part of their routine clinical management...
July 7, 2016: Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Tarun Gera, Dheeraj Shah, Paul Garner, Marty Richardson, Harshpal S Sachdev
BACKGROUND: More than 7.5 million children younger than age five living in low- and middle-income countries die every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed the integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) strategy to reduce mortality and morbidity and to improve quality of care by improving the delivery of a variety of curative and preventive medical and behavioral interventions at health facilities, at home, and in the community. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects of programs that implement the IMCI strategy in terms of death, nutritional status, quality of care, coverage with IMCI deliverables, and satisfaction of beneficiaries...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Paulo Farinatti, Antonio G Castinheiras Neto, Paulo R S Amorim
This study investigated the energy expenditure (EE) and substrate utilization reflected by the respiratory-exchange ratio (RER) during and after resistance exercises performed with different muscle mass. Ten male volunteers (mean±SD; 26±4yr, 179±6cm, 77±8kg) performed multiple sets of the horizontal leg press (LP) and chest fly (CF) (5 sets of 10 repetitions with 15 repetition-maximum, 1-minute between-set intervals) in a counterbalanced design. Oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production were measured during 40 minutes of resting; resistance exercise protocols (sets and intervals); 90 minutes of post-exercise recovery...
2016: International Journal of Exercise Science
Paulo Cesar do Nascimento Salvador, Rafael Alves de Aguiar, Anderson Santiago Teixeira, Kristopher Mendes de Souza, Ricardo Dantas de Lucas, Benedito Sérgio Denadai, Luiz Guilherme Antonacci Guglielmo
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of prior exercise on the heart rate (HR) and oxygen uptake (VO2) off-kinetics after a subsequent high-intensity running exercise. Thirteen male futsal players (age 22.8±6.1years) performed a series of high-intensity bouts without prior exercise (control), preceded by a prior same intensity continuous exercise (CE+CE) and a prior sprint exercise (SE+CE). The magnitude of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOCm-4.25±0.19 vs. 3.69±0.20Lmin(-1) in CE+CE and 3...
August 2016: Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology
Victoria Tzortziou Brown, Martin Underwood, Noman Mohamed, Olwyn Westwood, Dylan Morrissey
BACKGROUND: Musculoskeletal conditions require particular management skills. Identification of interventions which are effective in equipping general practitioners (GPs) with such necessary skills could translate to improved health outcomes for patients and reduced healthcare and societal costs. OBJECTIVES: To determine the effectiveness of professional interventions for GPs that aim to improve the management of musculoskeletal conditions in primary care.  SEARCH METHODS: We searched the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), 2010, Issue 2; MEDLINE, Ovid (1950 - October 2013); EMBASE, Ovid (1980 - Ocotber 2013); CINAHL, EbscoHost (1980 - November 2013), and the EPOC Specialised Register...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
D F Bannan, M P Tully
WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE: Bundle interventions are becoming increasingly used as patient safety interventions. The objective of this study was to describe and categorize which bundle interventions are used to reduce prescribing errors (PEs) and administration errors (AEs) in hospitalized children and to assess the quality of the published literature. METHODS: Articles published in English and Arabic between 1985 and September 2015 were sought in MEDLINE, EMBASE and CINHAL...
June 2016: Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Zakaria Belrhiti, Andrew Booth, Bruno Marchal, Roosmarijn Verstraeten
BACKGROUND: District health managers play a key role in the effectiveness of decentralized health systems in low- and middle-income countries. Inadequate management and leadership skills often hamper their ability to improve quality of care and effectiveness of health service delivery. Nevertheless, significant investments have been made in capacity-building programmes based on site-based training, mentoring, and operational research. This systematic review aims to review the effectiveness of site-based training, mentoring, and operational research (or action research) on the improvement of district health system management and leadership...
2016: Systematic Reviews
Petra Warschburger, Katja Kroeller, Johannes Haerting, Susanne Unverzagt, Andreas van Egmond-Fröhlich
Although inpatient lifestyle treatment for obese children and adolescents can be highly effective in the short term, long-term results are unconvincing. One possible explanation might be that the treatment takes place far from parents' homes, limiting the possibility to incorporate the parents, who play a major role in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in childhood and adolescence. The main goal was to develop a brief behaviorally oriented parent training program that enhances 'obesity-specific' parenting skills in order to prevent relapse...
August 1, 2016: Appetite
Rytis Maskeliunas, Robertas Damasevicius, Ignas Martisius, Mindaugas Vasiljevas
We present the evaluation of two well-known, low-cost consumer-grade EEG devices: the Emotiv EPOC and the Neurosky MindWave. Problems with using the consumer-grade EEG devices (BCI illiteracy, poor technical characteristics, and adverse EEG artefacts) are discussed. The experimental evaluation of the devices, performed with 10 subjects asked to perform concentration/relaxation and blinking recognition tasks, is given. The results of statistical analysis show that both devices exhibit high variability and non-normality of attention and meditation data, which makes each of them difficult to use as an input to control tasks...
2016: PeerJ
Portia B Resnick
INTRODUCTION: Postexercise massage can be used to help promote recovery from exercise on the cellular level, as well as systemically by increasing parasympathetic activity. No studies to date have been done to assess the effects of massage on postexercise metabolic changes, including excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of massage recovery and resting recovery on a subject's heart rate variability and selected metabolic effects following a submaximal treadmill exercise session...
March 2016: International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
Jianing Chen, Monique Gorman, Bill O'Reilly, Yu Chen
The epoc(®) blood analysis system (Epocal Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is a newly developed in vitro diagnostic hand-held analyzer for testing whole blood samples at point-of-care, which provides blood gas, electrolytes, ionized calcium, glucose, lactate, and hematocrit/calculated hemoglobin rapidly. The analytical performance of the epoc(®) system was evaluated in a tertiary hospital, see related research article "Analytical evaluation of the epoc(®) point-of-care blood analysis system in cardiopulmonary bypass patients" [1]...
March 2016: Data in Brief
Jianing Chen, Monique Gorman, Bill O'Reilly, Yu Chen
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the analytical performance of the new epoc® point-of-care blood analysis system in cardiopulmonary bypass patients. DESIGN AND METHODS: The precision study was conducted on 3 epoc® blood analysis systems using 5 levels of quality control materials twice per day for 5days. The blood specimen was collected in blood gas syringes from 40 cardiac perfusion patients for the comparison study on epoc® (all 3meters), Instrumentation Laboratory GEM4000, Abbott iSTAT, Nova CCX, and Roche Accu-Chek Inform II and Performa glucose meters...
June 2016: Clinical Biochemistry
Mahnaz Arvaneh, Alberto Umilta, Ian H Robertson
EEG-based workload estimation technology provides a real time means of assessing mental workload. Such technology can effectively enhance the performance of the human-machine interaction and the learning process. When designing workload estimation algorithms, a crucial signal processing component is the feature extraction step. Despite several studies on this field, the spatial properties of the EEG signals were mostly neglected. Since EEG inherently has a poor spacial resolution, features extracted individually from each EEG channel may not be sufficiently efficient...
2015: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Tong Jijun, Zhang Peng, Xiao Ran, Ding Lei
A Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a novel communication system that translates brain signals into a control signal. Now with the appearance of the commercial EEG headsets and mobile smart platforms (tablet, smartphone), it is possible to develop the mobile BCI system, which can greatly improve the life quality of patients suffering from motor disease, such as amyotrophic lateral scleroses (ALS), multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and head trauma. This study adopted a 14-channel Emotiv EPOC headset and Microsoft surface pro 3 to realize a dialing system, which was represented by 4×3 matrices of alphanumeric characters...
August 2015: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Sharon L Cadogan, John P Browne, Colin P Bradley, Mary R Cahill
BACKGROUND: Laboratory testing is an integral part of day-to-day primary care practice, with approximately 30 % of patient encounters resulting in a request. However, research suggests that a large proportion of requests does not benefit patient care and is avoidable. The aim of this systematic review was to comprehensively search the literature for studies evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to improve primary care physician use of laboratory tests. METHODS: A search of PubMed, Cochrane Library, Embase and Scopus (from inception to 09/02/14) was conducted...
2015: Implementation Science: IS
M P Muller, C MacDougall, M Lim
Contamination of the healthcare environment with pathogenic organisms contributes to the burden of healthcare-associated infection (HCAI). Antimicrobial surfaces are designed to reduce microbial contamination of healthcare surfaces. We aimed to determine whether antimicrobial surfaces prevent HCAI, transmission of antibiotic-resistant organisms (AROs), or microbial contamination, we conducted a systematic review of the use of antimicrobial surfaces in patient rooms. Outcomes included HCAI, ARO, and quantitative microbial contamination...
January 2016: Journal of Hospital Infection
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