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10000 steps

Hee Chang Yoon, Kouhara Yoshihiro, Heeyeon Yoo, Seung Woo Lee, Ji Hye Oh, Young Rag Do
We introduce a low-melting-point (MP) Sn-P-F-O glass ceramic material into the phosphor-in-glass (PIG) material to realize an 'on-chip' chip-on-board (COB) type of phosphor-converted (pc) white light-emitting diode (WLED) with green (BaSr)2 SiO4 :Eu2+ and red (SrCa)AlSiN3 :Eu2+ (SCASN) phosphors. The optimum Sn-P-F-O-based ceramic components can be sintered into the glass phase with a facile one-step heating process at 285 °C for 1 min. Specifically, these soft-fabrication conditions can be optimized to minimize the degradation of the luminescent properties of the red SCASN phosphor as well as the green silicate phosphor in PIG-based white COB-type pc-LEDs owing to the low thermal loss of the phosphors at low fabrication temperatures below 300 °C...
May 9, 2018: Scientific Reports
Jordan Etkin
One of the most important aspects of goals is time. From how goals are set to the dynamics of goal pursuit, time plays an important and multifaceted role. Goals to walk 10000 steps per day or to call one's parents once a week, for example, are defined by time (e.g. a day or week), pursued over time (e.g. for multiple days or multiple weeks), and subject to constraints on time (e.g. needing to also spend time on work). This article discusses three key ways to think about time in relation to goals: time as a defining feature of goals, as a dimension of goal pursuit, and as a constraint on goal pursuit...
April 21, 2018: Current Opinion in Psychology
Berna Haliloglu Peker, Erdin Ilter, Hakan Peker, Aygen Celik, Ali Gursoy, Onur Gunaldi
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy for a case of uterine prolapse in a 12 weeks, 3 days pregnant woman. To our knowledge this is the first case of laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy performed at 12 weeks of gestation to be reported in literature. DESIGN: A step-by-step explanation of the surgical procedure (Canadian Task Force classification III). SETTING: Maltepe University Hospital. PATIENT: A 37-year-old pregnant woman...
February 12, 2018: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Zhenhua Tang, Shuhai Jia, Fei Wang, Changsheng Bian, Yuyu Chen, Yonglin Wang, Bo Li
Lightweight, stretchable, and wearable strain sensors have recently been widely studied for the development of health monitoring systems, human-machine interfaces, and wearable devices. Herein, highly stretchable polymer elastomer-wrapped carbon nanocomposite piezoresistive core-sheath fibers are successfully prepared using a facile and scalable one-step coaxial wet-spinning assembly approach. The carbon nanotube-polymeric composite core of the stretchable fiber is surrounded by an insulating sheath, similar to conventional cables, and shows excellent electrical conductivity with a low percolation threshold (0...
February 21, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Lei Yao, Qin Wu, Peixin Zhang, Junmin Zhang, Dongrui Wang, Yongliang Li, Xiangzhong Ren, Hongwei Mi, Libo Deng, Zijian Zheng
2D carbon nanomaterials such as graphene and its derivatives, have gained tremendous research interests in energy storage because of their high capacitance and chemical stability. However, scalable synthesis of ultrathin carbon nanosheets with well-defined pore architectures remains a great challenge. Herein, the first synthesis of 2D hierarchical porous carbon nanosheets (2D-HPCs) with rich nitrogen dopants is reported, which is prepared with high scalability through a rapid polymerization of a nitrogen-containing thermoset and a subsequent one-step pyrolysis and activation into 2D porous nanosheets...
March 2018: Advanced Materials
Yu Ouyang, Xifeng Xia, Haitao Ye, Liang Wang, Xinyan Jiao, Wu Lei, Qingli Hao
In this work, we synthesized the hierarchical ZnO@C@NiO core-shell nanorods arrays (CSNAs) grown on a carbon cloth (CC) conductive substrate by a three-step method involving hydrothermal and chemical bath methods. The morphology and chemical structure of the hybrid nanoarrays were characterized in detail. The combination and formation mechanism was proposed. The conducting carbon layer between ZnO and NiO layers can efficiently enhance the electric conductivity of the integrated electrodes, and also protect the corrosion of ZnO in an alkaline solution...
January 31, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
E Chiaramello, S Fiocchi, P Ravazzani, M Parazzini
This study focused on the evaluation of the exposure of children aging from five to fourteen years to 50 Hz homogenous magnetic field uncertain orientation using stochastic dosimetry. Surrogate models allowed assessing how the variation of the orientation of the magnetic field influenced the induced electric field in each tissue of the central nervous system (CNS) and in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) of children. Results showed that the electric field induced in CNS and PNS tissues of children were within the ICNIRP basic restrictions for general public and that no significant difference was found in the level of exposure of children of different ages when considering 10000 possible orientations of the magnetic field...
2017: BioMed Research International
José M León Blanco, Pedro L González-R, Carmen Martina Arroyo García, María José Cózar-Bernal, Marcos Calle Suárez, David Canca Ortiz, Antonio María Rabasco Álvarez, María Luisa González Rodríguez
This work was aimed at determining the feasibility of artificial neural networks (ANN) by implementing backpropagation algorithms with default settings to generate better predictive models than multiple linear regression (MLR) analysis. The study was hypothesized on timolol-loaded liposomes. As tutorial data for ANN, causal factors were used, which were fed into the computer program. The number of training cycles has been identified in order to optimize the performance of the ANN. The optimization was performed by minimizing the error between the predicted and real response values in the training step...
January 2018: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Dong Young Chung, Samuel Woojoo Jun, Gabin Yoon, Hyunjoong Kim, Ji Mun Yoo, Kug-Seung Lee, Taehyun Kim, Heejong Shin, Arun Kumar Sinha, Soon Gu Kwon, Kisuk Kang, Taeghwan Hyeon, Yung-Eun Sung
A highly active and stable non-Pt electrocatalyst for hydrogen production has been pursued for a long time as an inexpensive alternative to Pt-based catalysts. Herein, we report a simple and effective approach to prepare high-performance iron phosphide (FeP) nanoparticle electrocatalysts using iron oxide nanoparticles as a precursor. A single-step heating procedure of polydopamine-coated iron oxide nanoparticles leads to both carbonization of polydopamine coating to the carbon shell and phosphidation of iron oxide to FeP, simultaneously...
May 3, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Shou-Fei Zhu, Qi-Lin Zhou
Chiral carboxylic acid moieties are widely found in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, flavors, fragrances, and health supplements. Although they can be synthesized straightforwardly by transition-metal-catalyzed enantioselective hydrogenation of unsaturated carboxylic acids, because the existing chiral catalysts have various disadvantages, the development of new chiral catalysts with high activity and enantioselectivity is an important, long-standing challenge. Ruthenium complexes with chiral diphosphine ligands and rhodium complexes with chiral monodentate or bidentate phosphorus ligands have been the predominant catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenation of unsaturated acids...
April 4, 2017: Accounts of Chemical Research
Renata A Rodrigues de Oliveira, Paulo R Dos Santos Amorim, Rômulo J Mota, Debora D Ferreira Tavares, Fernanda Rocha de Faria, Osvaldo Costa Moreira, Luciana Moreira Lima, Raquel Rodrigues Britto, João C Bouzas Marins
BACKGROUND: Regular physical activity is suggested as an important non pharmacological mechanism to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Thus, the objective the presente study was to verify the association of the number of daily steps with cardiovascular risk factors in basic education teachers and analyze the suitability of the cutoff of 10,000 steps/day as a predictor for the main risk factors in this sample. METHODS: 200 teachers (43.2 + 10.2 years) of basic education were assessed in Viçosa-MG, Brazil...
March 30, 2017: Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
Ying Tu, Yunting Fang, Dongwei Liu, Yuepeng Pan
RATIONALE: The azide method for measuring the stable isotope ratios of nitrate (NO3 - ) is easy to set up. However, the method requires spongy cadmium (Cd) or activated Cd powder which are not easy to prepare, and a toxic azide buffer is used. We aimed to use Cd powder directly to simplify preparation and to substantially reduce the azide dose. METHODS: The reaction conditions were optimized in order to maximize the NO3 - reduction yield. The original azide buffer was diluted by 10- to 10000-fold with or without addition of sodium acetate to reduce O-exchange between nitrite (NO2 - ) and H2 O...
May 30, 2016: Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry: RCM
Elena Chekmeneva, Gonçalo Dos Santos Correia, Queenie Chan, Anisha Wijeyesekera, Adrienne Tin, Jeffery Hunter Young, Paul Elliott, Jeremy K Nicholson, Elaine Holmes
Large-scale metabolic profiling requires the development of novel economical high-throughput analytical methods to facilitate characterization of systemic metabolic variation in population phenotypes. We report a fit-for-purpose direct infusion nanoelectrospray high-resolution mass spectrometry (DI-nESI-HRMS) method with time-of-flight detection for rapid targeted parallel analysis of over 40 urinary metabolites. The newly developed 2 min infusion method requires <10 μL of urine sample and generates high-resolution MS profiles in both positive and negative polarities, enabling further data mining and relative quantification of hundreds of metabolites...
April 7, 2017: Journal of Proteome Research
Marie Horká, Pavel Karásek, Michal Roth, Karel Šlais
In this work, single-piece fused silica capillaries with two different internal diameter segments featuring different inner surface roughness were prepared by new etching technology with supercritical water and used for volume coupling electrophoresis. The concept of separation and online pre-concentration of analytes in high conductivity matrix is based on the online large-volume sample pre-concentration by the combination of transient isotachophoretic stacking and sweeping of charged proteins in micellar electrokinetic chromatography using non-ionogenic surfactant...
May 2017: Electrophoresis
Manoja K Samantaray, Santosh Kavitake, Natalia Morlanés, Edy Abou-Hamad, Ali Hamieh, Raju Dey, Jean-Marie Basset
Two compatible organometallic complexes, W(Me)6 (1) and TiNp4 (2), were successively anchored on a highly dehydroxylated single silica support (SiO2-700) to synthesize the well-defined bimetallic precatalyst [(≡Si-O-)W(Me)5(≡Si-O-)Ti(Np)3] (4). Precatalyst 4 was characterized at the molecular level using advanced surface organometallic chemistry (SOMC) characterization techniques. The strong autocorrelation observed between methyl of W and Ti in (1)H-(1)H multiple-quantum NMR spectra demonstrates that W and Ti species are in close proximity to each other...
February 23, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Nannan Qiu, Di Wu, Xia Cui, Guoliang Li, Sai Fan, Dawei Chen, Yunfeng Zhao, Yongning Wu
In this study, we established an ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography-Q Exactive HF MS (UHPLC-HF MS) method for the simultaneous determination of 25 targeted metabolites relating to a broad coverage of central metabolic pathways, such as glycolysis pathway, tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA), serine biosynthesis pathway (SSP), glutaminolysis pathway, and closely related biosynthetic reactions. A Shodex Asahipak NH2P-50 2D column was used to separate the targeted compounds, and Full MS + PRM detection using an electrospray ionization source in negative mode was employed...
October 4, 2016: Analytical Chemistry
Renkuan Liao, Peiling Yang, Wenyong Wu, Shumei Ren
The widespread use of superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) in arid regions improves the efficiency of local land and water use. However, SAPs' repeated absorption and release of water has periodic and unstable effects on both soil's physical and chemical properties and on the growth of plant roots, which complicates modeling of water movement in SAP-treated soils. In this paper, we proposea model of soil water movement for SAP-treated soils. The residence time of SAP in the soil and the duration of the experiment were considered as the same parameter t...
2016: PloS One
Cécile Bernard, Cyril Villat, Hazem Abouelleil, Marie-Paule Gustin, Brigitte Grosgogeat
The aim of this study was to assess the effect of radiotherapy on bond efficiency of two different adhesive systems using tensile bond strength test. Twenty extracted teeth after radiotherapy and twenty nonirradiated extracted teeth were used. The irradiation was applied in vivo to a minimal dose of 50 Gy. The specimens of each group were randomly assigned to two subgroups to test two different adhesive systems. A three-step/etch-and-rinse adhesive system (Optibond FL) and a two-steps/self-etch adhesive system (Optibond XTR) were used...
2015: BioMed Research International
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