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Fung Kei Cheng
Dealing with physical pain represents a huge public health expenditure, especially for cancer-induced bone pain, one of the most difficult health issues, which impairs appetite, sleep, and mobility, negatively impacting quality of life and evoking mental problems. Although some literature has reported positive correlation between religion and pain management, there is a dearth of research examining the effectiveness of Buddhism on this topic. This study investigates the usefulness of Buddhist beliefs in managing cancer-induced bone pain through a case example...
April 24, 2017: Journal of Religion and Health
Mary Am Rogers, Kelsey Lemmen, Rachel Kramer, Jason Mann, Vineet Chopra
BACKGROUND: Due to easy access and low cost, Internet-delivered therapies offer an attractive alternative to improving health. Although numerous websites contain health-related information, finding evidence-based programs (as demonstrated through randomized controlled trials, RCTs) can be challenging. We sought to bridge the divide between the knowledge gained from RCTs and communication of the results by conducting a global systematic review and analyzing the availability of evidence-based Internet health programs...
March 24, 2017: Journal of Medical Internet Research
Daniela Marchetti, Danilo Carrozzino, Federica Fraticelli, Mario Fulcheri, Ester Vitacolonna
Background and Objective. Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) could significantly increase the likelihood of health problems concerning both potential risks for the mother, fetus, and child's development and negative effects on maternal mental health above all in terms of a diminished Quality of Life (QoL). The current systematic review study is aimed at further contributing to an advancement of knowledge about the clinical link between GDM and QoL. Methods. According to PRISMA guidelines, PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, and Cochrane databases were searched for studies aimed at evaluating and/or improving levels of QoL in women diagnosed with GDM...
2017: Journal of Diabetes Research
C Adam Coffey, Stanley L Brodsky, David M Sams
Persistent litigation is a problem in many legal jurisdictions and is costly at individual and systemic levels. This phenomenon is referred to as "querulous" behavior in psychiatric literature, whereas legal discourse refers to it as "vexatious litigation." We refer to this phenomenon as "hyperlitigious behavior" and those who engage in these actions as "hyperlitigious litigants." Hyperlitigious litigants and hyperlitigious behavior were once the focus of a considerable amount of psychiatric literature, but research devoted to these topics has declined over the past half century...
March 2017: Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
Pratibha Chander, Jane Kvalsvig, Claude A Mellins, Shuaib Kauchali, Stephen M Arpadi, Myra Taylor, Justin R Knox, Leslie L Davidson
BACKGROUND: Research in high-income countries has repeatedly demonstrated that intimate partner violence (IPV) experienced by women negatively affects the health and behavior of children in their care. However, there is little research on the topic in lower- and middle-income countries. The population-based Asenze Study gathered data on children and their caregivers in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This data analysis explores the association of caregiver IPV on child behavior outcomes in children <12 years old and is the first such study in Africa...
March 2017: Pediatrics
Marco Mula
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To review some aspects of the relationship between epilepsy and depression that have recently received increasing attention and may become major research topics in the near future. RECENT FINDINGS: Epidemiological studies show that depression and suicide are, in some cases, premorbid symptoms preceding the onset of the epilepsy. Suicide is also three times more frequent in epilepsy than in the general population. Reliable screening instruments for depression and suicidality in patients with epilepsy are now available but data from real life clinical settings are needed to develop shared clinical pathways between neurology and psychiatry...
April 2017: Current Opinion in Neurology
Maiko Suto, Kenji Takehara, Yumina Yamane, Erika Ota
BACKGROUND: Partner education during pregnancy may be able to prevent postnatal mental health problems, and support expectant fathers in their transition to parenthood. The aim of this systematic review is to investigate the effects of prenatal childbirth education among partners of pregnant women, particularly regarding paternal postnatal mental health and couple relationship. METHODS: We searched Medline, CINAHL, EMBASE, PsycINFO, ERIC, and CENTRAL using terms such as "partners of pregnant women," "education," and "prenatal support...
December 20, 2016: Journal of Affective Disorders
Andrew K Przybylski, Netta Weinstein, Kou Murayama
OBJECTIVE: The American Psychiatric Association (APA) identified Internet gaming disorder as a new potential psychiatric disorder and has recognized that little is known about the prevalence, validity, or cross-cultural robustness of proposed Internet gaming disorder criteria. In response to this gap in our understanding, the present study, a first for this research topic, estimated the period prevalence of this new potential psychiatric disorder using APA guidance, examined the validity of its proposed indicators, evaluated reliability cross-culturally and across genders, compared it to gold-standard research on gambling addiction and problem gaming, and estimated its impact on physical, social, and mental health...
March 1, 2017: American Journal of Psychiatry
Andrew Pomerville, Rachel L Burrage, Joseph P Gone
OBJECTIVE: Although the dire mental health needs of Indigenous communities are well established in the literature, the empirical evidence for psychotherapeutic treatment for these populations is perceived to be scant. This review is intended to determine gaps in the literature for this population by asking how much empirical work has been published, what types of research are being conducted, which topics are most prevalent among the existing literature, and what can be concluded about psychotherapy with Indigenous populations based on this literature...
December 2016: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
Shouq A Sadah, Moloud Shahbazi, Matthew T Wiley, Vagelis Hristidis
BACKGROUND: An increasing number of patients from diverse demographic groups share and search for health-related information on Web-based social media. However, little is known about the content of the posted information with respect to the users' demographics. OBJECTIVE: The aims of this study were to analyze the content of Web-based health-related social media based on users' demographics to identify which health topics are discussed in which social media by which demographic groups and to help guide educational and research activities...
2016: Journal of Medical Internet Research
Erhan Arif Ozturk, Ibrahim Gundogdu, Bilge Kocer, Selcuk Comoglu, Aytul Cakci
BACKGROUND: Although there are studies evaluating pain in Parkinson's disease (PD), to our knowledge, there is no study evaluating the following topics in a cohort of PD patients; (1) frequency of chronic pain, (2) characteristics of chronic pain, (3) severity of chronic pain, (4) types of chronic pain, (5) independent predictors of chronic pain, (6) impact of chronic pain on health-related quality of life (HRQoL), and (7) the role of chronic pain among the independent predictors of HRQoL...
June 3, 2016: Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Lieke Lammerts, Frederieke G Schaafsma, Willem van Mechelen, Johannes R Anema
BACKGROUND: A process evaluation of a participatory supportive return to work program, aimed at workers without a (permanent) employment contract who are sick-listed due to a common mental disorder, revealed that this program was executed less successfully than similar programs evaluated in earlier studies. The program consisted of a participatory approach, integrated care and direct placement in competitive employment. Aim of this study was to get a better understanding of the execution of the program by evaluating stakeholders' perceptions...
April 14, 2016: BMC Public Health
Simon M Rice, Rosemary Purcell, Stefanie De Silva, Daveena Mawren, Patrick D McGorry, Alexandra G Parker
BACKGROUND: The physical impacts of elite sport participation have been well documented; however, there is comparatively less research on the mental health and psychological wellbeing of elite athletes. OBJECTIVE: This review appraises the evidence base regarding the mental health and wellbeing of elite-level athletes, including the incidence and/or nature of mental ill-health and substance use. METHODS: A systematic search of the PubMed, EMBASE, SPORTDiscus, PsycINFO, Cochrane and Google Scholar databases, up to and including May 2015, was conducted...
September 2016: Sports Medicine
Eva Real, Lluís Jover, Ricard Verdaguer, Antoni Griera, Cinto Segalàs, Pino Alonso, Fernando Contreras, Antoni Arteman, José M Menchón
BACKGROUND: Mental health problems are very common and often lead to prolonged sickness absence, having serious economic repercussions for most European countries. Periods of economic crisis are important social phenomena that are assumed to increase sickness absence due to mental disorders, although research on this topic remains scarce. The aim of this study was to gather data on long-term sickness absence (and relapse) due to mental disorders in Spain during a period of considerable socio-economic crisis...
2016: PloS One
Marco Costa, Martin Oberholzer-Riss, Christoph Hatz, Robert Steffen, Milo Puhan, Patricia Schlagenhauf
BACKGROUND: In the last decades, there have been several natural disasters and global catastrophies with a steady increase in humanitarian relief work. This has resulted in increased research in the field of humanitarian aid, however the focus is mostly on the victims of the disasters and not on the individuals and organisations providing aid. OBJECTIVES: The intent of this research is to review the information available on pre-deployment interventions and recommendations such as vaccinations and other health preserving measures in volunteers and professionals deploying abroad in humanitarian relief missions...
November 2015: Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease
Chun-Sheng Liang, Feng-Kui Duan, Ke-Bin He, Yong-Liang Ma
Recently, PM2.5 (atmospheric fine particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter ≤ 2.5 μm) have received so much attention that the observations, source appointment and countermeasures of it have been widely studied due to its harmful impacts on visibility, mood (mental health), physical health, traffic safety, construction, economy and nature, as well as its complex interaction with climate. A review on the PM2.5 related research is necessary. We start with summary of chemical composition and characteristics of PM2...
January 2016: Environment International
Hannah Strohmeier, Willem F Scholte
BACKGROUND: Working in humanitarian crisis situations is dangerous. National humanitarian staff in particular face the risk of primary and secondary trauma exposure which can lead to mental health problems. Despite this, research on the mental health of national staff is scarce, and a systematic analysis of up-to-date findings has not been undertaken yet. OBJECTIVE: This article reviews the available literature on trauma-related mental health problems among national humanitarian staff...
2015: European Journal of Psychotraumatology
Zi Jia Ng, Scott E Huebner, Kimberly J Hills
Student subjective well-being remains a relatively neglected topic despite its intimate link to positive school outcomes. As academic achievement is a widely used yardstick of student success and school accountability, school-based mental health research and practice have focused primarily on the assessment and treatment of learning and behavioral problems. This short-term longitudinal study sought to establish the role of student subjective well-being, specifically, global life satisfaction (LS), in academic achievement...
December 2015: Journal of School Psychology
Kathina Ali, Louise Farrer, Amelia Gulliver, Kathleen M Griffiths
BACKGROUND: Adolescence and early adulthood are critical periods for the development of mental disorders. Online peer-to-peer communication is popular among young people and may improve mental health by providing social support. Previous systematic reviews have targeted Internet support groups for adults with mental health problems, including depression. However, there have been no systematic reviews examining the effectiveness of online peer-to-peer support in improving the mental health of adolescents and young adults...
April 2015: JMIR Mental Health
Amelia Gulliver, Kylie Bennett, Anthony Bennett, Louise M Farrer, Julia Reynolds, Kathleen M Griffiths
BACKGROUND: There is a growing need to develop online services for university students with the capacity to complement existing services and efficiently address student mental health problems. Previous research examining the development and acceptability of online interventions has revealed that issues such as privacy critically impact user willingness to engage with these services. OBJECTIVE: To explore university student perspectives on privacy issues related to using an online mental health service within the context of the development of an online, university-based virtual mental health clinic...
January 2015: JMIR Mental Health
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