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Dev Gurera, Bharat Bhushan, Navin Kumar
Arthropods are the largest group of the living organisms. They attack other organisms by biting, stinging, or piercing and sucking. Among various medically important arthropods, which feed on living hosts, mosquitoes' piercing spread viruses which have been reported to cause the highest number of deaths annually. The primary cause of the deaths is malaria, which is spread by infected mosquitoes' piercing. This study aims at elucidating lessons from mosquitoes' painless piercing. Mosquitoes pierce using their fascicle, which is a bundle of coherently functioning six stylets...
May 18, 2018: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
Michael Fenstermaker, James M Dupree, Miriam Hadj-Moussa, Dana A Ohl
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Men with spinal cord injury (SCI) commonly suffer from erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction. The literature regarding the causes and treatment of these two important problems was reviewed. RECENT FINDINGS: Many of the erectile dysfunction treatments applied to able bodied individuals are also useful in the SCI population, although there are differences in the goals and results of treatment. Ejaculatory dysfunction can be treated with either penile vibratory stimulation or electroejaculation with high success rates...
May 17, 2018: Current Urology Reports
Guillermo Robles, José Manuel Fresno, Juan Manuel Martínez-Tarifa
Spatial localization of emitting sources is especially interesting in different fields of application. The focus of an earthquake, the determination of cracks in solid structures, or the position of bones inside a body are some examples of the use of multilateration techniques applied to acoustic and vibratory signals. Radar, GPS and wireless sensors networks location are based on radiofrequency emissions and the techniques are the same as in the case of acoustic emissions. This paper is focused on the determination of the position of sources of partial discharges in electrical insulation for maintenance based on the condition of the electrical equipment...
May 3, 2018: Sensors
Oliver Cheadle, Clarissa Sorger, Peter Howell
Feedback delivered over auditory and vibratory afferent pathways has different effects on the fluency of people who stutter (PWS). These features were exploited to investigate the neural structures involved in stuttering. The speech signal vibrated locations on the body (vibrotactile feedback, VTF). Eleven PWS read passages under VTF and control (no-VTF) conditions. All combinations of vibration amplitude, synchronous or delayed VTF and vibrator position (hand, sternum or forehead) were presented. Control conditions were performed at the beginning, middle and end of test sessions...
May 7, 2018: Brain and Language
Lorenza Mattei, Francesca Di Puccio, Stefano Marchetti
Non-invasive methods for assessing fracture healing are crucial for biomedical engineers. An approach based on mechanical vibrations was tried out in the 1990s, but was soon abandoned due to insufficiently advanced technologies. The same approach is re-proposed in the present study in order to monitor the healing process of a lengthened femur with an external fixator. The pins screwed into the bone were exploited for the impact testing (IT) to excite the bone and capture its response. Transmission through the soft tissues was thus prevented, and the quality of the signals was improved...
May 2018: Journal of the Royal Society, Interface
Maede Khalifeloo, Soofia Naghdi, Noureddin Nakhostin Ansari, Mohammad Akbari, Shohreh Jalaie, Davood Jannat, Scott Hasson
The aim of this study was to estimate the immediate effects of plantar vibration, applied to the more affected foot, on balance impairment in patients post-stroke. This pretest-posttest clinical study included 18 patients (13 men) poststroke; mean age 56.0±8.9 years (range, 41-71 years). One session of 5-min vibratory stimuli (frequency, 100 Hz) was applied to the plantar region of the more affected foot of all participants. The plantar vibration significantly improved the Timed UP and Go test ( P =0.03, Cohen d =0...
April 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Bjorn Westman, Brandon Miller, Jan-Fong Jue, Assel Aitkaliyeva, Dennis Keiser, James Madden, Julie D Tucker
Uranium-Molybdenum (U-Mo) low enriched uranium (LEU) fuels are a promising candidate for the replacement of high enriched uranium (HEU) fuels currently in use in a high power research and test reactors around the world. Contemporary U-Mo fuel sample preparation uses focused ion beam (FIB) methods for analysis of fission gas porosity. However, FIB possess several drawbacks, including reduced area of analysis, curtaining effects, and increased FIB operation time and cost. Vibratory polishing is a well understood method for preparing large sample surfaces with very high surface quality...
May 2, 2018: Micron: the International Research and Review Journal for Microscopy
Vivianne Carvalho Canela, Cinthia Nicoletti Crivelaro, Luciane Zacchi Ferla, Gisele Marques Pelozo, Juliana Azevedo, Richard Eloin Liebano, Caroline Nogueira, Renata Michelini Guidi, Clóvis Grecco, Estela Sant'Ana
Background and objectives: Nowadays, there are several noninvasive technologies being used for improving of body contouring. The objectives of this pilot study were to verify the effectiveness of the Heccus® device, emphasizing the synergism between nonfocused ultrasound plus Aussie current in the improvement of body contour, and to determine if the association of this therapy with whole-body vibration exercises can have additional positive effects in the results of the treatments. Subjects and methods: Twenty healthy women aged 20-40 years participated in the study...
2018: Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology
Nima Toosizadeh, Hossein Ehsani, Marco Miramonte, Jane Mohler
BACKGROUND: Impairments in proprioceptive mechanism with aging has been observed and associated with fall risk. The purpose of the current study was to assess proprioceptive deficits among high fall risk individuals in comparison with healthy participants, when postural performance was disturbed using low-frequency mechanical gastrocnemius vibratory stimulation. METHODS: Three groups of participants were recruited: healthy young (n = 10; age = 23 ± 2 years), healthy elders (n = 10; age = 73 ± 3 years), and high fall risk elders (n = 10; age = 84 ± 9 years)...
May 2, 2018: Biomedical Engineering Online
Wihan Kim, Sangmin Kim, John S Oghalai, Brian E Applegate
A highly phase stable hand-held (HH) endoscopic system has been developed for optical coherence tomography and vibrometry. Designed to transit the ear canal to the middle ear space and peer through the round window (RW), it is capable of imaging the vibratory function of the cochlear soft tissues with subnanometer scale sensitivity. A side-looking, 9 cm long rigid endoscope with a distal diameter of 1.2 mm, was able to fit within the RW niche and provide imaging access. The phase stability was achieved in part by fully integrating a Michelson interferometer into the HH device...
May 1, 2018: Optics Letters
Courtney M Wheatley, Sarah E Baker, Cori M Daines, Hanna Phan, Marina G Martinez, Wayne J Morgan, Eric M Snyder
BACKGROUND: The Vibralung Acoustical Percussor is a new airway clearance therapy (ACT) utilizing intrapulmonary sound waves in addition to positive expiratory pressure (PEP). We evaluated the safety of the Vibralung and collected preliminary data on its ability to mediate sputum expectoration in individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF). METHODS: Over two separate studies, 10 and 11 mild to moderate CF patients were recruited for study I and II, respectively. Study I: Vibralung was used for 20 min with either no sound (NS: PEP only) or sound (S: PEP and sound) on randomized visits...
January 2018: Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease
Kun He, Zhijun Yang, Yun Bai, Jianyu Long, Chuan Li
Health condition is a vital factor affecting printing quality for a 3D printer. In this work, an attitude monitoring approach is proposed to diagnose the fault of the delta 3D printer using support vector machines (SVM). An attitude sensor was mounted on the moving platform of the printer to monitor its 3-axial attitude angle, angular velocity, vibratory acceleration and magnetic field intensity. The attitude data of the working printer were collected under different conditions involving 12 fault types and a normal condition...
April 23, 2018: Sensors
Simeon L Smith, Ingo R Titze
The fluid-structure interaction and energy transfer from respiratory airflow to self-sustained vocal fold oscillation continues to be a topic of interest in vocal fold research. Vocal fold vibration is driven by pressures on the vocal fold surface, which are determined by the shape of the glottis and the contact between vocal folds. Characterization of three-dimensional glottal shapes and contact patterns can lead to increased understanding of normal and abnormal physiology of the voice, as well as to development of improved vocal fold models, but a large inventory of shapes has not been directly studied previously...
April 12, 2018: Journal of Biomechanics
Divya Sunkara, Maxx Capece
This study investigated the effect of material properties, primarily particle size and surface energy, on the effectiveness of glidants used for the purpose of flowability enhancement. Three pharmaceutical grade glidants (Aerosil 200, Aerosil R972, and Cab-O-Sil M5P) were evaluated and blended with various pharmaceutical actives as well as cohesive excipients common to capsule and tablet formulation. Flowability enhancement was characterized by the flow function coefficient (ff c ). An industry-relevant mixer (Turbula mixer) and a highly efficient and effective mixer (LabRAM vibratory mixer) were used to further understand the effect of material properties on glidant effectiveness...
April 16, 2018: AAPS PharmSciTech
Eugene H Buder, Valerie F McDaniel, Edina R Bene, Jennifer Ladmirault, D Kimbrough Oller
The primary vocal registers of modal, falsetto, and fry have been studied in adults but not per se in infancy. The vocal ligament is thought to play a critical role in the modal-falsetto contrast but is still developing during infancy (Tateya and Tateya, 2015). Cover tissues are also implicated in the modal-fry contrast, but the low fundamental frequency (fo ) cutoff of 70 Hz, shared between genders, suggests a psychoacoustic basis for the contrast. Buder, Chorna, Oller, and Robinson (2008)6 used the labels of "loft," "modal," and "pulse" for distinct vibratory regimes that appear to be identifiable based on spectrographic inspection of harmonic structure and auditory judgments in infants, but this work did not supply acoustic measurements to verify which of these nominally labeled regimes resembled adult registers...
April 9, 2018: Journal of Voice: Official Journal of the Voice Foundation
Xianghu Meng, Longchang Fan, Tao Wang, Shaogang Wang, Zengjun Wang, Jihong Liu
Background: Psychogenic anejaculation (PAE) is a rare disease in clinic seriously affecting quality of life, especially fertility of patients. However, there is not an effective treatment for these patients. The aim of the study was to evaluate the results of treatment with electroejaculation (EEJ), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in patients with PAE who were refractory to penile vibratory stimulation (PVS). Methods: Twenty PVS-refractory patients with PAE were included in the retrospective study...
March 2018: Translational Andrology and Urology
Allen D Seftel
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2018: Journal of Urology
Yuichi Mukai, Shuhei Nozawa, Toshiro Suzuki
Venous compression syndromes are caused by extrinsic venous compression of anatomical structures, such as the adjacent arteries and bones. Chronic venous compression and pulsative vibratory arterial pressure accelerate the development of deep vein thrombosis. Herein, we report the first case of double venous compressions due to a duplicated inferior vena cava-induced right-sided common iliac vein thrombosis. The thrombus was induced by left-sided inferior vena cava entrapment and right-sided common iliac vein compression, resembling nutcracker syndrome and May-Thurner syndrome, respectively...
April 7, 2018: BMJ Case Reports
Christian T Herbst, Hiroki Koda, Takumi Kunieda, Juri Suzuki, Maxime Garcia, W Tecumseh Fitch, Takeshi Nishimura
While the call repertoire and its communicative function is relatively well explored in Japanese macaques ( Macaca fuscata ), little empirical data is available on the physics and the physiology of this species' vocal production mechanism. Here, a 6 year old female Japanese macaque was trained to phonate under an operant conditioning paradigm. The resulting "coo" calls, and spontaneously uttered "growl" and "chirp" calls, were recorded with sound pressure level (SPL) calibrated microphones and electroglottography (EGG), a non-invasive method for assessing the dynamics of phonation...
April 3, 2018: Journal of Experimental Biology
S X Liu, M S Zou
The radiation loading on a vibratory finite cylindrical shell is conventionally evaluated through the direct numerical integration (DNI) method. An alternative strategy via the fast Fourier transform algorithm is put forward in this work based on the general expression of radiation impedance. To check the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed method, a comparison with DNI is presented through numerical cases. The results obtained using the present method agree well with those calculated by DNI. More importantly, the proposed calculating strategy can significantly save the time cost compared with the conventional approach of straightforward numerical integration...
March 2018: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
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