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Sanket Hans Pandey, Pallav Mahesh Patni, Pradeep Jain, Arpita Chaturvedi
Introduction: Non-vital bleaching is a non-invasive technique to treat the intrinsic discoloration of teeth of several etiologies. Hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate are commonly used bleaching agents. Aim: The aim of this case report is to demonstrate the non-vital bleaching technique in maxillary anterior teeth. Method: Maxillary central incisors were isolated with rubber dam and root canal treatment was performed. Barrier space preparation was done using a heated instrument...
2018: Clujul Medical (1957)
Viswanadh Nalla, Aslam Shaikh, Sanket Bapat, Renu Vyas, M Karthikeyan, P Yogeeswari, D Sriram, M Muthukrishnan
A series of 20 novel chromone embedded [1,2,3]-triazoles derivatives were synthesized via an easy and convenient synthetic procedure starting from 2-hydroxy acetophenone. The in vitro anti-mycobacterial evaluation studies carried out in this work reveal that seven compounds exhibit significant inhibition against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv strain with MIC in the range of 1.56-12.5 µg ml-1 . Noticeably, compound 6s was the most potent compound in vitro with a MIC value of 1.56 µg ml-1 . Molecular docking and chemoinformatics studies revealed that compound 6s displayed drug-like properties against the enoyl-acyl carrier protein reductase of M...
April 2018: Royal Society Open Science
Biji Shibulal, Saif N Al-Bahry, Yahya M Al-Wahaibi, Abdulkadir E Elshafie, Ali S Al-Bemani, Sanket J Joshi
The identification of potential hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria is an essential requirement in microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR). Molecular approaches like proteomic and genomic characterization of the isolates are replacing the traditional method of identification with systemic classification. Genotypic profiling of the isolates includes fingerprint or pattern-based technique and sequence-based technique. Understanding community structure and dynamics is essential for studying diversity profiles and is challenging in the case of microbial analysis...
2018: Scientifica
Dawn C Scantlebury, Andrea G Kattah, Tracey L Weissgerber, Sanket Agarwal, Michelle M Mielke, Amy L Weaver, Lisa E Vaughan, Stanislav Henkin, Katherine Zimmerman, Virginia M Miller, Wendy M White, Sharonne N Hayes, Vesna D Garovic
BACKGROUND: Atrial fibrillation/flutter (AF) produces significant morbidity in women and is typically attributed to cardiac remodeling from multiple causes, particularly hypertension. Hypertensive pregnancy disorders (HPDs) are associated with future hypertension and adverse cardiac remodeling. We evaluated whether women with AF were more likely to have experienced a HPD compared with those without. METHODS AND RESULTS: A nested case-control study was conducted within a cohort of 7566 women who had a live or stillbirth delivery in Olmsted County, Minnesota between 1976 and 1982...
May 13, 2018: Journal of the American Heart Association
Sanket Patel, Tahir Hussain
In the original publication, the Fig. 1 caption contains an error. The original article has been corrected.
May 12, 2018: Current Hypertension Reports
Sanket Patel, Tahir Hussain
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Angiotensin type 2 receptor (AT2 R) and receptor Mas (MasR) are part of the "protective arm" of the renin angiotensin system. Gene and pharmacological manipulation studies reveal that AT2 R and MasR are involved in natriuretic, vasodilatory, and anti-inflammatory responses and in lowering blood pressure in various animal models under normal and pathological conditions such as salt-sensitive hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. The scope of this review is to discuss co-localization and heterodimerization as potential molecular mechanisms of AT2 R- and MasR-mediated functions including antihypertensive activities...
May 1, 2018: Current Hypertension Reports
Jonathan Yeow, Sanket Joshi, Robert Chapman, Cyrille Andre Jean Marie Boyer
Translating controlled/living radical polymerization (CLRP) from batch to the high throughput production of polymer libraries presents several challenges in terms of both polymer synthesis and characterization. Although recently there have been significant advances in the field of low volume, high throughput CLRP, techniques able to simultaneously monitor multiple polymerizations in an "online" manner have not yet been developed. Here, we report our discovery that 5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl-21H,23H-porphine zinc (ZnTPP) is a self-reporting photocatalyst that can mediate PET-RAFT polymerization as well as report on monomer conversion via changes in its fluorescence properties...
April 25, 2018: Angewandte Chemie
Saurabh Pandey, Hem Chandra Jha, Sanket Kumar Shukla, Meghan K Shirley, Erle S Robertson
Helicobacter pylori and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) are two well-known contributors to cancer and can establish lifelong persistent infection in the host. This leads to chronic inflammation, which also contributes to development of cancer. Association with H. pylori increases the risk of gastric carcinoma, and coexistence with EBV enhances proliferation of infected cells. Further, H. pylori -EBV coinfection causes chronic inflammation in pediatric patients. We have established an H. pylori -EBV coinfection model system using human gastric epithelial cells...
April 24, 2018: MBio
Aditi Bhatt, Suniti Mishra, Robin Prabhu, Veena Ramaswamy, Antony George, Sonal Bhandare, Mita Shah, Sanket Mehta
INTRODUCTION: The pathological classification of PMP of appendiceal origin has prognostic and treatment implications. Our goals were to • Classify low grade mucinous carcinoma peritonei (LGMCP) into prognostically distinct subgroups based on histological features. • Compare the reproducibility of the WHO and the PSOGI classifications for both PMP and the appendiceal primary tumor. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A retrospective analysis of patients undergoing CRS and HIPEC or debulking surgery was done...
April 12, 2018: European Journal of Surgical Oncology
Chase A Arbra, Satish N Nadig, Sarah Grace Dennis, Sanket Pattanaik, Heather A Bainbridge, J Matthew Rhett, Stephen A Fann, Carl Atkinson, Michael J Yost
Kidney transplantation is now a mainstream therapy for end-stage renal disease. However, with approximately 96,000 people on the waiting list and only one-fourth of these patients achieving transplantation, there is a dire need for alternatives for those with failing organs. In order to decrease the harmful consequences of dialysis along with the overall healthcare costs it incurs, active investigation is ongoing in search of alternative solutions to organ transplantation. Implantable tissue-engineered renal cellular constructs are one such feasible approach to replacing lost renal functionality...
March 27, 2018: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Alok Sharma, Hemangi Sane, Nandini Gokulchandran, Prerna Badhe, Suhasini Pai, Pooja Kulkarni, Jayanti Yadav, Sanket Inamdar
Cellular therapy is being actively pursued as a therapeutic modality in many of the neurological diseases. A variety of stem cells from diverse sources have been studied in detail and have been shown to exhibit angiogenetic and immunomodulatory properties in addition to other neuroprotective effects. Published clinical data have shown bone marrow mononuclear cell (BMMNC) injection in neurological disorders is safe and possesses regenerative potential. We illustrate a case of 27-year-old male with traumatic brachial plexus injury, administered with autologous BMMNCs intrathecally and intramuscularly, followed by multidisciplinary rehabilitation...
2018: Advanced Biomedical Research
Subhalaxmi Mishra, P K Dixit, T Palani Selvam, Sanket S Yavalkar, D D Deshpande
Purpose: A Monte Carlo model of a 6 MV medical linear accelerator (linac) unit built indigenously was developed using the BEAMnrc user code of the EGSnrc code system. The model was benchmarked against the measurements. Monte Carlo simulations were carried out for different incident electron beam parameters in the study. Materials and Methods: Simulation of indigenously developed linac unit has been carried out using the Monte Carlo based BEAMnrc user-code of the EGSnrc code system...
January 2018: Journal of Medical Physics
Ganga Sahay Meena, Ashish Kumar Singh, Vijay Kumar Gupta, Sanket Borad, Sumit Arora, Sudhir Kumar Tomar
Poor solubility is the major limiting factor in commercial applications of milk protein concentrates (MPC) powders. Retentate treatments such as pH adjustment using disodium phosphate (Na2 HPO4 ), also responsible for calcium chelation with homogenization and; its diafiltration with 150 mM NaCl solution were hypothesized to improve the functional properties of treated MPC70 powders. These treatments significantly improved the solubility, heat stability, water binding, dispersibility, bulk density, flowability, buffer index, foaming and emulsifying capacity of treated powders over control...
April 2018: Journal of Food Science and Technology
Eric R Coon, Paul C Young, Ricardo A Quinonez, Daniel J Morgan, Sanket S Dhruva, Alan R Schroeder
Importance: Medical overuse has historically focused on adult health care, but interest in how children are affected by medical overuse is increasing. This review examines important research articles published in 2016 that address pediatric overuse. Observations: A structured search of PubMed and a manual review of the tables of contents of 10 journals identified 169 articles related to pediatric overuse published in 2016, from which 8 were selected based on the quality of methods and potential harm to patients in terms of prevalence and magnitude...
March 26, 2018: JAMA Pediatrics
Abhirup Das, George X Huang, Michael S Bonkowski, Alban Longchamp, Catherine Li, Michael B Schultz, Lynn-Jee Kim, Brenna Osborne, Sanket Joshi, Yuancheng Lu, Jose Humberto Treviño-Villarreal, Myung-Jin Kang, Tzong-Tyng Hung, Brendan Lee, Eric O Williams, Masaki Igarashi, James R Mitchell, Lindsay E Wu, Nigel Turner, Zolt Arany, Leonard Guarente, David A Sinclair
A decline in capillary density and blood flow with age is a major cause of mortality and morbidity. Understanding why this occurs is key to future gains in human health. NAD precursors reverse aspects of aging, in part, by activating sirtuin deacylases (SIRT1-SIRT7) that mediate the benefits of exercise and dietary restriction (DR). We show that SIRT1 in endothelial cells is a key mediator of pro-angiogenic signals secreted from myocytes. Treatment of mice with the NAD+ booster nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) improves blood flow and increases endurance in elderly mice by promoting SIRT1-dependent increases in capillary density, an effect augmented by exercise or increasing the levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2 S), a DR mimetic and regulator of endothelial NAD+ levels...
March 22, 2018: Cell
Faiza H Waghu, Shaini Joseph, Sanket Ghawali, Elvis A Martis, Taruna Madan, Kareenhalli V Venkatesh, Susan Idicula-Thomas
Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are gaining attention as substitutes for antibiotics in order to combat the risk posed by multi-drug resistant pathogens. Several research groups are engaged in design of potent anti-infective agents using natural AMPs as templates. In this study, a library of peptides with high sequence similarity to Myeloid Antimicrobial Peptide (MAP) family were screened using popular online prediction algorithms. These peptide variants were designed in a manner to retain the conserved residues within the MAP family...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Daniel J Morgan, Sanket S Dhruva, Deborah Korenstein
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 1, 2018: JAMA Internal Medicine
Sagar Katva, Satyajeet Das, Harpreet Singh Moti, Anupam Jyoti, Sanket Kaushik
Background: Enterococcus faecalis (Ef) is a multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria associated with hospital-acquired infections. Ef is involved in a number of infectious diseases. It generally infects patients with the weekend immune system, i.e. a person mostly acquires Ef infections in the hospital, especially in intensive care units and thus, is more likely to be resistant to many antibiotics. Development of resistance against various antibiotics and emergence of drug-resistant strains is a growing global concern...
January 2018: Pharmacognosy Magazine
S Kumar, E Gupta, S Kaushik, V Kumar Srivastava, S K Mehta, A Jyoti
Sepsis is a condition caused by infection followed by unregulated inflammatory response which may lead to the organ dysfunction. During such condition, over-production of oxidants is one of the factors which contribute cellular toxicity and ultimately organ failure and mortality. Antioxidants having free radicals scavenging activity exert protective role in various diseases. This study has been designed to evaluate the levels of oxidative and antioxidative activity in sepsis patients and their correlation with the severity of the sepsis...
April 2018: Scandinavian Journal of Immunology
Sanket Patel, Tahir Hussain
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2018: Hypertension
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