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Imen Ben Salah
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October 25, 2017: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada: JOGC, Journal D'obstétrique et Gynécologie du Canada: JOGC
Cumhur C Kesemenli, Hakan Sarman, Tuncay Baran, Kaya Memisoglu, Ismail Binbir, Yilmaz Savas, Cengiz Isik, Ismail Boyraz, Bunyamin Koc
A new isometric contraction quadriceps-strengthening exercise was developed to restore the quadriceps strength lost after knee surgery more rapidly. This study evaluated the results of this new method. Patients were taught to perform the isometric quadriceps-strengthening exercise in the unaffected knee in the supine position, and then they performed it in the affected knee. First, patients were taught the classical isometric quadriceps-strengthening exercise, and then they were taught our new alternative method: "pull the patella superiorly tightly and hold the leg in the same position for 10 seconds"...
2014: International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Thibault Thubert, Géraldine Demoulin, Frédéric Lamazou, Anne-Laure Rivain, Caroline Trichot, Erika Faivre, Xavier Deffieux
Menometrorrhagia is a frequent cause of medical consulting. After exclusion of pregnancy, main aetiologies are the uterine (polyp, myoma, adenomyosis, cancer) or adnexial abnormality (ovarian cyst or cancer), the disorders of hemostasis (Willebrand...), the dysfunctional uterine bleeding. A clinical examination is necessary to provide an accurate diagnosis and find complications such as anaemia. Pelvic ultrasound examination and endometrial biopsy are required to eliminate endometrial cancer. The treatment of menometrorrhagia consists of symptomatic treatment (tranexamic acid, levonorgestrel intrauterine device) and specific treatment of its cause (hysteroscopic resection of myom, polyp, endometrectomy, hysterectomy)...
April 2014: La Revue du Praticien
Kadı Celal, Cıçek Hülya
BACKGROUND: We evaluated the data of patients who had applied myomectomy during cesarean section operation in our clinic between April, 2008 and December, 2010. OBJECTIVE: I0 n this period, 3689 cesarean sections were done in our clinic, we analyzed their data retrospectively and determined 27 myomectomy cases during cesarean section operation. The age of the patients, the numbers of pregnancy, parities, the rates of abortus, indications of cesarean, pregnancy weeks, residential areas of myoms detected during the cesarean and their size, were recorded...
July 2011: Nigerian Medical Journal: Journal of the Nigeria Medical Association
Thomas G Baboolal, Takeshi Sakamoto, Eva Forgacs, Howard D White, Scott M Jackson, Yasuharu Takagi, Rachel E Farrow, Justin E Molloy, Peter J Knight, James R Sellers, Michelle Peckham
Stable, single alpha-helix (SAH) domains are widely distributed in the proteome, including in myosins, but their functions are unknown. To test whether SAH domains can act as levers, we replaced four of the six calmodulin-binding IQ motifs in the levers of mouse myosin 5a (Myo5) with the putative SAH domain of Dictyostelium myosin MyoM of similar length. The SAH domain was inserted between the IQ motifs and the coiled coil in a Myo5 HMM construct in which the levers were truncated from six to two IQ motifs (Myo5-2IQ)...
December 29, 2009: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Halldóra Eyjólfsdóttir, María Ragnarsdóttir, Gudmundur Geirsson
BACKGROUND: Twelve to 55% of women experience stress urinary incontinence at some time during their lifetime. OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle training with and without electrical stimulation in treatment of stress urinary incontinence. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Participants were 24 women, 27-73 years of age, diagnosed with stress urinary incontinence. Exclusion criteria were pregnancy and urge urinary incontinence...
September 2009: Læknablađiđ
Thorgerdur Sigurdardottir, Thora Steingrimsdottir, Arni Arnason, Kari Bø
OBJECTIVES: To investigate test-retest intra-rater reliability of measurements of pelvic floor muscle (PFM) strength using Myomed 932 (Enraf-Nonius, Delft, the Netherlands). DESIGN: Test-retest intra-rater reliability test with a 2-7 day interval. SETTING: Physiotherapy outpatient clinic in association with the Department of Physiotherapy, University of Iceland. POPULATION: Twenty healthy female volunteers in Reykjavik metropolitan area, Iceland, with a mean age of 43...
2009: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
W-C Chang, S-C Huang, B-C Sheu, J-C Shih, W-C Hsu, S Y Chen, D-Y Chang
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate differences in uterine perfusion following laparoscopic myomectomy with or without uterine artery ligation (UAL). METHODS: From November 2005 to July 2007, we enrolled prospectively 105 women with symptomatic myomas who were scheduled to undergo laparoscopic myomectomy (57 with UAL (study group) and 48 without (control group)). Power Doppler ultrasound was used to evaluate uterine artery resistance (RI) and pulsatility (PI) indices and peak systolic velocity (PSV) and three-dimensional (3D) power Doppler ultrasound was used to obtain vascularization (VI), flow (FI) and vascularization flow (VFI) indices of the uterine tissue, which were calculated by VOCAL (Virtual Organ Computer-aided AnaLysis) software...
February 2009: Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sebastián Carranza Lira
Myomas (both leiomyomas and fibromas) are the most frequent benign uterine tumors in women, they can be found in 77% of hysterectomy specimens. There are reports that previous hormonal therapy (estrogen-progestin), more than five years, is associated with high risk (fourfold higher) of leiomyomas. A study in patients without myomas demonstrated this type tumors production (5%) after receiving transdermical-oral hormonal combination during 24 months, and they were absent in patients with only oral therapy. Hormonal therapy increases size and quantity of myomas, or has a neutral effect...
October 2008: Ginecología y Obstetricia de México
M Carbonnel, A Le Tohic, C Yazbeck, P Madelenat
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate vaginal and laparoscopic-assisted vaginal myomectomy in order to find interest and indications of this two-way approach of myomectomy. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Retrospective study of 60 patients operated of a myomectomy by vaginal or laparoscopic-assisted vaginal way between December 1999 and January 2007. RESULTS: Thirty-three patients (55%) profited from an exclusive vaginal myomectomy (group 1) and 27 (45%) from a laparoscopic-assisted vaginal myomectomy (group 2)...
October 2008: Gynécologie, Obstétrique & Fertilité
A Jabor, Z Holub, J Franeková, M Pavlisová, P Boril, E Fenclová, L Kliment
OBJECTIVE: To analyze relations among acute phase reactants in a group of 40 women operated for uterine myom by laparoscopy and open surgery. DESIGN: Prospective study. METHODS: Plasma concentrations of C-reactive protein (CRP), serum amyloid A (SAA) and interleukin 6 (IL-6) were measured together with leukocytes in blood before operation, 24 and 72 hours post operation, respectively. RESULTS: Leukocytes and IL-6 displayed minimal response and decreased quickly after operation to preoperative levels...
March 2006: Ceská Gynekologie
Peter J Knight, Kavitha Thirumurugan, Yuhui Xu, Fei Wang, Arnout P Kalverda, Walter F Stafford, James R Sellers, Michelle Peckham
Myosin 10 contains a region of predicted coiled coil 120 residues long. However, the highly charged nature and pattern of charges in the proximal 36 residues appear incompatible with coiled-coil formation. Circular dichroism, NMR, and analytical ultracentrifugation show that a synthesized peptide containing this region forms a stable single alpha-helix (SAH) domain in solution and does not dimerize to form a coiled coil even at millimolar concentrations. Additionally, electron microscopy of a recombinant myosin 10 containing the motor, the three calmodulin binding domains, and the full-length predicted coiled coil showed that it was mostly monomeric at physiological protein concentration...
October 14, 2005: Journal of Biological Chemistry
V Lubczyk, A du Bois, A Fisseler-Eckhoff
Leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminata (LPD) is a rare disease, which is most often found in women in reproductive age - seldom pre- and postmenaupausal. LPD has been described in women taking oral contraceptives or during pregnancy. LPD is mostly asymptomatic and discovered during operations like section caesarea, etc. Because of the macroscopic aspect (multiple small nodules <2 cm) a metastasing tumour is suspected during operation. These nodules consist of smooth muscle fibres and show benign histologic features...
July 2005: Der Pathologe
M Gojnic, M Pervulov, S Petkovic, M Papic, K Jeremic, T Mostic
Myomas during pregnancy must be evaluated carefully, especially in relation to possible premature delivery or spontaneous miscarriage. We wanted to find out whether the addition of Doppler assessment could help in the management of these cases. We found that from all cases of myomas during pregnancy, the most common association with impairment of the fetoplacental unit flow was found in the cases with submucous myomas and the subgroup of those with intramural myomes which show etc. growth during pregnancy. However myomectomy is generally not considered to be indicated to prevent pregnancy complications except for women with a history of myoma-related complications...
2004: Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology
Thierry Soldati
Ever since the discovery of class I myosins, the first nonmuscle myosins, about 30 years ago, the history of unconventional myosins has been linked to the organization and working of actin filaments. It slowly emerged from studies of class I myosins in lower eukaryotes that they are involved in mechanisms of endocytosis. Most interestingly, a flurry of recent findings assign a more active role to class I myosins in regulating the spatial and temporal organization of actin filament nucleation and elongation...
June 2003: Traffic
H Geissler, R Ullmann, T Soldati
Members of the myosin superfamily play crucial roles in cellular processes including management of the cortical cytoskeleton, organelle transport and signal transduction. GTPases of the Rho family act as key control elements in the reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton in response to growth factors, and other functions such as membrane trafficking, transcriptional regulation, growth control and development. Here, we describe a novel unconventional myosin from Dictyostelium discoideum, MyoM. Primary sequence analysis revealed that it has the appearance of a natural chimera between a myosin motor domain and a guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) domain for Rho GTPases...
May 2000: Traffic
N Oishi, H Adachi, K Sutoh
We have cloned a novel unconventional myosin gene myoM in Dictyostelium. Phylogenetic analysis of the motor domain indicated that MyoM does not belong to any known subclass of the myosin superfamily. Following the motor domain, two calmodulin-binding IQ motifs, a putative coiled-coil region, and a Pro, Ser and Thr-rich domain, lies a combination of dbl homology and pleckstrin homology domains. These are conserved in Rho GDP/GTP exchange factors (RhoGEFs). We have identified for the first time the RhoGEF domain in the myosin sequences...
May 26, 2000: FEBS Letters
E C Schwarz, H Geissler, T Soldati
In recent years, the myosin superfamily has kept expanding at an explosive rate, but the understanding of their complex functions has been lagging. Therefore, Dictyostelium discoideum, a genetically and biochemically tractable eukaryotic amoeba, appears as a powerful model organism to investigate the involvement of the actomyosin cytoskeleton in a variety of cellular tasks. Because of the relatively high degree of functional redundancy, such studies would be greatly facilitated by the prior knowledge of the whole myosin repertoire in this organism...
1999: Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics
M Horackova, R P Croll, D A Hopkins, A M Losier, J A Armour
Long-term (2-12 weeks) cultures of adult guinea-pig ventricular myocytes, cocultured with neurons derived from stellate or intrinsic cardiac ganglia, retain their functional properties (Horackova et al., 1993, 1994, 1995). The present study was designed to investigate the morphological and immunochemical properties of such neurons and their associated cardiomyocytes. Cultured myocytes studied by means of phalloidin-rhodamine (for F-actin) and an antibody raised against myomes revealed parallel myofibrils with striations typical of rod-shaped cardiomyocytes, even while myocytes changed from cylindrical to flattened form as they established intercellular contacts...
August 1996: Tissue & Cell
J B Dubuisson, C Chapron, E Verspyck, H Foulot, F X Aubriot
Myomectomy was performed by laparoscopy in 102 patients, according to a precise technique using the monopolar hook for the uterine incision and intraperitoneal sutures. Myomes were mostly removed through the suprapubic puncture site after fragmentation or by colpotomy. A laparotomy during the laparoscopic procedures was necessary in 2 cases. No complications were observed. A second-look laparoscopy or a cesarean section was performed in 24 cases. Post-operative adhesions were noted in 3 cases. In our experience, operative laparoscopy has several advantages over laparotomy and the risks of complications is low in selected cases...
December 1993: Contraception, Fertilité, Sexualité
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