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Back rash

Talayesa Buntinx-Krieg, Jeffrey Greenwald
We report a case of a 39-year-old healthy male presenting with an eruption consisting of evenly spaced, well-circumscribed, round, petechial macules over a discrete region on his back. A detailed history revealed that the man participated in a high-intensity combination workout routine and post-exercise massage. He reported using a regulation-sized dimpled softball in order to massage the musculature of his back. A diagnosis of traumatic petechiae was established. A growing fitness culture encouraging high-intensity training and post-exercise massage coupled with the high costs of professional masseuse services has led to the increased use of self-massage techniques using both traditional and non-traditional massage equipment...
September 12, 2016: Curēus
Shailendra Prasad Verma, Arunkumar Subbiah, Vinod Kolar Vishwanath, Tarun Kumar Dutta
Bleomycin-induced skin toxicity is a rare and unique complication. We report a 35-year-old man with nodular lymphocytic predominant Hodgkin's lymphoma, stage IVB, who was started on adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastin and dacarbazine (ABVD) chemotherapy. He developed pruritic hyperpigmented, patchy skin lesions on the neck, back, chest and thighs after IA cycle of ABVD chemotherapy. Lesions were not typical flagellate rash but hyperpigmented, patchy and mildly pruritic lesions over the trunk and proximal extremities...
2016: BMJ Case Reports
J Sepúlveda-Delgado, O L Vera-Lastra, K Trujillo-Murillo, L M Canseco-Ávila, R A Sánchez-González, O Gómez-Cruz, A Lugo-Trampe, I Fernández-Salas, R Danis-Lozano, A Contreras-Contreras, A Mendoza-Torres, S Domínguez-Arrevillaga, B A Mena-Vela, M Ocaña-Sibilla, J C Ramirez-Valdespino, L J Jara
The chikungunya virus (ChikV) is a reemerging mosquito-borne pathogen that causes disabling chronic arthritis. The relationship between clinical evolution and inflammatory biomarkers in patients with ChikV-induced arthritis has not been fully described. We performed a prospective case series to evaluate the association among joint involvement, self-reported disability, and inflammatory biomarkers. Patients with ChikV infection were followed for 1 year. Joint involvement and self-reported disability were evaluated with disease activity index 28 (DAS-28) and World Health Organization Disablement Assessment Schedule II (WHODAS-II)...
September 28, 2016: Clinical Rheumatology
Heidrun Hlodversdottir, Gudrun Petursdottir, Hanne Krage Carlsen, Thorarinn Gislason, Arna Hauksdottir
OBJECTIVES: To examine the long-term development of physical and mental health following exposure to a volcanic eruption. DESIGN: Population-based prospective cohort study. SETTING: In spring 2010, the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted. Data were collected at 2 time points: in 2010 and 2013. PARTICIPANTS: Adult residents in areas close to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano (N=1096), divided according to exposure levels, and a non-exposed sample (n=475), with 80% participation rate in 2013...
2016: BMJ Open
Alexander Davidson, Sally Slavinski, Kendra Komoto, Jennifer Rakeman, Don Weiss
A routine investigation by the New York City (NYC) Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) identified a nonpregnant woman in her twenties who reported she had engaged in a single event of condomless vaginal intercourse with a male partner the day she returned to NYC (day 0) from travel to an area with ongoing Zika virus transmission. She had headache and abdominal cramping while in the airport awaiting return to NYC. The following day (day 1) she developed fever, fatigue, a maculopapular rash, myalgia, arthralgia, back pain, swelling of the extremities, and numbness and tingling in her hands and feet...
2016: MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Saroj Lohani, Salik Nazir, Niranjan Tachamo, Nitin Patel
Gonococcus typically affects the mucosal surfaces but in rare cases can spread to bloodstream causing disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI). The usual presentation of DGI is rash, polyarthralgia, and tenosynovitis. We present the case of a 23-year-old female who presented to our hospital with pustular rash and tenosynovitis of hand and was sent home on Augmentin. Her symptoms worsened despite treatment and she presented back to the ED. On investigation, she was found to have DGI and was appropriately treated...
2016: Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives
Ilyas Arshad, Desmond Barton
A 60-year-old woman diagnosed with papillary serous ovarian cancer had Klean-Prep and MRI contrast preoperatively. Afterwards, she developed swelling and an urticarial rash around her eye as she proceeded to have planned debulking surgery. Postoperatively the swelling and rash had spread over her face, neck, back and chest. Dermatology advised a possible allergy to Klean-Prep and MRI contrast. Subsequently over the next few months, the patient became severely debilitated from proximal myopathy of the upper and lower limbs, suffered severe pain restricting mobility and small bowel obstruction...
2016: BMJ Case Reports
Mehmet Ali Duman, Nilgün Selçuk Duru, Bahar Çalışkan, Hale Sandıkçı, Ferhat Çengel
BACKGROUND: Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (HSP) is a systemic hypersensitivity disease of unknown cause that is characterized by a purpuric rash and systemic manifestations, such as colicky abdominal pain, polyarthralgia, and acute glomerulonephritis. Common complications of HSP that lead to surgical intervention include intussusception, perforation, necrosis, and massive gastrointestinal bleeding. Unusual clinical manifestations of HSP may include edema of the scrotum and eyes. Lumbar swelling is rarely seen as a complication of HSP...
May 2016: Balkan Medical Journal
Gulsen Akoglu, Sibel Orhun Yavuz, Ahmet Metin
Erlotinib belongs to the targeted cancer treatments acting through epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition. Papulopustular eruption is the most common cutaneous toxicity. The pathogenesis of the rash is not clear. There is no consensus on treatment. In this report, we describe a 73-year-old female patient who was referred to our outpatient clinic for evaluation and treatment of a widespread acneiform eruption. She was put on erlotinib therapy for 3 months for the treatment of lung adenocarcinoma. The patient has developed nonpruritic papules and pustules widespread over the body except the face for the past 2 weeks...
May 2016: Indian Journal of Pharmacology
Lian-xin Wang, Yan-ming Xie, Qing-hua Ai, Nian-bin Song
This paper adopted a series of related analysis methods to comprehensively analyze post-marketing clinical safety data of Shenmai injection from 4,220 cases of SRS and 32,358 cases of multicenter, prospective, registered hospital centralized monitoring in large data background, calculated ADR incidence rate was 0.93 per 1,000, main symptoms of ADR includes chest pain, chills, skin itching, palpitations, fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, flushing, numbness, allergic reaction, cyanosis, rash, low back pain, and "breath", "anaphylactoid reaction" and "flush" were the safety warning signals of Shenmai injection...
December 2015: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
Nina Poliak, Alexandre Le, Anthony Rainey
We present a 12-month-old Hispanic female with a reticulated, hyperchromic rash in a striated pattern appearing on upper and lower extremities and trunk and back since the age of 6 weeks. Over the next 10 months, the rash persisted. The rash did not respond to treatment with antifungals and steroids. During her 6-month wellness visit, the patient was diagnosed with incontinentia pigmenti (IP), a rare X-linked dominant disorder, fatal to male fetuses in utero. IP can lead to serious neurological and ophthalmologic consequences...
2016: Case Reports in Pediatrics
Megumi Akiyama, Kota Yoshifuji, Tetsuya Fukuda, Shuji Tohda, Tohru Miki, Osamu Miura, Masahide Yamamoto
An 80-year-old man with autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) received immunosuppressive therapy with prednisolone (1 mg/kg). One month later, his hemoglobin level had normalized, and the prednisolone dose was tapered. The next day, he complained of acute and progressive back pain. He was admitted to our hospital for further examination approximately 24 h after the pain had started. Computed tomography revealed only localized pneumonia. However, he showed signs of severe disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), liver dysfunction, and respiratory failure...
April 2016: [Rinshō Ketsueki] the Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology
Jenna Borok, Jennifer Hau, Scott Worswick
A 34-year-old woman was diagnosed with Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS), most likelyrelated to a reaction to allopurinol.The patient presented with a 2-week history of a painful pruritic rash that started on her back and progressed to the rest of her body over a five-day period. The eruption started after several new drugs were started, including allopurinol for hyperuricemia. On physical examination, the patient had a diffuse morbilliform eruption and geometric intact bullae limited to the boundaries of tattoos...
2016: Dermatology Online Journal
Rachel L Braden, Milan J Anadkat
PURPOSE: Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors are approved for use as targeted chemotherapeutic agents against multiple solid-organ malignancies. The most common side effect associated with EGFR inhibitor therapy is a papulopustular eruption, which can easily be confused with bacterial folliculitis. In this study, we examine the relative timing and location of the EGFR-induced papulopustular eruption compared to the associated bacterial superinfections. METHODS: In this retrospective chart review, patients enrolled in our institution's IRB-approved prospective registry of cutaneous reactions to chemotherapy were screened for inclusion...
September 2016: Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer
V-A Huynh, E Lungoci, A Villani, B Ben Said, F Hacard, J-F Nicolas, F Bérard
BACKGROUND: Determining the substance responsible for recurrent fixed drug eruption (FDE) may be difficult in the case of patients on multiple medication. Allergy testing may prove invaluable in such situations, as we demonstrate herein with an original case. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A 49-year-old man presented a rash on the seventh day of treatment with esomeprazole, clarithromycin and amoxicillin prescribed for gastritis involving Helicobacter pylori. The condition regressed spontaneously within a few days, but left three areas of hyperpigmentation...
April 11, 2016: Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie
Anna Garus-Pakowska, Agnieszka Leśniewska, Ewelina Gaszyńska, Franciszek Szatko
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to analyse the potential health effects of occupational exposure of denturists in the Łódź province. METHODS: The survey was performed among 103 denturists working in 24 dental laboratories in the Łódź province using the questionnaire prepared by the authors. RESULTS: The most common health problems associated with work (occurring daily or at least once a week) were: back pain (69.8%); chronic fatigue syndrome (61...
August 2016: International Dental Journal
S Ludwig-Béal, N Vernier, L Popitean, L Levêque, S Combret, P Manckoundia
Even though digoxin causes many side effects, few cases of skin involvement are recorded in the French Pharmacovigilance Database. We report a case of leukocytoclastic vasculitis (LV) very probably due to digoxin. A 91-year-old woman, hospitalized following a fall, presented cardiac decompensation in a context of rapid atrial fibrillation requiring treatment with digoxin. Eight days later, a rash appeared on her back and trunk. It was neither itchy, nor painful and persisted despite local treatment. There were no other clinical anomalies...
May 2016: Journal des Maladies Vasculaires
Nguyetcam V Lam, Ana Castellanos, Katherine Thompson
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 15, 2016: American Family Physician
José M Martínez de Zabarte Fernández, Sara Laliena Aznar, Elena Corella Aznar, Laura Cuadrado Piqueras, María J Oliván del Cacho, Raquel Pinillos Pisón
Therapeutic hypothermia is the current standard treatment in newborns with moderate to severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, changing the outcome of these children. It is considered a safe technique with almost no side effects. A possible adverse side event is subcutaneous fat necrosis, which is an acute self-limiting panniculitis that develops during the first weeks of life. We report a case of a newborn at term suffering hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy with a generalized multiform erythematous rash and firm and indurated plaques over the back, buttocks and extremities on his 12th day of life after being treated with therapeutic hypothermia...
February 2016: Archivos Argentinos de Pediatría
Yichu Deng, Liping Zeng, Wen Bao, Pinghua Xu, Gongrong Zhong
OBJECTIVE: Zika virus disease is an acute infectious disease caused by Zika virus transmitted through Aedes mosquitoes. To explore the therapeutic effect of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for Zika virus disease, the treatment process of the first imported case in China was reviewed. METHODS: The first imported Zika virus disease in China was admitted to Ganxian People's Hospital in Jiangxi Province on February 6th, 2016, and the patient received isolation treatment for 9 days and cured later...
February 2016: Zhonghua Wei Zhong Bing Ji Jiu Yi Xue
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