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Dustin Scott Kehler, Thomas Ferguson, Andrew N Stammers, Clara Bohm, Rakesh C Arora, Todd A Duhamel, Navdeep Tangri
BACKGROUND: There is little certainty as to the prevalence of frailty in Canadians in younger adulthood. This study examines and compares the prevalence of frailty in Canadians 18-79 years old using the Accumulation of Deficits and Fried models of frailty. METHODS: The Canadian Health Measures Study data were used to estimate the prevalence of frailty in adults 18-79 years old. A 23-item Frailty Index using the Accumulation of Deficits Model (cycles 1-3; n = 10,995) was developed; frailty was defined as having the presence of 25% or more indices, including symptoms, chronic conditions, and laboratory variables...
January 21, 2017: BMC Geriatrics
David Stammers, Bairbre Connolly, Leonardo R Brandão, Sue Zupanec, Sumit Gupta
BACKGROUND: Venous access device (VAD) occlusion from intraluminal thrombus is a common complication during childhood cancer treatment. Current practice at many institutions is to assess VAD position with a chest X-ray (CXR) prior to intraluminal administration of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). We aimed to determine the utility of this practice. PROCEDURE: A retrospective chart review of children with newly diagnosed cancer with a VAD, treated at The Hospital for Sick Children between 2010 and 2011, was performed...
December 13, 2016: Pediatric Blood & Cancer
Trevor Stammers
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: British Journal of General Practice: the Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners
Trevor G Stammers
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 17, 2016: Journal of Medical Ethics
Jennifer Trueland
From the age of five Bethany Watson was sure she wanted to be a nurse, but she always feared her stammer would get in the way.
November 9, 2016: Nursing Standard
Alfred H Stammers, Jeffrey B Riley
Nosocomial infections acquired during the course of cardiac surgery and hospitalization can have devastating patient consequences. The source of these infections is often difficult to determine which complicates eradication efforts. Recently it has become apparent that the heater-cooler devices used in conjunction with cardiopulmonary bypass may become contaminated with bacteria that are normally found in hospital water sources. The culprit organisms are nontuberculous mycobacteria which coat the intrinsic surfaces found within the circuits of the heater-coolers...
June 2016: Journal of Extra-corporeal Technology
Karl J Wittmann, Antonio P Ariani, Mikhail Daneliya
A census of Mysidae yielded a total of twelve species plus two non-nominotypical subspecies found so far in fresh and oligohaline waters of the Mediterranean, all belonging to the subfamily Mysinae. Among the nine species in fresh-waters, three are stenoendemics, namely of a single lake (Diamysis lacustris), of two neighbouring river systems (Paramysis kosswigi) or of karstic cave waters (Troglomysis vjetrenicensis). Four species-T. vjetrenicensis, D. lacustris, D. fluviatilis, and Paramysis adriatica sp. nov...
July 25, 2016: Zootaxa
Linda B Mongero, Eric A Tesdahl, Al H Stammers, Timothy A Dickinson, Alan P Kypson, John Brown, Sam Weinstein
The effect of obesity on allogeneic intraoperative blood product transfusion in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) is poorly understood. We analyzed the influence of obesity on the risk of intraoperative red blood cell (RBC) transfusion among 45,200 consecutive non-reoperative CABG procedures from a multi-institutional perfusion database. A body mass index (BMI) in obese I category was associated with a 9.9% decrease in transfusion risk (p<0.05). Compared to patients with a normal BMI, obese I and obese III patients do not have any change in the relative risk of RBC transfusion...
January 2017: Perfusion
K E Shipman, J Stammers, A Doyle, N Gittoes
UNLABELLED: To determine whether new national guidance on the specifications of a fracture liaison service are realistically deliverable, 1 year of data on the performance of such a service were audited. Audit targets were mostly met. This audit demonstrates that these standards are deliverable in a real world setting. INTRODUCTION: UK service specifications for a fracture liaison service (FLS) have been produced (National Osteoporosis Society, NOS) to promote effective commissioning and delivery of the highest quality care to patients with fragility fractures...
October 2016: Osteoporosis International
Chuanyu Liu, Armin Köhl, Zhiyu Liu, Fan Wang, Detlef Stammer
Vertical mixing is an important factor in determining the temperature, sharpness and depth of the equatorial Pacific thermocline, which are critical to the development of El Ninõ and Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Yet, properties, dynamical causes and large-scale impacts of vertical mixing in the thermocline are much less understood than that nearer the surface. Here, based on Argo float and the Tropical Ocean and Atmosphere (TAO) mooring measurements, we identify a large number of thermocline mixing events occurring down to the lower half of the thermocline and the lower flank of the Equatorial Undercurrent (EUC), in particular in summer to winter...
2016: Nature Communications
Terra D Barnes, David F Wozniak, Joanne Gutierrez, Tae-Un Han, Dennis Drayna, Timothy E Holy
A promising approach to understanding the mechanistic basis of speech is to study disorders that affect speech without compromising other cognitive or motor functions. Stuttering, also known as stammering, has been linked to mutations in the lysosomal enzyme-targeting pathway, but how this remarkably specific speech deficit arises from mutations in a family of general "cellular housekeeping" genes is unknown. To address this question, we asked whether a missense mutation associated with human stuttering causes vocal or other abnormalities in mice...
April 13, 2016: Current Biology: CB
Aaron VanDreel, Syed A Aftab, Prateek Sanan, Christopher Grant, Yang Lu
A 61-year-old right-handed man presented for cognitive neurological evaluation with word-finding difficulty, impaired word retrieval, impaired repetition of phrases, and stammering. Brain MRI and FDG-PET/CT were performed as initial imaging workup. Further FDG PET/MRI brain images were obtained through software fusion and revealed regional cortical atrophy with corresponding hypometabolic activity involving the posterior aspects of the left middle and inferior temporal gyri. These characteristic imaging findings are supportive of patient's diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia-related primary progressive aphasia...
September 2016: Clinical Nuclear Medicine
Kathryn Stammers, Simon Cope
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 15, 2015: BMJ Case Reports
Aysel Müezzinler, Ute Mons, Aida Karina Dieffenbach, Katja Butterbach, Kai-Uwe Saum, Matthias Schick, Hermann Stammer, Petra Boukamp, Bernd Holleczek, Christa Stegmaier, Hermann Brenner
OBJECTIVE: Telomere length (TL) has been proposed as a biomarker of ageing, which might be used to identify individuals at higher risk of age-related diseases. Obesity is a well-known risk factor for several diseases. This study aims to analyse the associations of BMI with TL and the rate of TL change in older adults. METHODS: Leukocyte TL (LTL) was measured by quantitative PCR in blood samples of 3600 older adults aged 50-75 years obtained at the baseline examination of a population-based cohort study in Germany...
February 2016: Experimental Gerontology
D Stammer, M Balmaseda, P Heimbach, A Köhl, A Weaver
Ocean data assimilation brings together observations with known dynamics encapsulated in a circulation model to describe the time-varying ocean circulation. Its applications are manifold, ranging from marine and ecosystem forecasting to climate prediction and studies of the carbon cycle. Here, we address only climate applications, which range from improving our understanding of ocean circulation to estimating initial or boundary conditions and model parameters for ocean and climate forecasts. Because of differences in underlying methodologies, data assimilation products must be used judiciously and selected according to the specific purpose, as not all related inferences would be equally reliable...
2016: Annual Review of Marine Science
Linn Stokke Guttormsen, Elaina Kefalianos, Kari-Anne B Næss
BACKGROUND: This article presents a meta-analytic review of differences in communication attitudes between children who stutter (CWS) and children who do not stutter (CWNS). METHOD: To be included in this review, the studies had to include a group of CWS and CWNS between the ages of 3-18 years and a measurement of communication attitudes. The journal articles were identified by using the key words stutter*, speech disfluenc*, fluency disorder*, and stammer* cross-referenced to awareness*, reaction*, attitude*, KiddyCAT, CAT, A-19 Scale, PASS and OASES...
December 2015: Journal of Fluency Disorders
Aysel Müezzinler, Ute Mons, Aida Karina Dieffenbach, Katja Butterbach, Kai-Uwe Saum, Matthias Schick, Hermann Stammer, Petra Boukamp, Bernd Holleczek, Christa Stegmaier, Hermann Brenner
BACKGROUND & AIMS: Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) shortens with age and short LTL has been associated with increased mortality and increased risk for some age-related outcomes. This study aims to analyse the associations of smoking habits with LTL and rate of LTL change per year in older adults. METHODS: LTL was measured by quantitative PCR at baseline in 3600 older adults, who were enrolled in a population-based cohort study in Germany. For longitudinal analyses, measurements were repeated in blood samples obtained at 8-year follow-up from 1000 participants...
October 2015: Experimental Gerontology
Rainer Jund, Martin Mondigler, Hubert Steindl, Holger Stammer, Pontus Stierna, Claus Bachert
BACKGROUND: Acute rhinosinusitis is a frequent inflammatory disease of the mucosa of the nose and paranasal sinuses, usually associated with substantial morbidity having considerable socioeconomic impact. A new herbal drug based on a dry extract of a combination of 5 medicinal drugs (Sinupret® extract Dragees) was tested in a confirmatory trial in patients with acute viral rhinosinusitis. METHODS: 386 patients with symptomatic acute viral rhinosinusitis have been treated with the herbal drug combination (daily dosage 3 × 160 mg) or placebo in a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial for 15 days...
April 2015: MMW Fortschritte der Medizin
M Warthon-Medina, V H Moran, A-L Stammers, S Dillon, P Qualter, M Nissensohn, L Serra-Majem, N M Lowe
In developing countries, deficiencies of micronutrients are thought to have a major impact on child development; however, a consensus on the specific relationship between dietary zinc intake and cognitive function remains elusive. The aim of this systematic review was to examine the relationship between zinc intake, status and indices of cognitive function in children and adults. A systematic literature search was conducted using EMBASE, MEDLINE and Cochrane Library databases from inception to March 2014. Included studies were those that supplied zinc as supplements or measured dietary zinc intake...
June 2015: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Andrew N Stammers, D Scott Kehler, Jonathan Afilalo, Lorraine J Avery, Sean M Bagshaw, Hilary P Grocott, Jean-Francois Légaré, Sarvesh Logsetty, Colleen Metge, Thang Nguyen, Kenneth Rockwood, Jitender Sareen, Jo-Ann Sawatzky, Navdeep Tangri, Nicholas Giacomantonio, Ansar Hassan, Todd A Duhamel, Rakesh C Arora
INTRODUCTION: Frailty is a geriatric syndrome characterised by reductions in muscle mass, strength, endurance and activity level. The frailty syndrome, prevalent in 25-50% of patients undergoing cardiac surgery, is associated with increased rates of mortality and major morbidity as well as function decline postoperatively. This trial will compare a preoperative, interdisciplinary exercise and health promotion intervention to current standard of care (StanC) for elective coronary artery bypass and valvular surgery patients for the purpose of determining if the intervention improves 3-month and 12-month clinical outcomes among a population of frail patients waiting for elective cardiac surgery...
March 9, 2015: BMJ Open
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