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Sebastian Michel, Christian Kummer, Martin Gallee, Jakob Hellinger, Christian Ametz, Batuhan Akgöl, Doru Epure, Huseyin Güngör, Franziska Löschenberger, Hermann Buerstmayr
Unfortunately, the co-author, Dr. Güngör was missed out in the authorship of original publication by mistake and it is updated now.
January 16, 2018: TAG. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik
Hong Yi DU, Hong Jiang, Karmin O, Bo Chen, Lin Ji Xu, Shu Ping Liu, Jian Ping Yi, Geng Sheng He, Xu Qian
OBJECTIVE: To examine the association of maternal dietary patterns during pregnancy with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in northern China. METHODS: The dietary intakes of pregnant women were recorded twice by 24-hour dietary recalls for three days prior to having been diagnosed with GDM, at 5-15 and 24-28 gestational weeks, respectively. GDM was diagnosed, and serum glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) was measured at 24-28 weeks. Dietary patterns were assessed by factor analysis...
December 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
E A Terenteva, V V Apyari, S G Dmitrienko, A V Garshev, P A Volkov, Yu A Zolotov
Positively charged polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride-stabilized silver nanoparticles (PHMG-AgNPs) were prepared and applied as a colorimetric probe for single-step determination of pyrophosphate and sulfate. The approach is based on the nanoparticles aggregation leading to change in their absorption spectra and color of the solution. Due to both electrostatic and steric stabilization these nanoparticles show decreased sensitivity relatively to many common anions, which allows for simple and rapid direct single-step determination of pyrophosphate and sulfate...
April 1, 2018: Talanta
Jodi T Bernstein, Marie-Ève Labonté, Beatriz Franco-Arellano, Alyssa Schermel, Mary R L'Abbé
Regulatory changes in Canada will require food labels to have a benchmark [% Daily Value, %DV] for total sugars, based on 100 g/day, while US labels will require a %DV for added sugars, based on 50 g/day. The objective of this study was to compare two labelling policies, a total sugars DV (100 g/day) and a free sugars DV (50 g/day) on food labels. This cross-sectional analysis of the Food Label Information Program database focussed on top sources of total sugars intake in Canada (n = 6924 foods)...
January 9, 2018: Preventive Medicine
Tong Wu, Cheryl Taylor, Thomas Nebl, Ken Ng, Louise E Bennett
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
Stefanie Hackenberg, Mario Jekle, Thomas Becker
Mechanical flour modification is frequently associated with a reduced bread volume due to changed structural and functional properties of protein and starch. To clarify the effect of mechanical flour treatment on the protein network formation at the optimum kneading time (Peaktime), dough was produced with various mechanical starch modification (MSM) levels and visualized by confocal laser scanning microscope before being characterized by protein network analysis (PNA). Dough produced with high MSM showed a reduced branching rate (-14%), a high end-point rate (+25%) and an increased lacunarity (+139%), indicating a poor network connectivity with network interruptions...
May 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
Naota Sekiguchi, Takumi Sato, Kiyoshi Ishikawa, Atsushi Hatakeyama
Characteristics of a diffusion-bonded sapphire cell for optical experiments with hot metal vapors were investigated. The sapphire cell consisted of sapphire-crystal plates and a borosilicate-glass tube, which were bonded to each other by diffusion bonding without any binders or glues. The glass tube was attached to a vacuum manifold using the standard method applied in glass processing, filled with a small amount of Rb metal by chasing with a torch, and then sealed. The cell was baked at high temperatures, and optical experiments were then performed using rubidium atoms at room temperature...
January 1, 2018: Applied Optics
Magnus Ekström, Josefin Sundh, Linus Schiöler, Eva Lindberg, Annika Rosengren, Göran Bergström, Oskar Angerås, Jan Hedner, John Brandberg, Björn Bake, Kjell Torén
BACKGROUND: Breathlessness is associated with major adverse health outcomes and is twice as common in women as men in the general population. We evaluated whether this is related to their lower absolute lung volumes. METHODS: Cross-sectional analysis of the population-based Swedish CardioPulmonarybioImage Study (SCAPIS) Pilot, including static spirometry and diffusing capacity (n = 1,013; 49% women). Breathlessness was measured using the modified Medical Research Council (mMRC) scale and analyzed using ordinal logistic regression adjusting for age, pack-years of smoking, body mass index, chronic airway limitation, asthma, chronic bronchitis, depression and anxiety in all models...
2018: PloS One
Andrew C Drake, Youngjoo Lee, Emma M Burgess, Jens O M Karlsson, Ali Eroglu, Adam Z Higgins
Long-term storage of viable mammalian cells is important for applications ranging from in vitro fertilization to cell therapy. Cryopreservation is currently the most common approach, but storage in liquid nitrogen is relatively costly and the requirement for low temperatures during shipping is inconvenient. Desiccation is an alternative strategy with the potential to enable viable cell preservation at more convenient storage temperatures without the need for liquid nitrogen. To achieve stability during storage in the dried state it is necessary to remove enough water that the remaining matrix forms a non-crystalline glassy solid...
2018: PloS One
Penny Comino, Barbara A Williams, Michael J Gidley
Insoluble dietary fibre is often considered to be fermented slower and to a lesser extent in (models for) the colon than soluble dietary fibre. However these comparisons are typically made for fibre components of different composition. In the case of fibre from refined cereal flours, there is little difference in fibre composition between soluble and insoluble forms, so effects of solubility on fermentation can be tested without this confounding factor. For each of wheat, rye, and hull-less barley, soluble and insoluble fibre fractions from refined flour and models for baking and extrusion had comparable in vitro fermentation rates and extents, with similar levels of short chain fatty acid metabolites...
January 5, 2018: Food & Function
Limin Feng, Lijuan Liu, Ya Zhao, Ruizhi Zhao
Vinegar-baked Radix Bupleuri (VBRB) is clinically used to enhance the pharmacological activity of drugs used to treat liver diseases. Our previous study demonstrated that this effect is dependent on increased drug accumulation in the liver; however, the underlying mechanism remains unclear. We hypothesize that VBRB mediated its effects by altering drug transporters. Thus, the present study was designed to determine the effects of VBRB's main components, saikosaponin A, C, and D, on drug transporters. Transporter activity was determined by measuring the intracellular concentration of transporter substrates...
December 15, 2017: Oncotarget
Luc Malemo Kalisya, Jacques Fadhili Bake, Richard Bigabwa, David H Rothstein, Sarah B Cairo
INTRODUCTION: Surgery is an essential component of a functional health system, with surgical conditions accounting for nearly 11-15% of world disability. While communicable diseases continue to burden low- and low-middle-income countries, non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, are an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Preliminary data on malignancies in low- and middle-income countries, specifically in Africa, suggest a higher mortality compared to other regions of the world, a difference partially explained by limited availability of screening and early detection systems as well as poorer access to treatment...
December 31, 2017: World Journal of Surgery
Xingli Wang, Wanjing Wang, Jichao Wang, Ran Wei, Zhaoxuan Sun, Qiang Li, Chunyi Xie, Guang-Nan Luo
Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) have been widely used in the sensor field to monitor temperature and strain. However, the weak mechanical property of optical fibers and insufficient heat-resistant property of general optic-fiber sensors have prevented it from being widely used, such as in some extreme engineering situations. In this work, a bare FBG sensor system had been introduced to measure thermal strain of an Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak tungsten divertor component under baking condition. This strain measurement system had withstood as high temperature as 210 °C and finished the measurement experiment successfully...
December 2017: Review of Scientific Instruments
Junqing Huang, Yijinruo Wang, Ling Yang, Xichun Peng, Jie Zheng, Shiyi Ou
Feruloylated oligosaccharides (FOs) have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for addition to baked goods. This work investigated the effect of FOs on the formation of endogenous contaminants, antioxidant properties, appearance and texture of biscuits. FOs inhibited the formation of fluorescent AGEs (advanced glycation end-products), protein oxidation products, and dicarbonyl compounds in a dose-dependent manner. Addition of 10 mg/g FOs decreased the levels of fluorescent AGEs, dityrosine, kynurenine, N'-formylkynurenine, 3-deoxyglucosone, glyoxal, and methylglyoxal by 80%, 97%, 56%, 86%, 46%, 54% and 62%, respectively...
April 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
Reza Shaghaghi-Moghaddam, Hoda Jafarizadeh-Malmiri, Parviz Mehdikhani, Sepide Jalalian, Reza Alijanianzadeh
Efforts to produce bioethanol with higher productivity in a batch submerged fermentation were made by evaluating the bioethanol production of the five different strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, namely, NCYC 4109 (traditional bakery yeast), SFO6 (industrial yeast), TTCC 2956 (hybrid baking yeast) and two wild yeasts, PTCC 5052 and BY 4743. The bioethanol productivity and kinetic parameters for all five yeasts at constant fermentation conditions, during 72 h, were evaluated and monitored. The obtained results indicated that compared to the wild yeasts, both traditional bakery (NCYC 4109) and industrial (SFO6) yeasts had higher bioethanol productivity (0...
December 28, 2017: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
John-Olov Jansson, Vilborg Palsdottir, Daniel A Hägg, Erik Schéle, Suzanne L Dickson, Fredrik Anesten, Tina Bake, Mikael Montelius, Jakob Bellman, Maria E Johansson, Roger D Cone, Daniel J Drucker, Jianyao Wu, Biljana Aleksic, Anna E Törnqvist, Klara Sjögren, Jan-Åke Gustafsson, Sara H Windahl, Claes Ohlsson
Subjects spending much time sitting have increased risk of obesity but the mechanism for the antiobesity effect of standing is unknown. We hypothesized that there is a homeostatic regulation of body weight. We demonstrate that increased loading of rodents, achieved using capsules with different weights implanted in the abdomen or s.c. on the back, reversibly decreases the biological body weight via reduced food intake. Importantly, loading relieves diet-induced obesity and improves glucose tolerance. The identified homeostat for body weight regulates body fat mass independently of fat-derived leptin, revealing two independent negative feedback systems for fat mass regulation...
December 26, 2017: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Bartosz Brzozowski
BACKGROUND: Enzymatic modification of wheat proteins during dough fermentation, and its digestion supported by peptidases of microbiological origin can cause degradation of important peptides in the pathogenesis of coeliac disease. However, baking bread and the high temperature associated with could change a physicochemical and immunological properties of proteins. Thermal changes in spatial structure of proteins and its hydrolysis can lead to masking or degrading immunoreactive peptides...
December 25, 2017: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Ram Prakash, Afaque M Hossain, U N Pal, N Kumar, K Khairnar, M Krishna Mohan
A structurally simple dielectric barrier discharge based mercury-free plasma UV-light source has been developed for efficient water disinfection. The source comprises of a dielectric barrier discharge arrangement between two co-axial quartz tubes with an optimized gas gap. The outer electrode is an aluminium baked foil tape arranged in a helical form with optimized pitch, while the inner electrode is a hollow aluminium metallic rod, hermetically sealed. Strong bands peaking at wavelengths 172 nm and 253 nm, along with a weak band peaking at wavelength 265 nm have been simultaneously observed due to plasma radiation from the admixture of xenon and iodine gases...
December 12, 2017: Scientific Reports
Toshiyuki Toyosaki
BACKGROUND: To investigate the relationship between the fatty acid composition of medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCTs) and the Maillard reaction induced during bread baking, a comparison with various fatty acids was conducted. RESULTS: Saturated fatty acids had a remarkable inhibitory effect on the amount of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) generated from the Maillard reaction in bread baking compared to unsaturated fatty acids. The amount of AGEs produced by each fatty acid was as follows; C18:0:18...
December 11, 2017: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Shian Miller, Tamara C Johnson
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the influence of medical specialty on the likelihood of doctors making the Naughty or Nice lists this Christmas. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: A quantitative observational study. Doctors in a medical parent Facebook group were asked about their specialty and their tendency to follow recipes. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Self-reported tendency to follow the recipe (always, sometimes, never) as an indicator of rule-breaking behaviour, extrapolated as indicating Naughty (unlikely to follow a recipe) or Nice (always follow recipes) tendencies, and consequently the likelihood of being included in the Nice list this Christmas...
December 11, 2017: Medical Journal of Australia
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