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Andre da Costa Salgado, Aldir Nascimento Machado, Waldimir Carvalho, Eliane Porto Barboza, Cresus Vinicius Depes de Gouvêa
PURPOSE: This study measured the maximum angulation between 2 implants allowed by the internal walls of the component in screw-retained multiple prostheses using rotational abutment-type components. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty specimens of 3 different brands (Conexão; Neodent; and SIN), consisting of titanium rotational abutments connected to external hexagon abutment analogs with standard platforms, were divided into 3 groups. The specimens were internally filled with polyester resin, screw retained, torque, and sectioned to assess the space existing between the internal wall of the rotational abutment component, edge, and vertex of the hexagon...
October 2014: Implant Dentistry
Vinícius F Ferreira, Eliane P Barboza, Cresus Vinícius D Gouvêa, Guilherme M Bianchini, Flávio Mussallem, Waldimir R Carvalho
UNLABELLED: STATEMENTS OF PROBLEM: The lack of passivity in implant dentistry may result in failures. Therefore, impression is the first procedure in the fabrication of a passive prosthesis. The aim of this study is to compare the polyvinyl siloxane technique with a resin-splinted transfer copings used for multiple implant abutment impression. METHODS: A master cast was obtained from an edentate ridge. From the master cast, 30 casts were obtained using 3 different impression techniques...
February 2012: Implant Dentistry
Fernando de Noronha, Miriam F Z Scelza, Licinio E da Silva, Waldimir R de Carvalho
OBJECTIVE: This study evaluated the compressive strength of first maxillary premolars from young and elderly people. BACKGROUND: Findings have revealed that changes happening on dental structure lead to a higher susceptibility of tooth fracture. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty teeth were divided into four groups as follows: G I (n = 7) premolars of elderly patients with fused roots, G II (n = 8) premolars of elderly with separate roots, G III (n = 7) pre-molars of young people with fused roots and G IV (n = 8) premolars of young people with roots separated...
June 2012: Gerodontology
Priscila Ladeira Casado, Maria Eugênia Leite Duarte, Waldimir Carvalho, Licinio Esmeraldo da Silva, Eliane Porto Barboza
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate, clinically and histologically, the tissues formed in human alveolar sockets filled with bovine morphogenetic protein/bovine organic matrix (BOM) and absorbable membrane (AM) immediately after extraction. MATERIALS: Forty-six human alveolar sockets, exhibiting buccal bone defects were selected for this study. Group 1 received no biomaterial to serve as control. Sockets from group 2 were filled with bovine bone morphogenetic protein (bBMP) associated with bOM...
August 2010: Implant Dentistry
Eliane Porto Barboza, Bianca Stutz, Vinícius Farias Ferreira, Waldimir Carvalho
The biologic principle of guided bone regeneration has been successfully used to prevent bone loss in extraction sites. This study comprises 420 cases of alveolar ridge maintenance in preparation for dental implant placements. Nonexpanded polytetrafluoroethylene membranes were positioned over all extraction sites and left intentionally exposed. Lyophilized mineralized bone allografts were used to prevent membrane collapse when buccal bone walls were lost. Membranes were removed at week 4. At the time of implant placements, all sites presented soft tissue compatibility with keratinized gingiva...
February 2010: Implant Dentistry
Waldimir Carvalho, Vinícius Ferreira, Eliane Barboza
Custom-made abutments are popular to correct malpositioned implants, enhance esthetics, and improve function. The implant abutment can be positioned in 6 or 12 different positions depending on the connection design. In addition, the number of positions increases exponentially when >1 abutment is to be placed. This report presents the fabrication and use of a multiple abutment positional guide. This device reduces the chair time for construction of implant-supported prostheses by seating the abutments within their correct locations...
February 2009: Implant Dentistry
Eliane Porto Barboza, Raul Feres MonteAlto, Vinícius Farias Ferreira, Waldimir Rocha Carvalho
This randomized, blinded study compared, contralaterally, the dimensions of supracrestal gingival tissue (SGT) in healthy human periodontium. Sulcular probing reaching the crestal bone was performed in 100 dental students (400 teeth [first molars and second premolars] and 1,600 sites). Contralateral measurements were statistically analyzed by one-way analysis of variance. SGT measurements ranged from 1.0 to 6.0 mm. Contralateral measurements showed no statistical difference (P = .096). Measurement of SGT contralaterally prior to crown lengthening or restorative procedures may dictate the needed amount of bone removal or tooth preparation into the sulcus...
February 2008: International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry
Waldimir Carvalho, Eliane P Barboza, Cresus Vinicius Gouvea
Periodontal disease may lead to tooth and tissue loss that can result in esthetic problems. Combined periodontal/prosthodontic treatment for patients with advanced periodontal disease is well documented. This clinical report illustrates a method of treatment for advanced tissue loss in an esthetic area using porcelain laminate veneers and a removable gingival prosthesis.
April 2005: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Waldimir Carvalho, Priscila Ladeira Casado, André Luis Caúla, Eliane Porto Barboza
The success rates of implants placed in the posterior region of both jaws are less than the anterior segments. Anatomic features, mastication dynamics, and adequate implant selection are all significant for long-term prognosis in the molar region. This article discusses important aspects in planning the use of dental implants in the areas of first molars.
December 2004: Implant Dentistry
Eliane P Barboza, André Luis Caúla, Waldimir R Carvalho
The successful maintenance of crestal bone surrounding dental implants is imperative for long-term implant success. Crestal bone loss is reportedly related to stress. However, early perforation and partial exposure of the implant's covering device are a focus for plaque accumulation, which, if left untreated, may result in inflammation. The objective of this study was to evaluate the crestal bone levels adjacent to submerged and exposed unloaded dental implants during the initial healing phase. In addition, the microbiota around exposed implants were studied...
2002: Implant Dentistry
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