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Esperança Amengual Alcover, Antoni Jaume-I-Capó, Biel Moyà-Alcover
Serious game development for rehabilitation therapy is becoming increasingly popular because of the motivational advantages that these types of applications provide. Consequently, the need for a common process framework for this category of software development has become increasingly evident. The goal is to guarantee that products are developed and validated by following a coherent and systematic method that leads to high-quality serious games. This paper introduces a new process framework for the development of serious games for motor rehabilitation therapy...
2018: PloS One
X X Li, L Zhuo, Y H Yang, S Y Zhan, S D Zhai
Objective: To evaluate the safety of Tanreqing injection among children in the real world. Methods: A multicenter, large sample, ambispective cohort study, with registration-type clinical safety monitoring. A total of 6 188 inpatients and patients from the emergency units, aged ≤ 14 years who all had been using Tanreqing injection in 59 secondary and tertiary hospitals in China, were recruited between January, 2014 and May, 2015. The main outcomes would include incidence and severity of adverse drug reaction (ADR)/adverse drug event (ADE) of Tanreqing injection...
February 10, 2017: Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue za Zhi, Zhonghua Liuxingbingxue Zazhi
Katarzyna Niedojadło, Malwina Hyjek, Elżbieta Bednarska-Kozakiewicz
The composition of homogalacturonans (HGs) in the ovule and the female gametophyte cell walls was shown to be rearranged dynamically during sexual reproduction of H. orientalis. In angiosperms, homogalacturonans (HGs) play an important role in the interaction between the male gametophyte and the pistil transmitting tract, but little is known about the participation of these molecules at the final stage of the progamic phase and fertilization. The aim of our study was to perform immunocytochemical localization of highly (JIM7 MAb) and weakly (JIM5 MAb) methyl esterified and Ca(2+)-associated HG (2F4 MAb) in the ovule and female gametophyte cells of Hyacinthus orientalis before and after fertilization...
January 2015: Plant Cell Reports
M Gaget, M Villar, C Dumas
The mentor effect has been investigated in poplars. Attempts to overcome interspecific incompatibility are analysed by pollen germination and pollen tube behaviour in situ, both for compatible and incompatible crosses. We have demonstrated that following the mixed pollination, the two pollen sets interact at different levels of the progamic phase. A hypothetical model is proposed which describes mentor effect as the result of interactions of antagonist and cynergic forces applying on compatible pollen and tubes...
July 1989: TAG. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik
Robert Lenartowski, Anna Suwińska, Justyna Prusińska, Krzysztof Gumowski, Marta Lenartowska
Calreticulin (CRT) is a highly conserved and ubiquitously expressed Ca²⁺-binding protein in multicellular eukaryotes. As an endoplasmic reticulum-resident protein, CRT plays a key role in many cellular processes including Ca²⁺ storage and release, protein synthesis, and molecular chaperoning in both animals and plants. CRT has long been suggested to play a role in plant sexual reproduction. To begin to address this possibility, we cloned and characterized the full-length cDNA of a new CRT gene (PhCRT) from Petunia...
February 2014: Planta
David Reňák, Antónia Gibalová, Katarzyna Solcová, David Honys
Heat shock transcription factors (Hsfs) are involved in multiple aspects of stress response and plant growth. However, their role during male gametophyte development is largely unknown, although the generative phase is the most sensitive and critical period in the plant life cycle. Based on a wide screen of T-DNA mutant lines, we identified the atren1 mutation (restricted to nucleolus1) in early male gametophytic gene At1g77570, which has the closest homology to HSFA5 gene, the member of a heat shock transcription factor (HSF) gene family...
March 2014: Plant, Cell & Environment
Said Hafidh, Katarína Breznenová, David Honys
In our previous study we applied the Agilent 44K tobacco gene chip to introduce and analyze the tobacco male gametophyte transcriptome in mature pollen and 4h pollen tubes. Here we extended our analysis post-pollen mitosis II (PMII) by including a new data set obtained from more advanced stage of the ongoing progamic phase - pollen tubes cultivated in vitro for 24 h. Pollen mitosis II marks key events in the control of male gametophyte development, the production of two sperm cells. In bicellular species covering cca 70% of angiosperms including Nicotiana tabacum, PMII takes place after pollen germination in growing pollen tube...
August 2012: Plant Signaling & Behavior
Joseph H Williams
A remarkable number of the defining features of flowering plants are expressed during the life history stage between pollination and fertilization. Hand pollinations of Amborella trichopoda (Amborellaceae) in New Caledonia show that when the stigma is first receptive, the female gametophyte is near maturity. Pollen germinates within 2 h, and pollen tubes with callose walls and plugs grow entirely within secretions from stigma to stylar canal and ovarian cavity. Pollen tubes enter the micropyle within 14 h, and double fertilization occurs within 24 h...
January 2009: American Journal of Botany
Thomas Dresselhaus, Andreas Lausser, Mihaela L Márton
BACKGROUND: In contrast to animals and lower plants such as mosses and ferns, sperm cells of flowering plants (angiosperms) are immobile and require transportation to the female gametes via the vegetative pollen tube cell to achieve double fertilization. The path of the pollen tube towards the female gametophyte (embryo sac) has been intensively studied in many intra- and interspecific crossing experiments with the aim of increasing the gene pool of crop plants for greater yield, improved biotic and abiotic stress resistance, and for introducing new agronomic traits...
September 2011: Annals of Botany
A Kozulin, J Lebeer, A Madella-Noja, F Gonzalez, I Jeffrey, N Rosenthal, M Koslowsky
The study aimed at exploring the effectiveness of cognitive intervention with the new "Instrumental Enrichment Basic" program (IE-basic), based on Feuerstein's theory of structural cognitive modifiability that contends that a child's cognitive functioning can be significantly modified through mediated learning intervention. The IE-basic progam is aimed at enhancing domain-general cognitive functioning in a number of areas (systematic perception, self-regulation abilities, conceptual vocabulary, planning, decoding emotions and social relations) as well as transferring learnt principles to daily life domains...
March 2010: Research in Developmental Disabilities
Deborah A Cohen, Amber Sehgal, Stephanie Williamson, Terry Marsh, Daniela Golinelli, Thomas L McKenzie
It is assumed that higher quality recreation facilities promote physical activity and serve communities better. We tested this assumption by comparing changes in the use of an expanded and renovated skate park (a facility for skateboarding) and a modernized senior citizen's center to two similar facilities that were not refurbished. The skate park was nearly tripled in size, and the senior center was remodeled and received new exercise equipment, a courtyard garden, and modern architectural features. We assessed use of these facilities through direct observation and surveyed both facility users and residents living within 2 miles of each facility...
2009: Journal of Public Health Policy
A Klinken Whelan, D Black
CONTEXT: Recent outbreaks of infectious diseases and humanitarian crises highlight the need for an understanding of public health issues in medical progams. However, public health teaching is perceived as peripheral in current Australian university medical programs. OBJECTIVE: To integrate public health into clinical and biomedical teaching throughout the new medicine program at the University of NSW. METHODS: The medicine program has been designed with three phases and with clinical experiences introduced early in the program...
November 2007: Education for Health: Change in Training & Practice
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